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Get 10% Cashback Every Saturday in December (Max $30 Back Per Transaction) Using Tap & Pay @ Zip


There seems to be a lot of confusion based on the comments so let me try and clarify how this works:

  1. Sign up to Zip Pay. Not Zip Money. You can use the 'Related Offers' at the bottom of this description for new signup options. Note that you must provide your email address or phone number if you want a referral, there’s no referral link and you can’t be referred without that info!
  2. Download the Apple or Android app and sign in with your details. You will need a smartphone with NFC.
  3. Go to the "Cards" tab within the Zip app. Click on Add to Apple Wallet (or Google Wallet if using android).
  4. Go to any store that accepts tap & go on credit/debit cards. Do not ask if they accept Zip Payment as this is a separate payment method.
  5. Purchase anything (any gift cards, services, goods, literally anything) and checkout with Apple Pay or Google Pay by tapping your digital Zip card on Saturday. Do not spend more than $300 in one transaction if you want to maximise your benefit as you won't get 10% back above $300!
  6. You should see the rewards balance reflected under "Rewards" within the "Your Zip" tab of the app immediately.
  7. Once you have reached $30 in credit, click on the redeem button to apply the credit to your account.
  8. Pay off your Zip account by linking a credit card to earn points and defer payment (The screen says debit card but many have confirmed credit cards to work as well - Amex will not work). It takes 3 days for processing payments to finalise and you cannot make additional payments sooner than that.
Things to note:
  • Applying for a Zip account will trigger a credit check.
  • Redeemable once you've reached $30 in credit (I.e. Min spend $300)
  • Rewards balance will continue accruing even if you don't redeem $30.
  • There's no daily limit. The only limit is your credit limit.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay don't have a $100 tap and pay limit like normal cards. The limit is unlimited since you biometrically authenticate yourself at the time of payment.
  • You cannot prepay your zip account via BPAY so that it goes into credit. I contacted Zip and they informed me that since they’re not a bank they’re not allowed to hold deposits. If you prepay your account you will be breaching their T&Cs and your account may get blocked. It will take a few days to unblock. Do so at your own risk, some have reported success while others have confirmed they got blocked.
  • You cannot make payments online.
  • Max $30 back per transaction.
  • Excludes Westfield gift cards purchased from Westfield
  • On days other than Saturday, you can still earn 3% or 5% cash back that will accrue towards your rewards balance.
  • Within a twenty-four (24) hour period, you (a) are limited to redeeming your Reward Goal eight (8) times, and (b) will not earn any further credit back if you spend $4,000 or more.
  • 10% back on Super Saturdays will override all other cashback offers with lower % back.
  • By end of 8 January 2021, any credit back that has not reached the Reward Goal will be cancelled.
Other giftcards worth considering Store Normal discount New discount
Woolworths giftcards Woolworths ~5% 10%
Coles giftcards Coles ~4% 10%
Costco giftcards Costco 0% 10%
$100 Aldi giftcard Aldi 0% 9.5%
$100 7/11 giftcard 7/11 0% 10%
$500 EFTPOS giftcard and Only 1 Visa giftcard - Variable Load* Woolworths -1.6% 8.6%
$100 Amazon giftcard AusPost/711/BP/ United/Freedom/Newslink ~5% 10%
$100 giftcards (Only via Prezzee app paying with Apple Pay - At your own risk) Prezzee 0% 10%

*$7.95 purchase fee on activation. Benefit is maximised when you purchase a $500 giftcard + $7.95 fee (pay via split payment of $300 and then $207.95). If you purchase less than this your discount will be less.

