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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit + 20GB Bonus Data with Telstra $69/Month 12 Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Receive a $500 JB Hi-Fi voucher plus $10 monthly credit for the first twelve months bringing the $69 plan to $59 a month.
While the promo says $400, the person on the phone line said the voucher amount is currently $500

Comes with a bonus 20gb bringing it to 80gb per month.

Works out to about $17.3 a month after the voucher.

Offer available by calling 13 52 44.

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  • Received a call today from JBHI-FI advised they are working on the application and it should be completed soon.

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      That's not a scam, that is supply & demand.

  • Those of you in Vic who made the order yesterday, have you recieved any email with reciept of purchase from Jb?

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      I would also like to know because I've received next to nothing.

      • Good in a way that we both know we haven't got it yet. I did get something from Telstra..did you?

        • I received an email from Telstra about an account creation, but that's it. How about you?

          • @cassiopeia: Yup same one! Will take em probably a week to get their head around it lol

            • @iNeed2Pee: I just received an order confirmation from Telstra!

              • @cassiopeia: Like the estimate from Telstra?
                I got a text with tracking for the sim.

                I just want something from JB so we don't get the scrooge on the $500 card lol

                • @iNeed2Pee: You must be a step ahead of me haha.

                  Yeh, it was essentially a PDF detailing the cost of the plan ($59) and that it was a 'JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys Mobile BYO Plan'. But to your point, it makes no mention in writing of the $500 gift card.

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                    @cassiopeia: I might be ahead, Just!

                    Yeah, I dont think they will screw us on the giftcard because well a shit load of people will be turning up to stores with pitchforks once lockdown is done 🤣

      • I signed up at 9:30am yesterday and still haven’t.

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      It could take up to 48 hours to get an email confirmation from Telstra if you are in VIC.

      • I mean the confirmation of purchase from Jb. Like a reciept…

        • Don't think you will get a receipt, at least for in store sign ups. They just give you a paper version of the sign up sheet, a copy is sent to your email

    • nothing yet

    • Ordered at 5:15pm yesterday, received email confirmation from Telstra at 5:15Pm today!

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      You’re paying $4 more for a $500 gift card.

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    I signed up last week when the $10 and 20gb was not included. Just activated my sim, telstra account shows I’m getting 80gb. Got $10 discount applied too by telstra chat. Winning!

    • Hi,

      When you talk to the chat what did you say for the $10 credit

      • Could I please have a $10 port in welcome bonus

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    I wonder how long the JB card will take to arrive via email

    • 24 hours after activation usually

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      ive waited 48 hours now

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    Just signed up in store got the 500$ gift card and at 59$ month. I actually started to sign up yesterday so it was invoiced on the 28th but activated on today. Thanks all !

    • How did u sign up today and still get the $500 GC and $59?

      • In my case i went instore yesterday and they started my sign up process. But the process was taking way too much time and it was already past the stores closing time. So they asked me to come back today. When i went in today, although the gc value had been decreased they agreed to honour yeaterdays deal as my sign up process was started on the 28th.

    • Same here 😁

      • Same 😉

  • Anyone got the $10 international calling pack activated by chatting to Telstra?
    I spoke to them today and they say the JB plan is not eligible for the international calling pack!

      • I read comments on this thread, and on the other one that we can simply add the $10 pack for international calling.
        I'm in trouble now. I need international minutes! :(

        • Chat to them again and get them to move you on m2m plan. Then you can add international call pack.

          • @prisonmike: will you get charged ETC if moved onto m2m plan?

            • @cola2002: If they say you have to payout ETC then disconnect and try to chat with another Telstra rep. I was able to move from Jb plan to m2m without incurring etc. Ymmv

              • @prisonmike: How soon in your contract were u able to do this?

                • +1

                  @Tems: I paid the first month and got them to change to m2m the next in my second try with the chat

        • @abhinavmail7

          You can easilly add the int calling pack for $10 on any plan, just chat with them and they will add it, i have an older jb plan and have done it.

      • these two are totally different things

    • i did have $10 pack on telstra plan through JB hifi. First they said they can't then i went to chat and asked and they did it. had it for an year.

  • expired?

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    For those who still with JH $65 or $45 plan, I called Telstra CS today and they offered me to change it to no contract monthly plan without any ETC. For my case, I just signed up the plan on May and still have 9 months in contract but was waived as the $65 or $45 JB HiFi plans are not current plans with Telstra. So now I can transfer to another carrier to port back with JB HiFi GC again :)

    • But you get to stay on the $45 or $65 plan still?

      • Nah, I changed to monthly to monthly plan without any contract which means I can move my number to other carrier at any time.

        • Got you. Thanks mate!

