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Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Impact Driver - Skin Only $39 (Was $99) @ Bunnings (in Store Only)


Looks like Bunnings have price matched Aldi's upcoming catalogue.

11/11: No longer online, still available in some stores.

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    • The 2x 1.5Ah from the $99 hammer drill kit will keep them nice and light…but I think the bigger 4Ah come on special regularly.

      • Thanks mate i was thinking the 4ah


        • They had the 2ah ones for $25 recently so a couple of those would do the trick. I personally suggest getting two batteries so if one finishes, you can always use the other while your charging.

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    Not funny Bunnings, you cancelled my order again despite ordering yesterday. Now no stores nearby has stock. :-(

    • Yep it’s happened to me a couple of times, you’d think the stock and sale would be linked. Then the Website would be update straightaway as no stock. It is nearly 2021 for crying out loud…
      Then you have to wait up to 3-4 days for them to return your money.

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        Unlike online-only stores, brick & mortar stores do not auto-pick from shelves when someone orders on a website.
        There is the lag between an online order and a staff member taking it off the shelf, which may be minutes or hours.
        And the lag when someone who is shopping in store taking it off the shelf and paying for it at checkout, which may take a while if they are getting other stuff.

  • Don't know where i will use it but bought anyway. Hopefully my order doesn't get cancelled!

  • To save anyone the trouble of going to Bunnings Lidcombe, both the brushless hammer drill kit and brushless impact driver skin only is sold out. Just bought the last stock of both.

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    Just got notified that my click and collect order is ready for pickup.

    What bit sets do people recommend with these? Do they come with any in the box?

    • Doesn't come with any bits. Bits depend on what application you will need them for.

    • None in the box, but curious for recommendations too. Are the impact-rated magnetic holders any good, or stick with the direct drive hex to bit types?

    • If you want a cheap set, Ryobi or Full Boar. If you want a quality set, Kincrome are decent but worth more than the impact driver lol

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      Here's my previous experience as a person with plenty of "free" burner bits with an impact driver:

      The kicker follow up to that is after picking up a cheap but value looking Milwaukee set (which had PZ2 in my case), I have not built anything LOL. So if you have any old sets with those generic grey driver bits they can do the job in the short term. It's enough to wait it out for a good impact driver bit deal.

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    I received a notification that they can’t complete my order! Placed click and collect order a few minutes after OP went live and local store had stock available at the time. At this stage they’re not refunding me and said they will be in touch in a few days

    • Ordered around the same time, they refunded.

  • Picked up the last one from Blacktown. There is still one ozito brushless hammer drill kit if anyone is after that.

  • Picked up one at malaga WA. 3 left at 8am.

  • Considering the Aldi Special Buy isn't even starting for a while I wonder if they'll restock them at the next shipment or just leave them out the back until it's over …

  • All sold out around me… I wonder if I will get it if I pay for delivery

    • Do you reckon this is good quality? I need to get a impact bit set too

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        I have something similar, really good quality , much better that the ryobi bit sets, don’t cam out the screw heads or shatter and they last

        • Thanks bought these while they were still available.

          • @skdreams: Did anyone get these? When I ordered there were 5 available on the website. After following up with my local store they've told me that they're out of stock and not getting any more.

      • +1

        Yup, those Milwaukee Shockwave impact bits got rated best according to Project Farm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-xOHQTT5tw

  • Grabbed the last impact driver and hammer drill kit from West Gosford

  • call your local bunnings to check for stock, reserve it and zoom to the store to buy them. Got the last 2 (one for me and the other for my old man) at moorabbin after heading to springvale store first thing in the morning and told they have non in stock. Good luck team!

  • Bought the last impact driver at cockburn. Still saw 2 sets of the drill kit at 9.25 this Friday morning

  • One left at Narrabeen 2101 at noon. I bought the second to last.
    And 3 hammer drill kits left.

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    Got the not available text message, wonder if they can hold one for this price untill stocks available.

