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Lord of The Rings Trilogy (Extended & Theatrical Editions) 4K UHD $69.30 (In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


[edit]This has Joined the 30% off sale. Click and collect now available

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy (Extended & Theatrical Editions) 4K UHD $69.30 + Delivery @JB Hi-Fi
Price everywhere else is over $100

They also have:
The Hobbit, Trilogy (Extended & Theatrical Editions) 4K UHD $62.30 + Delivery @JB Hi-Fi

Pretty sure they haven't received enough per-orders for the amount they had shipped in so a last minute price drop would be my guess before they ship out on 02/12/2020

Not a fan of the Hobbit films so only ordered the Lord of the rings. The reviews online state that these are the best 4k HDR movies to date. So if you want something to test out those new high end TV's on then there's literally nothing better then these 4k Disks.

Update 30 Nov 9:25am: Sold out online but available at some stores.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +18

    hmmm do i dare to sit through LOTR trilogy again for 12-14 hours straight?

    Challenge accepted.

    • +12

      in 4k?
      hell yes.

      • +5

        Beer and some food and no wife speaking bs? I am in

      • +4

        With 4k, need a no shelob viewing option!

      • +8

        Looks like LotR is back on the menu, boys!

        • +3

          Best quote of the film

      • +2

        Speaking as a wife, may I say, (profanity) yes, I live for this boxset.

    • +2

      Certainty of entertainment. Slim chance of falling asleep. What are we waiting for?!

  • +2

    Super tempted, but the 20th anniversary collection is coming out next year. Might be worth holding out for big fans.

    • +1

      Whats the difference? Apart from my guess is that would cost more.

      • +5

        Details haven't been confirmed yet, but It'll probably be a limited release with unique packaging, fancy artwork/some sort of written material, possibly some more behind the scenes footage, and the fact that it's going to be the 20th anniversary collection.

        Will be a must grab for LOTR fans!

        But this 4k version is also at a great price point for the original trilogy. My bank account won't forgive me.


        I'm going to read some reviews before buying though as some films (like Terminator 2) haven't been upscaled properly. The image of T2 was ruined by the process because everything that's not centre frame is smudged or blurred and looks like an old VCD with image noise. Though apparently Jackson oversaw the upscaling process so it should be good.

      • From what I understand, the new upcoming release is not just 4k, but a remaster including a new color grading. They 'screwed up' the color grade on the blu-ray edition of the Fellowship, giving a green hue over everything which was not present in the original video/DVD releases. Apparently this has been 'fixed' and everything re-colored. They have also re-rendered all the CGI elements to match the 4k final compared to the original 2k cinema master.

        All that being said, that remaster could also apply to these 4k releases.

        • +2

          "upcoming release is not just 4k" these are the remastered 4k movies your talking about.

          These 4K HDR movies are NOT just a 4k transfer …these are remastered with peter jackson's oversite on each film and they have also corrected some special effect issues.. added HDR color grading and they will be the identical 4K movies to come out in any re-released upcoming special editions over the next 5 years+…

          The reviews of these 9x 4k movies couldn't be better and there is no other transfer coming out anytime soon.

        • the Fellowship BD was the only film in that box set that was actually HD. The other two were upscales of the DVD master. It was a bad box set and I felt ripped off.

    • +10

      Geez 20th anniversary… Feel so old lolll

  • +3

    4k in title needed

    • Edited thanks.

      • no worries

  • +1

    Thanks, both were roughly $99 last night.

    • Yep… that's why i posted it here… The price will probably jump back up to $99 as soon as they hit the magic per-order number they were after.
      Store stock shipments have probably already arrived to each jbhifi store and this price is for Delivery ONLY so its excess warehouse stock for sure.

    • It was still $99 four hours ago - I was just looking at it.

      • Its a secret sale price … :)

  • +1

    Click and collect please :(

    • SEE my comment above. In store price will be $99 and so will click and collect.

  • How long do these 4k movies tend to take to hit torrent sites?
    I'll be buying this for the collection but would prefer to have the digital files for ease of access.

    • 125GB's each movie …and 250GB's for the extended editions… Also.. only in America is it legal to have a digital copy if you own the Disk copy.. in Australia its not legal unless it was supplied via coupon in the packaging that allows you to stream the film online* "added to your google movies account ext.

      • Um not true, under Australian law you are entitled to make a copy of any media you own including 4k content, so downloading digital copies are legal as long you own the original media.

      • Not true (to vid ghost). Australian copyright laws allow you to make copies of items you own so long as the copies are for your personal use. As soon as you go commercial, you're in trouble.

        If it 2asnt the case, you'd never be able to copy CDs for the car, CDs to iTunes, LPs to cassette, etc.

