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Sony 55" X9000H 4K UHD Android LED TV $1510 + $35 Delivery @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


After obtaining a $500 JB gift card through this deal, I started looking for ways to spend it and settled on a Sony 55" X9000H. This one is marketed as "Ready for PS5" for those who are getting the latest console.

The TV is very well reviewed as good bang for your buck, and has a promised firmware update coming end 2020 which will bring variable refresh rate, 'Auto Low Latency Mode', and other features that come with HDMI 2.1. OLED was tempting but I didn't want to have to baby my TV to avoid burn in. Beware, it does have ads in the menus, if you don't like this perhaps pick up a Chromecast with Google TV or an NVIDIA Shield.

After launching at $1999 in September and very quickly dropping to $1795, $1510 appears to be a decent price. Of course, this may still drop lower between now and Christmas, especially since it launched so recently. You can improve on the TGGC price by price matching with JB, TGG or Harvey Norman and paying with discounted gift cards bringing it down to ~$1435 or even less.

While it can sometimes be difficult to get the retailers to match the commercial portals, I called up Harvey Norman Garden City and JB Hi-Fi Logan Rd Mt Gravatt and mentioned the $1510 price on TGGC and both were able to price match after only a short hold to check with their manager. YMMV.

If you go with Harvey Norman they do have a current promo for a $150 Kayo credit ending 19/10/20. Could even stack with the Latitude Pay deal.

Note if you want/need wider viewing angles, you may have to look elsewhere as this model doesn't have the 'X-Wide Angle' treatment the X9500H enjoys.

How to get The Good Guys Commercial access. Don't know why the deal is marked as expired, it is still available. That said, when price matching with other retailers they didn't ask for proof of the price at all. So you could get away without membership.

Other sizes are also available on TGGC:

  • 65" $2038
  • 75" $3019
  • 85" $4454

There are some receipts/prices floating around on Whirlpool that are lower than these.


  • Wi-Fi Certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth Version 4.2; HID (mouse/keyboard connectivity)/HOGP (Low Energy device connectivity)/SPP(Serial Port Profile)/A2DP (stereo audio) 2/AVRCP (AV remote control)
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Apple Airplay
  • Apple Homekit
  • RF terrestrial connection, composite video input
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • ARC
  • 4K120, eARC, VRR, ALLM to come
  • 120Hz
  • Digital audio, headphone outputs
  • 2 USB ports
  • HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision
  • Netflix Calibrated Mode
  • Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos
  • DTS Digital Surround
  • 16GB on board storage
  • Voice search, EPG, Android app store

Best colour settings thanks to RTINGS

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  • +6

    Got super excited thinking that it was the 65" for this price for a second. Definitely wishful thinking for now, but I feel we may get there eventually.

    • +2

      If you have access to Unidays, Samsung education has the 65" Crystal UHD television for $1274. Idk if thats what you're looking for but just a suggestion.

      • +2

        Cheers, but I am keeping my eyes out for a deal on the 65" X9000H as it has everything I am after and seems to be super well received going by everyone I have seen who has bought one.

  • +3

    Just checking in Chinese taobao 9000h 65in is about 1300aud, the price is so crazy there

    BTW, OP is finding a real good price in AU

    • +5

      TVs in China are much cheaper in AU as China is a big market and there are so many competitors…

      • Thinking to buy one in taobao and ship here, really temping.

        • +4

          Please be aware that due to the famous GFW, all TVs in China can't use google services, and they are using local services such as youku. If you use a TV box, then it's fine.

          • +2

            @PeppaCat: Not sure about GFW. But if is $200 difference, take out shipping and local warranty. Local stock price is not bad.

            I know missing the spirit of ozbargain.

            • @a1234my: 55 inch version is around 1000aud which leads to 500aud difference, pretty considerable difference

            • +1

              @a1234my: GFW Great Fire Wall.

              No google, facebook, etc in china.

            • @a1234my: not to mention gift card discounts, ect…

      • They also don’t have the complications of distribution in a comparatively sparse geographical region, and their regulatory environment pales in comparison to Australia’s in terms of consumer rights.

    • I went and did the same thing after seeing this deal and realized I wasn't the first one haha

    • Link?

  • +3

    Thanks for this writeup! It's just so hard to know whether I should get this or the CX 55. I want the X9000H so bad cos it's so much cheaper, but I keep hearing conflicting reviews. I've seen the X9000H in person and I think it looks great. I've seen review sites give the viewing angle a 7.5/10 and I didn't feel like we're looking at the same tv. Though I think I saw the 65" version so I wonder if there is a difference between panels

    • +1

      This review of the TV is definitely a bit of a rollercoaster: https://www.reddit.com/r/4kTV/comments/hzyf53/my_first_4k_tv...

