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10,000 Sparks Energy Offers - NSW / Vic / Qld / SA


The 10,000 Sparks campaign has finished its negotiations with energy companies and published its deals to e-mail subscribers, and here are the results. Origin Energy is the deal supplier for all four states.

There is no need to sign up to 10,000 Sparks anymore. Use these links below to view the energy offers.

These are the common elements of the deals:
* choice of 12- or 24-month contracts
* rebate on the first bill
* percentage discount on supplied energy (no discount on system access)
* two months free electricity usage on 24-month contract
* switch online
* early termination fee waived for Origin Energy customers with existing contract (only mentioned in the e-mail)

Here is the forum discussion about the 10,000 Sparks compaign.

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  • Shouldn't this go into the forum area?

    • I did read the posting guideline very carefully before I posted this deal.

      Guideline said group buys (which is what this is) are not allowed during the "come join us stage". However, once the group buy becomes an offer available for immediate purchase, then it constitutes a deal and no longer belongs in the forum area.

  • Where is the $ per Kw rate? Discounts are meaningless without the details

    • I think kw rates are fixed in some states with the only thing differentiating being the discount. Kw rates would also depend on where you live for those that are not fixed.

    • Agreed, and the same question was asked repeatedly on their facebook site.

      I noticed that the common practice of energy companies is to offer percentage discounts off the regulated standard energy supply prices. These are the maximum prices set by the relevant government energy authority, and also what you would pay if you do not sign up to a negotiated contract.

      This same practice is used by energy comparison web sites, for example, Switch Wise. If you pick a plan and "View Details", you will be presented with the percentage discount offer, along with a table of standard energy rates. No actual discounted $ per kWh is listed although it is easily calculated.

    • it's a market contract so the rates are not fixed. without advertising their rates the %off is meaningless.

    • Just join Click Energy…

      I've been with them since February this year…

      Great rates, good service, and the cheapest I could find for Melbourne area; I can't believe no one mentioned them.

  • is there a 'connection fee' for qld switchers?

  • Seriously?

    I don't know if "10000sparks" was legitimately trying to get a good offer and are now disappointed but I don't know how they can be pleased with what they have done…

    I see no special discount yet all the publicity and website show that we would get some kind of amazing offer.

    a 12-24 month contract with such a small discount per month means it has achieved nothing…

    • 10% is in line with Neighbourhood energy but a $150 rebate is pretty good. Haven't seen any offer that much.

      • AGL has $150 on 3yr contract. $100 on 2yr.

        The kicker is the 2 months free on 24 month.

        Edit. Because the 1 month free per year of contract REPLACES the 8% electricity discount on 1yr plan, the savings are about the same, 1yr is better between the 2.

        I think I may prefer AGL's contracts. That one mentioned by ccrap looks good for only 12mnths

  • I got the email from them.
    From what i saw, you get 10% off. AGL and some others seem to be doing that now anyway so why go with these guys?

    This is almost as disappointing as the One Big switch guy.

  • early termination fee waived for Origin Energy customers with existing contract

    Is this correct? Im on a contract with Origin at them moment and wouldnt mind taking this up.

    I had an AGL rep door knock last weekend and offer 12 months at 10% off and $100 rebate on bill. With the above offer I get another $50 rebate provided origin let me cancel my current contract and sign up to the above offer.

    • ccrap, this is what was said in the NSW e-mail from 10,000 Sparks. Other states have the exact same wording but with a changed URL.

      Are you a current Origin customer?

      All early termination fees will be waived for you to switch to the above offers. Another reason to switch now at www.originenergy.com.au/10000sparksnsw.

      If you are on a contract with another retail energy company, find out how much their early termination fees are.

  • Very disappointed with this… aside from Origin being by far the biggest dicks out of all the utility companies I've ever used and the only one I staunchly refuse to ever sign up with again… but particular to this "offer":

    1) the same "offer" has been available without any special negotation for at LEAST the last year and a half when I first signed up with Origin. All this big campaign has done is collect 18,000 peoples' personal details.

    2) Base rates that the 'discount' gets applied to aren't published up front (for good reason).

    3) Comparing with my current provider (AGL) for kilowatt usage - I'm being charged 19.22 c/kWh for first 1020KWh, 17.94c for anything over that. Origin's price is more expensive even with the supposed discount "offer".

    4) Daily service rate is especially a joke on this particular 'offer'. Even if you use absolutely no power you're still getting screwed.

    Massive fail from the 10000 Sparks project… I expected a lot more from this.

    • True. rates please. I can't see them anywhere on that signup. That can't be legal.

      • Yeah, a bit strange that they don't quote it. They must do it when they mail out the contract to you. I believe there is a cooling off period if you don't want to switch.

        I used Switchwise to tell me the rate (in my area) for Origin's Daily Saver which is what the 10000 sparks offer is on.

        17.8497272727273 c/kWh 19.6347 c/kWh 1-Jan to 31-Dec
        Remaining usage/qtr 19.8890909090909 c/kWh

        That's higher than Neighbourhood. Hmm, picking an electricity provider is involving lots of math.

      • In Origin's defence, the rates depend on your location as well as the meter configuration. In Victoria for example, there are 5 distribution networks with at least 3 different types of residential rates for each network. This means there are at least 15 different sets of rates. The gas rates are worse with even more networks and different rates for summer and winter, and multiple steps/tiers.

