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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit + 20GB Bonus Data with Telstra $69/Month 12 Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Receive a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher plus $10 monthly credit for the first twelve months bringing the $69 plan to $59 a month.
While the promo says $400, the person on the phone line said the voucher amount is currently $500

Comes with a bonus 20gb bringing it to 80gb per month.

Works out to about $17.3 a month after the voucher.

Offer available by calling 13 52 44.

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  • Just wondering if they offer eSIM for this deal?

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      Just go to Telstra store and get it swapped. Its essentially JB hifi plan but using Telstra billing system.

      • Ok thanks bud.

  • For VIC: do we just call our local store, or is there a central number?

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      Use the number in the description from OP. You’ll be asked to put in your post code.

    • 13 52 44 is the sales line — you can even arrange to purchase other items and negotiate pricing.

    • Thanks everyone, completely missed that line in the OP #tooexcited

  • Can I use this deal with a new phone?

  • What's the deal with 5G? T&C on the website mention 5G but don't really go into detail, will Telstra make 5G an extra $$ add-on at some point or is it inslusive of this plan for good?

    • Its in the CIS.

      Maybe OP need to sticky this.

      • Yeah that's what I'm saying, it mentions 5G in the table and that's it. I thought Telstra were going to charge an extra fee for 5G access rather than just include it in their plans.

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          The guy I spoke to on the phone said no need to pay extra as it is included with the plan.

  • Hey guys, does anyone know if this is for new / port in customers only, or also avaible for current customers who want to sign up to a new plan?

  • With iPhone 12 rumoured to be around 2 weeks away from announcement what’s the chance jb will do an even better deal than this?

    • has there been a better deal than this on $59/m plan?

  • Is it possible to add international calling pack?
    It wasn't available with JB offers?

    • Interested to know as well

    • OK - once activated, can contact Telstra directly to add the pack

  • Went into the store as the 13 number told me the call centre in WA is closed today due to their public holiday, sales agent didn't care I'm an existing customer, signed up for a new number and got it.

    All up took about 30 mins as their computer system slow.

    • So you're a current telstra postpaid member, but signed up a new number and got eligibility for the giftcard to be sent?

      • +1

        I got the $500 gift card during my sign-up in store.

        Everything you just said is correct. You can then swap the numbers via Telstra Support.

  • Just got it at JB HiFi in Strand Arcade (Sydney) - they're were a few ahead and behind me in the queue

  • Could I use this sim in a mobile router at home to replace NBN? 80gb data is enough for me. Any suggestions on best hardware to achieve this? Need to connect about 25 WiFi devices

    • I believe post-paid (plan) Telstra 4G sim won't work in a 4G router, Telstra has restricted the sim (I may be wrong though). I know a pre-paid Telstra 4G sim works.
      The best device for 4G sim would be the Netgear Nighthawk M1, or the newer and more expensive M2 router.

  • Got it instore, easy as. THANKS OP!

  • Anyone had any luck from porting out yesterday and signing up today anywhere in Metro/Western Syd?

  • I was told I would get the confirmation email in the arvo…anyone else been told the same?

  • whats a good router to use the sim card for home use rather than using nbn or a fixed wireless system? anyone with experience.

  • whats everyones plan after the 12 months?
    Churn to someone not affiliated with telstra, then back again when jb does another deal?

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      That would be my plan. I was on another 12 month Telstra plan previously. Moved onto a Flybuys 3 months Optus plan after that. Have been on it for 5 months now waiting for a Telstra deal, which is this.

  • Just signed up in store in Townsville. The store rep found the offer on their internal offers page.

  • Thanks OP. Walked in store in NSW. Asked for drivers license and optus account number. Walked out with new deal and $500 gift card, too easy.

  • So can I confirm if the $10 is applied by the store and not via webchat (webchat doesn't work now from recent experience)

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      in-store, no need to contact telstra

  • is international calls include ??

    • not included, there is a $10 add on option.

      • thanks mate

      • where i can find $10 add on option? even I contact with telstra, they said no options to add on international service.

  • Just to confirm, you cannot pay this with a gift-card?

