2060 Super & Ryzen 5 3600 Computer (Gaming PC) $1649 + Shipping @ Titan Tech


We guarantee 2 week dispatch at the most otherwise we will send you a 50$ steam gift card.
If you wish to pick up locally from Sydney CBD the computers are generally ready in 1-4 business days!

1 year store warranty from us plus 3 year manufacturer warranty for certain parts, Life time warranty for ram.

LIFE TIME TECH SUPPORT Capped at 29$ Per service + Cost of parts.

Specs (A few upgrades available on the website or contact us on our facebook for custom requests; www.facebook.com/TechTitanIT/
-Motherboard: Aorus B450 Elite Full ATX with heat sinks and RGB accents.
-CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 6 cores 12 threads @ 3.6ghz base clock speed
-GPU: Galax RTX Nvidia 2060 SUPER 8GB (RGB Edition) Dual Fan with 1x Display Port, 1x DVI and 1x HDMI.
-RAM: Team Force 3200mhz 16gb (2x8gb) Black with RGB
-SSD: Crucial P1 500GB M.2 (NVME)
-PSU: Armaggeddon 600w GOLD Rated 80+ with RGB Fan (Upgrade to a corsair CX650M for 60$)
-Tower: Deepcool Matrexx 50 Tempered Glass Window & 4x pre installed RGB sync 120mm fans.



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  • +79 votes

    Love that you put brands and more info into the listing ++

    • +50 votes

      You also need to factor in shipping from 4x different places, plus the we offer life time tech support for our computers :)

      • -PSU: Armaggeddon

        Is it because it'll bring destruction and disaster to the whole PC when its time comes?

        The naming does not strike me confidently 😛 End of the computer.

        • They really missed out on offering an 80+ rated PSU from a known brand.

          It would have gotten much more positive attention than it is.

        • You're making me regret my EVGA Supernova G2 :(

    • Don't forget the cheapest vendor on PC Part picker is sometimes out of stock, and the next cheapest can often be $5-20 more. Add a few of those, and postage, and this is looking pretty good, for those who really don't want to design and assemble their own.

      • Or it points you at newegg for a case and shipping is more than the cost of the case.

  • As mentioned in the description not the cheapest but very good for those people that don't know how to build a PC. How about warranty?

  • "Although this may not be as cheap as Techfast or CGB Solutions, We are only using quality parts that you know you can rely on."

    shots fired! Lol

    seriously though its very nice to see all the components being listed properly. For me though half the fun is in picking the parts out and the other half is putting them together.

    • +19 votes

      For me though half the fun is in picking the parts out and the other half is putting them together.

      So, with all the fun gone, what do you do with the system afterwards?

      • +5 votes

        Don't get me wrong techfast and CGB are great, ive never had problems with either especially CGB. My point is mainly you know exactly what to expect.

        • +3 votes

          My point is mainly you know exactly what to expect.

          Some people prefer the element of surprise…

          • @jv: I think when the surprise is a PSU that will burn down your house it isn't a very pleasant one.

            • @BigDaddy365: Do you want to know why there isn't a campaign to stop people from buying PSUs that "explode" or "burn down their houses"?

              Because those two things don't happen.

              • @Diji1: Well there was that one time but yeah didn’t exactly explode or burn down the house

              • @Diji1: Many years ago I bought a cheap case from MSY that comes with a cheap psu. One day it literally exploded - loud bang and spark, with a burning smell afterwards. House didn't burn down and luckily other components still worked. Always bought a good PSU after that.

      • only referring to the fun of getting a new system, of course.

  • Do you offer plain cases without RGB?

    It's good that you list the details of the parts you will be using.

  • +2 votes


    • Motherboard - $200
    • CPU - $300
    • GPU - $650
    • RAM - $150
    • M.2 - $100
    • PSU - $70
    • Case - $80

    Total - $1,550. So this price is decent if you were considering doing it yourself. But you get warranty with this.

    I personally wouldn't touch a $70 PSU though.

    • It's sad that everyone seems to want to skimp on the PSU when it is the one component that can do the most amount of damage to the other components.

      • +1 vote

        It's a gold rated psu though. Isn't that the highest rating?

      • it is the one component that can do the most amount of damage to the other components.

        No it isn't.

        • It sure is. My first pc back in 2003-2004 days it was fitted with mid range motherboard and high end graphics card and crap psu.
          Psu ended up causing all sorts of problems with voltage instabilities to eventually burning 24pin the board connector, vga aux power and the warranty was void for both components due to burnt marks.

          No it was because psu was lower wattage. But it was a crap psu.

      • true. once we faced blue screen of death errors and suspected motherboard and processor for that fault.In the end it was the PSU. Always choose the reliable one…

      • This, this is the single most important thing people overlook when building. Get a good reliable PSU with a a wattage well over what you will need and you are good.

    • I'm no expert at PSU, but it can only output 480W from 12V rail so more like a 500W PSU. Also, it only has 1 year warranty. Not garbage but somewhat worrying psu.

      Link to product: https://leapfroglobal.com/amg/voltron-gold-600/armaggeddon-g...

