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65” Ultra HD Smart TV $599 + More @ ALDI


Upcoming full catalogue for Black Friday Wednesday.

Just taking a break from the surf to post this so the pages are all over the place. Looks like quite a few good deals but I’m keen to get back in the water.

  • Bauhn 65" UHD Smart TV for $599 - While other 65" screens can cost well over $1,000, ALDI will be offering a Bauhn model for just $599. The Ultra HD TV also comes with easy access to all your favourite streaming services, including Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube.
  • WAECO Portable Fridge Freezer for $599 - With a massive 48L capacity and heavily insulated walls, this portable fridge freezer is not only the perfect companion for campers, but it's also hundreds of dollars below the regular retail price too.
  • De'Longhi Espresso Machine for $99.99 - Slashed to just a third of its original cost, bargain hunters will want to snap up De'Longhi's popular 15 bar pressure pump and cappuccino system.
  • De'Longhi Argento Kettle for $59.99 - Usually priced at $99, De'Longhi's 1.7L Argento stainless kettle will go for just $59.99, which is a saving of $39.01.

Full credit to Facebook poster.

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    Can you let me know what it says under the toaster?

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      Bread not included

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        Deal breaker.

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        Please let this be comment of the month

      • crumbs not included too

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      I assume you would not be able to know that till you bought it. Opened it. and then turned it upsidedown

    • Delonghi Argenta 4 Slice Toaster

    • Insert the bread on the Top

  • Anyone have any experiences with these ALDI TVs?

    • +25

      My brother bought one a couple of years ago. People complain they can see a line down the middle like its two panels. His was VERY feint and changing contrast and colours made in quite unnoticeable. If you are buying for the bedroom (which he did), to watch a little before bed or for a spare room, they're great. But if you want to watch your movies in high quality or do anything remotely considered gaming, save up a little more and buy ANYTHING not sold at Aldi, Target or Big W…

      • +1

        Thanks for the write up! Hoping for something cheap for movies and gaming in the living room, as I'm currently running a 1080p Kogan there but will hold off for something higher quality :)

      • +6

        Usual warning:
        Aldi sources generic models from different factories & adds their trademark. Experience differs between models & batches.

        All brands of TVs should have improved after "a couple of years"!

        60 day easy return, but a 65" TV would be a pain to return.

        • Choice review of Aldi TVs
          We spoke to our in-house TV expert about their patchy performance and what you need to know before queuing up outside Aldi.

      • +11

        Sorry to disagree - I have a 65 EKO from Big W on Boxing Day - couldn't fault it - REALLY couldn't fault it for $560

        • +6

          I have to agree. I'm starting to think I must be a completely uncultured swine because I've been gaming on my 65" Aldi TV for the last 2 years and it's been amazing using my Xbox One X.

          Maybe it's a case of not knowing what I'm missing out on with the more expensive brands or something, I don't know.

          • +1

            @z00m: I’ve had my Aldi 65” TV for over 4-5 years and I’m really happy with it. I use it for gaming and streaming.
            But then I’ve never had a midrange or higher quality TV so don’t know what I’m missing lol.

          • +1

            @z00m: Go into JB and look at the Sony or LG OLEDs haha. Had to upgrade after seeing them last year compared to my crappy Kogan TV.

            • +1

              @piston3461: Can't compare oled TVs to led etc. If you are you should also compare the price difference

        • We have an ALDI 65" TV in a room the kids usually play in. Have had it for maybe 18 months - 2 years and haven't had an issue with it.

        • Of course you can't fault it when paying that price, but spending a bit extra will get you something far better.

          • +2

            @magic8ballgag: I paid 700 for a 70 inch 4k tv. Please link something the same size that's only a bit extra but far better

            • +2

              @belongsinforums: You mean to say you don't consider $500 to be "a bit"? :P The OzBargain bourgeoise scoff at you.

        • I have 65inch EKO from BigW and it has been flawless… I expected to be disappointed after reading comments but honestly can't say a bad thing about it.

