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Get 10% Cashback Every Saturday in December (Max $30 Back Per Transaction) Using Tap & Pay @ Zip


There seems to be a lot of confusion based on the comments so let me try and clarify how this works:

  1. Sign up to Zip Pay. Not Zip Money. You can use the 'Related Offers' at the bottom of this description for new signup options. Note that you must provide your email address or phone number if you want a referral, there’s no referral link and you can’t be referred without that info!
  2. Download the Apple or Android app and sign in with your details. You will need a smartphone with NFC.
  3. Go to the "Cards" tab within the Zip app. Click on Add to Apple Wallet (or Google Wallet if using android).
  4. Go to any store that accepts tap & go on credit/debit cards. Do not ask if they accept Zip Payment as this is a separate payment method.
  5. Purchase anything (any gift cards, services, goods, literally anything) and checkout with Apple Pay or Google Pay by tapping your digital Zip card on Saturday. Do not spend more than $300 in one transaction if you want to maximise your benefit as you won't get 10% back above $300!
  6. You should see the rewards balance reflected under "Rewards" within the "Your Zip" tab of the app immediately.
  7. Once you have reached $30 in credit, click on the redeem button to apply the credit to your account.
  8. Pay off your Zip account by linking a credit card to earn points and defer payment (The screen says debit card but many have confirmed credit cards to work as well - Amex will not work). It takes 3 days for processing payments to finalise and you cannot make additional payments sooner than that.
Things to note:
  • Applying for a Zip account will trigger a credit check.
  • Redeemable once you've reached $30 in credit (I.e. Min spend $300)
  • Rewards balance will continue accruing even if you don't redeem $30.
  • There's no daily limit. The only limit is your credit limit.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay don't have a $100 tap and pay limit like normal cards. The limit is unlimited since you biometrically authenticate yourself at the time of payment.
  • You cannot prepay your zip account via BPAY so that it goes into credit. I contacted Zip and they informed me that since they’re not a bank they’re not allowed to hold deposits. If you prepay your account you will be breaching their T&Cs and your account may get blocked. It will take a few days to unblock. Do so at your own risk, some have reported success while others have confirmed they got blocked.
  • You cannot make payments online.
  • Max $30 back per transaction.
  • Excludes Westfield gift cards purchased from Westfield
  • On days other than Saturday, you can still earn 3% or 5% cash back that will accrue towards your rewards balance.
  • Within a twenty-four (24) hour period, you (a) are limited to redeeming your Reward Goal eight (8) times, and (b) will not earn any further credit back if you spend $4,000 or more.
  • 10% back on Super Saturdays will override all other cashback offers with lower % back.
  • By end of 8 January 2021, any credit back that has not reached the Reward Goal will be cancelled.
Other giftcards worth considering Store Normal discount New discount
Woolworths giftcards Woolworths ~5% 10%
Coles giftcards Coles ~4% 10%
Costco giftcards Costco 0% 10%
$100 Aldi giftcard Aldi 0% 9.5%
$100 7/11 giftcard 7/11 0% 10%
$500 EFTPOS giftcard and Only 1 Visa giftcard - Variable Load* Woolworths -1.6% 8.6%
$100 Amazon giftcard AusPost/711/BP/ United/Freedom/Newslink ~5% 10%
$100 giftcards (Only via Prezzee app paying with Apple Pay - At your own risk) Prezzee 0% 10%

*$7.95 purchase fee on activation. Benefit is maximised when you purchase a $500 giftcard + $7.95 fee (pay via split payment of $300 and then $207.95). If you purchase less than this your discount will be less.

12/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Him/Her/Teen/Google giftcards Woolworths 10% 19% $100 card for $81
$20 Netflix giftcard** Coles 25% 35% $20 Netflix card for $13
$50 Swap Celebration giftcard** Coles 10% 20% $50 Swap card for $40
$100 Her giftcard** Coles 5% 15% $100 Her card for $85
iTunes giftcard*** Big W 15% 23.5% $100 iTunes card for $76.5
Nintendo eShop Big W 10% 19% $60 card for $48.6

**Flybuys account required. Only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).
***Price beat at officeworks to get this at 27.325% off, or $72.68 for $100

19/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
$50 Netflix giftcard** Woolworths 10% 20% $50 Netflix card for $40