      Some pics from reddit:


      • Yeah that looks perfectly fine :) Any idea how he got it to stand without using the stand? It's 7cm tall which I'd prefer to avoid, but I don't have anything to mount it to. Those images make it look like it's just chilling upright with nothing behind it. I hope they didn't block any vents :o

    • +3

      I never understood the viewing angle problem unless you have like 10 people over to watch a movie and a super wide couch. Just sit in front of it and not off to the side, issue solved. Edit: as per Nuggets links, why would you ever play a game at that angle…

      I have an older 9000e. Only thing I don't like about it is Android OS, its slow and LG's OS seems better from what I've seen, but unless you use the integrated apps, you aren't using it much. For the higher price, magic remote and OLED are pretty cool additions.

      Sometimes I wish I went for the OLED (C9 back then), but then I start doing something on my TV, appreciate the quality and think about the $1500 I saved between the 9000e and C9 back then and I feel like I'm alright with it.

      But if I were a richer man with no self restraint, I'd head into Good Guys today and get a CX for OLED 4K 120fps for next gen gaming.

      • +2

        But if I were a richer man with no self restraint, I'd head into Good Guys today and get a CX for OLED 4K 120fps for next gen gaming.

        I went with x900h over LG OLED due to burn-in risks. Too much of my content have static images and i don't want to pay that much and have to babysit it. Don't regret it all.

      • +1

        There is also the LG NanoCell tv's who have 4 x 2.1 HDMI and 120hz 4k (i believe the models with 86 and 91 in the model number) … personally for gaming (XSX and a gaming PC) i will look at that over oled due to the burn in… but then again i already have a Pana OLED as my main tv so this way i get the best of both worlds :)

      • -3

        I never understood the viewing angle problem unless you have like 10 people over to watch a movie and a super wide couch.

        People don't do that in my household when they come over. The adults are too ethnic for english films.
        Kids are a nightmare who rather sit upside down with their tablets and phones than watch a film. Adults just yap yap yap yap yap…..

    • A 7.5 isn't bad- TVs are typically scored objectively & linearly, unlike video game scores which go from 5 to 10. A 10 viewing angle TV is virtually perfect, meaning you could almost see most things from a ridiculous 80+ degree angle. Even OLEDs score at 8s & below on Rtings for things such as viewing angles despite nothing being objectively better.

      It ultimately comes down to whether it suits you- a mediocre or average viewing angle in a TV from today is not at all similar to an LCD from 10 years ago & if you find it perfectly acceptable, with the other features being especially suitable to your preferences, then it's a subjectively good choice.

    • Reviewers always have to find faults and points of contrast between different models of TVs. My general advice is to take them with a massive grain of salt, because if you read too much you can always find something to talk you out of it. Most TVs on the market are really bloody good.

      The viewing angle on this is probably a 7.5 relative to the OLEDs and the X95H etc. but it’s still very good. Unless you’re planning on having 50 people around to watch the grand final or the feng shui of your living room has you looking at your TV from an 89 degree angle, it’s not going to be an issue.

      By all accounts, the X90H seems like a fantastic TV for the price. My brother ended up getting this TV and is very happy with it. Head to head, I prefer the OLEDs personally (I have the C8 and love it), but going with the X90H and leaving the extra $1k in your pocket would definitely not be a bad play. I reckon the Sony is better value for money, while the LGs are probably the king of the jungle in terms of quality.

      Just to complicate things, it’s also worth looking into the Samsung Q70T, which is very similar to this Sony in terms of quality and price point, but has a few pros and cons (I think the Sony is supposedly a bit better for gaming). There are better models in each range (Samsung Q80T and Sony X95H), but they both run around $500 more than the previously mentioned models, and especially considering that’s halfway to an OLED, I don’t think they’re worth it.

      • +2

        The Q70T is in a completely different segment.

        The X9000H is a full array local dimming LCD TV, the Q70T lacks local dimming entirely.

        You have to step up to the Q80T for a comparable model from the Samsung lineup. The X9500H has more in common with Samsung's Q95T due to both TVs having wide-angle films and more local dimming zones than the lower models.

  • Supposedly the ready for PS5 was false advertising

    • +3

      They should have the 2.1 update in time for the Ps5/XBSX launchs

    • ????

      PS5 isn't even out yet and Sony just released an ad this week saying Summer 2020.


      • https://www.t3.com/au/news/sony-ready-for-ps5-tv-no-oled-tv
        Here's the catch even for the features 'Ready for PS5' does include: the Sony XH90/X900H is called 'Ready for PS5' now, but it won't actually get the key HDMI 2.1 features until an unspecified point in the future, when an update will add them – though it will also add ALLM and VRR.

        Will that be before the PS5 launches? You'd hope so, but there's no guarantee – we've asked Sony for clarification now that we're closer to the PS5 launch, and will update with any useful information as we receive it.

