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HP EliteDisplay S14 USB Portable Monitor $198 Delivered @ Landmark Computers



Unfold dual-display productivity anywhere you work—on your own, in groups or at client sites—with the HP EliteDisplay S14 USB Portable Monitor, HP’s first portable 14” USB-C™ display. Fold back the wraparound easel cover, stand up, and connect to your device with just one USB-C™ cable.

Panel Size: 14-Inch
Panel Type: IPS
Resolution: FHD (1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz)
Brightness (Max): 200 cd/m2
Native Contrast (typ): 700:1 static
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Response Time: 5 ms gray to gray
Signal Input: 1 USB Type-C
PC Audio Input: Not Available
AV Audio Input: Not Available
Earphone jack: Not Available
Tilt: Not Available
Pivot: Not Available
High Adjustment: Not Available
Swivel (left/right): Not Available
Wall Mount: Not Available
Cabinet Color: Ebony black
Speakers: Not Available
Webcam: Not Available
Security: Not Available
USB Hub: Not Available
Card Slot: Not Available
3D: Not Available
Dimension: 32.78 x 0.86 x 20.95 cm
Weight: Starting at 1 kg
Accessories: AC power cord, USB Type-C cable (1.8 m)
Others: Not Available
Warranty: 3 Years Warranty

Personal Comments: Ordered Wednesday and it was delivered last Friday. I just setup the display this morning on my "work from home" desk bureau and it can easily pack away tucked inside the desk bureau.

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            • @netsurfer: No touch screen, but that's ok for me.

              i got the MB16AP on a bit of a whim to use with the work laptop. I figured the inbuilt battery would help the whole work-on-the-go setup last a bit longer by not pulling power from the laptop 100% of the time.

      • Haha damn. I bought one without thinking. I have a MSI Z390 with USBC 3.2 ports…Hope it works lol

  • Will this work with the Lenovo Flex 5 laptop that I'm thinking to buy? It has USB-C but only for power and data apparently (which is kind of stupid on a 2020 laptop, not sure why they did this)

  • +1

    I got one. thanks

  • Is there a way to charge your laptop/phone while it's plugged in to this monitor? (Assuming the USB-C port is taken by the connection to the monitor)

  • Would these output from an iPhone with a usb-c to lighting cable?

  • -1

    Tempted to get this for afk osrs via my main PC

    🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀Jagex are powerless to stop my little screen!🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

  • Thanks - I've got my work lappy plugged into a 24" but, dim or not, this HP portable will be useful for others in the house to increase their screen real-estate. Too many people working on tiny devices while they work/study from home at the moment.

    • +1

      I don't see a reason why people would buy this for WFH, this is designed to portable so you can take it with you while travelling, just buy a cheap 24" monitor if you are WFH

      • Yup 24” is better for WFH. This is more to take to client’s sites.

        • And cheaper for a higher quality one. Samsung SR350 is a great one.

        • -2

          and double screen pr0n on the bus

        • +1

          Agree larger is better - main setup has big monitor but monitors requires power point and look like arse and mess on a dining room table! 🤣

          For these COVID times I think this does have benefit at home when there can be multiple kids and others can use when needed for extra screen realestate / multi tasking.

  • +1

    Got one as well for my WFH setup.

    • +1

      Crazy how an OzBargain deal can make people buy the most niche shit I've ever seen lol.

      • +5

        Yeah, 14 inch, 1080p low grade E-IPS, eats up a Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3/AltMode+DP port (which is generally a valuable port you use to connect to 4K/60Hz). "Work from home" lame excuse to buy a toy.

        Honestly, if you really want to work from home properly, you should look at a 27 inch display or larger.

        • And you can get those for less, picked up my LG 24MK430H-B for $149 and I can't fault the panel itself. Build is a bit creaky when flexed, but if you want something that doesn't creak then the Samsung SR350 is a lot better for around $179. 27" would probably be even better, but then the pixel density turns to shit unless you go 1440p.

        • Deskspace can't fit. I have the smallest desk ever.

