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Free Belong Mobile SIM Card Delivered (Telstra Network)


It is last post more than 15 months ago, good time to post again.

Double Data (1st month only)
Do not port/activate on these dates 4th, 12th, 20th, 28th. These are the start of new payment cycles, they are the same every month.
One month worth of data is credited on activation, and another on your first payment date, 1-8 days later. So you effectively get double data for the first monthly payment at no extra cost.

So you will get 3GB data to use in 2 months as per @Arthur Dunger this no longer valid but you still will get a free sim

From the Previous deal:

Follow the deal link to order a FREE Belong Mobile SIM. While you fill in the form, remember to enter a referral code in the Promo code section (get a referral code from OzBargain's randomiser below). When you activate the SIM, you will get a FREE $20 credit to use on any mobile plans (e.g. free 2 months on 1GB plan).

I can also confirm that you can transfer your number from Boost or Telstra to Belong directly.

Traditionally, you had to buy a SIM starter pack to get the $20 referral but with this method, it will cost you nothing.

For everyone's piece of mind, I sent a support request regarding referral credit and this is the reply I got

Original post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/445538

Referral Links

Referral:  SnoozeAndLose or random (859)

Referrer will receive $20 credit. Referee will receive $20 off 1st payment.

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  • wonder if this works for previous customers, i've had Belong NBN for almost a year now and its been fine even after they finally started limiting the starter plan and i used my free $80 credit for 8 months with them for mobile but then ported out once i used all my free credit, i'm keen get another few good months out of them again but heard horror stories of Belong canceling your No. if you try scam the system and then people struggling to get TIO to have them restore it so they could port it away again from Belong.

    will stick with my PAYG aldi sim i am not really using much data via mobile network these days less then 1GB every 2 or 3 months and all my calls come via whatsapp or whatever app people want to use so its basically just a No. i use to register other apps with.

  • I was looking into these guys recently because they promote their green credentials.

    But the reviews are horrendous on product review.

    • Had phone with them since august 18 and it's being good for me (the spirit inside me..)

      Got my neighbours and dad on to it as well.

      I live close to the towers though.
      I've even got my nbn with them after I did what their support workers can't.

      What do the bad reviews pertain too?

      Network or customer service?

      • I jumped on a half priced SIM bargain a few months ago and have since referred a few others. We're all very happy. Although we've mainly been in isolation using our home wifi… but the great thing about belong is, data rolls over each month indefinitely, so I've moved onto the $10 plan after getting an initial 40gb plan (double data 80gb total) when signing up. At this rate with Melbourne iso and working from home into the foreseeable future, this plan is going to work out great!

        • Nice!

          Yeah the roll-over and data gifting is really handy

          Are they the best 10 dollar phone deal going?

          • @iamhurtin: Good question, they would definitely be the best upfront if you score a half priced $40 SIM (seems to be a deal every month) and then use a referral credit. So you get 80GB of data in the first month for only $20 spend (buying the SIM from Coles or Officeworks ets), then you get the next two months free from the $20 referral credit if you switch to the $10 plan. So thats 82GB (80 plus 1 per month on $10 plan) of data and unlimited calls over 3 months for $20… then $10 per month from then on until you run out of data.

            The comparison might be scoring a boost 80gb or 120gb 365 day SIM for $135/$150 dollars (very popular OzBargain deals, a tad over $10 per month). Boost gets the FULL Telstra network, Belong only gets the Wholesale Telstra network which is not quite as good.

            DYOR :-)

            • @squinly: A current half price $40 belong SIM at Auspost. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/552916

              Better than a free SIM if you're in need of data up front!

            • @squinly: If you do any travelling away from the cities you have to be on the full telstra network

              When I'd go from kirra to pigabean my mum would have reception on aldi but I had nothing on optus 2nd tier

              I signed all my neighbours up with the 40sim @ $15+referral

              They couldn't believe they were about to pay $2.50 a month for 6months

              They were more impressed than when I turned q few shrimp into a whole cocktail!

        • They don't have $10 plan. How can I move onto the $10 plan after 1 month?

