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[Preorder] Xbox Series X $399 ($329 with Level 4 EB World) ($749 without) When You Trade in Your Xbox One X @ EB Games


I reckon this is an amazing deal.

Make sure you select click and collect on the website when you preorder to get this offer.

Preorders commence online on 22nd September

Alternatively, you can get the Series S version for $299 when you trade in your Xbox One S but no one would want a stovetop.

EB world is eligible for this offer so if you are on level 4, that’s $420 off the console price itself

Note: Confirmation from EB Games rep If you place an online preorder for collection in store, you don't have to trade in until release day. Which means you can secure this deal and still use your Xbox One X until release day.

22/09/2020 8:14am: Update from EB Games Twitter Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S LAUNCH Shipment has now presold out. There will be a small shipment expected POST LAUNCH 2020. Current expected presell time of Midday AEST.

22/09/2020 7:39pm Update from EB Games Twitter We are now presold out. Thank you for your patience today.

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  • +2

    Hopefully they have them on release, my order says
    Estimated release: Thu 31st Dec 2020

  • It's also in the news:


    I feel sorry for ps5 customers, they can't get any til April I heard… I could be wrong, I hope I am.

    Honestly with gamepass, if this preorder want possible, it's nothing major, because gamepass is what's important not the console, or the pc or the phone… Because that account is priceless it gives you access to everything on everything…

    Sadly that cannot be said for Sony customers, they're locked out of the ps5 ecosystem, because sony designed it that way, and scalpers are criminal.

    Could it be china that's doing it, why because china bought all the facemasks world wide in December scalped the fff out of everyone., Coincidence or just conspiracy theory.

    • +6

      I have no idea what I just read.

    • +5

      "Could be china that's doing it", made me chuckle

      • Yeah it's anyone's guess

        • In China, there are many more PS fans than xbox fans and according to my reading yesterday, most of the Chinese xbox fans were trying to get the preorder either from stores from HongKong/ Japan or from Amazon globe site. Those console's prices aren't competitive in Australia plus there will be extra cost for the postage and the tax.

          • @applebernie: You don't necessarily have to have the product present, only the order, and redistribute it to the persons address.

            Holly hell it feels like ransomware, sir/madam, please pay up in bitcoins to this Address (I don't give ableeep how) pc locked, data being uploaded to criminal.

            So if someone in china did buy one from let's say those regions you mentioned, how cheap would it be compared to Australia…

            I know in philipines the price would be bad, or good dunno

  • Man that was a frustrating day and experience but finally got an order in.
    Lets hope we get to pick it up before the trade in deal expires… that was the main incentive for me grabbing the Series X.

    • When does the trade in deal expire ?

      • +1

        January 31st lol

        • Is this the real date ? Or jus trolling can't tell

  • Yay, third time lucky.

  • Can you cancel before release date?

    • No, it is a contract you signed in blood. Only kidding, you can cancel. It's only pre-order.

      • Ok, I might go for it, needed to boost my EGGAME points.

        Now what to do with my PS4……..

        • Thought the main benefit of buying from EB was so you could trade in your old console for a decent-ish price.

  • Confirming live on Amazon, just successfully ordered

    • Showing no stock for me?

      • Went quick, I refreshed the page a minute of so after placing the order and it was listed as unavailable again, seemed to be coming in and out of stock.

        • Been looking all day until mid-afternoon - couldn’t even find a link to it on Amazon.

  • I was able to order, will be interesting to see when they are able to provide stock

  • I panicked and ordered a 2020 shipment from eb but then managed to snag a launch from amazon….first world problems :(

    • Have you cancelled or would you sell.

      • I don't think so, the idea of messing around with shipping sounds like a pain, I'll just call and cancel and make some randoms day lol

  • I know this's crazy but does anyone know if you can install windows os custom on the series s as a desktop.. Oh a portable 16 core, ssd beast portable… The temptations so there.

  • I just got one at EB games at 6:24pm. Email confirmed

  • +2

    This is the most bizarre day ever. Available again on the Microsoft website. Be quick, you probably have about 2 minutes

  • +2

    Just got one, after probably an hour total trying earlier at 8, 12, 3, now it is there. ETA says December. Don't need it launch day, xbox one x is perfectly fine, so it all finally ended well after a stressful day at the checkout

    • +1

      You tried at 12? They updated the info at 11.50 saying it was delayed until 3.

  • I ordered one, what sthe possibility this will be available before Christmas? It didn't really say when so, even 30th December is December

  • seems like low trade-in for a xbox one x… how much are they going second hand? i just sold a launch ps4 with nothing for the same amount… $350.

    • Least you can try sell it between now and when stock is available, otherwise guaranteed minimum trade in value.. Win win?