          With this, I can undermount or over mount without changing my main monitor's position into something less ergonomical.

          • @Wonderfool: Get a bigger desk and a $120 60hz IPS monitor, PROFIT!

            • @Void: But now I gotta move a guitar rack to somewhere else. Do you know how heavy that thing is? 2kg. 2 whole kilograms. That's too much work man.

              • +1

                @Wonderfool: 2kg?! That's far too much for a man to bear!

                Edit: I typed "bare", seems that spelling is also too much for me to bear :/

        • It might make sense for people with no room for their WFH setup. Easy to set up, pack up and store without hassle.

      • Horses for courses. I work out in my deck sometimes so no need to lug a large monitor and long power cable back and forth. And I can claim back almost half from tax deduction this FY so sweet.

        • This. 👍🏻

      • it's more like for GTWWFM.


    • Tempted to get one for my WFH setup.

      Got 2 monitors already. Hopefully this will increase my productivity.

  • +1

    How is this portable when you need AC power instead of a recharge via USB?

    • +1

      this one delivers power and video signal both via USB C and can be packed away easily

  • +1

    I had the AOC 1080p equivalent for 6 months.

    -Great for portable/small desk set ups
    -Felt my productivity improve (being able to have a programming IDE on 1 screen and a word doc open on another)

    (I'm not saying this is going to happen with this HP monitor, but it's something to look out for in general with USB monitors)
    -If you use a desktop that's connected to HDMI or DVI, and you plug your USB monitor in, you will see noticeable input lag into the USB monitor - however, if it's just your laptop screen and a USB screen, no problems
    -The AOC equivalent was too bright - could not find a way to adjust brightness
    -They crack easily so carry it in the case wherever you go! (I broke mine - put it in the back seat, it fell down, and the screen was broken)

    • +2

      Lag won't be an issue on this particular display, since it uses DisplayPort alt mode instead of DisplayLink over USB 3.0

    • Whats the refresh rate on these monitors? 60 Hz? cant find any details. if the refresh rate is lower on these monitors thats why you might be experiencing input lag

      • i've got 2 of the AOC ones.
        i really like it and they were well price before the lockdowns occurs.<$150

        the good thing i founded that these have vera mounts on the back, yes as the other mentioned before there's no way to adjust brightness.

        • I have AOC and there is a way to adjust brightness.
          You have to use windows software tho.
          ScreenBright, etc.

      • I believe it was 60Hz.

  • Will this work with a Switch Lite?

  • +8

    Buy this mini monitor, put it next to your office desk and make it refresh OzBargain every 10 seconds.

    • Is that a pricing era? It's missing a 0 compared to other chinese brands of that spec.

      I kinda wanna try it just for my rasp pi lol.

    • 4k display seems pretty good

    • +2

      There's no way this isn't a scam

  • Does anyone know if I buy an adapter, can I run it off a normal USB port? I used to have the AOC which ran off USB but it broke and thought this may be a good replacement.

    • No. Information appears to suggest this required USB-C/Alt mode + USB-C/PD. There doesn't appear to be a cable or converter that does either one of them, let alone both. USB-A port lacks PD pins (USB-A ports only have standard 5V pins carried over from USB 2.0 days).

      • Cheers! Thanks for the info

  • This is ridiculously heavy for 14".

    Save for Asus MB16B+ instead, 15.6" and it's lighter and thinner.

  • +1

    Can it be powered from a mobile phone? Can I get DEX (note 9) running on this display ?

  • +1

    Why does this get more upvotes than the previous post last year which was a few bucks cheaper?

    • Because it is OZBargain voting. Joke aside.

      • Given the current situation, more people are at home.
      • People now have a more dodgy legit excuse to buy this toy (working from home), making it more attractive.
      • Wireless through iPad or Android tablet is not acceptable to a lot of OZBers because iPad is more expensive and smaller display (and the lag is unbearable).
  • Had one of these for a while, pretty handy coupled with my 13" laptop, it is not the brightest though.

    • Had one of these for a while

      What happened? You no longer need / want it?