          • @asadat: How strange that it's not listed on their website anymore? In the belong app, if I click change plan I get 3 options:

            Small 1GB - unlimited national calls & text included $10/mth
            Regular 10GB - unlimited national calls & text included $25/mth
            Large 40GB - unlimited national calls & text included - includes unlimited international calls & text to selected countries $40/mth

            Hope they aren't phasing out the $10 plan!

            Edit: looks like it was answered below, you can change after activating.

      • https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/belong-mobile

        Customer service. The first n reviews are 1 star. It sounded like a sham operation, but they are wholly owned by Telstra. They're like the Jetstar of Qantas from what I can tell.

        Based on those reviews, I kept clear but sounds like others have had better experience with them (based on the comments here).

        • They're a middle man for the technology involved

          If there's a problem, they can only pass on the msg to the people to fix it

          Like having fttn vs fttp, no ISP is going to make a difference

    • How's that even work?

      They're a Telstra owned MVNO.

    • The reviews are mostly about lack of contact for customer support. If you are tech savvy like anyone who reads this you have no issues & the service is pretty much Telstra.
      We have two Belong accounts & I have recommended (& got the $20 credits) to five others who are all very happy. The rollover data credits is the icing on the cake (does anyone else offer this)?

      Also you can buy extra data (eBay or Facebook marketplace) for as low as $8 for 20GB (never expires). We actually have over 150GB at present. The SIM has always been free & you can port any number, just don't expect to ask for direct phone support!

      We are also on Belong NBN & have been for ten months, fantastic speeds & never any issue or outages (FTTC). I was previously a Telstra technician but would certainly never go with Telstra, they are way to expensive!!! Belong is basically Telstra but WAY cheaper! Give it a try, three months with 4GB if you use a code will cost you only ten bucks.

  • So you will get 3GB data to use in 2 months

    Not anymore. You can't activate on the $10 plan as of yesterday. See my comment here.

  • What I didn't like about Belong is it's a prepaid plan, yet I need to call them to cancel it.

    • +2 votes

      It's technically not a prepaid plan, despite the marketing that suggests it is like a prepaid plan. That's why they have the four payment cycles as per OP.

  • WARNING. After you cancel this company restarts and debits your credit card each year without authority.Ihave had to get the TIO involved for 4 years since I took up the free OZB offer years ago. Check your credit cards for debiting.

    • Easy. Use paypal as payment as cancel the reoccurring payment agreement.

      • -4 votes

        i did that and see my comment below , unless you port out before your prepaid term is over, you will get into troubles

        • Been with Belong many times over years - never had a problem giving notice to cancel at end of month. Never billed beyond that date. Everything worked well.

          It's basically Post Paid (paid for month in advance), so you need to give notice to terminate, or you will be billed for following month. Read the t&c!

          As with any ongoing billing for a service - pay with PayPal where possible & cancel that payment agreement within PayPal!

          • -3 votes

            @the INFIDEL: yes, no problem with being with them for long time, but free sim is mostly used for temporary port over which belong is the worst to use as

            • @Skky: Oh I've never stayed with Belong - only used the free credit until it ran out! And repeated many times over years for free calls & data. Never made a single payment!

        • As I said below it sounds like you didn't read what you were signing up for. The Customer Terms clearly state that you must provide them with notice to cancel your service. You do this via your account by sending a "Support Request", it's really not that hard.

          • @Arthur Dunger: What's the best way to do this?

            Currently with Belong, and looking to port out to Catch / Kogan, etc.

            Do I need to cancel the service online, or is there a chat function etc?

            • @movieman: Don't you just port out? I think the discussion above is about having a service that they wish to be disconnected / lost / terminated. E.g. a data only service, where there's no need to keep the number, and they just want to stop being billed for it. I think in that situation you need to tell them to stop billing you by contacting them. But for porting, don't you just port, and provided you have ported before the next billing date, there's no bill? (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

              • @nickj: That's what I would expect too, so also interested in finding out of this is not the case.

              • @nickj: As with all SIM Deals
                Cancel the service before the end of the service period (some fail to give enough time, so are billed):
                either by
                port out in enough time before expiry date / days before end of month with Belong (contact provider ahead of time for advice & do early within porting hours)
                or by
                cancel auto-recharge with other prepaid providers / notify days ahead to terminate with Belong

                Should be no problem if you give provider time to carry out your request. Has been my experience with many services including Belong.