    • I haven't been following used prices that closely but $350 for a used launch PS4 sounds a bit rich unless you included games/accessories/etc…

      For me, I looked at it from perspective of trade in value with EB bonuses was not too different to what I paid for my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X… so it made sense to trade in especially since there will be definite backwards compatability on the Xbox Series X. The PS5 I'm willing to sit it out a bit and see what comes of it.

      • +1

        had an upgraded 1TB drive from my pro but thats it, launch ps4, no extras… i cant remember but i dont think i even paid that much when i bought it. listed for a few hours, tonnes of replies, people are ridiculous… i think it would have got even more when i looked like 1-2months back.

        i can't imagine you couldnt get way more for an xbox one x…

  • +1

    Thank you to Durka and house2015 above for highlighting it was back on. Sale went through so quick and smooth, immediate charge and order confirmation. Now to tell the wife she has just bought my Christmas present, best be available before 25th December otherwise my well laid plan is up the creek.

  • Serious question. When does the trade in deal expire ?

    • I’ve seen it mentioned in comments 31st Jan.

    • Even if it expires, I'm sure as long as you purchased the preorder on the day it went up, EB games will honour it, up to the time your console arrives, however if your going for $750 full out, no I think the deal would have expired.

      • For us late preorders could we not just trade it in just before the trade in deal expires even though the console wont be available to pick up at the time?

        • https://www.ebgames.com.au/featured/xbox-series-x

          It says post launch, with the trade in deal, so they'll honor it.

          Anyone got the trade in date

          If they don't honor it, sell it on eBay, they lose a profit, and some person scores a 4k native Xbox with a blu ray player, with out a ssd, and capabilities…

          I'd sell it a few days before Christmas if the EB games deals retracted, to coincide with the series X deal arrival.

          Either way you will not lose out, maybe some poor family at Christmas time.

  • So after $200 deposit, and $350 trade in credit… The series X will cost $200 for pick up, nice or less if your a level 4 member…

    Anyways apart from this seller selling their series 2 controller with the console, I'd say it's about $350 to $450 sale wise…

  • Managed to snag one at 6:29 pm aest after much heartache in the morning and 3pm. Thanks Op!
    Anyone have any idea on why another release without any official comms from them?
    Regardless glad those that wanted one legit and not for flipping reasons got another chance.


    Go get one guys, Series X.


  • Back to stock

  • I have got one too. December Stock it seems. I don't mind.

  • If anyone is still interested, I just jumped on ebgames after many failed attempts all day and they have opened up preorders again. Mine went through.

    • Oops. Didn’t see the many X-rated posts above saying the same thing. Bring it on!

  • Just got X'd.

  • Bloody, was trying to purchase at 3pm and didn't get any indication that it went through so thought i missed out. Just saw that they where back in stock and ordered one now, only to find that one of my attempts was successful at 3pm, so now I have two xbox's on preorder?? Messaged them to cancel one of them.. I thought it was one per customer, or is that not a thing anymore?

    • that happened to me too, no email confirmation from the first, and it didnt show up on my eb games account. Only reason i knew was the charge in bank

  • Deals done all sold out..

    see you in 2021, or at the amd announcement for the 6000 series amd… Dam you scalpers no you don't.

  • So has anyone actually confirmed how long this trade in deal is valid for?

    I don't mind if I don't get stock right away but would still like to take advantage of the trade in when stock becomes available again.

    Some people have said until 31/01/2021 but I haven't seen that written anywhere besides for the PS5 pre-order.

    • +1
      • Thanks very much for providing this, I will keep it handy but it is ambiguous.

        I take the interpretation that if I pre-order stock now that won't arrive till say March 2021, that the trade-in must occur before 31/01/21. Meaning I could trade the console in early and not have a console for 2 months or miss out on the bonus trade-in value if I trade the console in after 31/01/21.

        Doesa this sound right or do you secure the trade in credit as part of the pre-order somehow?

  • I have the gears 5 xbox one X but sold the controller. Can I trade in a normal black controller instead with the console?

    • Not sure about the exact rules around this, but I once traded in my Battlefield edition One S with a normal black controller, they were so happy that I was trading it in coz apparently it was popular, the guy didn't even mention/notice the black controller.

    • Call your local, but I don't think they mind what controller they get as long as they get a working XB1 controller.

    • +3

      No it will not matter, EB will accept it 100%

      • sweet! I have a crappy on PS4 to trade in

    • Any original xbox controller is fine.

    • If you don't want to trade your controller, EB will charge you $45 dollars.

  • +1

    Can someone definitively answer this question for me. If I buy a Series X game, will I still be able to play that disc in my Xbox one X / Xbox one S ?

    Ie. If I buy a new game, should I buy the 'One' version or the 'Series X' version to be able to play it on both consoles ?