        • +3

          Preaching to the choir mate - i own this TV, 4 weeks now.

          Even with my 3080 on the way, happy to use this TV at 4K 60 HDR 10 bit. Not like consoles will ever get past that res/hz anyway.

    • +1

      The update could actually be tied to software updates for Android TV. This article reckons the features that Sony needs are tied to the release of Android 11. Have no idea if this is accurate, but could explain why Sony haven't committed to a date for the firmware - it could be out of their hands. https://piunikaweb.com/2020/08/14/sony-x900h-hdmi-2-1-featur...

  • +1

    Bought 75" Sony X900H 2 weeks ago from The Good Guys for $2955 delivered and really happy with the purchase. I have had Hisense 65N7 and can see the difference between these two TVs is massive. Really like the colour depth and contrast while playing on PS4. Waiting for update on HDMI 2.1 with Android 11.

    • damn how did you manage to bring it under $3k?

      • +1

        Called my local store (Hoppers Crossing) and they had 10% off in store (Advertised price was $3295). So ask them if they can provide delivery as well. And they did it. Looks like they are getting really low sales and willing to go bit further on sales.

    • Great price - nicely done. That's basically my 'buy it now' price. May have to hit a few stores this weekend. ;)

  • If that was oled it would sell in minutes faster then consoles, and yeah why there's no Vizio in Australia they sell the cheapest oleds in America

    • Well the LG BX/CX have more or less the same features already but does most things better (granted at a premium).

  • I got this and it's very good!

  • -1
  • +2

    "it does have ads in the menus"
    wtf? does anyone have more info on this? Seems like a mega annoyance.
    why are there ads in menus on an expensive tv?

    edit: ok seems like an android tv "feature" - might be annoying if no way to disable

    • +2

      Rtings does a good job of reporting on ads in their tv reviews.

  • Great effort on the write up of the post Nuggets.

  • Great price! Personally I'm waiting for the 75" X9000H to go sub $2.5k before I bite the bullet.

  • Wow… you can use the jb gift cards at good guys commercial? hmmmm

    • +3

      Read again…

  • Why not get a Samsung Q80T? Slightly more expensive but rated higher. Go through Samsung EPP & you'll be paying about the same


    • What's the price on the Samsung EPP?

      • Very much depends on who the company is you're associated with (discounts vary).

        Being Telco associated the Q80T in 55" was about $1600 delivered

        • Wow, that's super nice!

          Unfortunately I don't have access to the EPP and had to use my JB gift card.

          OTOH my employer pays my phone bill, so the $500 JB card I got from the phone plan offer was free money. My final price for this TV was just under $900.

          Obviously that $500 could go to anything including the Samsung but I'm not sure I'd be able to get a price match to Samsung's EPP.

          I'm pretty frugal so even $900 was a bit of a stretch, I'm confident that the Sony is one of the strongest bang for buck options.

          • +1

            @Nuggets: That is an awesome out of pocket cost for a TV this good. I spent every day of the last month deliberating over the Q80T & X9000H… I currently have a Sony TV with a PS4 & as I have pre-ordered an XBOX I decided to go with the Samsung… it is slightly better in the areas I use it for most (gaming - lower input lag), but I doubt I would be able to notice any actual real life difference between the 2. Movies as well as the blacks & greys are meant to be better on the Sony.

    • How to get access to Samsung EPP?

      • A lot of the bigger companies have a partnership program with Samsung. Your best option though is to befriend a Samsung employee…

  • Thumb up for the write up

  • This or an extra grand for the lg cx purely for picture quality and price/performance?

    • This.

      I was flipping between the same choice. Went with this. No regrets, don't think the extra money justifies the CX if you're not specifically after the best or a certain spec point. Which if you're deliberating, you wouldn't be!

      Once you're at home with no direct comparison, you really just won't give a shit.

  • +2

    Was reading somewhere why oleds are expensive and why LCDs are cheaper, the fabrication prices of oleds made on 8.5 Shiite of glass, and not 10.5.

    Meaning 2 48 inch oleds will always be expensive over 55 inch, because it can only be cut from two 77inch glass, yet 6 sheets can cut 55 inch oleds, but 3 65 inch oleds can only be cut into 3 creating excess waste.

    There were plans to make fabrication on 10.5 to reduce cost.

  • Just tried to price match with JB phone sales. Nope. Then tried my local JB store, same thing. "We don't price match commercial". I'll just wait until it drops to even lower for Black Friday and then go with TGG or HN as JB has lately had a bit of an "attitude" with me over the phone. Much easier to strike a deal with them in store.