                AND ALSO… Terminate payment service just in case. Easy if payment was set up with PayPal.

      • Automated payments are still more hassle to cancel doing a BPAY once a month, which my MVNO on the optus network allows. :)

        If I were switching I'd seriously look at one of the supermarket plans. Woolworths/Aldi are both on Telstra, you just top out at the checkout and your groceries get a discount. The main benefit of actual Telstra is the 'free' subscription to the footy live on the AFL app.

    • You used your usual credit card when you signed up!?

  • They're great UNTIL you need to contact them with an issue, then it goes belly up! Speaking from personal experience
    Never again.

    • Tried contacting any company these days?

      I found the belong staff overseas fine pre covid

      Give telstra a call some day

      You'll wish you'd rang the scam telstra. At least they're nice and have technical knowledge

    • That's every provider.

  • Minimum spend is still $5 with $20 referral for the $25 plan which they now make you to start on.
    If you only intend to use them for a single month, the various Catch and Kogan $1-5 deals are probably better, often with 40GB of data and proper voicemail

  • I"m not sure what he deal is with a free SIM card. You get a free SIM card with all starter packs anyway.
    Belong is great. I have almost 500 GB of banked data that never expires.

  • Yep they are bad and never again if you need them to cancel your plan. Look out if you are Sim hopping it is not worth the hassle. Nothing can be done via live chat or phone call. Had to submit email request for action and this is pre covid.

    • i have good experience with the mobile service (quick respond) but not the nbn service (need a lot of improvement)

  • I took this deal up the other day. Here's what I found; you need to put the REFERRAL CODE ON THE LINKED PAGE. It's very easy to forget to put the code in. Believe me. You wont get another chance at putting the code in once you receive the sim card. The deal still works, only if you choose the cheapest plan ($10). You get 1gb data and $5 credit (from memory). Can someone link me to the cancellation page? I don't want to be charged and sent to the debt collectors. Thanks

  • Can we use the sim to receive messages. (like Telstra) or do we have to top up/add credit. like is there already a number assigned to the sim?

    • you can choose to keep your own number or apply for a new one

    • Belong is postpaid, you get billed every month, if you're planning to have a sim just for receiving calls and messages then get a telstra $2 prepaid sim, don't need to add any credit when activating but the number only stays alive for 6 months unless you recharge.

      If you can stretch your budget to $5 get an Aldimobile sim that lasts 1 year for the first year

  • Thanks OP.

  • Is Belong Mobile Telstra Network same as Boost Mobile Telstra Network?

  • Seriously Telstra should be forced to repair their sub standard network before producing useless waste! I have been on all 3 carriers and while they have slightly larger theoretical cover all prepaid services lack consistent call quality and endless dropouts.
    Optus, even the voice quality has sligtly less fidelity at least it works consistently all the time, no dropouts, same quality every time.
    Vodafone: been a while but all my mates praise it for where they have towers, far more consistent than "Hell$tra!
    Sack the ecconomics interns and employ competent technical staff!

    • Lol

      Who's going to force telstra?

      The shareholders like Howard and co?

      Why would they want to pay to upgrade something people are forced to use?

      What did you think you were voting for in 2013?

      • "What did you think you were voting for in 2013?"

        100% pure shit NBN.. thats what they voted for

        $51 billion dollars spent on shit internet .

        ALP said i would get 100% pure fibre NBN into my house… for $46 billion but no… they had to vote for the other mob.

        • Everyone that voted for liberal in '13 should get 12/1 at $100 a month

          That should subsidise the sensible people and help with the cvc congestion

  • What is the cheapest way to have one sim permanently for calls, messages etc and maybe another one for data sharing?

  • Can someone please confirm if they can login successfully to the link below from a desktop browser?
    I have tried multiple browsers and none are currently working. Was working pre-covid?
    I can login on mobile so login credentials are not the issue.


  • Just bought a boost sim, I'm with Telstra can I use this to port?

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