** Everyday rewards required. (Possibly) only one 1,000 point redemption per account (equates to $5).

26/12/2020 Deals Store Sale discount Stacked discount Comment
Kogan Mobile BOGOF plans Kogan Mobile 50% 55-57% Use AmEx offer and combine with giftcards to get between 56.3% and 56.6% off. If no AmEx offer, then you can get ~54.8% off if using just giftcards (in lots of $50) provided that you can split the cost of the plan with someone else. Use classifieds if interested in sharing.
JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day sales JB Hi-Fi - - -

Related Offers:

$15 Zip Credit ($50 Min Spend, New Customer)
5% Cashback (up to $30) When you Tap and Zip (Minimum Spent for Period $600) - Targeted
3% Cashback (up to $30) When You Tap and Zip (Minimum Spend for Period $1000)
Referral Randomiser Below ($10 for referrer & referee)

Referral Links

Referral: random (536)

$30 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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            • @pegasusx: Save yourself the hassle and just go and buy $60 of e-gift cards from the supermarket today (technically $56.40 of gift cards).

              • @Charlie Dont Surf: I maxed out. $0 available 🤣

                • @pegasusx: Making a repayment from a debit card account should be instant? I did it from my Bankwest debit card, and my "available to spend" on Zip replenished immediately.

          • @doineedit: Today is the last day (Saturday) for the 10% promo. I'm not going to make it to the next $30 of redeemeable rewards by getting 3% during the rest of the promo period.

    • +1

      5% off at BPs. they sell gift cards.

  • Bought on amazon and it's not reflected on my acc

    • +1

      Oh dear, you didn't the promotion did you?

      It is for tap and pay only at physical stores using Zip Pay. It is not for online transactions.

      • Oh I forgot. I'll change payment

    • either by physically TAP, or paid via Apple Pay. which method did you use?

  • So I can't pay off the balance anymore and am capped at $100 after spending a lot. Is there any way to get around this?

  • Cheers OP. $150 balance left after using $60 Rewards. That's it for $500 limit.

  • Conducted a few Prezzee gift cards 1/2 hour ago and all rejected. Tried a $300 and a $100 Amazon gift card purchases and both rejected right away.

    • It went OK for me. Just registered for prezzee today though

    • You need to keep trying at different times of day. For me, only $100 denominations can go through. Rotate between the regular card and the Christmas card. I'm using iPhone 7 iOS 14. I heard newer iPhones have no problem with their purchases. I think I've received 200+ unsuccessful Prezzee emails.

      • Well, I'm using ipX atm and got a bunch of rejected transactions. Fortunately, the others went through smoothly.

        • Just tried again getting a $300 Prezzee gift card and it worked. Then swapped over to an Amazon one without any problem. The $30 bonus is shown on the Zip app a few minutes later

  • Is BP sell Gift card?

  • Does Prezzee just offer Apple Pay or Google Pay as well by any chance? Couldn't see either option when checking out as guest.

    • Apple Pay available.

    • Next to checkout button, press the Apple Pay logo.

  • Does anyone know if this works with myki top up? Might do it when return to office next year.

    • Yes, but 10% ends today.

      • -2

        There's still next week left

        • Said who?

          This Offer is only available on Saturdays in December (every Saturday in December 2020, being 5, 12, 19 and 26 December 2020 between 12:00am (AEDT) and 11:59pm (AEDT) on each of these Saturdays) ("Offer Period").

  • How long have people waited for the 10% bonus with prezzee?

    • Instantly, via preeze or coles instore

      • Hmm. It took me bout an hour..

  • Can anyone confirm if checking out using Google pay and paying using zip works (not tap and pay). Someone mentioned it worked at KFC in the first week.

  • +1

    If anyone has run out of ideas on what to use it for I just went into store and paid $600 towards my Telstra account. 10% off mobile bills for the next year for me.

    • holy crap, didn't know we could do that

  • Wtf I bought a $300 prezzee gift card, but it said unsuccessful but (zip pay) charged me anyway

    • +1

      That's actually a secret trick you can repeat if you know what to do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Prezzee will refund you, the Zip balance will return, but you will still get the $30 bonus as long as you redeem it quick enough!!!!!

  • Thanks NPH. Made $210 cashback. Probably ruined my credit score but YOLO.

