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NBNCo Now Offering Free Technology Choice Upgrade Quotes, Was $330


NBNCo has gotten rid of the pay wall.
You now no longer have to pay to see what you would pay!

My FTTN to FTTP would cost me $13,455

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  • +1

    Free quote

  • HFC to FTTP will cost me $41,121…. so a very specific case for discount??

  • Currently on HFC - $16.7k when I'm 450m from the exchange.

    Not only that, but there is fibre down the main street next to me.

  • At a bargain price of $7956 Inc GST.

  • All these quotes that are $10k+, I'm assuming that's because you'll be the first in the street/area and they'll need to run the fiber down your street from the node or exchange or whatever.

    Let's say, a few months later all your neighbours decide to upgrade as well. Will their quotes be way cheaper? And will you get compensated out of their payments so that eventually everyone pays roughly the same?

    • +7

      Yes, their quotes will be much cheaper.

      No, you will not get compensated.

      EDIT: In an earlier draft of the NBN you would get compensated but that was quickly scrapped as it was better for the NBN to bring in even more money.

      • +1

        I was thinking about asking all the neighbours on our street if they'd be interested but it quickly became apparent most would think "well I could pay, but I could also just sit and wait for someone else to upgrade and then get my personal upgrade 80% off, should I ever need it". NBN truly is terrible, will inevitably need to be replaced and we'll just need to spend another 20-30 billion to do that. F*** Turnbull.

    • I assume not, which is probably why some are getting 3k or so quote.

  • +1

    $2831 to upgrade from FttC to FttP

    what a joke, the copper from curb till the house is like 3 metres long.

    • 50m fttc to fttp upgrade and its 9k for me.

  • HFC to FTTP - $ 13,918 inc. GST

  • +2

    Paid 12k 2 years ago and was the best thing ever, now rocking 1gbps. Previously I couldn't get faster than 50mbps.

    Was downloading games off psn at 500mbps earlier.

    • I couldn't imagine being able to download things quicker is worth 12k. But each to their own!

      • +3

        At the end of the day, if people can afford it then it makes sense. For me it was both tech upgrade and investment for my house since I own it. When it comes time to rent or sell it, it'll be more appealing than my neighbours who are still on fttn.

        • Your neighbours obviously don't realise they can now upgrade to FTTP for a fraction of the original cost thanks to you! I'm going to try & get a group switch going.

          • @tight-ass: I've come to the conclusion that the average neighbour isn't really into latest tech, and prefer to have things for free. There have been many documented cases on whirlpool where people have refused to join group technology switches because the $2-3k was too much. And I wouldn't be surprised if they even baulked at a $1,000 figure, because a lot of people expect things to be free.

            My neighbours are old people and have already told them about it and they didn't ask for more info, which was expected. It's probably better if no one on my street knows about it as I don't want to subsidise it for them and I get most of the bandwidth from the node I'm connected to since I'm on 1gbps.

    • Yeah I reckon I’d do the same if we were ahead on repayments. Then I’d hit the inevitable hurdle of convincing the wife we need 1gbps speed instead of a few getaway holidays during the year.. poop

  • +2

    $ 9,660 from FTTN….(400m from node at the end of the street)

    Might just pull the trigger then download a car to make up for it.

    • +1

      But they said you wouldn't download a car…

  • My cost from HFC to FTTP is $ 13,162 inc. GST :-(

  • FTTN to FTTP only $10,500 for me. Bargain.

    • $19k for an upgrade to my parents FTTN lol

  • $2623, pit is across the road from my house

  • HFC to FTP in South Brisbane = $8638 !

  • +5

    HFC to FTTP is $ 15,938 inc. GST.

    I guess that's the true cost of Liberals screwing up the infrastructure for one house alone.

  • FTTC to FTTP - $8683.

    The pit is 30cm away from my wall!

    • +1

      And people complain about eBay jack lol

      • It's the Liberal Jack now.

  • Cost $ 29,268 inc. GST

    HFC to FTTP Holland Park

  • HFC to FTTP

  • $ 14,979 inc. GST HFC TO FTTP

  • Amazing.

    Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 22,863 inc. GST

  • Yayyyy $13,322 inc. GST.

  • $ 18k inc. GST

    Quote is only valid for 24hrs, gotta act soon!!! Delete

    I wonder how much Govt/Telstra/Govt has made from my 40yr old copper..

  • New house FTTN to FTTP

    $13k lmao

    I'd rather be on dial up bruv

  • This deal is no good to me, I've had FTTP for 3 years now. No charge. (Yes, I am gloating).

  • $10k.

    I am definitely upgrading because i think i can share the cost with my neighbours who are a bunch of work at home professionals and the gaming type.

    • I wish I were your neighbor.

      • Work actually gave everyone $1000 to upgrade their home setups too. lol
        You can justify $2000 if you need internet.

  • $ 2,849 inc. GST FTTC to FTTP

  • $ 29,174
    Already have HFC, seems ridiculous

  • +5

    (profanity) Liberal Party.

    • +5

      They ruined the NBN. We're still way behind most western countries.

      • We're behind New Zealand.

        The end.

  • My place has bad bridge taps which kills my FTTN hard (and previously ADLS2+). Need to go under the house to remove them all and live a life without internet frustration.

    Or I could just cough up $ 11,173 inc. GST for FTTP.

  • Can you guys explain what is this in simple English?

    • +17

      How much Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals stole from you by destroying the NBN.

      This used to cost $330!

      Now, you too, can see how much you got screwed, FOR FREE!

      May I remind everyone, that without the start of an NBN by Kevin Rudd in 2008 (which was majorly screwed up by Turnbull and Liberals), work-from-home capabilities are simply not possible at average ADSL2+ speeds.

      Rudd has effectively indirectly saved the Australian economy from the full impact of the Covid19 lockdown by his vision (which was trampled by Turnbull and Co)

      • I reckon they could just be game theory'ing us w/ this offer… CRAZY a$$ quote now 1/2 price… but probably just to throw salt on our wounds.

        • I think they'll be using these ludicrous numbers to pad some stats and say "Look! no one is interested in the TCP! Australians obviously don't need the speed!"

      • +2

        Well said. But another fact is Murdoch's Media will turn it around to says, the Libs saved us all on their NBN. So at the end still win win to Libs. Welcome to the real world brother.

      • +1

        Do not forget Rupert Murdoch who owns 80% of Australian media.
        He leaned heavily on the Liberals to protect his pay TV interests.

    • @fishandchips,
      Follow the link(s) and you'll get a free quote to upgrade your FTTN, HFC, FTTC to FTTP. Until two days ago it cost $330 for a rip-off quote by NBNCo.

  • +5

    Pffff, 6km to the CBD, surrounded by FttP and the runts quote me $ 17,526 inc. GST
    I'll wait for https://www.starlink.com/

    F U Malcolm.

  • HFC to FTTP on the Glen W train line
    Few grand maybe…. That much? Nope.

  • $ 2,849, Dianella W.A. FTTC to FTTP. I'm going to wait until mid- 2021 and if it drops below $2k then I'll go ahead with it.

    • From what's been reported only 1 FTTC quote was $1800. $2849 is on the lower end.

  • $14,993 FTTN to FTTP, WA metro

    I've switched to fixed wireless already anyway after battling them on a fault and get triple the speeds. Was always curious how much it would cost to do though, thanks OP

  • +1

    Got $8451 for FTTC to FTTP upgrade.
    I'm just waiting for either Telstra or Optus to cover my suburb with 5G coverage, to make the switch to 5G home broadband from nbn.

    • I'm waiting for 5G to explode as well. Not to buy into, but to steal a huge chunk of NBNCo's customers so that they give me FTTP at a bargain price.
      I need low latency for gaming.

  • Thornlie WA 6108 $18,864! You got to be $#it ting me! FTTN to FTTP.

  • FTTN to FTTP: $9656

  • $2489 FTTC to FTTP. Still won't pay

  • HFC to FTTP $23655 inc. GST

  • FTTN -> FTTP
    $ 8,034 inc. GST.

    No thanks.