12/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Him/Her/Teen/Google giftcards Woolworths 10% 19% $100 card for $81
$20 Netflix giftcard** Coles 25% 35% $20 Netflix card for $13
$50 Swap Celebration giftcard** Coles 10% 20% $50 Swap card for $40
$100 Her giftcard** Coles 5% 15% $100 Her card for $85
iTunes giftcard*** Big W 15% 23.5% $100 iTunes card for $76.5
Nintendo eShop Big W 10% 19% $60 card for $48.6

**Flybuys account required. Only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).
***Price beat at officeworks to get this at 27.325% off, or $72.68 for $100

19/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
$50 Netflix giftcard** Woolworths 10% 20% $50 Netflix card for $40

** Everyday rewards required. (Possibly) only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).

26/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Kogan Mobile BOGOF plans Kogan Mobile 50% 55-57% Use AmEx offer and combine with giftcards to get between 56.3% and 56.6% off. If no AmEx offer, then you can get ~54.8% off if using just giftcards (in lots of $50) provided that you can split the cost of the plan with someone else. Use classifieds if interested in sharing.
JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day sales JB Hi-Fi - - -

Related Offers:

$15 Zip Credit ($50 Min Spend, New Customer)
5% Cashback (up to $30) When you Tap and Zip (Minimum Spent for Period $600) - Targeted
3% Cashback (up to $30) When You Tap and Zip (Minimum Spend for Period $1000)
Referral Randomiser Below ($10 for referrer & referee)

Referral Links

Referral: random (542)

$30 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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                    • @YesPleaseThankYou: Where do you get the variable load perfect gift cards from? Just checked my Woolies and they all advertise fixed amounts only on the cards.

    • -1

      I am loving the hate for my posts. Please keep it coming :)

      I am sorry that you are unable to read terms and conditions to take advantage of promotions.

    • +1

      My partner also got the similar promo and I think we saved well over $3k.

      I wish Citi runs this promo again.

      • Yes, I have also been hoping for the same thing. I was very surprised to have it for two whole months.

        I made a database to keep track of everything to make sure Citi paid up. It did pay up without any bother.

        The Citi gift card promotion of a few months ago was also very fruitful. Many $000s.

        Zip and Citi need to keep up these promotions! :)))))

        • What is the citi gc promotion?

          • @samehada: Here is one version https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575176 Lots of different versions (different fees, interest rates) were reported.

            In the most recent version, Citi limited the promotion to only one gift card per promotional period. The initial offer had no limits.

            People were sceptical when I said that the initial offer could be claimed multiple times.

            It is amazing how many people do not read terms and conditions, or see words that aren't even there.

        • Luck you, we were only given 1 month.

  • Anyone else notice that the 10% off banner on the zip app is gone? I just went on zip and could only find new offer saying 3% cash back on Boxing Day

  • Anyone got their Prezzee purchase “pending”? Not the case last week, was instant.

    • I don't think it will be instant, in that case, you can buy and make an additional payback and buy again.

  • Did anyone buy a gift card from prezzee but did not having the reward?

    • Yes. Not even 3% Cashback!

      The Ts & Cs say:

      This Offer is only available on Saturdays in December (every Saturday in December 2020, being 5, 12, 19 and 26 December 2020 between 12:00am (AEDT) and 11:59pm (AEDT) on each of these Saturdays) ("Offer Period").

      • It takes around 5-10mins, I got the record now. Prezzee is still available for the boxing day congrats!

  • Thanks for the warning. I was about to use prezzee

  • Damn is that Non-citizen can't use zip…? tried to setup one today but have neither driver's licence and medicare. Is there a way to bypass these two and use sth like passport?

  • Only successful the 1st time with Prezzee. Getting “unsuccessful payment” error while using Apple pay after that.

    • Working for me. Just bought 3x $100 cards of Prezzee. Got the rewards in Zip instantly.

      • Same worked for me

        • I bought 2 gift cards on Prezzee and now it’s not working for me. Was hoping to avoid the shops today but guess I need to go out.

          • +1

            @bargainbro: Same - purchase has failed! However the second attempt did go through but received a notification almost instantly to say from Prezzee that transaction being refunded -$200. The zip app showed the refund coming back in under 5mins but by that time they had already credited $20 in rewards. After 2 hrs - those $20 are still showing!

    • Me too :( and a i did a dummy $20 purchase to test it first… lol.

  • Sucks my Auspost branch is closed this sat due to boxing day, usually they are open. I can't get Amazon gift card from them. The 7/11 ones usually all sold out

    • +2

      How about BP stations and the Prezzee app on IOS?