    • No but you can keep a bank account with the money that you would've spent on an item, but instead used a gift card for, and pay the bills out of that money pool.

  • Just signed up in store, NSW, Sydney, they can do esim and jbhif manager told me that gift card has no expire date
    Dont have to call prior, just go to the store, 80GB, $59 per month and $500GC and it expires today, not on 30th anymore

  • Signed up last week on the $69. So annoying and typical. Will try and call and get it sorted as the sim hasn't even arrived yet

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    Also a $200 gift card available when sign up to Telstra NBN 50/25. $80/month with no lock-in contract.

    • Is this available at JB too?

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        Yes, available at JB. Just ported my mobile and NBN over to Telstra. $700 gift card thank you very much.

        • Can you schedule the isp connection?

        • OK cool. I don't see anything on their website regarding NBN plans so might pop in store, cheers.

    • Can we sign up in advance for this? My billing cycle for my current isp ends oct 24th.

    • +1

      I asked about this and it's not lock in but they said you get a Telstra modem and if you cancel within 24months you need to pay modem fee of $10 per month of the time remaining. Apparently you can't order without the modem. Not sure if that's accurate but something be wary of

  • Called this morning and they said I’d get a call back though no one has rang me. I went in store and got it activated straight away and my friend helped me liquidate the gift card at face value because she needed to buy a laptop. Woohoo

    • +10

      my friend helped me liquidate the gift card at face value

      Your friend just got ripped off by a friend!

    • Can't you afford any plan from the how I met your mother money?

      • Used the money to buy a diamond suit - you could retire from the pants alone.

  • Just clocked over 1hr on hold :/

  • FYI I rang and they advised there's 50 people on the queue with Telstra and they take 20 mins each. They're getting 200 calls an hour. Easier to go in person or wait until it settles down.

    • +1

      The store staff told me the offer no longer expires on the 30th, it will expire today, better to go instore now

      • Welp I planned to go tomorrow, guess I'll drop by today!

        • Could not make it today, guess there's no tomorrow.

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    FYI not sure if anyone was aware, but I happened to ask about their Telstra NBN deals and there’s also a $200 GC for connecting to Telstra NBN with JB…. so walked out with $700 in gift cards today!

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    This is only a deal if you use the whole 80GB a month!.

    If not, you've basically saved nothing as you're paying $59 a month for data not needed

    I barely touch 10-20gb on my phone a month. Understand if you've got no home internet etc

    • +1

      I disagree.
      I'm in need if a laptop and this is giving me at least $250 free cash to use. Difference between what I am spending at the moment and the total of this plan.

      Plus its Telstra. Optus have been garbage lately in my area.

      • Well logically, say you pay $12.50 a month for 10gb data as that may be all you need, that costs $150 a year. Compare that to this plan where it's $208 over a year. So you are spending more for more data. If anything, you would have an extra $58 over 12 months if you didn't go JB and voucher route.

        So yes, you may be saving money over the already expensive plan you might be on, but as far as a cheap plan goes, this is not cheap.

        • I need more then 10gb data.
          I wouldn't have changed to this if I didn't run the numbers. Numbers say $280 difference thanks for the gift card and will couple it the next time they run a 10% deal on the laptop I want.

          Each to their own

          • -1

            @iNeed2Pee: Hence OP's coment "This is only a deal if you use the whole 80GB a month!." So you agree with their comment then, and just said you disagree?

            It's literally only good value if you want more than 10gb data per month. So I agree with the OP.

            • +1

              @onlinepred: OP said "if you use the whole 80gb a month"

              I said I need more then the 10gb but I might not use the entire 80gb…(hence why i disagreed)

              You said its only good value if you want more then 10gb a month….which is what i said lol.

            • @onlinepred: Does it really matter lol?

              Its a good deal and im taking advantage of it:) haha

  • +3

    Confirmed offer in store at Liverpool NSW. Just in the process atm :) guy said it ends today

    • Also been told it ends today

    • +1

      City - World Square, the sales said ends today cause it's too popular.

    • Can also confirm that today is the last day

  • Apparently mega slammed over the phone so waiting for a call back, confirmed 30th end. But people here are saying ends today?

