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Dell 27" QHD 144Hz (165Hz on DP) IPS Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $507.93 Delivered @ Dell Australia


Greetings everyone, I went on a big hunt this morning to find another coupon code for Dell which may make this monitor cheaper and finally found one, makes this to be an awesome price for this monitor :)

Use both "AUAFFILIATES15%OFF" and "ECU5" to get the price in title :)

Device Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor - 27"
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
Panel Type: IPS
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Native Resolution: 2560 x 1440 at 144 Hz
Pixel Pitch: 0.2331 mm
Brightness: 400 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 1 ms (grey-to-grey)
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours
Input Connectors: 2xHDMI, DisplayPort
Display Position Adjustments: Pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Dimensions (WxDxH) - with stand: 61.16 cm x 20.03 cm x 39.39 cm
Compliant Standards: RoHS, BFR-free, DisplayPort 1.4, PVC-free, Mercury-free
Bundled Services: 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee

No harm in trying cashback also, although the coupons aren't listed so they might not pay out. See the comment by Tightarse regarding this.

As always, enjoy :)

Original Coupon Deal

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  • My order ending 3111 says shipped. Checked this morning 😊

    • Happy to report, received my monitor this afternoon and all good… Good luck everyone!

  • My order in the 2700's is marked shipped. No tracking number provided and ETA is still 19/10

    • Got my tracking number. Expected to be delivered tomorrow. Made my purchase 02/08 at 7PM with a credit card

  • +1

    My order ending in 6239 is marked as shipped today. Order originally placed on 02/08 but payment not processed correctly until 04/08. Customer service rep reckoned shipping would happen later this week with delivery early next week, ETA still showing 21/10.

    Edit: You can track with DB Schenker here: https://eschenker.dbschenker.com/nges-portal/public/en-US_US/#!/tracking/customer-search

    Select Sales order no and input your Dell order number. Shows stock was allocated to my order yesterday afternoon.

    The Linked Domestic Information tab will give you the Star Track number if it has been handed over for delivery.

    • awesome. On DB Schenker site i can see Shipment Date 21/09 at 8.50am but can't find a star track number.

  • 29xx shipped and tracking provided! Coming next Monday!

  • +1

    https://dellpleportal.dbschenker.com.au/ETA/ETAquery?Length=... is now showing mine as shipped with tracking details provided :D

    https://www.dell.com/support/orders/au/en/audhs1?NoRedirect=... this page still showing old information.

    So be sure to use the ETA query page.

  • My order ending in 33xx got shipped at 12pm via Startrack Express with tracking number and arriving tomorrow!
    Got lucky, I ordered on 03/08 10am.

  • Do you guys get the shadows on the left and right side on the monitor?

    • Yes, same as me, this is bothered me since yesterday. Mine has shadows when it is in white/green/red/blue colors.however everyone told me this is normal for IPS screen. But this is really annoying.

      • Are you able to upload an image?

        • Here I uploaded the test result in white background, I use my cellphone to take the picture, maybe not that clear, however it is very noticeable. I am thinking to return it.

          • @UAT: There are multiple factors resulting in that. Majority is due to the nature of IPS technology and cost. If you move your head to an edge of the screen (looking straight at that edge), are you still seeing the same issue at that particular edge. Adjusting the brightness and contrast could help.

            At the end of the day, you need to be happy with it. With every monitor, there is a bit of panel lottery involved. The degree of that issue is subjective. Multiple things are involved here. Black and white isn't the strength of IPS (it is more a weakness).

            • @netsurfer: The issue goes away when looking straight at the side edges.

            • @netsurfer: The issue remains, however is bit better.

              Is there any more professional app or software to help to adjust the IPS glow, if this is IPS glow. I ordered a mini displayport cable, now I am using HDMI cable, not sure whether this is part of the reason to cause the issue. Will see.

              • @UAT: I'm using the DP cable that came with it.

              • @UAT: Switching to DisplayPort cable won't change that, it is the nature of IPS. It's basically IPS glow + contrast shift + horizontal view angle issue. You could try sitting further behind (as that could alleviate contrast shift and viewing angle). Adjusting brightness and contrast could help too, but you could lose a bit of colour accuracy.

                It's well known that if you really care about black and white, you would go for VA (or OLED if you have the money). However, both of those have colour shift issue. So, it really comes down to personal preference. I cannot stand colour shift, but even so, for OLED phone displays, I caved in.

                There are ways to reduce IPS glow on the hardware level, but that needs to be done on the monitor itself and costs money. The IPS panels we get at this level are more cost effective type of panels.

