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EKO 65" Frameless QLED 4K Ultra HD Android TV - Black $699 @ Big W


Again available. 4K Qled TV, 65 inches, for under $700. Reviews on Whirlpool are very decent besides a crappy speaker.

4K Ultra HD with QLED Technology for enhanced picture quality, brightness and colour
Frameless design providing a slim TV and removing the thick frames of standard televisions.
Android TV 9.0 OS - All the content that you love, exactly how you want it. Welcome to a smarter way to watch.
Google Play Store - With the Google Play Store for Android TV, whatever you're into, there's an app you're sure to love.
Android TV comes with your Google Assistant built in. Just press the Google Assist button on your remote control to quickly find the latest blockbuster or check the score of the big game.
Chromecast Built-In - With Android TV, you can quickly cast photos, videos, music and other content that you love from your favourite device straight to your TV.
HDR (High Dynamic Range) - Delivering a more realistic image with finer detailed levels of contrast and superior colour accuracy.
Prime Video and YouTube pre-installed for your viewing pleasure..
Netflix and YouTube buttons on remote for easy access.
1.07 Billion Colours
Dimensions: With Stand: 1448 x 300 x 899mm (w x d x h)
Without stand: 1448 x 61 x 837mm (w x d x h)

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  • How does this compare with Kogan's offerings? Mainly looking at the 55/58", they're quite close in price.

    • I'd say this is better, Kogan one's LED not QLED. The 65" QLED version on kogan is $1499, more than double of this.

  • Just picked up and set up my 58". Colors are amazing and vivid! Darks obviously ain't as good as OLED but but for the price there isn't much to complain about. The only issue I had was the wifi was painfully slow, easily fixed with an ethernet cable though. I'd honestly say it's a steal for this price.

  • +1

    It shouldn't be marked out of stock. People around Melbourne are still reporting stocks. I picked up one from Karringal near Frankston. They still had 5 more in box plus two displayed. There is also a 4K non-QLED for $649.

    • Geelong had about 6 in stock if you want to call them

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    Small stock in Geelong but not out yet

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    Bought one this afternoon at Kilkenny Nice, SA

  • Thanks heaps for the post Grabbed one before close today, still a few available in Ballarat.

    Difficult to beat this price for a 65inch QLED running Android!

  • +1

    I have removed the "expired" since there are still plenty of stores with stock

  • The website doesn't even have the proper model number showing anywhere that I can find….

    Bit hard to know what the power consumption might be; I think EVERY type of device that is covered by the energyrating system, should at the very least give the model number or better still provide the full rating details — that should be L.A.W. law IMHO.

    • 102884 is the product code in the link and on the box.

  • I observe that red colour does not come out as pure red but different shade of red more like a blend of purple / pink.

    Does any have the same issue?

  • +1

    Managed to pick one up this afternoon. Impressed with the value for money aspect. Android OS is pretty fast and overall I am happy with the tv. However I am having issue with audio outputting through external speakers and seeking assistance from experts here.
    Audio setting is set to External speakers on tv and I am using the HDMI ARC to connect to the Harmon Kardon receiver But no sound coming through the external speakers that connected to the receiver. And also I have connected my shield tv to one of the hdmi on the receiver. It shows up in the available chrome cast list but no audio or video when I play something on it.
    I can’t figure it out the problem. I have tried different HDMI cables and no luck. Not sure why the sound coming through tv speakers when it is set to “external speakers “
    Any help would be appreciated 😊

    • Can you choose "ARC" specifically instead of "external speakers"?

      • Thanks mate for the reply, I do not have that option. I have only tv speakers and external speakers options.

        • There should also be "Digital output" and "Downmix" settings in the Sound options. Trying playing around with those.

          Also, I'm presuming you have the receiver connected to HDMI 1 port of the TV? As that is the one with ARC.

          • @CVonC: Same issue here.
            I tried using a number of sound bars (TCL, JBL and Toshiba) but none of them seems to work with ARC. I can see them in the CEC list and controlling them via CEC is possible. However, no audio signal appears to be passed through via ARC here.