      • Yep. Will try prezzee this time. Hopefully it works. OP seems to indicate there's some risk

  • +1

    Anyone get enough giftcards to buy groceries for the whole year?

  • With the MasterCard or Visa gift cards, or eftpos cards, can they accept refunds back to the balance?

    • +1

      Yeah I got a refund back to my only1 visa gift card, so I’d make sure not to throw out the card after using it up.

    • -1

      No you have to use your bankcard when it comes to refund

  • +1

    Any chance of using this offer online when you don't have Apple Pay / Prezzee?

    Wondering if it works when choosing the card in Google Pay on checkout when shopping online - has anyone tried this?

    • The reason is that the Google Pay purchase method for Zip&Pay on their page:

      Tap & Zip everywhere
      You’re now able to buy now and pay later at any store using your Zip card with Google Pay.

      How to pay with Google Pay
      Google Pay is the fast, simple way to pay at millions of places – on sites, in apps, and in stores.

      Tap to pay with your Android phone
      Google Pay works anywhere contactless payments are accepted. Just wake up your Android phone and hold it near the reader until you see a check mark. You don’t even need to open the app.

      How to pay in apps and on the web
      Use Google Pay to check out even faster across your favorite apps and sites. Once you’ve added a card, you won’t need to enter your payment info again. Just choose Google Pay at checkout, confirm your purchase, and you’re all set.

      • pay in apps and on the web not eligible for 10% right?

        • +1

          It is if the website or app accepts ApplePay or Google Pay. You then pay using the Zip card.

          Even though the T&Cs say “in store” - it actually works for anything that you use tap & pay via Apple/Google Pay.

          • @proudwanderer: Woaw a bit late info for me . I just bought $1000 perfect gift card instore. But really helpful for others the information. How can you add Zip Visa card to Google Pay?

            • @aiyoyo: Through the zip app.

              • @ballistykx: I've tried that with JB hi-fi and it doesn't work.

            • @aiyoyo: What would you have spent $1000 online otherwise

            • @aiyoyo: Where did you get the perfect gift card? Looking in Woolies and they only show fixed amounts, not variable load amounts (and I thought the limit was $500/card?)

              • +1

                @ely: I got it from my local Woolworths. You can put from $20 to $500 each card and split the payment $300 and $207.95 for maximum discount.

                • @aiyoyo: Is that the case even if the card shows a fixed amount? E.g. there were $50 and $100 perfect gift cards, but none without an amount already shown on the card in my store.

                  • +2

                    @ely: No.You need to buy card said load from $20 to $500.Maybe try other store like Big W, Coles, Caltex,Target and etc

              • +1

                @ely: Woolworths should have both fixed and variable load if instock..

  • Does anyone know if I can send a Prezzee Smart Giftcard from my wallet to a friend (as a gift) at a later date?

  • I bought a $300 woolsworths gift card in a woolworths store. The notification popped up about earning $30 reward but it still hasn't appeared on my account almost 90 mins later. Normally rewards show up on the app almost instantaneously.

  • Confirming my logic or using Prezzee to buy amazon gift cards with 10% cashback and stacking with Cashrewards’ 12% cashback is not invalid?

    • t&c seem to support the logic…

      Purchases paid with gift cards are eligible for cashback

  • Correct me if i'm wrong, but if i buy $1000 worth of Visa giftcard, I will have $100 worth of Zip credit in my account. Zip only allows to use credit in multiples of $30, so what can be done of the remaining $10 zip credit?

    • collect more credit until the 8th of January. using the 3% cashback.

      • i got this catch at my account, too and you need to spend $666.67 to get the rest $20 credit.

        so for my partner account, i revised the spend amount:

        Spend $500 (pay $300+$200) and $400 (pay $300+$100), you will get exact $90 credit back.

        • yea i did that too, got VISA-1 giftcards with 442.05 loaded on them instead of the 492.05

          Its a shame AU Post are closed today or i could have paid bills without wasting the 4 x $7.95 card fee. ( 2 zip accounts)

    • Yeah i was thinking about this too. I guess we have to send more with just 3% cashback after this

    • Spend $1090 today to get $9 closer.