                • @netsurfer: Thanks, I think I have to deal with it. Still thinking I need to return it and change to another one.

                  • @UAT: The amount of IPS glow is like a lottery. You might get a better replacement. Some degree of IPS glow might be unavoidable.

                    If you really cannot stand it, another alternative is return for a refund.

                  • @UAT: It's only a problem if you had a bright white screen on and you are paying attention to the sides.

                    2 things you could do to minimise/eliminate this:
                    - Load a darker/colourful wallpaper
                    - Change the web browser to a darker/colourful theme

                    It worked wonders for me.

    • I'm also getting the shadows on the sides and it's significant, I've had IPS panels in the past but haven't had this issue. It could be because they were smaller monitors so I didn't have this wide of a viewing angle. Much better than the TN panel that I had though because I was having vertical viewing issues.

  • Received 2x of my monitors today. Gunna test these bad boys after work.

    • Lemme know if you also have shadows on the left and right side pls :)

      • Need to tell people to use solid single colour backgrounds to test / check.

        IPS glow varies a lot between panels, even for the same model. Also, it is not easy to get an objective view on this.

        • It's most noticeable when the background is white or grey.

          • @Lionchu: i think it depends on your angle of your view. Mine does it on the bottom left hand side but when adjusting the monitor, it goes away.

    • Coming from 1080p TN panel 144hz, I immediately see the colour difference and how much brighter it is. Wow.

    • Hey, im a complete noob at this dual monitor set-up thing so just wondering if you can give me some pointers. Would i need any extra cables/connecters (im guessing i would need something for DP Port connection) + would you have any reccomendations for any mounts, like do you think this is good enough (https://www.amazon.com.au/Monitor-Motion-Spring-Computer-Mon...)

      • The monitor comes with an extra cable 😄. Also generally getting 2x single mounts gives even more adjustability if you can afford it.

      • +1


        This is what I bought when it was on sale as I was getting two monitors. As tofu mentioned if you can afford getting 2x single arms, it’s probably better for adjustment.

        Also to add to that, it will save you heaps of time if you can find one with slider clips as you can screw in the metal plate into the monitor then just slide the monitors into the mount arms.

        • Thank you so much.

  • Sorry if it's been answered, what's the goto way of testing dead pixels? I've googled a few methods but would like OZB experience :)

  • Does anyone have an ETA on a new deal on these? I've been deliberating on whether to buy the Xiaomi Ultrawide or wait for this for the past week.

    • Probably on or after the second week of October after the current orders are fulfilled. The Dell sales rep said they will have limited stock for OzBargain but no detail of how many units or exactly when.

  • Damn, just found out about this today

    Is it just me or has this monitor been removed from the Dell website?

    • Has been temporary removed since it was OZB'ed. Dell has to clear the backlog of orders first.

  • I have this attached to my work Surface Pro 6 via HDMI and a Volans video adapter to miniDP on the Surface. A couple of questions:

    1. The highest resolution it allows me is around 2048 x 1152, and only at 59 or 60Hz. Is that due to the video adapter I'm using? Or is it because I'd need to install drivers for the monitor on my Surface (which I won't be able to do)?

    2. I was using a much older Dell 24" FHD monitor, and have swapped it out for the new one. With the old monitor, when the Surface awoke from sleep, windows on the Dell were still there. With the new monitor, when the Surface awakes, all windows are on the Surface's display, as if the monitor had been disconnected. I thought this may just be a power setting on the monitor, but can't work out anything that would cause this. Any ideas?

    • +1
      1. Yes, most likely the adapter. Check the specs of your adapter, it looks like that one supports 4kx2k @ 30hz or 1080p @ 120hz
        Not ideal to convert DP > HDMI. Use a miniDP to DP cable https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07K36QBYX/

      2. How was that old monitor connected? I think installing a driver would help, but also changing cable could. A quick google finds some solutions for this, related to Audio devices being detected on the monitor
        In case you can't get it working there's an app on this page that remembers your window positions and resets it all after your monitor wakes up

      First page of google search result for monitor disconnects when computer sleeps - more resources there.

    • +1

      Weirdly enough I have the same issue but I seemed to fix it by changing the main display in windows to the Dell, switching off the surface, changing the resolution to 1440p, then switching it back to extend.

    • Thank you both! I'll try those suggestions out.

    • I have a similar issue with my Surface Pro and dock - cable is a mini DP to HDMI that is supposedly good for 4k 120 HZ.
      I only have the option for 59 or 60 HZ - the new driver is installed. I switched off and reset the computer a few times.
      Picture is good, but not getting the high refresh rate I was hoping for - any suggestions?