          • @CVonC: Thanks CVonC, yes my receiver is connected to HDMI 1 which is ARC. played around the settings you suggested and no luck. Going to try an optical cable to pass the audio. If it works I will leave it as it is as I can’t figure out the issue. Thanks for your response.

            • @Ozbaragain: That's what I ended up doing with my 55" version of this TV. The optical out seems all good with the Digital Output setting on Auto.

              • @FLICKIT: Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy the TV 👍👍

                • @Ozbaragain: I have to use optical out with my Logitech Z5500.

                  The problem is with Disney+ doesn't output 5.1 :/

                  • @CVonC: My issue also sorted out by the optical cable. So UHD video is through the shield and audio is through the optical out. Too good..!!
                    Btw, I spent hours to figure out I had to change a small settings on receiver to get the optical to work. Some “HDMI Link” need to turn off, otherwise it default to ARC.
                    Thanks to all who responded to my requests. Enjoy your TV guys.. 👍👍

                    • +1

                      @Ozbaragain: To be fair I haven't actually tried ARC as the Logitech's don't have HDMI in. It's interesting that you guys can't get ARC to work. It's making me want to try it with my Denon receiver that's in the main living room but I can't be bothered to unplug all the cables! My one is the non-QLED model so it's not the same model as the one on sale here.

                      Oh and apparently Disney+ 5.1 output only works through ARC too -_-

                    • +1

                      @Ozbaragain: I have tried contacting support re: the HDMI ARC issue as well.

                      They have advised me to change some of the settings on the TV, which didn't help. They have also requested me to replace my HDMI cable with a Belkin 4K HDR cable to see if that is going to help, I will give that a try today but I don't really think that's going to help to be honest.

                      From what I could see here, it seems to be a firmware issue (audio is not routed through HDMI ARC) on the presentation layer instead of something in the datalink / network layer (as CEC handshakes can be completed and commands issued via CEC are operational).

                    • +1

                      @Ozbaragain: I have just swapped the basic Belkin HDMI cable (https://www.belkin.com/au/p/P-F3Y021/) to their advanced series cable (https://www.belkin.com/au/p/P-AV10050/).

                      I am surprised that the ARC function now suddenly works. I totally wasn't expecting that to hapoen but it looks like the TV might have some trouble using HDMI 1.4 rated cables (even just for passing through low bandwidth PCM audio signals).

                      Will try out some other HDMI 2.0 cables when I have the time.

                      • @systema: I have not been able to get the EKO 2.0 soundbar to work well over ARC with the HDMI cables I have already (tried three). I'm using a "4K" rated one that is meant to be good quality whilst I obtain a new HDMI cable. I can hear sound fine through the soundbar, however whilst changing the volume with the TV remote works, the onscreen volume level overlay no longer shows up. Worse though, every few minutes the sound gets a bit slurred for a second - almost like when an old cassette tape is stretched, or someone puts their finder on a vinyl record and slows down playback! very annoying.

                        So I switched to bluetooth mode on the soundbar and paired it with the TV. This works - can hear sound and the volume overlay (with additional bluetooth logo) now shows on screen. but there is a new issue - every 20mins or so the soundbar announces "powering off" and switches itself off, and the tv falls back to it's own (weak) speaker.

                        not winning here with the EKO soundbar.

                        can someone confirm what ARC is meant to do when using the EKO QLED and EKO 2.0 soundbar? should i be able to change the volume with the tv remote and see the onscreen volume level overlay? and switching on/off the tv with the tv remote should switch on/off the soundbar? anything else?

                        thank you.

                        • @fortyfour: Assume in the TV audio settings you selected sound system (or whatever it's called) instead of TV, then it will use the connected device?

                          • @G-rig: yeah made sure that was set - it's named "external speaker system" i think.

                            • @fortyfour: Hmm, yeah I'm sure you would have, and it may even select automatically bit sure.