    • Maybe calls are monitored? But your right. Face to face and end of week or end of month when commissions/targets are closing in - you will get your price I reckon

  • With this price, why not look at/ wait for something like the previous deal
    Hisense 75R7 75" 4K UHD TV $1695 ?

    • +1

      Was going to ask about Hisense as well.

      • +4

        While Hisense does produce TVs at very attractive prices, personally I didn't consider them, as it is a Chinese state owned enterprise.

        • -7

          You’ve been brain washed mate

          • +5

            @louuisc: You're entitled to your opinion.

            While no country is perfect China is currently committing a number of atrocities. You can choose to ignore that or you can choose not to. Your choice :)

            • +4

              @Nuggets: While this is just bargain website, I respect people speaking up their mind freely. But I personally do believe US is committing way more atrocities than any other influential countries in this world.. and Aussie mass media is sadly controlled by them. See the world with your own eyes mate

            • @Nuggets: And just realised you are the OP.
              Thanks for posting up excellent deals like this all the same.

    • that hdmi 2.1 son!

      • Yeh, which means PS5 ready. However does it justify the difference that I wonder?

        • If you’re going to get a ps5 it’s a must!

          • @Sidog: That’s true. Btw I like how you end every comment with an exclamation mark!

  • +1

    OP forgot to include the only review that matters: Vincent's!


    Great value TV but not Sony's best.

  • I bought a x95G from Sony. Tv turned up in broken state. Dealing with Sony support has been the worst. Issue has been ongoing for 6 months. Had to raise a complaint with fair trading. Still unresolved.

    They are not bad TVs but Sony are definitely going down the pan. Bought a Q80T and haven’t looked back. Apart from wondering when I’ll get my refund back from Sony.

    I’ve been a Sony buyer for years. Never again though after their support experience.

    • @rollin - Previously, I've also had a really bad experience with a 5 year old Sony. Their customer service wasn't helpful and I essentially had to throw out the TV.

  • +1

    If anyone has any questions I bought the 75 inch version a month ago so ask away. Like many of you main usage will be PS5, Netflix and live sport. I spent months tossing up LG CX and Samsungs flagships but in the end I got the Sony.

    Gotta say folks I freaking love it. Best decision I have ever made. Playing HDR games on my Ps4 Pro is mind blowing already so of you want a gaming TV this is it.

    Netflix, especially the HDR content is amazing and if anyone tells you it's not going to be bright enough that's bollocks. Its way too bright for me! I have turned brightness down from my professional set up.

    • If had my heart set on the CX for a while, but the difference could go to a console…

      How's the software? Are the in menu ads frustrating?

      • Rtings says the software is good. The processor is one of the best.

        Ads - "During our testing, we didn't notice any ads; however, there's some suggested content on the home page and within the app store."

      • +1

        Android UI its the best. Quick, snappy well layed out. No adds at all yet.

  • but are you willing to pay an extra 1k for the OLED tax, when these two have pretty similar specs minus panel type?

  • For just watching FTA and Netflix. Would this be worth the extra $1k over the X8000H?

    • X8000H is IPS and has better viewing angles so if anyone is watching TV from any angle then the X8000H is the better option.
      For- everything else the X9000H is a better TV. but is it worth a score of 0.9 higher?? NOPE!!! umm the X800H IPS is better for fast Movement like sports and better for TV shows.

      Sony X800H vs - Mixed Usage 7.1
      Sony X900H - Mixed Usage 8.0
      Side-by-Side Comparison


    • 4K Netflix? If so then the X9000H.

      If you’re never going to upgrade to a 4K subscription and you’re always going to have the lights on when watching then the X8000H is a reasonable option.

      • @Vid_ghost - It will be straight on viewing, I'd rather save the $1k and upgrade after a few years.

        @tp0 - I do have 4k Netflix and Amazon prime etc. During the day it's not super bright, at night the lights will be on. Is the X8000H not good at 4k Netflix?

        • The X8000H isn’t bright enough for HDR. Nor does it have the local dimming technology required to properly present HDR. It’s only worthwhile if you’re watching SDR content.

          Since almost all Netflix and Prime 4K content is HDR if you’re using those services you need a TV that’s actually capable of displaying HDR video correctly.

  • Complete noob with tvs.. is this the best value option to get if I don't game on the TV? More for movie and Netflix use.

  • The link is dead and can't find the X9000H series anywhere on the commerical site (I have a legit account through Super).

    Super annoying as I went to GG this morning to get one at this prive but I can't prove the sales guy it actually was this price

    • Yeah they took it down which is super weird.

      Could try JB commercial although I don't have access to that.

      It's still showing in my cart, here is the screenshot


  • +1 for JB Hi-Fi Logan Rd Mt Gravatt, friendly bloke there too. paid the extra 50 odd bucks for their 5 year warranty thing. comin on tuesday!

    • +1

      Yeah always get friendly service there.

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