        Been through the courts enough too.

        • Yes obviously for personal use, i am not advocating opening a cinema and selling tickets to see your 4k rips.

          edit oh ic, yeah so we agree.

          • @garetz: Yeah there's also grey areas like showing in schools etc so most buy originals or stream via clearview

        • +2

          Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) s 110AA(1)(a).

          9.12 The format shifting exception for films only applies to copies made from films in analog form.[8] It does not allow digital-to-digital copying. This means the exception does not apply to copies made for example, from DVDs and Blu-Ray discs and digital copies downloaded from the internet. One reason given for this limitation is that ‘unrestricted digital-to-digital copying could allow consumers to reproduce the full picture quality and features provided in commercially produced digital film content’.[9]


        • Sorry you are all wrong.. the laws have changed. - Dont take my word for it.. look it up yourself.
          Only VHS to digital is allowed. its sad by that's the law now.

          • +2

            @vid_ghost: Looks like the government has been bought out by the big movie studios to the detriment of the australian people.

            looks like it was changed on 04.06.2013

            • @garetz: Not a single person has ever been prosecuted for copyright violation in Australia to date. Fines of up to $200,000 are all about deterrents and they work well.
              With cheap steaming services and constant sales on Blu ray /4K's there's never been a better time to not bother with the risk anymore.

            • @garetz: Funny that its still ok to do it in America lol

          • +1

            @vid_ghost: Well, bring it on I say! If I want to rip my collection to a NAS drive for the sake of not getting up, that's my Aussie prerogative! ✊

      • 125 and 250gb? do 4k movies really come in multi disc formats? that seems a little unlikely for us to go back to the bad old days of switching discs mid movie.

        • I think 4K BDs can fit 100GB on them. I'm not sure if there's any disc switching, but for very long movies like this one, maybe there is. If you cram it into one disc, it will come at the expense of picture quality. Two discs would allow you to use a higher bitrate. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be on two discs.

          If you think about it, a 2 hour movie in one disc, vs a 4 hour movie on one disc. If there's the same amount of space on both discs, the 2 hour movie will have better PQ because all of its space is being used for a shorter film and every second of the film gets to enjoy double the bitrate of the 4 hour film.

          For a 4 hour film, would you prefer the convenience of not having to switch disc half way, or would you rather not lose PQ? It depends on what you're willing to settle for.

          • @lostn: It looks like 6 discs in total. So with 6 movies that would mean each is a max of 100gb.

            • @gromit: that's how it was on the DVDs also.

              Any time you want to put a super long film on one disc because that's the "modern" thing to do, you have to remember that trade offs are in order. That will never change, even when we get to 8K or 16K. If you have the same amount of space to fit a movie twice as long, then you only get half the theoretical picture quality. Of course there is diminishing returns, so it's not exactly going to look half as good, but the debate will always be there. Is changing a disc that big of a deal? If it is, then stick to streaming.

              • @lostn: yep, completely agree. convenience will nearly always trump quality. very few would find it acceptable to change the disc half way through the movie, hence VCD and multi DVD's quickly disappeared. So is changing disc that big a deal, for the majority YES it is. Personally I mostly stream nowadays (though I have a library of DVD and Blu ray in excess of 500 movies), convenience unless it is something special wins 99/100.

                • @gromit:

                  hence VCD and multi DVD's quickly disappeared.

                  Did they really? DVD was available in the 90s and continued to outsell Bluray even into the mid 2010s. I wouldn't call that "quickly" disappearing.

                  If we're too lazy to change a disc and would rather have poorer video quality than swap a disc I can totally see why obesity rates are so high in this country.

                  • @lostn:

                    If we're too lazy to change a disc and would rather have poorer video quality than swap a disc I can totally see why obesity rates are so high in this country.

                    I don't think it has anything to do with laziness. swapping discs destroys the immersion of the entertainment experience. Last thing you want while in the middle of the action is a message on the screen to please insert the next disk.

                    • @gromit: typically a disc transition doesn't take place mid action. A scene is over, and you transition to the next scene somewhere else. They're smart about it. And movies being long enough to have a second disc are extremely rare enough that it's a non-issue if you have to do it once every few years.

                  • @lostn: He meant multi DVDs quickly disappeared. The movies were half of the movie was on one DVD and the other half was on another DVD or the flipper discs where half of the movie was on one side of the disc and you flipped the disc over to play the other half of the film.

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Had been waiting for these. My criteria for buying my last tv was whether it would do credit to these movies. Ordered both.

  • Anyone know if this is worth it vs the regular bluray?

    • Reviews say YES…. and i would say yes at this price.. i said no to myself at $99

    • It is worth 4x times more.

    • only if the original bluray transfer was butchered, all the movies were done in a 2k intermediate.

