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HP Pavilion DV6-6027TX 6027 $99 at Officeworks (Typo??)


i dont know is this real or not….maybe a typo

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  • Obviously a typo and in store only so you cant hope that they wouldnt notice a sneaky online order.

    Negging because noone is going to be able to redeem this, will removie if I hear otherwise.

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      You're negging because you couldn't be bothered checking it out?

  • Yeah….right….

    We all wish that's true, don't we?

  • lol I call firesale!!!!! HP "did" want out of consumer hardware…rapid exit strategy???

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    this is a long discontinued line and no stores have stock of it, might be worth trying to pricematch somewhere though :P

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    make sure u print the ad off just in case they change it!

  • i know lolz too good to be true, i live in a rural area, which people doesnt really buy tech stuffs lolz…i will call 2morrow if they have any stock. the title clearly states it might be a typo

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    the compulsory extended warranty costs $1000 :)

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      I will buy it even if there is no warranty and there are 5 dead pixels. I wouldn't mind replacing my 6yo laptop.

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      This isn't Ministry of Paintball.

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    That is unbelievable..i wonder if anyone can price match..haha

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      so did you!

      • So did y..

        Geez you're such a party pooper!

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    I rang the local store in Perth and he said there was only a couple left in the fulfilment centre in Victoria and they couldn’t be sent to another state. He didn’t say if you were in Victoria, they wouldn’t do it for $99 :)

    • that sounds like a good bargain for Victorians. If this is a typo then they can choose to honour it or not right?

  • unbelievable price, even better than the $2 sgs2

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    give the dude a break, this deserves a +

  • Just got home and saw this - LOL'd so hard everyone woke up :) Didn't know that CharityWorks had opened stores in Australia.

    Erm yeah! Not going to happen. Even if they have stock in a hole somewhere I doubt it will change hands for the mere sum of $99, which also happens to be how much that dude on the other thread repairs broken laptop LCDs for haha..

  • not gonna happen lulz

  • goodluck.

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    I give a + anyway because the OP knows it could be a mistake.

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    It is a real price.

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    Who else is going to office works to try get this? :D

  • They won't honour it. + No stock.

  • RRPrice $1999 DS Price $1599 OW Price $99!

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      Bargain right?

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    called officeworks and it is a legit price.

    no stock though :(

    • Anywhere?

      • none anywhere

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          Dam :( There goes the price matching hopes at dick smith :\

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      yeah i wanted to price match at dicksmith but office works wont just say they have stock

      NSW = None

      • Called OW Alexandria - none in stock in NSW. Are working to update the web page.

  • none in the state!

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    I just went to QV Melbourne and Elizabeth OW. No stock.
    I can see why they say it is a legit price because there are non in stock.

    They can list it as $10 if they want. Customers will just never get to buy it at that price.

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    LoL Cant believe I woke up at 8 for this! No stock in NSW, VIC or QLD. There was a few ghosts on the system but I called up each one. Same answer everytime "clearance item no stock!" if I wasn't about to fall asleep I would vote ne…. Zzzzzzzz

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      How did you call Qld when it still isn't 8am????

      • Im doing the qld calls :( Guy said nothing in qld :( I asked if its a clearance item and he said it looks like a typo. Could there be hope for HN price match? haha

      • Didnt have to call QLD as they had no ghosts on the system. NSW had 5 and Vic had 3.

        • Sorry, my bad. Thought you said you called each one.

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          All good, emotions are running high, everyone wants a $99 laptop. Problem is there never was any :)

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    None at Chaddy either, but it was a nice morning stroll

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    Just been to Nunawading OW. Too late she cried!! They had 10 in stock this morning and the price is legit. Awesome find OP! I just hope that 1 person didn't greedily buy the lot because there's always enough Ozbargain pie for everyone!

    • as if really that they had 10. who ever brought iy should show receipt

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      She lied. I spoke to Doncaster and Nunanwading at 8:05 am this morning, on simultaneous lines, there was no stock! I wasn't going to neg this deal but with the amount of fools still clicking positive I am going to neg it now. There's no point this going to the top of the front page. Sorry OP, nothing personal.