    • +4

      Care to explain "fell apart"? Ozito tools are generally solid and reliable. Obviously not trade quality but certainly more than adequate for DIY.
      With a 5-year warranty they would have gone out of business long ago if their tools were junk.

      • -1

        It was first use. The entire connection on the front of it fell on fell off. Spring came out and it wouldn't go back together.

        Voting people down for sharing their experiences with this exact model is ridiculous.

        I took it back and spent more.

        • Probably one of those rare factory defected unit. But just because you had one unpleasant experience doesn't mean this deal is rubbish. If this is a common issue with most if not all of their product line people wouldn't be keen on getting any of these regardless if they go on sale or not.

          If it did broke the first time you used it ozito offers 5yrs warranty.

          • @aphexx: He didn't neg the deal.

            • -1

              @RSmith: Exactly.

            • +1

              @RSmith: Yep, never mentioned he negged the deal. I was just replying why his comment got negged.

              Some didn't liked him saying this item is junk.

        • +1

          I have various Ozito, Ryobi, Makita drills/drivers. Ozito X range ain't bad. For the price they are AMAZING value. For average home DIYer they are fine. You probably got a lemon.

          • @ashopper: It's as if it didn't came with warranty. If he got a bad batch then have it replaced or refunded. Unless it was bought from gumtree or marketplace without any receipt.

            Again, sharing your personal experience is alright, but telling people this post is not a bargain is another thing.

  • Artarmon is out of stock.

  • Thank goodness. I have another set and that "Out of stock" message saved from a lot of stress.

  • Click and Collect Kingsgrove, Picked up today

  • Bought at couple of places and got refund as out of stock. :-(

    All bunnings around Campbelltown, NSW, area is out of stock.

  • Plenty on the shelf at Bunnings Mornington as of about 3 hours ago.

  • How much is the battery and charger for this?

  • Picked one up in Subiaco WA at 8am and there were quite a few left on the shelf. The ticket still said $99 but it scanned at $39.

  • No stock in Midland WA of this and the hammer drill.

  • Managed to get one using delivery option from Regional Victoria for $53. Still around 50% off the usual price of $99. Earlier placed online order to two different stores who were showing in stock and both called to cancel couple of hours later. Bunnings really need to improve their stock indication online.

  • +1

    The product pages for this and the hammer drill are back online, they have their own landing page from the Bunnings home page as well: https://www.bunnings.com.au/great-value-to-make-a-big-differ...

    • +2

      "We let our prices do the talking", but don't have stock.

  • refunded out of stock coburg VIC

  • +1

    So anyone knows when these will be restocked? My local Bunnings refused to sell the floor stock as it is not marked end of line, so must be coming back to stock some time in future.

    • +1

      During peak covid they were having trouble getting stock, but I think that has settled down now.

      When I was chasing a circular saw I was told that my local Bunnings received 2-3 pallets a week of ozito gear.

  • Bunnings should take note and limit the quantity per person, this is already in FB market place for sale https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/393362918515829/

  • Zero available on the Gold Coast. Just came back from Bunning and tried to get one.

  • +1

    Put through the order at 10pm 5/11 when I saw all stores around me had stocks in. received the message just now said it is out of stock. bizarre!

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    Looks like Bunnings has removed this impact driver from the website now!! All gone!!

  • So should be marked as deal over or out of stock!

  • For those lucky ozbargainers out there, I was also lucky enough to find one yesterday. I’ve been using it for some small jobs today and noticed the head wobbles a bit compare to my older drill. Is this normal or have I got a dudd?

    • Just did a quick research on the internet. Looks like it’s very normal for impact driver’s head to have some play.

      Further update, I’ve tested this gadget to its limit. I can confirmed it’s useless for wheel nuts so get a impact wrench if you want to use it for DIY tyre rotation job.

      I found the torque on this is a bit overrated. I’ve tried on few bolts and screws, the torque stopper kicks in pretty easily!!