      • That tv sounds like it developed a fault in the time it was owned. Common problem could be the ribbon connectors are loose or dirty. Seen it alot in Samsung tvs.

        • That issue was reported in some early model new Aldi TVs. There was poor quality control with the generic TVs.

          Even moving a TV I've come across a fault due to ribbon connectors. As it was an old unit, I didn't bother tracing the fault.

      • Kogan is great for TV's my favorite online retailer

    • +2

      Some are OK, some are rubbish. The models and components seem to change often. I've seen some that were OK at ppls homes & airbnbs. Its very hard to generalize, but for me i would only consider them as a secondary type TV. It really depends on luck and how discerning you are.

    • ProductReview 4star of the 65" released by Aldi in April. As imports from China have been limited, this may be the same one on sale. That's just a guess!

      • they look physically different, the stands on the Aus version are closer together.

        • Aldi April 65" ATV65UHD-0420 Deal
          To me, photo of TV looks pretty much the same as in this Deal's catalog & ProductReview, but that proves nothing.

          Comparing Aldi catalogues gave no useful info. Aldi may not have had any useful specs at time of preparing catalog, which makes me suspicious they made allowance for a different 65" model to be substituted, if there was a supply issue. Supply issues are a major problem for Aldi at the moment. (The supplier to Aldi has discussed supply issues with me in the past, seeking advice.)

          the stands on the Aus version are closer together
          But they're all Aus version of Aldi 65" TV
          Positioning of stand is about the least useful spec to compare differences. We'll know more when it goes on sale.

          Was answering the question any experiences with these ALDI TVs.

    • I have a non smart Aldi tv (65"). It is working well from last three years

  • +2

    Enjoy the surf on a hot day like today🏄

    • +1

      dont tell me what to do

      • Just taking a break from the surf to post this…😊

  • +1

    Hey OP. How come online Aldi special is different


    • +2

      The TV isn't on sale until the 25th.

      • +5

        Ahh ok. Because this deal says "In 3 days" on top left.

        • +3

          You were correct. Date has since been updated by Dealbot.
          Must be the sun🏄

      • +1

        Well picked up. Originally posted as available on 18th.

  • +1

    The catalogue starts on 25/11

  • Last 65" TV I got from Aldi has a single dead pixel which is small but visible and annoying. How would I go on about fixing? Otherwise, is it even work returning over something minor yet irritating?

  • Can't see the picture well is it the BAUHN model???

    • +2

      Yes. BAUHN is Aldi's trademark applied to generic electronics.

      • any idea what specific model this is? Curious on the HZ rate

        • When the item is available for viewing on Aldi site, it may have the model number & more specs.

          Aldi uses a model number system beginning with AldiTV - Size in inches - UHD - Release Date.
          The April released 65" was the ATV65UHD-0420 This could be that left over product, as supplies from China have been limited.

          As this model may never been released before, any available reviews or information will be useless.

  • +2

    Getting ready for PS5 with this TV!

    • +18

      no finer way to experience the latest hardware than hooking it up to the cheapest set you can find.

      • +2

        hahaha. Yep if you're forking out for a PS5 might as well spend the same amound on a decent screen for it, look for 100hz too

      • +3

        This is a terrible set for new consoles. People please do your research into what you need before cheaping out. No point upgrading to PS5 if your TV can't show it off any better than it would the ps4…

        • +10

          You can't tell me what to do.

          * plugs ps5 to a 32cm teac vacuum tube tv.

        • All us early adopters are all ears for ozbargain approved next gen compatible TVs. What are your suggested deals?

          • @z00m: Wait for a 55 inch LG OLED to get near the $2k mark, or a bit under $3k if it’s 65 inch

      • He may have no money left for a good TV after buying the PS5…

  • Anyone know what model this is? 4K?

    • +1

      Ultra HD means 4k, so yes. Model is generic also brand. Not really comparable to anything specific, it's just a cheap smart 65" tv.