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    Who is still waiting for the confirmation email?

    I still haven't received mine. Registered at around 18:00 on Monday.

    • I'm still waiting. Monday around 2.30pm I signed up I think.

      In Vic.

    • signed up at 5pm Monday, still nothing comes up, might have to chase up, i got the sale reference and JB Hifi rep employment numbers as well

    • Still waiting too, registered around 4pm Monday and I'm in Victoria.

  • cheers guys. I will update this thread when I have received the email.

    • Just got my confirmation emails finally!

  • My SIM arrived. Activated and ported within 2 minutes. Anyone know how we receive the gift card for those in VIC?

    • If my memory serves me right, the operator told me that the GC will be sent via email after the SIM card being activated.

      • Thx. I thought so too. Activated. Guess the waiting game begins.

        • A rep told me today the GC could take up to 72 hours. They are snowed under with heaps of orders atm!

    • Just curious, when did you complete your order? I'm still yet to even receive an email confirmation (also in VIC!)

      • I did it about 10am

        • 10am Monday? I was around 4pm, hopefully get some confirmation soon.

    • My new SIMs also arrived today, within 48 hours from ordering - pretty quick! Only thing is the package contained 2 sim cards and nothing else. Zero paperwork.

      As a result, I have no idea which sim is mine vs my wife's.
      No idea how to activate the cards.

      Telstra call centre is non-existence. and I have spent the last 2 hours on the Telstra App 'chatting'….

      This is a major step backwards in process maturity.

  • Anyone receiving the call back in VIC yet?

  • +1

    received the gcs after 24 hours upon activation

    • hopefully get mine this afternoon. activated yesterday. what email address do they come from?

  • Today definitely $400/$59 with bonus data.

  • I left a message the day before and no call back, called yesterday again, the sales rep said they will call back. No call back today again. Hope they have similar promotion next month again.

    • They are still honouring via callbacks. I left a voicemail on Monday and got a call back at 4:30 today to sign up to the plan ($59, 80gb, $500 GC) all sorted and received a confirmation email from Telstra within 20 minutes of placing the order.

      • I had also left a msg on monday and received callback today. But since i had already signed up instore nothing further was needed.

      • how long are they honouring it for? I need to port out of Telstra and i did call them yesterday which the deal for $400 was still active

        • I'm not sure, as I didn't ask. But I just got a new number and I'm going to try and get my current pre-paid Telstra number swapped onto this plan via Telstra chat

  • I signed up instore. 59$ per month with 400$ GC. Can't complain. Very lucky to have 5G at home and at work.

  • +4

    Just activated my sim.
    Went from 2 bars to full bars. That within itself is worth it!

  • When I tried to change the plan, they said they need special investigation, even though I said I'm happy to pay the ETC.
    How can you cancel the contract and pay the ETC without going through the manual process (telstra chat)? Can you just port out the number by activating a new prepaid sim card?

    • Yes, you can do it yourself.

  • Thanks OP for this deal. Big thanks to JB HI-FI for for honoring the deal which i left a voicemail on Monday. I got both of my numbers ported to Telstra in less than 30 minutes.

  • One number ported in almost immediately, other number is still waiting.

  • For those still waiting from Monday (Vic), I just called the call centre this morning, and they confirmed there has been some delay due to massive number of orders. The person advised that I should have everything provisioned by end of the day today.

    I just received a number of emails from Telstra with plan details etc.

    If you still haven't heard anything, either give it sometime (to allow the team to work through the orders), or try give them a call to make sure everything is okay.

    • I just got my confirmation emails finally! :) Ordered 4pm Monday.

    • called them this morning, they recognised who the sale rep that did my order when I rang despite I didn't give any details, it must be my mobile numbers recorded into their system when I called to sign up so will have to wait then. I'm in Vic and still not receiving any confirmation yet

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    Called Tuesday 8:30 am - left a voicemail before opening of business so they recognised this as a Monday call.
    Called Tuesday 9am - signed up for the new deal with the $400 GC on the $69 plan.

    They called back yesterday from the original voicemail - they offered to upgrade me to the Monday deal because I had left a voicemail before opening on Tuesday. Wonderful service.

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    FYI in case this helps others – I got my SIM in the mail yesterday, put it in my phone and waited for it to activate. I waited for about 3 hours, but nothing.

    Then I found this page on Telstra’s website and tried entering my phone number on it, and then the SIM activated within a couple of minutes.


    Did anyone have their SIM activate automatically after inserting it in the phone?

    • Are you porting from another provider or activate a new number?

      • Ported from Optus prepaid

        • mine is a post paid ported from Circles-life this morning and still not done, bit concerned as my porting before with other carries never took this long.

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