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NBNCo Now Offering Free Technology Choice Upgrade Quotes, Was $330


NBNCo has gotten rid of the pay wall.
You now no longer have to pay to see what you would pay!

My FTTN to FTTP would cost me $13,455

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    Just wait another 2-3 years and it will be done by the taxpayers.

    • again…

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    $ 11,174 inc. GST

    Am I paying for the whole neighbourhood?

  • If anyone missed it after you get your quote it does say you can submit a group offer - i.e. approach your neighbours on street and NBN will divide the cost up.

  • $ 4,534 inc. GST HFC to FTTP in 5032 Brooklyn Park SA

  • +2

    I got “A quote cannot be generated at this time.”

  • $14,866 (inc GST) HFC to FTTP. Lucky it included the GST otherwise it would have been way to much.

  • Just read this whole comment thread without understanding a single word of it. What have I become

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    Yeah 21k to upgrade from HFC to FTTP. They should have done it properly in the first place.

  • FTTC to FTTP in 2207 costs $ 8,741 inc. GST

    • same postcode but mine was $9,295 LOL - do you want to start first ?

      • Let's do a joint application maybe we'll pay less lol

    • +8

      This is like a koala bear boasting its faster than a sloth.

      • Hahaha

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    Is this tax deductible while I am working from home?

  • Nearly $20k for my place, hard pass.

  • $18500 FTN to FTTP.

    I'm paying for the street I guess, when others later want an upgrade.

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    $20,999 - bargain NBNCo!

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    $11,392 - Come on Scomo, that's 3 hours of flying your mate Matthias Corman for job interviews.

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    LOL 5 meter run from existing fibre $9750 thanks Liberal gov tards

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    $ 42,123 for my Point of Interconnect 2FRE

  • $2.5K (from FTTC), which is on the very low end of the scale compared to others here.

    Ironically, with the fibre pit being just 2m from my front yard I'm not even sure if the upgrade would provide any actual physical bandwidth increase compared to the existing setup (i.e. short distance with all new copper can probably already support much higher speeds than the plan offered), but it would make me eligible for the upper tiers plans from ISPs.

    When I first got nbn it was novel and I went for the fastest plan, but have dropped it down to 50Mbps now anyway, and the ping is still the same which matters more for real time tasks WFH etc.

    • Same boat

    • I did the same. I actually think alot of my connection issues are to do with my router or NBN dropouts beyond my curb connection.

      If paying for FTTP ensured that I had 100% uptime with full bandwidth from a plan of my choice I'd pay. Doubt this would be the case tho.

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    $8080 for FTTP from the current FTTN - the node is in my front yard…

    • the node is in my front yard…

      Charge them $8080 rent per annum…

  • $4049inc FTTN to FTTP.
    Neighbouring block was levelled and 6 units completed last year, they have FTTP. These instant quotes are garbage.

    I thought the quote would be around 1500-2500… the new nbnco pit for the unit block was installed 3m from my boundary

  • HFC to FTTP
    $ 16,914 inc. GST :D

  • +1

    As someone who is working on this roll out, these quotes gives another insight to the whole picture

    • I'll give you another insight… NBN Co paid Ernst & Young $280k to write a 15 page stupid irrelevant document with the conclusion being they need to do more investigation.
      Everyone knew MTM would be more expensive in the long run.

      NBN Co typically pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses to key executives each year on top of their standard wages, with Mr Rue receiving a $1.7 million salary package in 2019 and an extra $828,000 in short-term incentives.

      • Good old MTM, navigating through that portal is such a pain point.

        It is all about the senior management and leadership team that gets the pedestal - most of the sht kickers get next to nothing.

        • Want to know who was responsible for the MTM portal? Avanade.
          They've been paid $100,000,000's over the years.

          • @raybies: Now they are using Appian in its infancy form which is very buggy.

  • Came up $9,114 for me.

  • $ 17,258 inc. GST

  • Anyone tried requesting a fixed wireless connection to something like FTTN? Could be interesting to see if they quote that for either a single premises or an area.

    • Area switch only.

  • 3046 for fttc
    31288 for hfc

    Both in Melbourne.

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    everyone should forward their bill to abbott or turnbull

    • +1

      abbott was the real wrecker

      • +1

        No it was MT who made the MTM decision.

      • Abbot was technologically illiterate and followed whatever Turnbull told him until Turnbull knifed him. Turnbull was the real nbn destroyer as comms minister then as pm.

  • $3000 for me

  • HFC to FTTP near Castle Hill in Sydney - $ 16,659 inc. GST

  • +1

    [laughs in VDSL2]

  • "As a wholesale infrastructure provider, we may evolve our network over time to better serve our customers. This could affect the requirements to change the nbn™ technology at your premises, which means that if you apply for a quote for the same address after today, you may be quoted a different price to the one you have received today."

    Sounds like the quoted price is almost lucky dip to me, will have to test this!

  • $9322.00
    Pit is 50m away.
    Now to knock on 20 doors and "have a chat !"

  • 17k :/

  • 38k from HFC in Hornsby

  • +2

    Vote Labor in and then this will be free. Like it should have been originally.

    • Not sure they have an election promise to fix the NBN do they?

      • +1

        Its expensive to fix now. It should have be done right in the first place.Rudd announced it in 07. 13yesrs later we have this disgrace of a network and billions down the drain.

        • +1

          I know right. Libs destroyed it.

  • +1

    28k for me
    I wonder how long until the backlash against 'excessive upgrade costs' happens

  • +1

    $12k, NBN go shaft yourself.

