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[Pre Order] Xbox Series X 1TB $749 + Delivery @ The Good Guys (Online Only)


Xbox Series X 1TB - Pre order

Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles - all games look and play best on Xbox Series X.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Limited new games at the moment.

    • +9

      It seems just being able to buy one is a big deal.

      • I am eventually going to buy a Series X but I won't buy this first generation. Microsoft has a track record of improving the console over multiple generations of we take XB360 and XB1 as examples.

        • But that means you miss out on any games that come out in the mean time - not that there are many right now.

          I am kind of the the same boat, I tend to buy a year or a bit after the release of next gen consoles but because of the games available, not because of improvements in future releases. EG I bought the xbox one late and still played on the Xbox 360 when the XBONE was released, still bought the older Xbox One when S was out.

              • +1

                @TChalla: Well I do agree with everything you've written except for the "missing out" bit. I feel people get way too obsessed with buying these things (they feel it brings happiness) but it is rarely the case that such happiness is sustainable.

          • +1

            @TChalla: Why would he miss out? The games will still be available…

        • Microsoft has a track record of improving the console over multiple generations of we take XB360 and XB1 as examples.

          True. But those might be OOS for ages when they release too. If you wait for those, the next revision is around the corner.

          • @lostn: Well from what it appears…. everyone would have bought this generation so they might not buy the next release..

            • @bigbadboogieman: not if they supply never catches up to demand before the Slim/X/Pro models release.

        • +1

          I wanted to get x box one but held out for this one, it's buttery smooth, quick resume is cool as, not a console guy but xbox is 5 star, included with the pass, amazing value

        • I have an XB1 you can buy if you think the technology is ready for you?

  • +1

    Thanks for the heads up

  • +1

    Yay ordered one! Saw it in facebook group first tho. Thanks OP! GamePass!!!

  • +1

    Hopefully the wait won't be too long. Only 14 days until Hitman 3 drops 😬

  • -1

    Ordered, thanks!

  • Does anyone know if Good Guys have provided a delivery date?

    • +2

      put in your post code - seems they DO have stock ready to send

    • Mine shows it’s in their warehouse ready to send so I’d expect a quick delivery

  • +9

    This is one hell of a console. Got all my old consoles working through emulation too, and the classic arcade games are amazing!

    Oh, n Gamepass Ultimate is unbeatable.

    • You got the emulation working with Retroarch and a dev account?

  • -1

    The flaky controller connection issue is a bit of a worry.

    • I haven’t had this issue. But Microsoft have announced they are working on a fix.

    • +2

      At this time I don’t think it’s overly widespread.

      Doesn’t prove anything one way or another, but our three controllers are fine. Also if you go through the comments just keep in mind some people are complaining about Bluetooth on Windows being flakey which is a seperate issue and a long term one addressed by using the wireless single instead of Bluetooth. The console doesn’t use Bluetooth for connectivity so issues with that on PCs is completely seperate.

      • I don't think it's that widespread either. I've never had the issue, and neither has anyone else I know with a Series X.

  • I have 1. It's great but I need either new games or more upgrades for old ones.

  • +20

    Ahhhhhh nothing quite like a OzBargain Console post to bring out the dipshits

    • I actually laughed at this, well done.

    • And the alphas @Mbix

    • +1

      Just waiting for the RRP Police to show up

  • +2

    It's just a funding round… It seems they are running short on cash so what better way than to offer a pre-order with no ETA on a highly sought after item.

    • +2

      The lack of an ETA doesn't bother me. I'm just happy to be in the queue. I'm sick of calling up every JB Hi-Fi in town.

    • +17

      Air blows out the top. I'm sure the Microsoft design team understand the basic principle that heat rises.

  • Is there any point to this console if you have a good PC?

    • -2

      playing the exclusive XBOX game, but why….

      • +9

        All Xbox exclusives are on PC. There is no such thing as an Xbox Console exclusive anymore.

        • Yes there is "Xbox Console" exclusive. Key word Console.

          Just like Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding are Playstation Console exclusive.

    • +1

      Not really. Xbox pretty much exists on PC’s these days.

    • +11

      Yes, computer players will say otherwise just like Sony players hate Xbox but nowhere on Earth $749 builds a computer as powerful as an XBX.

      You will need a good 2k to start, 3-4k you are getting there.

      But no everybody is ready to start with this conversation.

      • +5

        You are definitely correct, for $750 it's way better than anything you could build for even $1k.

        I already have the rig though.

      • +1

        You’re overestimating the cost of a PC build but yeah I agree that $750 would not get you anything as powerful as the new Xbox.

        • @FireRunner, not really.