  • Bought the variable $500 VISA from Woolworths, and after payment it failed and 'refund customer' appeared.

    They took down my name and told me to come back on Tuesday to sort it out (next business day).

    Payment went through on Zip however.

    • Wow, a bit of waste of time. Mine has same problem with wish card, but refunded to another cc. Then told to get another card to repurchase. But I have claimed the $30 CB. Not coming back

    • I had this problem also on a $200 WISH card (I bought 2x$500 and 1x$200). However, the staff just processed it for me at the service desk (i.e. didn't charge me again as they could see I had already paid for it on my receipt).

  • I screwed up …

    I bought an extra $100 card so I have $10 in credit that I won't be able to redeem?

    • +2

      there are still other promotions til the 8th - 5% off at BP and 3% off everywhere else.

      • -1

        Yep, but I usually get 5% from my debit card for my purchases so technically I'll lose 2% to make up the $20.

        • +3

          Which debit card gives you 5% off?

          • @PissLUR: MCO (Crypto.com) don't really recommend new people getting in but I'm locked in with a Icy White card …

            • @Yanoflies: I don't even think it is a good deal. You need to stake 250k CRO which is $20k AUD and with the limit of spending of 20k SGD/year so the max cashback you can get at 5% is $1000SGD which is even less in AUD. And with the risk fx of messing around with AUD-SGD conversion and CRO coin losing 50% in value you may not even save enough cashback to cover the loss.

              I may stake the 25000CRO (~$2000AUD) for a Jade card but with the limit and all those risks for 3% cashback considering I can get 2% with HSBC and with those Prepaid card promo at Coles I don't even think CDC(Crypto.com) is a good deal. Let see if they will launch an AU-based service next year with none of this stupid Singapore goverment limit of $20k then it can be considered.

    • +1

      Spend $666.67 elsewhere to get $20 CB (3%) before 8/1.

    • Mate you have planty of time to reach 30. Like other mentioned above, until 8 jan

  • Bought 5x$300 and 1x$150 - Coles Myer GCs and $30 Ikea GC.

    spent too much on Target's Lego.

    • How do you manage so many gift cards ? Like where you store them, how you track balance etc ? Is there an app?

  • Bought 6x$150 - 7/11 GCs,1x$300 - Amazon GCs
    1x$300 - Coles Myer GCs
    That's it for the $1500 limit.

    • How do you manage so many gift cards ? Like where you store them, how you track balance etc ? Is there an app?

      • +1

        Very good question.

        I think Amazon's gift card is the best. I add it to my Amazon account when I buy it. It is very convenient to use and check its balance on Amazon at any time.

        Coles Myer GCs Check Balance via https://www.giftcards.com.au/checkbalance

        The 7/11 GCs are the most inconvenient. After each use, I will write the balance on the gift card with a sharpie.

        • Ahan thanks …. multiple coles myers GCs can be loaded to giftcards.com.au?

          Just noticed your name … do you buy from taobao … do they have English version of site and do they deliver to Aust ? Seems heaps of things there but difficult to order.

  • I've got two lots of $1000+ payments to make this week….
    3% in both hits will get me another $30 on each transaction.

    $30 is $30.

  • Thanks. I have a $1500.00 limit, so bought 1x$300 Prezzee card (swapped to an Amazon card), plus 2x$500 and 1x$200 WISH gift cards (split the payment into 4x$300).

  • I overpaid around $1500 above my limit, and it went just fine. Not sure why some people got blocked. Ended up with lots of physical and prezzee gift cards.

    • What day did you make BPay payment?

      I tried this by doing payment on Wednesday and it is yet to be cleared. Very slow application of BPay payment.

      • Wednesday morning. I thought it wouldn't make it by Saturday because Friday is Christmas day. So I paid the full balance by card on Thursday. But surprisingly, the BPAY arrived Friday morning. That's how I ended up with double my limit.

        • Good on you.

          I made payment on Wednesday night and that's why probably it didn't clear.

    • That is before they changed the T&C for $4000 spend limit and 8 redemtion per 24h. They must have got a lot of complaints including AFCA complaints. Once the T&C changed, they didn't block ppl account anymore since noone is stupid enough to pay more than the limit. They should have done this instead of pissing ppl off by suspending accounts.