      • -2

        Ultra HD can mean anything from 1440p up to 2160p. It's a marketing trick that allowed lower quality movies to be sold to a trusting general public that assumed ultrad HD meant 2160p.

        • No - Ultra HD means 3840x2160. 2560x1440 is described as "QHD".

  • +1

    Make sure you check with store in advance before waiting in long queue. Recently a lot if their specials are not available on advertised date.

  • is this good for ps5?

    • +1

      The best!

      Jokes aside, someone already answered it in a comment.

  • +3

    Nice pics. Taken with an Nokia 3210?

    • +1

      haha. insert meme of Chen from Community squinting at a tiny bit of paper

      • Insert if yourself!

  • Anyone have an opinion on the desk chair? Have they sold that before?

    • If its the one they sold a few months ago, garbage, good for kids but that's about it.. it's just so flexible and flimsy.

  • +1

    TV on sale in 10 days? Better start queuing now for any chance of getting 1 of the 5 boxes they’ll have in store.

  • Is the TV an Android or proprietary TV? I’m guessing it’s proprietary since they would have specified more clearly if it was Android.

    • I would plan to use a chomecast or similar anyway, even if it had built in android it wouldn't be very good

  • +1

    With a gratitude to the OP for bringing this to ozbargainers' attention, I just want to say that why don't ALDI just have a good functioning website or at the least digital catalog that displays the whole thing clearly w/o OP having to take photos. I checked on ALDI's website but couldn't really find the above catalog OP posted, unless I am missing something.

    • +1

      They want you to step into the store.

      • Kudos to that!

    • +2

      It should be on their website on Wednesday. Households tend to get the printed one in advance

      • +1

        Ah! that explains, thanks.

    • They have a website and an app that has clear photos of the specials coming up in the next week or so.

  • Serious question: how does this fit in a trolley?

    • I’ve seen it managed by people before, balancing the box on top of the trolley. It can be done.

    • It doesn't. You can like fit maybe a corner of it but I wouldn't recommend doing that to a boxed tv of this size or around this size. Or you can lay it flat on top of a trolley making sure you secure with something like those elastic straps.

    • How does one pay for such a big item if you can’t bring it to counter for payment lol

      • You can im sure talk to the staff. Tell them you are buying tv model xyz. Hand over money/credit card. They will ring it up on the cash register. They will ask one of the hired muscle to put it on a flatbed trolley for you.

      • Most of Aldi's branded bulky items have yellow and black codes on the box. Aldi stores that are free standing or in a shopping centre that is only one level have a flatbed trolley for the customer to borrow (you just need to leave your license)
        Stores that are in a multi level shopping centre generally won't have a flatbed trolley due to liability issues in regards to the wheels not locking into place on the travelators like a regular supermarket trolley.

    • I've dragged a 65" TV along the bottom edge of the box to my hatch twice. But it's not that heavy anyway so you can lift it off the ground a bit if you care about the box.

  • The box is going to be something like 2 M long and can only be transported standing upright. How are most people going to put this in their car?

    • How are most people going to put this in their car?

      With great difficulty. And comedic relief for onlookers as the new tv owner struggles to do so.

      • Oh dear 😅… I imagine taking it out of the box might help somewhat, although you then risk breaking it in the way home.

    • I put it on top of my car and tied it down with rachet straps. It was quite windy that day too!

      I may use an airtasker/gumtree now . It cost me 35 AUD to pick an Aldi vertical freezer.

      • Genuine question: How did you do it through airtasker? purchased the freezer and wait for the guy to rock up (in front of Aldi)?

    • 65" boxes fit in most hatches with the rear seats folded down. I've transported 1x48", 1x50", 2x55", 2x65" TVs all flat. No probs.

  • Would I be correct to say, that a cheap 65" LED TV like this, would not be any better picture quality wise as a "dumb", 9 yo, 65" samsung plasma (PS64D550)? Or would the 4k and new tech be an improvement?

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