  • Bought this monitor November 2019. Primary purpose was to be used overseas as dual monitor setup plugged in to my Dell Inspiron. Probably used less than 15x. Really good when it's working.

    Now the USB-C is acting up. Seems the USB-C is busted. Tried it on multiple computers with USB-C DP (it needs one that can output in DP - it won't work with just any USB-C ports) The problem with this one is both power and display is only routed to usb-c (DP and Power)

    Can't use it at all (wish I could have a gotten a monitor that had a regular hdmi or mini/micro hdmi instead). Still have to contact HP for RMA.

    I would suggest you check your ports first if it is capable of USB-C DP as it won't work with just any regular USB-C port. I actually didn't check my Dell before buying this that it can support USB-C DP (good thing it does), but it would have been a major hassle if it does. Looks like all the modern Apple Macbooks support this though.

    • It’s a good point. I thought USB C were all the same

      • My MSI B450 tomahawk has a USB-C port. Tried it with when I first bought this - that's when I realized not all USB-C ports are the same.

        It has to have that D logo (for most laptops not Apple) beside the USB-C similar to the one in this article


        • +1

          USB-C is complicated and currently a mess. This monitor needs Alt-mode, which essentially passes DisplayPort equivalent signal through USB-C. Because of that, it need to tap into the integrated graphics of your CPU or dedicated GPU. This is doable with laptop (or NUC) because the laptop/NUC maker can design the circuit that way. For desktop, it becomes an issue for motherboard makers.

          They cannot assume you will buy a CPU with integrated graphics and there is no chance nVidia or AMD leave a spare / juicy DisplayPort unused to allow M/B maker to tap into for USB-C/Alt-mode, which isn't that popular yet. That's why on high end 2070, 2080/Ti, some cards have a USB-C port which supports Alt-mode and USB-PD.

          Even Apple's implementation on this for their USB-C digital AV dongle is/was dodgy. Initial version only supports up to [email protected], with second iteration now supporting [email protected], but can be glitchy on some 13 inch MBPs. Not to mention, it takes up a lot of bandwidth so the USB-C data bandwidth leftover on the same port is often restricted.

          Even the PD side is a mess too (PPS vs PDO vs dodgy implementation).

  • Does it work on Samsung Note 10 Plus? Thanks.

    • +1

      Yes* (but only in mirror mode, probably not DeX mode). In the mirror mode, your phone powers the monitor. It is unlikely you want to use the DeX mode and you most likely need external power source to use DeX mode. Given this monitor has only 1 USB-C port, DeX mode would be difficult. Below is an youTube video showing another monitor which supports both modes so you can derive from that the mirror mode with standard USB-C/Alt mode+PD should be fine.


      Samsung and LG flagship devices do implement USB-C/USB 3 with Alt mode. If you have Chinese branded phones with USB-C/USB 2.0, Alt mode is definitely out. That's how some of those Chinese phones save cost (i.e. brand X).

  • Do motherboards provide USB-C PD now?

  • 71%sRGB if it matters to anyone. Otherwise very tempting price for portable monitor.

  • Hmm, Raspberry Pi 4 has power delivery over USB-C now. Would be interesting if it could power this monitor and thus be an ideal option.

    • No, Pi 4 won't work (even with the latest revision), otherwise it would be another dodgy excuse I could try to trick my brain into buying this toy. You need USB-C / Alt-mode for the actual video signal. The USB-C port on Pi 4 is for power only, it is at best USB 2.0 so you can forget about alt mode (I personally wouldn't even wire the USB 3.0 data pins on that port to save cost if I were the Pi maker).

      Raspberry Pi 4 has power delivery over USB-C now

      The so called USB-PD fix is merely a resistor fix to keep USB-PD e-marked cables happy. I doubt the latest revision with the fix would actually pass through USB-PD if you were to daisy chain it. Pi 4 really only wants to use 5V 3A of USB-C port spec.

  • Would this work with an XBox One X?

