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Owner Occupied Fixed 2 Years P&I 2.09% p.a. up to 80% LVR + $2k Refinance Cashback @ NAB


Were getting to that point of year where you need to start selecting the right banks to get deals done in time.

Some banks start putting off staff as of the 18th and have cut off dates. Other banks will run skeleton crews during the Christmas and new year period.

I realise there are better rates then NAB out there. But it is the only big 4 banks inside of 3-4 days sla right now. Westpac 30+ days St george 15+ days ANZ 15+ days CBA 20+ days. They are all flooded except for NAB.

So if you need a deal done or have an expiry date coming up for a fixed loan or need to pull out cash or consolidate debt and have a time frame constraint i would suggest NAB would be a good bank to target.

NAB - Owner Occupied 2.09% P&I up to 80% lvr + 2k cashback + annual fee paid 395 per year for balances over 400k net of offset - comp rate 4.00% which is reduced after a pricing request.

Book an appointment straight into my calendar - https://calendly.com/adrianplayermortgagebroker/15min

FYI calendly - I had issues with calendly around 2 weeks ago and this is now resolved. Found i missed 1 appointment twice due to a subscription issue. Just wanted to highlight this as i try to be as punctual as possible for all appointments.

Adrian Player | Director
M: 0416643638
E: [email protected]
W: www.integralloansolutions.com.au
Adrian Player is a credit representative (498364) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237).

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  • westpac group is giving $4k cashback.
    and can fixed rate of 2.09% have offset? i thought offset is only with varibale rate.
    what is variable rate with LVR under 80%?

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      St george is 4k + 2k for extra properties cashback and westpac is 3k + 2k cashback for extra properties.

      Westpac is also taking 4+ months to refinance. St george a little quicker. But really slow coming up to christmas.

      Correct offset is attached to any variable portion of the homeloan on a split.

  • "They are all flooded except for NAB."

    Kinda suggests something doesn't it? NAB need to sharpen the pencil…

    • This isnt about Interest rate its about getting a deal actually done over the Christmas period. There is a good portion of clientele that dont want to wait 4+ months to refinance.

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    I wonder if this is more about the broker getting paid or the customer saving money. Better deals out there and this is just the standard pricing.

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      I get paid the same regardless of the bank that you go to. Commissions have been standardised across all banks since the banking royal commission. If you want another bank you just need to tell me. But really appreciate you questioning my integrity…….Been in lending for 10+ years and dont intend on leaving anytime soon by doing anything dodgy. Id also like to add that no matter how you come to me after an appointment i send screen shots of all lenders / fees / interest rates for you to compare and provide my recommendation based off that and you betcha one of those reasons for recommending a bank is so the deal can get done and in a timely fashion, many clients have time frame constraints or have policy reasons on why a certain bank was selected. Not every deal can be done at every bank. Also due to best interest duty we have to document everything prior to lodging a deal and can be sued up to 7 years later if we do something wrong.

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        Not having a go at you Adrian, but I know for a fact that your first comment is not correct.

        While most of the banks do pay a similar commission amount, there are some that pay slightly more or less (potentially as a way of differentiating themselves). Sure, it is not to the extreme that some cynical passers-by would believe, but the statement is not accurate.

        I can understand the frustration of being questioned. This is one of the reasons why I choose not to advertise my business on Ozbargain. While I love the community, it is not my client niche, and answering question after question from some of the people (like most social media platforms) is not something I have time for.

        There is nothing you have said previously to make me question your ethics, so please don't take this comment this way, but the black and white nature of the comment could be seen as an issue with some people/organisations.

        • Ill take your message offline and private message you. I find it in very poor taste a wa broker coming onto another brokers thread, acting like you are too busy to advertise and commenting with little to no information on my lender panel / my splits in my aggregator / how i operate my business.

          So lets get into detail here - For you to know that my statement is false and that they dont pay the same you'd have to know:

          1. Every lender im accredited - Which you dont
          2. My exact splits with my aggregator - Which you dont
          3. What comm splits have changed on all of my lenders in up front and trail coming up to best interest duty in jan 2021 - Which you dont
          4. How i operate my business when i submit to certain lenders - Which you dont

          But yes i stand by my comment all lenders on my panel "Pay the same". Anyone that wants to know im happy to message you all the lenders that have changed on my panel coming up to best interest duty launch in January 2021 showing you all that they pay the same.

          • @Adrian Player: Ok Adrian.

            Life's too short to be fighting on an internet forum, and you are obviously very passionate about this topic, so I wish you all the best.

            • @beaudilo: Hi Adrian.

              I attempted to respond to your private message, but after you've demanded for me to "Explain my comment" it appears that you blocked me after I've been off the site for a couple of days and didn't respond.

              I won't copy your message here, because I don't think that it will help.

              Also, I didn't say that I don't have time to advertise here, or that I'm too busy. I literally said that the community is not the niche for my business, and that it seems that you get frustrated by being challenged in a community that is notorious for challenging advertisers.

              I apologise wholeheartedly if I've misread the situation and your other posts (which I've not commented on).

    • +1

      "commissions have been standardised across all banks"

      i mean they're pretty close but this isn't true, most Australian banks upfront and trailing commissions can be found here https://www.connective.com.au/media/docs/Commission_Schedule...

      Also if you're looking for the best rebate broker on the market, https://shroogle.com.au is by far the best. Pass on all the upfront and trail commissions (minus GST), you pay a fixed fee of $1625 upfront for their service and then ongoing $15 a month.

      After GST, upfront in most cases 0.65% on going trail 0.15% annually paid monthly, most banks the trail commission increases slightly from years 4, 5 and onwards. I have recently used shroogle and can't fault them, I asked why haven't I herd of you, as this is much better than what anyone else on the market gets anywhere near to, apparently they're still building their app and will take it to the rest of the market next year. I suspect they will be a massive disruption to the existing broker industry.

      If you're a straight forward refinance, couple on full time salary, <80%LVR house in non high risk area, and know what product you want there's not much work for a broker to do hence why id recommend Shroogle. Unless you've got investment properties, random income streams from rentals, trusts, share dividends, you might need a broker who will have to actually do some work for you.

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    If NAB cashback goes back to $4k I’d be interested, but for $2k it’s not really worth it

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. Its more a post around timeframes and getting deals done around Christmas. We also have nab 1.89% 2 year fix + 2-4k cashback if you need a better deal. St george is also supplying a 4k rebate at the moment.

      • My apologies it should be suncorp not nab listed in the above comment. suncorp 2 year fix 1.89% + 2-4k cashback for the refi

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