      • Disregard this question - it's a limitation of the Surface Dock - maximum 60Hz.

        • Ok good to know, thanks!

  • Just set mine up and no dead pixels that I can see.

    What settings did people use?

    • Same, I've left settings out of the box and the moment and it's a beautiful monitor - massive upgrade from my 7 year old Dell 24". No dead pixels and IPS glow looks about average to me but isn't distracting. No ragrets!

  • Which presets are people using? I've settled on the "Warm" preset. It's has quite nice colours for me, not as warm as I've seen on other monitors, also uses the "fast" setting recommended by Rtings. I tried "comfortview" which I also like and I'll maybe use sometimes, but I found warm more useable.

    As for the IPS uniformity issues try it for a couple of weeks. Expensive Sony and Samsung TVs can also have dark edges/corners these days, I bought one and was annoyed for a week took no action and now never notice it unless I look for it.

  • Do any of you even bother installing the driver? Is there any benefit?

    In case if anyone is looking: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/product-support/prod...

    • I installed the driver and the Dell Display Manager app too.

      • Is there much benefits? i.e. any functions that just can't be done via Windows/Display Properties page


        • +2

          The DDM is basically the OSD settings in an app so you don’t have to press the buttons behind the monitor.

  • I'm in WA and just got mine delivered, ordered on the 2nd.

  • Blasted workday! My monitor just got delivered to my home and I am stuck here staring into my 1080p 24" work monitor for the next 3hours. (order number ending 27xx in Melbourne, paid 02/08 paypal)

  • The image quality besides the 165hz appears similar to my u2715h

    • Yeah agree, received s2721dgf and set up side by side with u2715h. Reds are way over done on the new one, was able to scale back slightly with RGB tweaking via monitor controls.

  • Got delivered today, was pretty scary to open up when the box looked like this https://ibb.co/J5xszvV Luckily there was no damage to the screen.

    Set up next to my S2719DGF, the S2721DGF bottom bezel is a bit thicker unfortunately, wish they kept it as slim as on the S2719DGF.

    • Would you say that the 21 is a big step up from the 19?

    • Yikes, that would have been a bit nerve wracking!

  • if anyone is deciding between this or viewsonic vx2758-2kp-mhd, they are pretty much the same.

    been using this monitor along with the viewsonic for the last 5 days and I perfer viewsonic lol. I can't find colour settings Im happy with in the dell. looks a bit dull in comparison.

    • You need to choose custom profile (default is standard). Once you picked that, it would provide additional settings to adjust colours.

      • yeh i've tried that. what I meant was finding settings Im happy with. thanks anyways.

        I've used a similar setting as the guy below me plus other profiles/setting from the web. still doesn't look quite right to me. :S

  • +1

    Got it today order ending in 5xxx. I found the colour of the display to be on the warm side. I have adjusted my monitor to Present Modes -> Custom Colour -> Gain -> R 91% G 90% B 97%, brightness to 85% and contrast to 73%.

    • Thanks for this! Liking this adjustment

  • So uhh… Is the monitor just supposed to work automatically? I've plugged in the DP and all I'm getting is a black screen with the language selection box in the corner and the buttons at the back of the monitor doesn't do anything. Can't toggle up or down. I can see in the display settings that Windows detects it. Tried swapping to HDMI but same thing.

    • uh oh…doesn't sounds promising…

      • Well shoot! Thought I was just having a duh moment.

        • Let us know how the warranty process goes. Apparently Dell is pretty good. I'd be pretty annoyed after the wait tho…

        • I literally had a duh moment in which I am too embarrassed to tell you. There is a 0.1% chance that you might have made the same mistake.

          I unplugged the old monitor with its HDMI cable and plugged in the displayport only to find that the computer couldn't detect any display signal. Unplugged the displayport and plugged in the HDMI cable with the same result.
          Tried the HDMI cable again on the second HDMI connection on the monitor and still no signal.
          After 10 minutes and became sweaty and decided to try the displayport again but it still didn't work.
          I was about to give up until I noticed the displayport/hdmi connection on the computer is near the top of the case when the GPU is installed near the bottom!

          • @DarkOz: The cable is definitely connected to the GPU and not the motherboard. I've contacted Dell and they're arranging to pick it up. Just sucks that I have to wait for a replacement. Hopefully, they have a unit for me in stock otherwise, the wait would be painful.

            • @melenvision: "I am writing to inform you that there is a material shortage for this monitor and they are not able to provide the ETA. Therefore inorder to avoid any further delay, I would like to offer you a refund." This is ridiculous. I've been very patient thus far. Considering those who ordered from last week's deal have already received theirs, I'm really annoyed about this.