                              Guess maybe try the better HDMI cable, I had a good one from a Dell monitor (1.4 version I think), so may have helped, probably needs to be decent for 4k but most should really work I would have thought. Bit crook of their own brand sound bar doesn't play nice

                              • @G-rig: Actually, to my surprise, most HDMI cables marketed as 4K are just HDMI 1.4 cables capable of doing 10Gbps (e.g. the basic Belkin cable). You will need a cable that is designed for HDMI 2.0a or HDMI 2.0b which gives you 18Gbps according to tech support that I spoke with for some weird reasons

                                • @systema: Geez really, does the TV even go up to HDMI 2.1, will have to check.

                                  I've got one of these 8k cables for my monitor as I wanted one that went up to 165hz, it's a 2k monitor so it's fine, haven't pushed it to test 4k but the comments are good. You really have to research cables , a lot don't seem to cut it.


                                  Then I've also got a 5m office works cable that get a good reputation and that works When running games to the tv from PC, the tv only goes to 60Hz @4k I think, and that is fine too. Stuffs me..

                                  • @G-rig: I think it is just the ARC connection that is picky with cables with the TV - I am using a cheap cable between my HTPC and the TV and it seems to be able to handle HDR 10 at 4:4:4 fine.

                                    • @systema: True, guess just have to try a few different ones.

                                    • @systema: Just tried a new, v2.0 HDMI high speed with Ethernet cable. I can hear sound through the Eko 2.0 soundbar, and it switches on and off with the tv power button, however it's still distorting the audio every few minutes (the stretched cassette tape effect) and I don't seem to be able to control volume from the tv remote - pressing vol up/down doesn't seem to change volume and there is no onscreen volume level indicator. I'm taking the Eko soundbar back - I consider it to be faulty.

                                      • @fortyfour: I think the EKO 2.1 soundbars are the same as the FFalcon 2.1 and the TCL TS 3010. All of these are, unfortunately, subpar with poor audio quality. You might want to try the Toshiba soundbar from BigW instead, about the same price but somewhat decent sound output (except for it has less bass as the "subwoofer" is built into the sound bar).

                                        I don't think the EKO sound bar (and most cheap sound bars) has an on-screen overlay as the on-screen overlay is representative of the volume of the TV's own speaker but not the sound bar. The HDMI CEC function only send commands like power on/off and vol up / down to the sound bar from the tv in this case.

                                        • @systema: Thanks for all of that info, it's helpful. And whilst i wasn't expecting amazing from the EKO soundbar, it's a pity that it distorts the audio. On bluetooth with the EKO TV, there is at least no distortion, but the constant auto power off after 20mins is tiring!

                                          Would you recommend the toshiba over the "JBL Soundbar with Subwoofer 2.0ch - SB110" ($145)? starting to creep up in price though, compared to the EKO at least.

                                          • +1

                                            @fortyfour: I only have the Toshiba bar myself so really can't comment on the JBL one but I think any unit from a decent brand should be okay.

  • Could someone measure the width between the stands please? Hopimg my TV unit will fit 65". Would the package fit in mid size SUV? Cheers.

    • I picked it up in my RAV4 2014 model. Sorry, I can’t comment on the width between stands as I have already wall mounted it.

    • It's on the site…

      With Stand
      1448 (w) × 300 (d) × 899 (h) mm

      I picked it up in a hatch. Was resting on an angle though.

      • Thanks. I meant the size from stand to stand. The size provided is the width of the panel. Or am I misreading it?

        • I have the 55" and the stand is basically the same width as the panel…

        • As FLICKIT said it's the same width

        • Cheers.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, managed to get one via click and collect at Big W Werribee, they still had a few left at around 4pm I think.