  • Did anyone use Google Pay and managed to check out more than $100 in any Gift cards?
    I tried purchasing $100 & $90 7 Eleven Fuel card at 7 Eleven came up with error at the terminal asking for a physical card.
    It was the same at Woolworths, i tried $300 Wish Gift card same story.
    Tried a small $15 purchase at Woolworths it did not work either.
    Swapped to Samsung Pay on my regular credit card it worked.
    Using a Note 10+ with NFC
    Its too late now for me to get the 10% off, but wondering how to fix it
    Any thoughts?

    • Yes, I got an error too, there's a fix somewhere in this thread but I didn't try it and used a second phone.

    • Yeah I've bought $300 Wish card and Coles Group cards with Google Pay.

      In your Zip app, does it say "Added to Google Pay" in Cards?

      I never had trouble with 7/11, but some terminals in WW did start with swipe/insert, I just backed out payment method until I could press pay with card again.

      • Yeah it does say Added to Google Pay.
        Might be a my phone or something, will try again for the 3%

  • If I buy $300 worth ikea GC through zip online and will I get 30 credit?

    • Only if you pay using Apple/Google Pay.

      • Thank you. No additional charges, right

  • Glad I checked this thread tonight. Thought that this ran an extra weekend to next week given promo credit didnt expire until 8/1/21. Rushed down to Safeway and grabbed $150 in wish cards to make up my $30 cashback. Will combine this on my next shop with my 10% off for holding a policy. 20% off not to be sniffed at. Plus I at least get my cashback cashed out. Been a nice bonus with this Zip promo.

  • I'm in Brisbane, Fortitude Valley and have a car. Most shops are closed now except 7-11 and service/petrol stations.

    I have $990 left in credit.

    What can I buy to bring expenditure (in gift cards or prepaid credit card) forward in the roughly 1 hour (hour buffer to be safe)?

    Can I buy Woolworths Wish gift card where?

    Can I use Google Pay online on websites or apps to get discount? I tried with prezzee using the one single use card and it didn't work.

    • 7/11 Donuts. Thats what I'd be getting at this of night….

    • +1

      There is a Woolworths near the airport open 24/7.

      • Thanks for the suggestions.

        I would of gone to Woolworths Caltex murrarie as it is on the right side of the river.

        Does anyone know if zip still does 5% cashback at BP via zip?

  • Does anyone know what is the $10 we get charged at the next cycle by Zip Pay? It shows up after I make payments to this account.

    • There shouldn't be any fees if you make additional repayment of the outstanding balance before the due date

      • Thank you :)

    • Minimum monthly/weekly payment depending on how you setup the schedule.

  • Bought Only 1 Visa Gift Card at Woolies, was told there is no activation fee although the gift card clearly states that there is a $7.95 activation fee.

      • Oops I meant to say purchase fee. In other words, I was told that I am paying $500 for a gift card loaded with $500 (not $492.05) value. I shall verify the balance online tomorrow.

  • Bought 3 $100 cards via Prezzee and no reward yet I wonder if it’s been changed to not work via Prezzee

    • What time did the buy it? Promo was over for the day as of 10 minutes ago.

      I used prezzee about 3 hours ago and it worked fine.

  • I just paid off today’s $1000 purchases and bought another $300 wish card from prezzee. No reward earned!

    Edit: reward received with delay

  • Same. No reward from prezzee on Apple pay

    • Update. Got the reward. All good

  • got a bucket of rewards balance but keep getting error problem when trying to redeem, anyone else?

    • Yes, I think there is a limit on how many times you can claim the rewards each day.

      • +1

        T&C says 8.

  • +1

    For some reason mine decided that it can't be arsed working today. Worked fine last 3 weeks tried two seperate places. Being a zipper certainly has it's ups and downs.

  • Great deal, thanks so much!

    Thanks to this the new phone already paid back 45% of what it cost, seeing that the old one didn't have NFC…

  • First time using zip to take advantage of the $15 cashback, bought myself a geforce 1650 from Mwave


    Does anyone know paying off your zip balance using Credit Card will be cash advance?


    • None of my payments have been a cash advance.

      • Thanks, so essentially I can get almost 100+ days interest free purchase?

        60 days from zip + 45 days from my credit card?

        • +1

          Up to…105 day interest free

          • @AndyRates: 107 days if the 2 months have 31 days each.

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