  • Armaggeddon 600w GOLD Rated 80+ with RGB Fan

    Ooh boy. I'll pass. I trust this less than the Thermaltake Litepower Gen2 my Techfast system shipped with, but whatever attracts computer illiterate customers I guess.

    • 'Armageddon' really ain't the greatest name for a component that is expected to quietly and reliably power the rest of the components without killing them

  • Shots fired. Your move, Techfast.

    • I know Techfast are mostly shit, but they've really started stepping up their game offering 80+ Gold power supplies (Gigabyte G750H, not an "Armageddon"), MSI B450M Mortar MAX and 3200MT/s RAM. The power supply costs $99 to upgrade to but the base models are starting now with MSI boards and 3200MT/s RAM. Tbf at this very moment they haven't got shit.

      • That's true, mostly. But their (base) prices have been going up recently.

        Most of their builds come standard with B350 and it's ~$99 to upgrade it to the B450 or ~$149 to upgrade it to the B450 mortar. Add $99 to upgrade the PSU and it comes out to be a similar deal as this, although like you mention the Armaggedon PSU is most likely shit. With more competition, I'd like to see Techfast up their game.

        • Well they recently had a 3600 + 2070 Super iirc for $1599 but with the bad power supply, but $99 extra for a build comparable to this with a 2070 Super isn't too bad.

          Edit: My memory crapped out on me. No they didn't. They had a 3500X + B350 for $1488 with the 2070 Super. RETRACT FIRST COMMENT.

          • @Rajeh: It's 3500x + 2070 super $1448

            +$149 to 3600
            +$99 to b450m
            +$99 to gold PSU
            +$79 480gb ssd

            Total of $1874, which is ~$300 more than this.

            • @j0hnd0e: See edit. I can't believe they charge $149 for a 3600 upgrade though.

              • @Rajeh: Yup, Techfast used to be good in the good old days where you could get a prebuilt for less than what it cost to build one on your own. But these days it's no longer the case.

                • @j0hnd0e: Yeah I got a 3500X + 5700 for $978. 2666CL19 RAM, but with a little overcocking it's at 3733CL18. My only issue is their freaking customer support, I sent my 5700 over to them for six weeks due to high junction temperatures (paid shipping) only for it to be sent back and have them tell me to go to MSI.

                  • @Rajeh: I'm waiting for their 5600XT/5700 builds for <$1000 to come back (if it ever does), so fingers crossed. The one deal that I'm still regretting passing on was the 1070FE systems for ~$700. That deal is (imo) one of the best they had.

                    • @j0hnd0e: Hell yeah that's a good one. I hope they start using the H18 (maybe offer TG version, acrylic ugly) again, it was a bloody good case. I have it right now and I only drop like 1 degree with the side panel off.

                      • @Rajeh: Yeah, their cases are horrible, especially the stock 'leaper' cases. And the only upgrade the provide nowadays is the even uglier MAG 100R which is ridiculous at +$89.

                        • @j0hnd0e: Isn't that how much it costs?

                          • @Rajeh: Yeah it retails at $89 that's why it's ridiculous to be charging that amount.. unless they're getting the stock 'leaper' cases for free, which could explain the horrible build quality. Also that MAG100R is ugly as hell and I wouldn't even pay $50 for that.

  • Hey guys,

    are you able to supply without a gfx card?


  • 1-4 days! wayyyy better than Tech not fast…

  • It's probably worth mentioning you registered your business name 3 weeks ago, especially when you keep talking about how great your warranty and after purchase service is…

    I'm not saying you won't be around in 3/6/12/24/26 months time, but personally I'd go with a store with a proven track record in case of any warranty concerns.

    That said, good luck to your new business and hopefully years of success. It's a tough market out there with very slim margins.

    • +5 votes

      We have been selling on Facebook for quite a while but as mentioned in our previous post we have just gone 'official'

      I totally understand how you may be skeptical and I commend you on doing your research before buying, Obviously we have our ABN and registered business name listed so we are required by Australian consumer law to live up to standards and deliver on things like warranty etc.

  • That's an awesome build!
    I like how you've used proper brands (minus the PSU) and finally someone with decency installed 2 sticks of RAM instead of 1.

    • (minus the PSU)

      I'm pretty sure that's the one thing you want to be a proper brand though. And in every config with 16GB of RAM I've never seen it as a single stick.

  • +7 votes

    Good luck to you on here Titan Tech. As prices continue to stabilise, more competition on here is always a good thing.

    I'll be keeping an eye out for pre built deals when Ryzen 4000 and next gen gpus drop.

    • +5 votes

      Thanks Spun, I cannot wait to post my first AMD 4000 and Nvidia 3000 range build. Surely not to long now :D

  • Good price, my mate is in the market for a PC so i'll point him in this direction!

  • Not bad at all. Had I seen this last week I probably would have bought for my son. I've been buying parts with almost identical specs over the last week for us to build ourselves.

    • +3 votes

      Building PC's is like Lego for adults! I would pay extra just to build a PC myself.

      • Yeah, well we paid a little less, but your stuff has a lot more RGB, which the kid probably would have preferred :) Also got a B550 motherboard with Wi-Fi 6.

        But you're right, building PCs is fun. I'm going to get the boy to build it so he can learn :)

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