This was posted 1 year 6 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Google Nest Mini + Google Chromecast Bundle $59 @ JB Hi-Fi


Decent price for bundle. Essentially getting a nest mini for free (or chromecast for free)!

The JB Hi Fi bundle description says that it should cost $89 but shows $59 in the link (and is $59 in the cart).

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  • +9

    Showing as $89 on Google Store as well!
    Maybe price error - but in the ozb way, buy first, ask later.

    • Ditto — Just paid, click and collect Greensborough store.

      • Ready for pickup SMS… Do your thang Ozb…

        • +2

          Just collected from George Street. No questions asked

  • Hell of a deal!

    • +21

      Google nest is gen 2

  • -3

    Clearly a pricing error, and we all know JB won't honour just like the UA headphone 2 weeks ago.

  • +5

    Seems like they're matching Harvey Norman so shouldn't be a price error.

    • +2

      or HN has matched JB as these bundles are still showing $89 on the category listings

  • wonder if HN would price match, have some gift cards I want to use up there..

    ignore, see comment above.

    • +1

      Today is your lucky day.

  • +5

    Surely they should be giving these away for free by now.

    The downstream revenue from people committing to their ecosystem must be huge.

    • +28

      When Orwell wrote that there would be microphones in every house, he didn't think people would pay for them to be there

  • +1

    Pretty good for those looking for one or either. Half tempted to pick this up even though I don't need it.

  • Isn't a Chromecast alone $59?

    • +2

      yes but google wants to spy on you so…

  • +3

    Hmmmm, do I really need this?

    • +21

      A true ozbargainers will never ask such nonsense.

      • +2

        It was more of a rhetorical of course :)

  • Thanks OP! Picked up a set

  • +2

    you can sell the nest mini for about $35 on marketplace if you only need the chromecast

  • Google has been throwing in it's nest mini via targeted offers. Someone know received a notification while on youtube app for a free nest mini.
    Technically, I don't believe this is a pricing error, it is their way to clear stock.

  • No click and collect Ballarat :( but harvey norman does :)

    • Im trying to get it from Ballarat too….it says in stock, but wont proceed to payment screen?

      • +1

        Harvey Normal has it, lots of stock!!

  • +2

    Thanks OP! Have been putting off buying a Chromecast for a while.

  • Thanks OP, got one!

  • I'd hold off for 4k chromecast tbh

    • +9

      4K Chromecast already exists - branded ultra

      • +3

        probably meant holding for a 4k chromecast deal…

  • +4

    Awesome price, just bear in mind that a new Chromecast is on the way. Release date unknown but it has been a while since the existing models were made available.

    • it won't be as cheap as this as it's going to be above the ultra

  • +1

    Awesome deal considering I was about to buy a chromecast anyway.

    • Agreed.

    • I'm annoyed. I needed a Chromecast 2 weeks ago.
      Picked up my 2 $19 Officeworks nest minis Tuesday so don't this deal that much I guess.

  • +2

    just be mindful that the chromecast can only cast content up to 1080p. it looks to me they are trying to get rid of this old chromecast for the new one

    • +3

      Maybe Google apps like Google photos? Admittedly I don't know much about the added benefits but my TV doesn't have Spotify app so this + Google photos + streaming from 3rd party video sites are my main reasons for getting a Chromecast.

    • +5

      I love the Chromecast. It makes it very easy to stream from phone to TV obviously, but the usability is top notch. It just works - our TV now only really gets turned off the Chromecast for playing XBOX, kids watch ABC through it, I watch Youtube or listen to music through it, if we're not using it it does photo slideshows which the kids love. I'm buying another one now.

    • +2

      You don't need a Chormecast if your happy with a HTPC and not everyone wants to stuff around with a rasberry pi.

      Chromecast uses a simple HDMI connection that you cast content from computer or phone.

    • +3

      It's more of a convenience factor. Being able to seamlessly launch content on your TV that you were just viewing on your phone, or playing music via Spotify or other 3rd party applications can be pretty handy.

      On top of this, some people may also utilise the smart home functionality such as playing videos or music via voice commands with Google Home or Google assistant on their phone.

      • +2

        thx everyone, i didn't think about the google voice aspect of it, big plus for dad who's vision impaired. i'll get it :) thx to all replies

    • +4

      For me it's the ease of use with the google home / nest, I've got kids so it's easy to just say "OK google, play Blaze in the living room" "Ok google, play spongebob squarepants on Netflix" etc. If I'm in the kitchen and need to pause what's playing, or if it get's "are you still watching" I can just say "OK google, pause" or "OK google, play". The in-laws come around to watch the kids 1 day per week so the ease of use for them is a bonus too rather than trying to show them how to use the htpc.