  • Picked one up yesterday and it's amazing the amount of TV you get for your money now. I hadn't upgraded for YEARS so in hindsight, this deal is a no-brainer. All hooked up fine with my main system and the picture quality is great. Haven't noticed anything bad so far after one night of viewing. Tested it with the Playstation quickly and all seemed fine. If I notice anything terrible over the coming days, I'll comment. I've been using Apple TV for years and noticed the apps definitely respond slower with the remote (mostly Netflix) and it's not AS nice to browse but the remote is still pretty decent. Just cheaper feeling than the Apple TV. However it is nice having more app options with the Android platform.

    It's also just a good looking tv when it's off. It doesn't look cheap like a lot of other budget models. For $699, highly recommended.

    • Agree great for the price.

      Nothing stopping you From adding a Chromecast with Google TV or Apple TV later if you want other features (bit snappier, Dolby Atmos, can voice control other home devices with remote whereas android TV cant. Good if your phone isn't handy or saves unlocking it).

      On another note I noticed that the Chromecast with Google TV reverts back to 1080p sometimes, have done a bit of research I think it's a Chromecast issue. I've got it running through a soundbar with arc, Google tv has ethernet adaptor but also got wifi turned on)


  • Where can i find one in VIC. Near Dandenong? Karingal has no stock

    • I am hoping to find stock at Karingal. Someone mentioned there are 5 units left.

      • This morning I ordered via online and it was cancelled a few min ago. I called and there are no stocks in Karingal

        • +1

          Doesn’t seem to be stock in Vic.

          In my head I still want to chase a tv with HDMI 2.1 to get the best out of my Xbox Series X, but I’ve never witnessed 120fps (up from 60fps) to know if really worth the considerable added expense to get a compatible panel at the moment.

          Had been thinking LG CX series but now super confused as there’s this (super cheap), hisense (still cost efficient but more than this), then the more regular Samsung’s’ (more $), followed by the premium televisions ($4k+).

          • +1

            @fookos: LG is top of the range. You can't put this in the same boat. Depends on your time line. If you're willing to wait, then wait and get the LGs. If not, get this for now. Then when a deal drops, get the LG. When you sell this, you should get almost the same you bought it for. Just keep the box and everything else.

          • +1

            @fookos: There was 7 pcs at Ballarat, Vic yesterday before I ordered one online.

      • That was me. There were 5 boxes plus two display units at mid day yesterday. I had also requested mods that the deal be not marked expired because stocks were being reported around VIC.

        No another note, very happy so far. Hooked up with PS4 PRO with ARC. Looks great. Better than my Sony UHD anyways.

    • I got one from Pakenham store yesterday. Please call then and see. This is not showing up online but looked like they had few yesterday

    • I got one from Doncaster this morning around 10 and they still have one more left.
      Might want to give them a call before going.

  • Is this a bad choice if I have no interest in a sound bar?

  • -3
    • +1

      Wrong TV

    • Wouldn't exactly trust product review either, although sounds like the old model and this one is meant to be massively improved.

  • No stock near me. What’s the difference between this model and this


    Other than it being “frameless”

    • One is QLED the other isn't

      • Ah thanks. That’s pretty important. Haha

        • -1

          It isn't actually with these cheap TVs. I have the non-QLED model that you linked to and my mate has the QLED model in the OP. Have a read of my comparison here, here and here if you like.

  • just got one from big w ballarat,vic

  • I've been playing around with the one I bought today.

    4k content looks amazing.

    There seems to be a little input lag in gaming.

    Tuning the picture inside the Android tv interface sucks, and I don't know what some of the options mean - I.e. "blue stretch".

    My Xbox One S helped me do a "calibration" for 4k HDR content, but the final image you compare looks the same. Don't know if settings are unique to each input or not, and how Android fits into that.

    Free to air remote inputs (opening freeview plus for instance) sometimes make the whole thing grind to a halt, as does Google assistant

    Main Android menu is not 4k, which sucks. It's not even 1080p as far as I can tell. App menus aren't 4k either, so that's disappointing. Maybe there's something I'm missing.

    Pretty happy with the TV though, might plug in the Vodafone tv I was using and see if things are better - the VTV was definitely snappier in the menus and using the assistant.