          Okay that XSX is not being fully used, there is no game properly released to fully use its power, etc.
          Now, please, tell me, how much would you spend to:

          • Run a game at 4k 120fps
          • HDR
          • Ray Tracing
          • FreeGync / G-Sync
          • NVMe Gen4
          • 10 seconds between starting the system (Windows on a PC) with the game already loaded. Here is where processor, memory and storage speed matter.
          • Be able to swap games with 5-10 seconds. GTA V I believe took 13-15 seconds for me to be playing and it is running from my external NVMe storage. Not even the internal storage.
          • Run cool. Here cooling matters. XSX is a cube of ice thanks to its design and one 1 ONE big fan.

          Please, how much do you think that is gonna cost me?

          2k and I will still be dreaming…..

          • @ratoloko: Wasn’t the GPU equivalent to an RTX2080 or 2080 Super? Maybe better since games can be optimised for the hardware.
            I agree you won’t be able to get the same time to launch/swap game but that’s because PC has a lot more overhead (Windows 10 and game launcher)
            I’m not sure if anything makes full use of NVMe Gen 4 speeds but its $250 for a 1TB
            I still reckon for $2k would get you an equivalent PC minus the game launch/swap time and form factor of the console

      • Aparantly the card in the xbox is 6800, that one alone is 1k if you can get it

        • Would be the RX 6700, the Series X GPU is not quite a RX 6800.

          PS5 seems to be the RX 6600.

      • One of the gaming websites built a Ps5/Xbox spec PC for 1200 bucks.

        Xbox is a good price, if you like that type of gaming, but if you have a PC a PS5 seems good buddy to have to get most games

        • That’s In USD.. (XSX is $499 over there). no where using AUD and sourcing it from Australia can you get a PC that costs $1200 with similar spec to a XSX

    • Depends how good the PC is. Quick resume is pretty cool too.

    • +1

      pay the $20 to put the console in debug mode - then install RetroArch on it and it makes a kick arse, cheap (if you get the xbox one s) emulation all in one box that can run any 8 bit console up to PS2, Wii / Gamecube, Saturn.

      • Yeah I don't really agree that the xbox is good value if this is your main use case. My SFF Optiplex 9020 i5 4570 8gb ram with low profile 1050 Ti cost me about $250 total and would be way better for emulation, while doubling as a PC for all the uses that can offer.

        I do think it's cool that the Xbox can do this if you were going to buy one anyway though!

    • +1

      No. It's a great console, but if you've already invested in a good PC there's very little reason to get one. Even Microsoft would agree.

    • +2

      Depends on your situation. Lots of people, me included use a pc and an xbox. Depends on what i am playing.

      Some games are just better suited to playing on a console.

      Competitive FPS i would go the PC. Forza for instance is for me, more of a sit in the lounge and play on the console game. The kids use the console for multiplayer (on the same screen) games as well.

      Love the quick resume of console as well. I often put off starting a game on pc cause i can't be bothered loading the game, loading the save and getting back into it. The xbox is where i left it, handy when you get limited time to game.

      • +1

        I can see it being pretty awesome if your PC is from 2013 and you just get a top tier next gen game machine for $750.

        • Super late reply.

          One x is probably ahead of a decent 2013 rig already.

          I was looking at up what GPU i would need to match a series x. Currently have an rx480 which is probably slower than a 1x (roughly equiv to an rx580).

          I would need around $1000 to match just the gpu alone!

          • @Duff5000: Yeah I was saying it would be a huge upgrade on a 2013 rig.

            The GPU power of the PS5 / Xbox series X is probably about as powerful as a 5700xt I think, so definitely good value for the entire console at $750.

            • @Budju: I got you. Was just extending that a bit further to be a huge upgrade from my ~'17 rig :)

    • +1

      If you intend to use Game Pass, some games are available on Xbox and not PC and vice versa, even if the game exists for both.

    • -1

      dont comment then if there is no point you gronk.

  • +2

    Ordered also. 5% off with Suncorp Benefits + 3% Good Guys cash rewards = $696.77 pickup (+$10 if delivered).

    • Think consoles are 1.2% cashback.

      • +2

        AUD680.00 AUD 14.28 Cash Reward. So apologies, not 3%.

    • +1

      bad idea. If order gets cancelled, you’re stuck with $750 worth of good guys gift cards

  • did this last longer than the PS5 post?

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaand it's gone

  • damn fast..

    • +1

      The warehouse, hey?

      • +9

        Chemist warehouse

  • bummer for those who missed out. But FYI they are still available in some EB games stores. They randomly get stock without any prior warning. Went to EB games Northland yesterday and was told they had 2 in stock which they just received that morning. Try your luck guys!!

  • I feel a little guilty getting my Series X so close to launch day and hardly touching it, meanwhile there are kids out there that would sell their kidney for one. They would sell someone else's kidney at least.

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