  • What r people doing with the remaining $10 credit after spending $1000 and redeeming $90 in multiples of $30

    • +2

      spend more until the 8th of January. get 3% cashback.

  • -3

    My job here is done! Thank you, Zip Pay.

    You have been OzBargained!

    • Lol

  • “Rewards is unavailable right now”.

    • Where did you see it from?

      • appears in my app for a few minutes. Maybe a glitch or some errors. Wth with the negs?

        • All fixed up now then? I wonder if it was related to your Prezzee transaction last night. I had the same, tried for $300 first, got the Apple Pay tick and then transaction failed, $300 refunded back to my zip balance but $30 reward accrued anyway. Waiting to see what happens to the reward accrual before I go any further.

          And the neg, I just take it that some don’t appreciate contributions to discussion when it’s about Zip working a little less than perfectly for others.

          • @eyebrows7: Yeah, after 10-15 mins, it appeared again.
            Had the same refund like yours and I just redeemed anyway :)).

            • @hawkeye93: Haha nice one

            • @hawkeye93: So I’ve redeemed mine too and maxed out for the day. I suspect later on they’ll revoke that extra $30, which is fair. Still though, good effort.

  • Can you only claim in $30 blocks?

    • +2

      sadly yes

  • +2

    Spent $200 on giftcards got $20 + $10 back for first time tap and pay.

  • +1

    Confirmed $30 credit only for the first $300 Prezzee gift cards transaction 2 mins ago.

  • Do we get 10% for the first Saturday of January too?

    • +11

      Only if the first Saturday of January is in December.

      • Damn. I need to spend $75 today then I guess.

  • I guess no Gift card deals to stack with this today?

      • How does this work?

        Say I wanted maximum savings on JB Hi-fi Gift cards, I would first buy the Coles/Myer GC today @10% off - then wait til the JB Hifi gc goes on sale at Coles Group in the future, then I could go in and basically buy jb gc with my Coles gc?

        • JB HIFI GCs are usually never on sale in any stores. Only some swappable cards are.

          • @Neoika: Ok I get it (like TCN cards)

            but is my understanding above correct about the process you're suggesting?

  • +2

    Unsure if posted already or not since 24 pages long. But you can charge your go card in Queensland and get the 10% back.

    • Yes but only up to $250 (that is the maximum value you can have stored in Go Card)

  • People are talking about buying amazon giftcards from prezzee and getting the 10% zip reward plus 12% cashrewards, I thought zip 10% only worked for instore tap and zip?

    • Apple Pay only.

      • Ahh ok cool, thanks

      • I use an Android phone with Google pay, but my wife uses an iPhone., I wonder if I can load my zip account onto her phone and use without getting blocked by zip, could be risky.

        • +1

          Yes. I’ve been using my husband’s and mine zip cards on my phone. Plus also added to my mum’s phone on Apple Pay.

    • You can buy amazon gift cards from 7/11

      • Yes I purchased some last week for 10% off but 10% off plus another 12% is better haha

    • How do you use cashrewards and prezzee to get the 12%?

      Edit: Oh, I see - buy Amazon GC from Prezzee at 10% off, then use cashrewards to buy from Amazon w/12% cashback.

      • Yes this makes sense. For a sec I thought we get the 12 % Cashback with prezzee

  • +1

    That's it , I'm all done with this promo.

    4 x $30 rewards redeemed. All on gift cards and grocery shopping.

    Boring but prudent.

    • no you are not done.

      wait till next week .. gio pump petrol and TAP for 10% off petrol :D

      • Thanks, I missed that, is that one available mid-week?

        • everyday 3%. Sat: 10% :D

          but make sure to reach 30$ in reward to claim it before end promotion end 8/1/21. otherwise you'll lose all the reward balance.

          • @doineedit: Crap is it 3% off everyday?. I am 5.64 away from $30..
            So between now and 8 Jan gotta spend approx 15x to get $30?

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