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Xbox Series X $749 @ EB Games (Selected Stores, in Store Only)


Saw Series X at my local Ebgames ( Stanhope Gardens, NSW). The counter person said that they do have 2 more in stock.
Seems Microsoft doing better than Sony in making it available or PS5 selling out much more :)

Called Rouse hill too and they also have stock.

I know this is not a deal as its full price, however, it's in stock and that is a big deal.

Mod: Stock reported at 5 different stores now, the post will remain in the deals section. See comments and check with your local if not mentioned above or below.

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    Lol at this post, appreciate the effort and energy tho

    • What's funny about it?

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      As a general guide, deals with less than 10 items in stock at the time of submission may be unpublished

      I'd say 2 is well below this threshold.

      • I think the thing to take from this is "call your local store NOW". It was a post like this that enabled me to get my Series X from JB. Wouldn't have known their stores were getting them in but not listing them online otherwise.

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    Ok lets book a flight to Sydney guys.

  • Not being able to buy online and just having to hope it’s in stock makes this really difficult. But if you have a Xbox one original or s, now is the time to trade it in. I believe extra credit expires jan 31st

  • I think the title of the post might be giving people the wrong idea (thinking it's available online). Pop the names of the stores in the title or something just so people know before getting too excited :)

  • It's probably a case of that the PS5 is more in demand so it sells out quicker.

    Also only 2 in stock. That's not going to last long. This is insufficient quantity.

    It belongs in this thread.


  • Sat on the MS Store for half of day the other day.

  • Dammit, i just returned from that shopping centre. Need to get back there quick!

  • also saw one at Target merrylands last week

  • Got one from JB a while back. Awesome machine, quick resume and virtually no load screens is fantastic.

    I reckon i spend twice as much time actually playing rather then waiting.

  • Howdy neighbour! Stanhope Gardens is my local shopping centre too.

  • Sorry about my long post but…I still remember how I got an Xbox Series X… somebody on Facebook advertised at RRP on my lunch break and I clicked on it. Post said " Don't pay the scalpers, I just bought one at my local JB HiFi"
    I called my local and they said they had 8 and I rushed down after work. This was just before Christmas and hectic time at work but really made my year less shitty…
    So before you knock these RRP deals and have a big cry (because you are a pack of whiny mod: edited). For some people this is more than a deal and could make somebody's child happy or a lonely gamer happy. Is it against the terms of the site? Possibly
    Is it for the spirit of humanity and possibly giving people that moment of happiness after a shitty year? Absolutely…and that's why it gets my vote!

    • Happiness is not achieved through purchasing high-end and sought after consumer electronics at high prices just because they're in low quantities

      That includes RRP

      • Are you sure it doesn't make those people happy?

        • happy ending here thats for sure

        • Depends how you define happiness. This is more philosophical than you probably initially intended with the quick retort to my comment, but happiness is often an unachievable destination we set for ourselves based upon ever-elusive goal-setting. Whether that be the delay of happiness until we have a certain job, level of wealth or (in this case) Xbox Series X.

          As humans we quickly lose the initial interest and anticipation of new things after receiving them and growing used to them. This happens to everyone even if we don't like to admit it. Just as our desire for a dessert immediately disapates the second the food hits our mouth, soon too will the perception of desire we place of such items as an Xbox fade as we grow dissatisfied with its diminishing returns of "excitement" that we often confuse with happiness.

          Happiness comes from contentment and presence, but because that ideology isn't associated with the "highs" of adrenaline, desire and excitement - which are more immediately measurable - we don't value the concept with as much validity.

          • @Ninternet: You must be a lot of fun at parties….

          • @Ninternet: I set goals to save enough to buy a Xbox, I buy new games when the “excitement” diminishes on my current selection. Side note pretty sure the desire for dessert dissipates (correct spelling) once we take the first bite is more so the fact that we now have said dessert. My desire to buy an Xbox dissipates when I hand over the money for the Xbox… doesn't mean I don’t want it anymore.

            • @Slo20: Nothing you've said is incorrect. And yes, I realise I misspelt dissipates.

              But does this said loop of desire (buy console, grow accustomed to it, buy new games, grow accustomed, buy new games, grow accustomed, etc) actually fill us with a sense of happiness? Even in the sense that it brings us fleeting levels of increased "euphoria" if you will?

              We all know, when thinking logically, that our sense of happiness/pleasure/fulfillment with the new console will eventually (within even a few months) leave us feeling the same way we do now given that we are already console owners who regularly consume new games for entertainment once our old ones become familiar.

              The goal-setting loop suggests that without the self-imposed reward (new game or console) at the end of the cycle each go round, we would cease to be happy. Our identity as a consumer or gamer will now be pulled into question and potentially lead to anxiety or depression. This is why, when referring back to my original comment, I still maintain that this loop is not "happiness", but rather a self-imposed system that we convince ourselves is in some way making us feel happy, however fleeting.

              • @Ninternet: Based on your 79 posted deals on Nintendo switch items and many others linked to games I would suggest you should probably be asking yourself these questions. In the meantime I’m off to play on my console.

                • @Slo20: Almost as if people are capable of change and of asking themselves these questions which would lead us to this current situation.

      • it is when youhave screaming kids over the xmas holidays…its pure pleasure bro!

        • How old are they and why are your kids screaming?

          Maybe they are hungry.. or whatever reason..
          Better find that what that is.. rather just sticking them in front of a gaming console.

          Also you can just give them a phone and that should shut them up..

    • Hear that tiny harp playing? It's just for you.

      RRP is not, and has never been, a bargain - doubly so on mass-produced consumer electronics.

  • Confirmed just got one from ebgames Rosebud, Vic

  • None in either of the Launceston TAS stores :(

  • Do they still have decent trade in deals?

  • JB Hifi in Leichardt (Sydney) has stock too, but won't tell you that over the phone.

  • Best way to get some foot traffic into the shop.

  • Called ebgames yesterday and was able to put it on hold and pick it up in the arvo.

    I had traded in the one x towards the end of December and was waiting for ebgames to restock.


    Needless to say, very happy with my purchase.

    Cyberpunk 2077 runs with proper frames now, except the bugs are still garbage.

    Going to play borderlands 3 soon :)

  • Really happy that I could be of help.

  • Bought one from EB games docklands

  • Thank you everyone who has posted about getting it from EB Games. Called Fyshwick store they had one so just bought it. Had to call few stores in ACT most said to call store everyday and just ask as they have been getting one or two arriving during weekdays. All stores I called were really helpful really impressed with there customer service

  • Got one from EB Games Northcote (Melbourne, VIC).
    Thanks abhayks!
    Talking to the guy at the store, he said most EB stores got around 2 XSXs in yesterday afternoon.

  • It's easier to have stock with less people buying.

  • Called 12 stores in Vic this afternoon, managed to get the last one in Lilydale. Thankyou.

  • What is the benefit of paying RRP for a console that does not much next gen games?

    Also how much are the games selling for?

    • $1 game pass for 3 months through xbox website gives you access to 200+ games using game pass

      • In all seriousness Game Pass has been a game changer for me.
        So many great games and they run flawlessly.
        A good game is a good game, regardless of which generation it came out.

        I've never played Crysis so might give it a run on my XBSX :-)

    • I'm doing a trade in, I believe that this gets me good trade in value and minimises the time and effort I spend selling it myself online.