  • FTTC —> FTTP
    $ 2,701 inc. GST

    Not bad. I might consider it. But prob don't need it. Maybe neighbours can upgrade first might be cheaper

  • $ 2,686 inc. GST - From FTTC to FTTP
    Not bad considering the prices everyone else is getting
    Still not going to go through with it though hahaha

  • Only $11,151 to upgrade from the shitty FTTN that should have never existed to the FFTP.

    Surely they know they messed up big time rolling out fftn. What a joke.

  • $12265.00. No thanks

  • The quote cannot generate at this time

  • $9,038 for each of three units in North Melbourne, next to a pit with half of Melbourne’s Internet in it.

  • $6,065 in Northbridge (Perth)

  • $10155 HFC —> FTTP (Lower North Shore Sydney)

    We were told that we would get FTTP and now we are paying? So why don't we just pay for it in the first place and give us a tax deduction?

    Australia, you've done it again!

    • Might wanna knock Tony door to see if you can leech of his wifi, but probably he's still on dial up.

  • $14,000 here in Morley WA. But I do live in a Strata with 14 other tenants so there is…no hope. This Strata padlocked the MDF box with their own padlock and refused to give the key when we were having NBN issues for a number of weeks. Explaining to the ancient Strata Manager we want to convert to fibre probably isn’t even worth it if it was free ^_^

    • So what internet is everyone running?

      • Sadly only 2 of the 14 tenants are on NBN. I can't complain too much though despite the saga with the MDF box the connection speeds hit 115/48mbps consistently (on 100/40) so I've been blessed by the NBN Gods FTTN wise. Touch wood.

  • -1

    The process to get a quote is ironically as convoluted as the NBN build.

    • +1

      Entering your address and contact details is convoluted?

      • Fair call I reckon. Why the need for the contact details? Just punch the address in & the quote should be displayed on screen with the option to save it or email it from there.

      • Some people just wamt everything on a plate ey lol

  • $42,867 (HFC, Brisbane)🤔

    • The NBN team is driving from Sydney so you have to pay for their 14 day quarantine.

    • Ouch. A paltry $9k in my case.

      Maybe if I go digging around out front, I'll find the fibre

  • $ 8,463 inc. GST
    From HFC to FTTP. I'm a bit surprised by that, seeing that I live close to the edge of the exchange. I was definitely expecting over 10k from what people are quoting here.

  • +1

    HFC to FTTP

    Cost $ 19,020 inc. GST

    Yeah get (profanity).

  • FTTC to FTTP
    $ 10,199 inc. GST

  • $ 2,683 inc. GST

  • Prices arent too bad.

    Back in 2004 when telstra told me 12k to lay HFC and I agreed, they backed out…

    If you own and dont intend to move, could be very worthwhile :)

  • $ 2,683 inc. GST for FTTC to FTTP (north east vic)

  • +3

    FTTN to FTTP: $9497

    I'm one of the people that actually paid for a TCP quote and this price is actually higher than what I was quoted back in September, which was $8594.

    • +2

      They're probably just using a random number generator between $2k~50k. Try spinning again in 15hrs.

  • $ 13,975 inc. GST =O

  • FTTN —> FTTP $21,837

    If it was under $5k I’d consider

  • $9,616.

    I'm assuming it's basing it on the location of the nearest node. But there is fibre literally running underneath the footpath at the front of my house. Stage 2 in my estate where I am was too old to get it. Stage 2A starting four houses up the road has FTTP. They dug up grass at the front of my house a few years back to splice the fibre and run it across the road to run FTTP for another new development.

    But no, $9616 to access the fibre that runs 6 metres from my front door.

    I'll be sticking with my non-NBN fixed wireless setup I think.

  • Cost $ 10,034 inc. GST

  • My quote. FTTC > FTTP = $ 2,991

    (Maryborough, Queensland)

    While I still cannot afford that, the quote suggests to me that FTTP is at least doable without too much issue at my address. If I had been quoted as much as some others I have seen on here, i would have been so discouraged.

    • It's most likely because the pit is right outside your house or thereabouts… Unlike us FTTN saps loll

      • For some peoples node connections they might think they have the node right out front, but actually could be a kilometer away.

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