    • I might be wrong - but I'm assuming they have a limit of how many gift cards can be given out. I.e. Telstra's marketing department may only have a certain budget to play with, once it's exhausted it's over. Just my guess if it gets pulled early.

  • +1

    Can people in other state walk in the store cause people in Vic can only call :-(

  • Went to Chatswood NSW during lunch. Done in 30 mins and walked out the door on Telstra.

  • +2

    Was able to get the deal in North Sydney, $59 including the $500 GC. I have an existing out of contract plan with Telstra but just signed up for a new service to get the $500 GC.

    They said they got Ozbargain'ed and that the deal will be rescinded tomorrow. Today is basically the last chance to get the deal before it is axed. I got the physical gift card after I finished signing up for the deal. Easy peasy.

    • Lucky you! Some stores are rejecting if we are not outside Telstra network for 30 days atleast :(

      • They told me that I wouldn't be eligible for the $500 gift card because I already have an existing number, BUT they said if I sign up under a new mobile number, I am eligible. Have you tried asking that? Not sure if your existing Telstra number is out of contract or not though…

        • will it be easy to port the new number to your other telstra number via chat?

          i am out of contract telstra, dont want to wait 30 days to port out and in again.

  • Just gave the number a call and the dude said they're advising people to go in store for this, because they've got about 500 people waiting for call-backs from Telstra and he doubts they'll get through all of them today. So best bet is to go in store. Zerg rush!

  • Thanks OP, just got mine sorted.

    I'm in VIC, so had to do it online. Was on hold for approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes before I got through, but I just left my phone on the side while I worked so not a huge deal.

  • got my Optus prepaid ported.. done this morning… 10min wait at the JB shop then swapped the sim and works like charm.. back to Telstra again~. ha..

    • Mind providing more details ? :)

  • I was on hold for 1hr 30min but eventually managed to sign up!

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Was just at a JB store and got told that they're canning the deal to a lower amount from tomorrow so hence today's the last day for this deal!

    • Yep, just got in this afternoon… apparently the promo is still on, but reducing to $400 gift card… still not a bad deal!

  • Was on hold for 80 minutes at 11am today, finally got through and was advised that as i am still with telstra currently i am only eligable to sign up a new number/plan. as i am out of contract now anyway, I will just transfer my current phone number onto the new plan once i get the new simcard in the mail :p

  • Got it done in Ballarat VIC in 30m. $59p/m with $500 GC. Thanks OP.

  • Honoured in store at JB Hifi Robina QLD. $59/mth + $500 voucher. Very happy to see the end of Circles.Life.

    • Do you know what number you had to give the JB guy to get the port to go through? I just had an hour of them trying DOB and the LWxxxxxx customer ID but they couldn't get it to go through.

  • Took about 1 hour 20 minutes to get through.
    Signed up in about 15 mins.

  • Can you get this deal if you're only an existing pre-paid customer?

    • +1

      Responding to this incase someone may search this in future…

      I can confirm this deal works. I am an existing Telstra prepaid customer.
      Once signed up and new SIM is received, you go on Telstra mobile chat, and ask them to change the new post-paid number, to the existing pre-paid number.
      Be clear on this request. The Telstra rep may not understand. Be persistent and clear to them.
      Or close the chat, wait, and try asking again to another Telstra rep.
      You also need to activate the new sim prior, or while you are chatting. The activation took about 5 mins.
      The Telstra rep then does the changeover on their end.
      I successfully moved my existing pre-paid number over to the new post-paid plan.

      This also means the existing pre-paid service is deactivated and you lose any data you still had left.

      Winning deal!!

      • +1

        Thank you sir! I got this deal and was awaiting the new sim to take the punt on this - Good to know it works! Thanks again for the insight

      • Update - Did this last night over Telstra Chat. Took about 5 hours, for someone to help me but once I got somone to assist, only took about 5 minutes to complete!

  • Did anyone get any confirmation email applying over the phone? I haven't received anything after going through the whole process. Worried the guy misheard my email.

    • +1

      Yup, I signed up and received both confirmation and terms and conditions email.

      • I signed up Saturday and received the emails, did you receive gift card yet?

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