      I used to use a htpc but these days I only really stream so don't need access to movie files, PS4 in 1 room and chromecast in the other works fine now plus the 4 year old is capable enough of playing his own shows now instead of having to ask everytime he wants to watch something.

    • +4

      You can't beat the simplicity of a Chromecast, single click to get Netflix, Youtube, etc playing on the TV. No messing around with files and browsers and network settings and oops Plex needs updating and damn where did the mouse go?

    • +1

      i can see the value if someone doesnt have htpc

      End of story then?

    • +1

      I am not sure why you are getting downvoted, but another thing I will add to my own point is the simplicity of integration and use. It's very intuitive to use, so when I have my mum or dad come look after the kids, they can manage to Chromecast things. Secondly, and related, is that all you need to do is be on the same wifi network and it works - no additional apps, it's OS agnostic, and again very simple.

      I've got heaps of minis from various deals, so the same works there - put radio, podcast, spotify on very easily.

  • Bought one. Thanks OP!

  • Great deal.
    Just put down an order for Chromecast last night on ebay, now canceling it to get this deal.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a Chromecast deal and this means I'll replace my most used Google Home Mini with the Nest and use the other one somewhere else.

    • to play music in the garage

  • Awesome find! Thanks OP :))

  • Thanks OP! Just pick our one up from local JB Hi-Fi!

  • Is this a price error?

    On some pages it says its meant to be $89 but others say $59

    • They are price matching HN

      • Is HN cheaper shipping?

        • do click & collect if you want

        • Joyce Maine is cheaper shipping, they should be the same price.

  • +1

    Thank you OP great deal. Order ready 2 minutes after payment.

  • Website is being Oz-bargained from the looks of it :D

    • Still working for me!

  • Damm forgot to use gift card

    • I refrained from buying a discounted GC based on the off chance order may have been canceled. Didn't really want to end up having a JB GC laying around.

      • Wish I bought a GC now that I’ve collected though.

  • +1

    Cheers. Got one. Collect wasn’t working so paid $5 shipping. Best to avoid the shops in melb anyway at the moment.

    • +1

      Just got tested for Covid myself which means I can only do delivery (until I get results). Normally prefer the ol’ C&C

  • This is a good deal!

    However I already have so many nest minis from previous promotions!

    • I have heaps of Home Minis, not Nests, so I am keen to get one to see the difference. Apparently it's pretty significant.

      • +2

        I got the nest mini a few weeks ago, audio quality is a lot better than the home mini. And it picks up your voice better. Def worth the upgrade if there's a deal.

        • Thanks, think I will put the Nest in my most used place in the kitchen and demote that one to the Deck. The kitchen one sometimes struggles to get enough wifi signal so maybe the newer device will perform better.

  • Dang, I bought a Chromecast last week from JB for that price.

    • +1

      Buy this deal, then return the new sealed Chromecast with old receipt

      • Threw the box out/and bought it with a voucher - will that matter?

  • +5

    Didn't need it, but bought it!

  • +1

    I'm not sure if I want to pay for a perpetual microphone for Google to collect not only my mobile phone usage, but also when I'm not using the mobile phone (e.g. sleeping)…

    • +7

      If they can have the speakers listening 24/7, they can probably have your phone listening 24/7…

      • +1

        Point taken.

        But what I'm saying is that it differs from a mobile phone, in the sense that this speaker's sole purpose is to listen to you 24/7, whereas the mobile phone, when the voice-to-text or Alexa/Siri/whatever voice assistance is disabled, it can still be used for other functions.

        • voice assistance is disabled

          If you're that concerned about Google listening in 24/7 via the speakers and yet believe that disabling the voice assistant on your phone stops them from listening via that device, then do I have a bargain on a bridge for you!

          • @Chandler: Are you saying that I should kill myself as a result of my ignorance with electronic devices?

            Moreover, you are intentionally avoiding my point. I'm saying that a mobile phone can do more than just listening to you, if it have to listen to me 24/7, so be it.
            But this $59 speaker does nothing but listening to me 24/7, and I don't want that.

            • +1


              Are you saying that I should kill myself as a result of my ignorance with electronic devices?

              Well that escalated quickly. No, I'm not - I'm saying that if you're serious with all these comments, I may have a bridge to sell to you.

              Moreover, you are intentionally avoiding my point.