  • $20,705 for me. But glass half full: if I pay for that my neighbor will be able to piggyback on me for free. I think that is right. Read an article to that effect about that happening in the SMH a while back.

  • $3100 FTTC for a pit 5m away from the front door- what a rip.

  • HFC / FTTC to FTTP $2k - is it worth it ?

  • Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 9,355 inc. GST
    townhouse with very recent installation

    Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 16,920 inc. GST

    just a suburban house

  • $12k (currently HFC)

    .. and we wouldn't even be talking about this if the Liberal Murdoch Party weren't corrupt and hadn't wasted billions of dollars destroying a Labor policy and lining their own pockets.

  • Put in my address and it says 'The current nbn™ technology at your location is nbn™ FTTN. There may be alternative nbn™ fibre upgrade options available in the future separate to this nbn™ Technology Choice Program.' it states that it will be rolled out to 'Acacia Ridge'. Does this mean the node known as Acacia Ridge?, which is what I connect to, or the actual suburb of Acacia Ridge?, which I am not in.

    • +1

      Acacia Ridge was one of the areas they are deploying an additional network that is far lower in cost to operate, far more capable, far more reliable and has a far cheaper upgrade path. Overall, cheaper if you intend to keep the network for more than 6 yrs.

      Congratulations, you are in the short list to win NodeLotto!

      -it is still the 2003 standard FTTP. Other countries are bypassing this to go to 10Gbps deployments.

      • Not sure about this. I got that same message and my suburb isnt on the list to be upgraded for free. I think it's just a disclaimer for all FTTN.

  • $7575 for me and the Fibre termination point is literally across the road. As the crow flys about 50 metres from my house edge

  • Anyone else getting an error saying the form is down for maintenance?

    • Worked for me a minute ago.

      $15,147 to change from FTTN :(

      Bloody Libs.

  • This question may get lost amongst the 500+ others but wasn’t it recently announce that there will be free upgrades with the only caveat being that you need to take out a faster plan?

    Or have I misunderstood something, why would I pay $10k for something that may well soon be free?

    • +2

      Only a few suburbs nationally are doing that next year. May be many many years until it comes to your suburb.

    • +1

      The recently announced 2021-2023 dates are for parts of FTTN to be changed to FTTP when requested by the end user.

      This online quote tool is for FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, HFC, fixed wireless and satellite to have FTTP installed sooner when paid for by the end user.

  • +2

    WTF $18000 for my home. Day time robbery by Libs(hit) and NBN. Australia will never grow. Is this to improve share price and pay more dividend to so call investor.

  • +1

    Cost: A quote cannot be generated at this time.

    Not very useful!

  • cost me $14.9k to upgrade.. notq..

  • Quote should have been free at the start.

  • $24,500 hfc. Oh the hilarity. Tbh I'm Happy with hfc and I can't even go above 100/40

    • NBN are progressively rolling out Gigabit on HFC by late 2021.

  • $10132 inc GST, HFC upgrade, think i'll get everyone on my street a nice christmas present. Not

    Happy that I can go upto 250Mb on my current connection. Hopefully the uograde comes through as part of NBN BAU.

  • Total joke NBN, FTTC pit is 10m from my house.
    I watched them install.

    • Same.

      They forgot their pit tool, so now I have a pit tool.

      • Shame on them.
        Run your own fibre now, cheaper and faster.

  • What a joke nbnco is!

  • $ 16,973 inc. GST, FTTN upgrade to FTTP

    My service maxes out at 30Mbs, off-peak, fingers-crossed, kids-in-school, all-ducks-lined-up. Often it’s just 0Mbs. Should I upgrade?

    • If you have the coin and plan on staying put I'd go ahead.

  • They won't even tell me :( "A quote cannot be generated at this time."

  • $12k to go from HFC to FTTP in NSW 2564

  • OH My.

    I got $18,655 for replacing HFC!

  • $4,172 for FTTN to FTTP at my address.

    I imagine plenty of ozbargainers would love to get it that cheap but I already get 100Mbps on FTTN and the government has made all kinds of noise about having a subsidised/free upgrade in the future so I won't be paying for the moment.

  • FTTN to FTTP for me - $9,000.

    Oh well, good to know the option is there i guess…

  • Good news! Your location already has access to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). You don’t need to proceed with your quote.

    Shame I don't use it.

  • Let’s compete who will have the biggest number. Don’t cheat.

  • $2700 for me, currently FTTC with a pit about 10m from my front gate.

    Very tempted to go ahead, as my copper lead-in cable has been broken for 10 years & I've got a "temporary" cable run up the neighbours drive & under my fence!

  • From HFC
    Change to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    Cost $ 49,924 inc. GST


    • +1

      I thought my $48,401 was bad!

      • That is just as bad, not much difference

  • $ 5,542 inc. GST to go from FTTN to FTTP for me. But like some around that ball park, I'm pretty close to the node and the getting the full 100. Unlikely to go ahead.

  • $9293 quote here. Can I just get an upload speed of greater than 20 Mbps please? Not sure what they were thinking when they set these speeds up, I understand going cheap with mixed technology but asymmetric connections no longer make any sense and certainly not forward looking.

  • $2,678 Inc GST here.
    FTTC currently.
    Thing is I wouldn't mind upgrading but the plans for 250/1000mbps are ridiculously expensive. Also, with the announcement from NBN recently regarding upgrading Non-FTTP NBN areas to be capable of 1Gbps, which would mean upgrading current FTTC connections such as mine with the G.Fast tech, might hold out to see what happens there.

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