    Anyway, that's my unboxing and quick review.

    Wouldn't mind finding some nice colour settings from someone else

    • Is it possible to bypass the built-in Android TV and solely use the Vodafone tv? I'm thinking if you ended up settling on Vodafone tv as it's more responsive, could it be confusing with both.

      • If it's like the Google TV you'd plug that into the arc HDMI port and or just use the vtv/gtv remote instead. CEC should sort it out and the tv should remember the input anyway I think. Worth testing and just use the tv as a display.

        Doesn't seem to be any noticeable lag using windows PC plugged into HDMI. Using NVIDIA GeForce experience with only the TV monitor on seems to sort out the best settings

    • Tuning the picture inside the Android tv interface sucks, and I don't know what some of the options mean - I.e. "blue stretch".

      Yeah I've no idea what that does too.

      Don't know if settings are unique to each input or not, and how Android fits into that.

      Yeah it's unique to each input

      Main Android menu is not 4k, which sucks. It's not even 1080p as far as I can tell. App menus aren't 4k either, so that's disappointing. Maybe there's something I'm missing.

      Yeah it's bit fuzzy if you look closely unfortunately. My Hisense 55" non-Android Smart TV has better looking menus tbh.

      Wouldn't mind finding some nice colour settings from someone else

      My settings for the non-QLED model was posted earlier in this thread.

    • +4

      Some descriptions on menu items from a Toshiba TV manual:

      MPEG NR: MPEG Noise Reduction cleans up block noise around outlines and noise on the background. Set your MPEG NR preference as Low, Medium, Strong or turn it off by setting as Off.

      Adaptive Luma Control: Adaptive Luma control adjusts contrast settings globally according to content histogram in order to provide deeper black and brighter white perception. Set your Adaptive Luma Control preference as Low, Medium, Strong or turn it off by setting as Off.

      Local Contrast Control: Local contrast control divides each frame to defined small regions and provides ability to apply independent contrast setting for each region. This algorithm improves fine details and provides better contrast perception. It makes higher depth impression by enhancing dark and bright areas without any detail loss. Set your Local Contrast Control preference as Low, Medium, High or turn it off by setting as Off.

      DI Film Mode: It is the function for 3:2 or 2:2 cadence detection for 24 fps film contents and improves the side effects (like interlacing effect
      or judder) which are caused by these pull down methods. Set your DI Film Mode preference as Auto or turn it off by setting as Off. This item
      will not be available if Game Mode or PC Mode is turned on.

      Blue Stretch: Human eye perceives cooler whites as brighter white, Blue Stretch feature changes white balance of mid-high grey levels to cooler colour temperature. Turn the Blue Stretch function on or off.

      Game Mode: Game mode is the mode which cuts down some of the picture processing algorithms to keep up with video games that have fast frame rates. Turn the Game Mode function on or off.

      PC Mode: PC Mode is the mode which cuts down some of the picture processing algorithms to keep signal type as it is. It can be usable especially for RGB inputs. Turn the PC Mode function on or off.

      HDMI RGB Range: This setting should be adjusted according to input RGB signal range on HDMI source. It can be limited range (16-235)
      or full range (0-255). Set your HDMI RGB range preference. Auto, Full and Limit options will be available. This item will not be available, if the input source is not set as HDMI.

      • I've noticed a kind of flicker effect in 4k eg a drone going over a dense forest or something, any idea what that is and what settings help it? not too often just an observation.

        Will have to perhaps tweak some settings for the PC game HDMI input too given they are independent for each input (so why not).

        I've got 'game mode' on on Google TV, which everything goes through, haven't tested on vs off really.


      • That’s useful, thanks.

        I think local contrast or auto luma might be a bit annoying - some scenes dip down to dark/light very quickly in shows like “The Boys” on Amazon Prime.

        I’ll experiment later as it could just be the show itself.

        Wish setting picture options didn’t take up half the screen and worked inside apps.