      • +1

        Impact drivers are not designed to take off or put on wheel nuts etc. That's what a impact wrench is for.

    • This is the first thing I noticed, it definitely wobbles more than my Dewalt. But it's only noticeable with a straight hex shank bit, it's fine when fitted with bits that has a neck.

  • +1

    No stock at padstow or bankstown. Heaps of the hammer drill at padstow.

    • These may not be the Brushless model. I have also seen a huge dump of these near the tools desk.

  • +2

    plenty of stock in Sunshine coast in QLD if anyone around is still looking

  • ive actually checked it out couple days ago, its a little bit too heavy compared to the ones that i had before, and when you add the battery it gets too much for the basics jobs around the house.

  • i've been trying to get this since day1 but they all seem to be sold out.
    if anyone that bought this in Melbourne's south east is unhappy with their purchase, i'd be happy to buy it off you for $39 rather than you return it to Bunnings and it get lost in their Warehouse.
    i build display cabinets out of wood as a hobby and am in need of an impact driver like this and as I am already invested in the ozito ecosystem see no point getting the kit for $99 with another unnecessary 2.0AH battery and charger.
    thanks very much!

    • +2

      I've bought 2 of these (one for me and one for my brother), but he doesn't need it cause he has recently bought a makita kit. Happy to give you this for $39 bunnings price(not looking to make a profit on this). But I am in melb West, on the other side of you, so I think it may not work for you.

      • cheers man. pm'd you.

  • +2

    Vic eltham bunnings still available now. Just got one

  • -1

    seems to be some stock on the gold coast, but it shows as $49, not $39. not sure if i am interested in a second/backup impact driver at $49… (clearly my OZB mindset has reached an new all time high!)

    • +1

      OOPS - Thats the BRUSHED one.

  • Anyone in SA changed their mind please pm me.
    Been waiting for this for ages

  • Underwood QLD has plenty today

  • Randomly I found a few at the Thomastown store in Victoria so grabbed one earlier today. Still a couple left if anyone is interested.

  • Just received an email from Bunnings.

    Part of your order is now ready for collection at our dedicated Collect counter or by using our Drive & Collect service.

    • When did you order? The website now shows it as full price, don't know if it's worth going down to a store now.

      • +2

        Placed an order on Nov 1st and received a call that it wasn't in stock and gave me two options —to wait or get a refund. Just like Viktor Navorski from The Terminal, I said to them, "I wait!".

  • +1

    Was at Chatswood today, thought I try my luck and check, saw the $39 sticker on the shelf, and a bunch of Impact WRENCHes. And happen to find one Impact DRIVER in there! woot!

    • Might have to go in to a couple stores and try my luck

    • Was the impact wrench $39 as well?

      • No, $99

  • Bunnings Minchinbury got two in stock.
    Rang them this morning and was told none available based on their system. Requested the guy to pls check on shelf. When checked, three were available. Picked one.

  • Just checked, there's a couple in stock in Thornleigh.

  • i just returned a unit to bunnings springvale VIC today. try your luck.

  • +1

    3 or 4 in stock at Coburg, Vic.

  • +1

    just picked one up with 4 left in stock at 1.23pm Keysborough, VIC

    • Got one, 2 left on shelf (no discount ticket but scans at $39). There's also a fast charger for $20 in the clearance section (right of entrance). It's in a white box though.

  • +1

    Order placed on 06/11, since then received 2 calls from Bunnings saying item not available, asked me to cancel or wait. Told them will wait in both calls and just now received SMS/email "Your Bunnings Online Order is Ready to Collect".

  • Picked the last one available at Bunnings Prospect (SA). Sticker price said $99 but scanned at $39.

  • In Bunnings yesterday and there was a heap of $49 Ozito impact drivers (scanned to check it wasnt the $39 version), but the $39 shelf was empty. Whats different? The $49 version has 150NM torque for reference.

    • +2

      $49 version has brushes. $39 is brushless.

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