    • Why would someone neg that? I've looked for the answer online and it always comes up with answers for the opposite…I saw on redit someone asked the same question, but no one really answered it based on facts. And I'm wanting to pre-order some new games and would like to know the answer before I do

      • Looks like if the game cover says "Xbox One / Xbox Series X" it will work for both…I did read that if you have it on the One, it will auto works on the SX, but wasn't sure if it worked vice versa; but from what I read, it will on selected titles

        • It is a bit confusing as this seems to be the first time ever they have made brand new release disc games work for multi generation consoles. I wonder if that also means if you purchase a game digitally on the Xbox one, will it also work on the Xbox Series consoles? And even at the high frame rates (if the game is optimised for the new gen)

          • @brandogs: I vaguely recall reading somewhere if you insert an XB1 disc into an XSX, it'll just download the XSX version but you must keep the XB1 disc in the console to play. Not sure what happens if you don't have an internet connection though.

            • @jace88: That was the case for X360 titles in the XB1, too. For compatible X360 titles, you needed to pop in the disc and keep it there for gameplay.

              Hopefully there are no issues with that. I've still got a MAJOR backlog of XB1 titles to get through, and the only reason I'm already upgrading from my XB1X is because I know I can still chip through my existing disc library on the new gear.

  • With the EB Games preorder Deal does anyone know if I can trade my Xbox One X ($350 credit) in for a preorder Series S ($499)? so Id pay $200 now and would get $50 returned or just a store credit on hand over? or is it not possible at all?

    • +1

      Pretty sure any unused credit just sits there for you to use in the future -ie they won't pay it out in cash.

    • Maybe not downgrade from a One X to a Series S?? :-)

      • I got my series X pre-order from MS but I was going to give my daughter my old one X but now I'm thinking a series s would be better for her as she runs a 1080p tv.

        • +2

          Depends, do you have disc games that you'd want to share with her? I still feel that buying a Series S just locks you into the walled garden and it must be such a tease to see all the Amazon/Big W/Target/etc sales on games which you wouldn't be able to participate in.

  • Hey there,

    Thanks for reaching out. If a $200 deposit has been taken out of your account, rest assured your preorder is secure.

    We will confirm your order via email ASAP today, so please keep an eye on your inbox and your junk email folder as well.

    Thanks for sending through your email address. We will aim to confirm this for you as soon as we are able to.

    Duplicate payments will be automatically cancelled and refunded ASAP as per our one per person policy on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console preorders. -Bel

    • Good to hear for the people that didn’t get any confirmation

  • There is about 30 comments that keep posting Xbox One Series X.

    There is no such thing as an Xbox One Series X.

  • Hi guys, I've pre ordered an S with EB. Is there a registration process I need to go through to exchange my x box one S for the new system or is it just do it when you go in to pick up the new x box?

    • +1

      Just go in any time between now and launch and trade in your old system but I’d do it at least a couple of days prior to make launch day a bit more streamlined.

      Nothing will be more frustrating than 30 people all lined up with trade ins when you just want to get in and get out with your new console.

  • Anyone here got their duplicate order cancelled?

    I think one of my initial orders went through, but no notification, thus ordered another just in case.

    Got a refund email today from EB games.

    • Make sure your order still in your order history, don't want to miss out…

      • Yeah, first thing I did! I thought they went and cancelled my pre-order which would have sucked considering it took the whole day to order it in the first place.

        That's when I noticed there were two orders.

        All good I guess, don't really want to rock up on collection day and having to pay for two consoles.

        I wonder if this is a common thing (like EB always cancel extra pre-orders) or it is a new thing due to the whole bot ordering?

        • It’s on the pre-order page, strictly 1 per customer

          • @cloudie9: Yeah. I honestly always wondered how strict that policy is.

    • Same here. The earlier of my two orders was the one I didn't know had been successful, as it has charged my card but never had an order confirmation or order history item. That's the order they kept active. They cancelled the one that went through smoothly later in the day.

      Probably a good thing they kept my order for the one that was higher in the queue!

      • So it was the launch day release that you got?

    • surely this means there should be some additional stock available once they re-allocate one per person.

      • Yup. But I think the extra stocks will just go to the next person in the queue. So instead of Dec, you'll get it on launch day.

        • The extra stock will go back out to sale. You’ll get bumped up the queue if people ahead of you have ordered cancelled

        • Even going by that theory there is an additional allocation because the person bumped up no longer needs their December stock.

  • This is mental… $32000 for a xbox series x.


    • People are trolling them, that's all.

      • No penalty for winning the auction and not buying?

        • +2

          fake accounts

    • -1

      Yeh, it's just trolling. People were sending me $1 offers thinking they were wasting my time but instead it just showed how salty they were lol

      • +3

        I got one, and I'm still salty that you're taking part in the reselling for a profit.