        That being said, I’m pretty happy!

        • Good to hear, same, not too many complaints at all for the price.
          Always trade-offs with some picture settings. I can seem to access the tv's android settings (three vertical lines button) and adjust picture but maybe works inside say amazon/netflix as it's running through the Google TV.. who knows.

          Sometimes seems like Prime's brightness is lower in general too.

        • +2

          Wish setting picture options didn’t take up half the screen and worked inside apps.

          Yeah I wish you can enable transparency!

          Pro-tip: If you guys want to access the settings in an app, press the Google assistant button and say "open settings". Then you can adjust picture/sound settings live ;)

          Pro-tip 2: There is a "Factory Menu" system app that let's you adjust overscan (and a whole bunch of other things that you probably shouldn't touch).

          • @CVonC: I remember reading the Google assistant hack for settings, but it just turned on my Xbox and opened its settings instead…

            Might have to try some different phrases!

            Keen to try this Factory Settings app, I wonder if we can get to the 120hz interpolation stuff I read about earlier in this thread?

            • @Droz: Unplugged the xbox lol

              Not sure if I saw anything about interpolation in the factory menu. Lemme know if you do.

          • +1

            @CVonC: You are a star! This "open settings" tip is worth it's wait in gold. Was just saying to my wife yesterday how it's annoying you can't access the settings within apps.

            • @Draycen: you can hold down the home button as well (i think its the same thing, only takes you to the top menu?)

              • @G-rig:

                hold down the home button as well

                This just brings up the apps grid on my non-qled model, can't access the settings from there.

                • @CVonC: Hmm I must have been talking about chomecast Google TV remote

  • Picked up one from Eastland Ringwood thisafternoon. Seems like they still have a few in stock. Try give them a call before you go and their service desk staffs are really helpful.

    • Eastland Ringwood doesnt have any stocks

  • picked up one for myself and my father in law picked up one also (Murray Bridge, SA)

    If anyone is interested in getting their Harmony remote working with this (as the Harmony software won't pick it up under EKO K650USGQ) , I used this TV model which looks like the identical TV https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08469WLC6?smid=ANEGB3WVEVKZB

    Blaupunkt BP650USG9200

    Works well enough for me on my Harmony 650. Turns the TV on, can navigate Android TV etc. I have the TV connected to my non 4K yamaha amp via optical.

    • I actually emailed support and they said the remote control code is A05F.

      I don't have a universal remote anymore but may be of use.

    • Thanks heaps. I was just going through the process of configuring the Harmony remote and almost gave up. That Blaupunkt model seems to do the trick!

  • +1

    Would this fit in the back of a sedan? (Toyota Camry)?

    • -1

      It is advisable to place the tv upright and not lying down.
      its also stated in the box.

      • +1

        It's irrelevant how you place a led TV. The upright position was for plasmas. I think what you see on the box is not to stack them on top of each other laying flat

        • The Big W staff said laying on its side during transport had caused cracks, and that’s why they didn’t let you take them like that.

          That being said, I had mine on a 45 degree angle because 1 metre high box didn’t fit in the 4wd I used to get it home…

        • Several big w staff reminded me not to place the tv lying flat and if I do, to wait an hour before turning it on. So I doubt it has anything to do with it cracking. I laid mine flat in my car anyway, went home and installed the tv and turned it on immediately. Works just fine.

        • -2

          no disrespect, but i guess they placed that warning on the box for a reason.

          here is the sign shown on box photo

          • @artxty: it's probably good practice not to lie them down, the boxes are a lot thinner than my old sony box but so is the tv.

            • @G-rig: It's interesting - Had to lie it down to get it out of the box, and to install the feet - I believe it even says that in the manual

              • @Droz: Yeah guess it's more aimed at physical damage now moreso than shifting lcds (or whatever the tech term is that affected the plasmas).

                Still glad I bought it!

  • +2

    Box Dimension:
    1615mm L
    1070mm H
    160mm W

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