  • +8

    The LOTR box sets live on forever.. I can't avoid thinking of this Rove skit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcyCr99XWlo

    • Hah! I was hoping this would be it. This pops into my head from time to time but I'd forgotten the actual source. Vintage.

  • Does anyone know if the steelbooks will be available anywhere in Australia?

    • For some reason we dont get 4k steelbooks for sets like this but who knows.. maybe this will be different.

    • Don't think so, been looking for months.

    • 4K Blu-Rays are region free globally. So order it from wherever you can, it will play. Probably be cheaper to buy it from overseas

      • Yeah it's not so much about the region… Apparently it's a best buy exclusive in the US and seems to be going for almost $300 on eBay.

        • Yeah most steelbooks are only from bestbuy stores. They probably have some licensing deal on them

  • +2

    Great price OP, but I'll hold off until next year for the complete package with special features. These packs just have the movies on them.
    I double dipped on DVDs, then triple dipped on the blu rays, I don't need to on the 4k 😶🙃🙃

  • Looked
    On eBay maybe see a cheap second hand one…

    $200 :S

  • +1

    ty op, this one a very reasonable price for a 4k trilogy. bought both.

  • -1

    wait till mid dec and another 20% sale would most likely discount this more

    • Ummm no because the RRP at JBHIFI is $99 so you would be looking at $79 during a 20% off boxset sale and those sales usually exclude newly released stuff so it would maybe need to be February next year before you see the $79 price lol long wait to pay more.

      This price looks to be taking the 30% off box set pricing.

      • 30% off still still going till Tuesday, you can see its not just LOTR that got the discount

  • What do you need to play this? BR?

    • -1

      Xbox One S or any 4k UHD Bluray player

  • No special features (behind the scenes etc) on this set apparently

    • The next set to come out will have those behind the scenes extras. All already previously released on blurry.

  • +1

    This was already on my Xmas list, so I've just preordered and handed my wife the bill. Merry Christmas!

  • I watched some pirated ai upscaled to 4k copy a few months ago and was quite impressed

    Would've waited for this if I knew it was coming tho

  • Excellent! Lucky I didn't pre-order earlier. Wasn't expecting it to be cheaper before release. Thank you!

  • Good price. I bought the singles a whole ago

    • These are 4K UHD .. there are NO single 4K UHD disks of these movies out yet.. lol

      • Oh shit maybe I got the blu-rays then. I should buy this. How is the transfer?

  • +4

    One Box set to rule them all

    • +2

      until 2021 ultimate edition

      • +3

        And then the 8K edition. And then the Holo Screen edition. And then the Holo Screen with smell-o-vision edition. You probably won't be bequeathing these 4K discs to your grandchildren.

        • +1

          The smell-o-vision could be problematic for LoTR, as in Morder, the very air you breathe is a poisonous fume.

  • +1

    Just wondering whether anyone sat through the 7 years of goodbyes at the end of Return of the King and thought "I need an extended edition"?

  • Not a fan of the new box art looks like a quick photoshop job, i had the old DVD extended edition came in textured thick box that looks like ancient books with red, green blue.

    I hope the 20th anniversary edition coming out late next year will have a more traditional LOTR design.

  • Thank you, pre-ordered, wanted something good to play on my new OLED 65 CX, will be using PS5 Bluray player.

    Anyone know what other good movies for 4k UHD with Dolby Atmos? I heard Mad Max Furry road is also good?

    • Mad Max looks really good.

    • Toy Story 4’s visuals are actually amazing (it is CGI after-all)
      Soundwise, maybe 1917?

    • +1

      Loving my LGCX65" and Xbox series x

    • -2

      Just an aside, if you’re using the PS5 as your Blu ray player, I’m fairly confident it doesn’t have Atmos.

      • +2

        that's actually not true


        Which audio output formats does PS5 support?

        PS5 will support the following audio formats:

        Dolby Digital (max 5.1ch)
        Dolby Digital Plus (max 7.1ch)
        Dolby TrueHD (max 7.1ch)
        DTS (max 5.1ch)
        DTS-HD High Resolution Audio (max 7.1ch)
        DTS-HD Master Audio (max 7.1ch)
        AAC (max 5.1ch)
        Linear PCM (max 7.1ch)
        Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X available for Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray disc video (when connected to a supported device)
        • Well there you go, I’ll eat my words. All the chatter I heard suggested it didn’t, and the branding isn’t on the box (but granted I don’t care because I don’t have an Atmos system).

          Maybe it’s Dolby Vision I was thinking of? Don’t have the TV for that either so meh haha

          EDIT: seems only has Atmos for Blu ray and not supported for streaming apps, maybe that’s where I was getting confused?

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