        FYI, in NSW and QLD, Origin's discount would apply on top of the default rates (consumption only). If you've never switched electricity companies, you're likely to be on the default rates, and the discount will apply on top of those rates. The default rates are sort of like the recommended price advised by the state governments.

        Victoria does not have a government regulated default rate, and the discount will apply on top of Origin's standard rates for each tariff type.

        Origin's rates can be found here.


        Also, residential electricity rates cannot be fixed - period. Your rates are made up of lots of different charges that are not controlled by Origin or other retailers.

        Also, keep in mind that Origin's rates in Victoria will increase in December.

  • In their quoted % off figures, I note that they say "UP to 10% off…" key words being UP to. I also was expecting more out of 10000 sparks. Currently, I personally don't see the point in getting locked into a contract for little to no benefit financially.

    • Its:

      12 month
      Electricity 8% discount
      Gas 5% discount

      Then 2% on-time, 1% direct-debit
      Then 1% for getting both gas and electricity

      ORRRRRRRR 24 mnth
      2 months free electricity
      Electricity NO discount AT ALL
      Gas 5% discount
      Then 2% on-time, 1% direct-debit
      Then 1% for getting both gas and electricity

      Early Termination fee seems to be $70 first year and $45 second year.

      We need rates?? And we need rep?? Origin/10000 Sparks speak up

      • For the 12 month plan,

        it's 8% off plus 2% pay on time discount. $22 early termination fee.

        • I clicked one of the extra info links and it said $70/$45 termination fee.

          Separate fees for Gas and Electricity maybe??

        • @sash

          It's different for different states.

          In Victoria, the exit fees are usually $20 or $22 for residential customers per fuel.

      • so 8% discount + 2% on-time + 1% both gas+electricity = 11% off?

    • 12months contract and u get 10% off each month… i dont see a reason why not… just rang up origin and they'll offer you the deal. done over the phone within 10mins.

  • Which 2 months are free - that will be the catch - bet it wil be the 2 cheapest months, but how can they determine what you use during that month when they typically only read the meter every 3 months. Perhaps it will be after 12 months they credit you 1/12th of your first years bill and do the same the second year.

    As stated above, the 10% off every month may be the better deal. My last 12 months bills were $350, $400, $450 & $600 = $1800
    10% off saves $180
    1 month free (if 1/12 of the year) saves $150 which is similar to typical 8% off offer ($144) that many other retailers offer

    • +1 vote

      it's only 10% off electricity USAGE, not the total bill.

      • Yes, I've noted that part of the deal and only mentioned the usage charges, but either way the math is the same.

    • From a previous 1mth free Origin deal, they averaged the usage of the previous months for the free month.

      I'm not sure if I'm still getting free months or not… if not I might switch to the 10% off one.

      • @Evil-Elmo, it doesn't automatically renew (even though your contract with them does!) you have to call them at the end of the period. That was my experience a few years ago.

    • I was with Origin, and they give every 13 month free.

  • Are there any better deals available?

    It is certainly heaps better than anything I can find online.

  • 1 month free is 1/12 of year usage
    8% + 2% = 10% off is 1/10 of year usage

    10% wins

    Also if you combine with gas, 10% wins even more by another 1% dual fuel discount. 11/100

  • Warning. Have just had it confirmed that the 10000sparks offer with Origin is 10% off for the first 12 (or offer B 24) months only. After that you'll be back to full no discount prices again.

    Other 10% off offers available elsewhere are ongoing.

  • early termination fee waived for Origin Energy customers with existing contract (only mentioned in the e-mail)

    is this documented anywhere?

    • Already answered here.

      If that answer is unsatisfactory then please contact Origin or 10,000 Sparks and ask for their documentation. I am just a normal user/consumer and I have no more information to offer besides what were written in the e-mails and on the web pages. Sorry.

  • Bottom line, if anyone in Victoria is with Origin Energy with or without gimmicks like 1 month free/10% of usage, you are STUPID!!

    Origin are easily 20% more expensive than the cheaper retailers in Victoria. There is no difference between the power you get regardless of the retailer as the power comes from the same lines and poles, and the meters are read by the same people. I can't understand why people would want to pay hundreds of dollars extra for the same service.

    I'm not certain about this, but from my experience I think there is a very high correlation between low IQ and being with Origin.

  • If you're with RACV you can get 14% off both gas and electricity. So why couldn't the 10000sparks team match or better this. Sounds like their take is way too high.

    • Fail.

      Simply Energy is only a retailer in Victoria and SA. They certainly will not be offering a 14% discount in NSW (would probably lose money if they did).

      The actual kwh rates are different between different retailers in Victoria and SA, so the discounts aren't what they appear to be. So a company offering a 14% discount isn't necessarily cheaper than another offering only a 10% discount (although in this case it actually is).

      Simply Energy's RACV offer is quite decent, but there are numerous other retailers in Victoria with better rates that would be cheaper than Simply's discounted rates.

      It's not the big discount percentage that matters, but the actual final discounted rate per kwh that you pay and the service to property charge.

      In addition, most retailers will increase their rates in Victoria on 1st of January due to the increases in network charges.

  • Dodo provides 20% off gas and electricity in Victoria

    • Again, the discount means nothing because the rates are different. Dodo's electricity rates are quite good but the gas rates are high. There are companies with better rates than Dodo for both.

      From what I've seen in the industry, the retailers in Victoria are offering more and more artificially inflated prices and "huge" discounts to entice innumerate customers.