              No, I'm not. I'm pointing out that the idea that you shouldn't buy a Google Home because of privacy concerns is a bit ridiculous if you're using an Android mobile.

              You then countered with the ability to turn off the assistant on your mobile, which I responded with that being useless given your original premise of the Home's listening 24/7.

              If Google's using the Home's to listen to you 24/7, you turning off Assistant won't stop them doing it on your phone.

              I'm saying that a mobile phone can do more than just listening to you

              A Google Home can do a lot more than listen to you 24/7, it's just that voice is the only real interface with them.

              if it have to listen to me 24/7, so be it.

              So the 24/7 listening isn't a problem if you feel the device is "earning it's keep"? And you think the Google Home's aren't earning their keep?

              But this $59 speaker does nothing but listening to me 24/7, and I don't want that.

              The speaker itself is listening (on device) waiting for input, yes (much like your phone if you've enabled voice unlock). And once you give it some input, it'll do a lot more than just listen to you.

              • +2

                @Chandler: Alright, I've never heard of the phrase 'I may have a bridge to sell to you' before and I thought you were implying something else. I sincerely apologize for my lack of understanding.

                Yeah… despite what you are saying, I think still gonna keep using my mobile phone because I need it for basically everything. Work, study, leisure, travel, communication, payment (paying and being paid of), buying stuff and just basically anything short of living my life for me. I think we have different ideas regarding phone usage and privacy concerns, and I think at this point we are just not going anywhere with this conversation. For me, if the pros outweighs the con, I'll take it.

                Do you reckon that this absence of privacy is a result of people not caring, company abusing their users, government cybersecurity protocol pressures or any combination of the above?

                • @awesomise:

                  Alright, I've never heard of the phrase 'I may have a bridge to sell to you' before and I thought you were implying something else. I sincerely apologize for my lack of understanding.

                  All good - you're one of that day's lucky 10,000

                  For me, if the pros outweighs the con, I'll take it.

                  And that's my own thoughts on the home's as well. I seriously doubt that there's audio moving without my consent (and could do things to find out, as others do and have done) and if there gets some serious proof of it happening I may change my mind. But for me the pros outweigh the (at the moment) probably non-existent con's.

                  Do you reckon that this absence of privacy is a result of people not caring, company abusing their users, government cybersecurity protocol pressures or any combination of the above?

                  IMO it's a mixture, but I think the prevalence is primarily because most people just don't care, and so governments and company's take the opportunity of that apathy (and ignorance) to take that privacy away.

                  One thing I'll always say in that regard is why does the Australian Government push things like the ISP data retention with the premise that "those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear", but are so adamantly against an ICAC - they should have nothing to fear if they've got nothing to hide!

                  Back to Google and privacy, I personally am currently still heavily invested in Google products - Gmail, Google Drive (currently Google One subscriber), Google Home's, Android… but am interested in moving away from Google and into more privacy orientated options:

                  • have already moved from Chrome onto Firefox (account Containers are AWESOME!), and using DuckDuckGo for search
                  • seriously considering my next phone being an iPhone (just so god damn expensive). Tempted by the PinePhone, but they look a bit too power-usery even for me
                  • seriously interested in self-hosting a lot of services when I have time and money to do so - media (Plex/Kodi, MusicBrainz), cloud storage (NextCloud / OwnCloud), messaging (IRC?), Assistant (Almond, etc

                  This last self-hosting thing was partially driven by privacy, but also the regularity in which I hear about various service providers dropping products - mainly in the home-automation space, which I've been interested in because of Home Assistant; but Google themselves have just recently did this to Google Play Music users, and don't get me started on their history with messaging apps

    • +2

      Do you have an Android phone or an iPhone? Did you pay for it? Also, you are aware that OZB uses Google Analytics? Not that easy to be completely Google free.

      • I have both. I did pay for both, though I'm about to get an iPhone SE from work for free. Point taken.

        Yeah… figured they would.

  • Available in store as well. You can choose the colour of the Mini in store as well. Might be easier if you bought some gift card(s) from Woolies or Coles recently.

  • +1

    Would good guys price match?

    • I am also wondering this

    • Yes they will. I did this.

      They also sent me $20 concierge credit today. Good timing.

      • Haven't had any luck with this. Did you go into a store or contact them over the phone?.
        I got my $20 concierge too and want to use it haha

        • Over the phone. Called them on 1300 942 765 and they created the price match order. Then called the store it was sent to and had them apply the concierge credit. They then sent me a link to pay the rest via CC.

          $44 delivered. Should be here tomorrow.

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