              • @melenvision: you did press the power button at the bottom right?

                • @Circly: It was definitely on. I would not have been able to see the language selection box on the display otherwise.

                  • @melenvision: oh yeah… hmm sounds buggered then. Display doesnt change at all besides the language?

    • After selecting the language to English, mine worked after

    • At the back, there is a mini joystick (above the back buttons - it might look like a button and is pressable, but it is a joystick), use that to set the language, cannot remember whether you need to press that or use that joystick to select the one you want or move right to confirm selection.

      The joystick is the main control, the other buttons are hotkeys and cannot be used for menu adjustment. You probably haven't had a monitor with mini joystick type control previously. For control at the back of the monitor (generally less ideal, a joystick is kinda better, would be a pain to rely on buttons at the back).

      • The joystick does not do anything for me. Weird.

        • If the joystick doesn't work, then you have a faulty unit. You should have full control of the monitor's menu system using that joystick.

  • Got mine today, no dead pixels and barely any IPS glow :D I ordered 3rd August at 9am. Very happy with it.

    • +1

      got mine today as well. Ordered 2nd August 10pm. Manufactured in Aug 2020, no dead pixels, minimal IPS glow

      • Minimal IPS glow and backlight bleed on mine from running Youtube tests (first time doing this so hopefully I'm doing this right)

        Maybe one dead pixel (saw a short grey line on a blackscreen)

        That's a pretty good result right guys?

  • Got mine yesterday. No dead pixels and only some BLB in the top left. The calibration is awful though, and I can't quite find decent settings that look normal against most colours. Going to take a bit of fiddling to get right. Otherwise the picture quality and response time is amazing.

    • Thinking about it my colours don't seem 100% right too. Not sure how to go about fixing it though.

      • +2

        I always find reds are a big giveaway, I used the RTINGS calibration settings: RGB 95-94-100

        As well as their ICC profile available on their review.

        Seems to be better but will still need some adjustment.

        • I'll give their settings a go. So far I've adjusted the "gain" and "offset" by a few points here and there. My standard profile has less red and more of a green look to it. Not sure if it's worth bothering with hue and saturation as it's hard to tell by eye.

  • Got mine yesterday at 3:48pm after waiting all day and getting up every time I heard a vehicle drive by the house. All working nicely. Thought I had a dead pixel, but was just a bit of crap on the monitor itself.

    Colours look great. Really shows how bad my old monitor was at displaying them. I'll need to upgrade my 1070 in order to make use of the refresh rate, but for now 80-100fps is still nice to look at. Very smooth.

    My secondary 24" looks horrible in comparison and I think I may need to get another 27" 2k to balance it out.

  • sorry for asking this question here
    what if the parcel damaged, can i not to sign it or sign after that submit claim ?
    thanks :)

    • I don't think you actually sign anything due to the whole Covid-19 situation. When the delivery person comes, if the package is clearly damaged, point it out and don't accept. I doubt that delivery person only delivers one monitor. He might have another one in his truck.

      Honestly, you should ask Dell that question instead of asking OZBer.

      • got it, its coming today and lets see.
        hopefully nothing wrong ta

      • I doubt that delivery person only delivers one monitor. He might have another one in his truck.

        Each package has a shipping label with the address and addressee printed on it. They can't just let you pick one…

        • Yeah I can't imagine the delivery guy giving someone else's monitor to him therefore shafting that other person…

        • I'll need to double check but I'm sure my monitor didn't have any stickers on the box at all. I was surprised the box wasn't even wrapped in brown paper or something.

  • How is IPS glow for everyone? I notice it a bit in the bottom left and right corners - I took a photo and it looks really bad (no where near as bad as in IRL) https://imgur.com/a/DFen1Bg

    • sorry, how do you test for it? How to get the monitor to that state? Just put a grey background to detect or?

      • +1

        I used this one and took a photo with my phone with my room as dark as possible. Would be interested to see a photo of yours for comparison - nearly all IPS panels suffer from IPS glow but since it's my first I don't know if mine is particularly bad


        • +1

          https://imgur.com/cY8XAQm damn… does this mean I'm getting a dud? It looked quite apparent. Or is this normal for IPS? Sorry, probably my first ever IPS monitor, pretty clueless lol

          I usually only ever tests for dead pixel

          • +1

            @WillKillfor5Cents: Looks about the same as mine (and everyone else here) so I wouldn't stress. Can't see it in normal use but if it bothers you, you could ask for a replacement!

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