    • Don’t think that has USB C

  • I’ve had one past 6 months hasn’t missed a beat, only odd thing is the USB c cable that comes with it is quite long and you can’t use just any USB-c cable instead of it. Also you only get the one viewing angle with the way the folding case is designed.

    The screen is bright enough I had no issues using in a cafe with quite a lot of sunlight - I don’t think glossy would work here. Used as second screen for work use, it’s come in handy for small meetings as well if you’re stuck without a projector.

  • I bought an Asus portable monitor and have it hooked up to my laptop USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C™ DisplayPort™ 1.2.
    The only issue I have is when my laptop goes to sleep after I wake it I'd expect the portable monitor to do the same but it doesn't. Even though there's power to it I have to manually power on the portable monitor every time after a wake up. Not sure if this is a common thing with portable monitors that are connected via usb-c.

  • Will this work with a MS Surface go? I can currently connect it up to HDMI monitors through a USB-C to HDMI adapter. I can also charge the Go through the USB-C port. Does this mean that the Go can power this portable monitor?

  • Can I hook it up to my Oppo Reno 5G?

  • Since we have been told to WFH until further notice, I'm trying to figure out how this will work with my work laptop. My work laptop has only 1 Type C port and that's where I charge the device :-S

    • Can use usb c hub? The cable that comes with it, is it usb c to usb c or usb A to usb C? Thanks

  • +1

    If you travel and also work online while travelling, these are ideal. I've the AOC brand, and it's stood up to 3 years of of being lugged around. I'm presuming the HP would also.
    Note that while you may have a USB-C connector, it must also support Displayport over USB-C

  • Reckon it will work on HP X2 Chromebook?

    Also is it powered via USB C as specs are unclear?

  • Just tried to purchase and it won't seem to add to cart properly anymore.

  • (profanity) I missed it! damn you OZB, gimme some time to research the thing

    • You actually had all of Sunday to research it… not sure when it sold out but was available for many hours. Sorry to hear you missed out, though.

      • I hear ya. I saw the post an hour ago and put it in my cart while I was reading around. Once ready to pull the trigger it disappeared from my cart :) Hopefully Asus ones will get slashed soon.

  • They just cancelled my order. No explanation.


    I think it was because I ordered with pickup in store, pay in store; and they had an overwhelming reponse of already paid shipped orders; very frustrated though as I placed it just after the deal came up on the page which means I'm being 'sent to the back of the line' for wanting to go for a walk to pick it up.

    • What was your approx order time (and day - Sunday or Monday)? You'll know if it related to your pickup option if others have orders fulfilled that were placed after you.

    • not just store pickup, my online already paid for order has just been cancelled too.
      They shouldn't have accepted the order and debited my card if they didn't have the stock!

  • This is perfect for me, work from home at the moment has me using a good setup in the bedroom for my lenovo x1 carbon, and this will allow me to work efficiently anywhere in the house when others are still asleep. Thanks OP I had no idea these existed or that I needed one - hoping my order isn't cancelled too!

  • Order was cancelled as well. Called up and said they had no stock available so had to cancel orders. Mine was for shipping so it seems to FIFO.

    • Mine just got shipped, looks like they must have oversold the allocation..

  • Order cancelled :(

    • Ditto - another store I'll need to blacklist for wasting my time.

      I hadn't seen this product before so I spent some time checking it out before placing the order yesterday morning.

      Why stores can't keep track of inventory I'll have no idea… Naturally, it's not a matter of importance in the context of what's going on right now but, going forward, there should be some regulation and penalty to retailers who do this.

      I'm assuming we get refunded - the cancellation email doesn't even say when you get your cash back!

      • I hear ya. By the time I ordered it had a few thousand clicks, should've been the first flag that it was ozb'd and sold out.

  • Cancelled here too. Not as great a price, but CPL have it for $259 (https://cplonline.com.au/hp-elitedisplay-s14-14-usb-c-portab...)

  • Cancelled too and this was ordered on the day it was posted in OzB.

    Oh well, saved some money but I wonder if they have already charged my credit card.

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