      I just confirmed this with my contact higher up in the OW food chain. This is like every other officeworks clearance item -> once they run out of stock they slowly write it off to zero on the system. There never was any stock sold anywhere at $99. Stocks were over well before that price.

    • troll :(

      • Moron. :p

  • Just rang Penrith store, none in stock, none in other stores either :(

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      lol I know everyone is saying no stock but im still going to call my local stores :(

      • Go for gold - start first by calling all the stores that people have posted here, they will definitely have some!

  • anyone tried to price match

    • No point trying.. Dick smiths policy says must be in stock. Last time I tried to price match they refused to do Umart so yea :\ Any price match policy that doesnt state there must be stock? haha

    • i think it will just look stupid if u ask. besides they dont match in store clearance

  • Is this a clearance line? Cause HP doesn't mention anything about verifying stock :\ However it cannot be clearance

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    In other news….I'm selling my house for 47c. only thing is….

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      Let me guess. You don't have a house in stock, right?

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    Really, how do OW get away with this crap?

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    Hey guys I work at ow. just checked the system and can confirm that the price is actually $99 ; however zero stock in qld (not even display models). I wanted one too :(
    let us know if any is able to price match it anywhere please! :)
    Don't shoot the messenger please! I'm just a petty employee at ow lol :)

    • ..working for a sham of a company.

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      How about we go to dicksmith, call up your store, you say its in stock..dick smith price match, I use my staff discount card and we all get cheap laptops? kthx

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        And once you done, please upload the receipt, we can price match somewhere else, thx!!

        • Cool, dear Henry! Cause if we price-matched at OfficeWorks then we'd get it for even less via their 5% off of price-matches policy.

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    Me thinks that someone in the marketing dept at OW is deliberately deflating the price of zero stock/deleted items to get free exposure on bargain websites. It certainly is paying dividends for the company as everytime this happens it garners alot of chatter!

  • Not a typo, as we've confirmed it with the people that handle pricing, however no where in Australia has it, nor can they get any stock - so yeah, its real, but you'll not be able to get it.

    • How can it be "real" if it doesn't exist?

      • Real insofar as its not a typo, is my meaning.

      • oh that is just the mother of all questions!! i still cant rap my head around it. is thought real?

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          Try wrapping rather than rapping…it might work :p

      • they sold the last of the laptops yesterday apparently. i was in store at 8:30 this morning and he said everyone was trying to get one yesterday…

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      Another example of a business using sham sale prices to generate press online. Someone ought to be prosecuted under the Trade Practices Act for 'misleading and deceptive conduct' for this sort of crap. And OzBargain should ban such businesses for a period. Like forever…

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  • I went to hornsby store. At opening time they. Told me they have no stock.

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    Just got one at OW Highpoint! They have two left. Time to ride home on my unicorn and get this baby set up.

  • Do OW have a permanent clearance page?

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    After this, I really feel like getting a great bargain somewhere today.

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    Oh well I'm off to do something useful since I woke up so early on a Saturday. If nothing else, thanks for making me get out of bed OP else I'd still be in snoozy land :)

    Protip to those who can't find stock: try riding in on your unicorn like kheob - it worked for him ;)

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      So like, you have a alarm set to go off when deals are posted? I want one.

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        Sorry, sold out.

  • Just rang officeworks in Watergardens & he said it was a legit price, but he confirmed there was no stock Aust. wide. He knew which model I was looking for before I even said it. He reckons the price is because there is one in the distribution centre but doesn't actually exist. So folks we're after the pot of gold….excellent pickup on the price though.

  • So be it guys. I felt like death this morn - I got up and checked the local in QLD. None.
    Yet had there been some it would have been great. No need for slander etc. Next time. Thanks for the local for allowing me to check on opening.

  • If I worked at OW I would snaffle all of these in stock, they probably shared them out amongst the staff. OW should pull this off the website or be forced to sell a replacement. Someone call the ACCC.

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