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1440P Gaming PC | Ryzen 5 3600 CPU | RTX3070 8GB GPU | B550M MB | 480GB SSD | 16GB RAM | LanceV Case | $1477 + Del @ TechFast


Ripper price from TechFast on this 1440P gaming PC. Code ARSECRUSHER drops the price by a flat $522 so feel free to use the upgrade options by selecting from the drop-down boxes. Delivery cost varies based on location. Offer ends February 9, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Edit - Clarification on build time from Luke:

TechFast's estimated shipping time as per our Build & Shipping Times page is 14 business days, putting these at the end of Feb. The main stock for the deal is on hand, and the timing is related to the current build queue, order processing and custom PC building times.

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          The cost quickly adds up with all those upgrades. The Virco 5600X/3070 deal is probably better value if you're gonna do all those upgrades.

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            @mandelbrot: No Virco deal is not better. Their motherboard is not as good as Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite WiFi ATX Motherboard.

            Also I would prefer gigabyte PSU rather than Vicro's deep cool.

            Vicro's deal is expired also.

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    Can you put an option for CPU upgrade for Ryzen 5 5600x.

    • What this guy said^

    • Or 5800….

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      Just saw this, not in this deal sorry, not enough stock of Zen 3 around to meet demand.

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    Hi, is it possible to have the parts shipped separately without being preassembled?

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      Yes, enter SHIP UNASSEMBLED in the notes field during checkout. Individual part warranties apply.

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        Thanks :) and do they arrive in their original packaging?

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          You'll get them exactly how we get them - if we get retail packaging you will too, if they come bulk/OEM packaged we will package them appropriately.

          • @luketechfast: Ok thanks so much

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            @luketechfast: @luketechfast

            Will asking for it to be shipped unassembled have any effect on dispatch time?

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              @Dooom: It skips build and testing but is not prioritised above other orders, so maybe 1-2 days

  • This build costs $2034.63 delivered. Could anyone suggest which is better for video/photo editing and work, no gaming. Just want something reliable that will last a long 5+ years.

    Would this build or the $1999 Dell XPS 8940 Tower Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700k 16GB RAM 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 3070 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600086 be better?

    The main difference is an upgrade ram to 32GB and 1 year extra warranty which I'd pay for with Dell too as I'm not confident fixing it myself.

    AMD Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC
    Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Processor
    Processor Cooling : [object Object]
    Case : Deepcool Matrexx 55 3F ADD-RGB ATX Case
    Motherboard : Biostar B550MH M-ATX Motherboard [Supports 3200MHz RAM and m.2 NVME SSD]
    Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB Graphics Card
    Memory : 32GB DDR4 [3200MHz] (2 x 16GB) (Requires Min. B450 [AMD] / Z390 [Intel] Motherboard)
    Solid State Drive : 1TB 2.5" SSD
    Additional SSD Storage : No Additional SSD
    Hard Disk Drive : 2TB Hard Disk Drive
    Power Supply : Gigabyte P650B 650W 80+ Bronze Power Supply
    Operating System Activation : No Operating System Activation
    Networking : On-Board Network Port
    Warranty : 2 Year Return To Base Warranty


    • The dell would be better for video/photo editing.

      • why? not questioning just genuinely curious as a noob

        • The dell has a better CPU.

          Techfast's upgrades are very expensive, so upgrading anything kills the value of the initial deal.

    • +1

      DELL would be HELL for gaming and future upgrade.

  • What brand will the Graphics cards be?

  • would you guys rather upgrade the mb to gigabte b550 or to an x570 mb, the Biostar one looks really basic

    • +3

      I'd grab the 570 with wi-fi.

      I think the b550 is the better choice cash wise.. it's got enough features now, at a great price, and will last quite a while.
      The x570 is better now, better in the future - but by the time the b550 is actually obsolete, better boards will be available cheaper, so you'll get a better upgrade for not much more money.

      I'm actually questioning why I want the x570 now… Built in wi-fi, right.

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      This was the longest and most comprehensive review I have ever seen for a motherboard. But may help you decide.
      TLDR; no RGB headers will probably mean 200 odd people will revoke their upvote and make sure you have a fan near the VRM which this appears to have.

      • +5

        Wow, the VRM's on that are absolute garbage. It can't even handle a 3600, one of the least demanding CPU's on the market ATM power wise. This is not going to be able to handle any upgrades, it's a total waste of money having this garbage tier B550 instead of a B450 with better VRM and reeks of a marketing ploy to convince people they haven't cheaped out as much as humanely possible on this.

        You are 100% going to be limited by the motherboard on this build.

        The worst part is techfast are recommending the first upgrade people make is the 120mm AIO, even ahead off upgrading the motherboard. Probably because it's a high margin part and the price for their upgrade is $90.

        A 120mm AIO is a waste of money and will be out done by $50 air coolers. Plus it'll deprive the VRM of airflow and probably throttle the CPU harder than even the stock cooler. It's absolutely disgusting.

        • It can't even handle a 3600

          Will be fine for most use, this system isn't really targeted at pro users who would self upgrade.

          • +2

            @arkie0: It throttles the 3600 down to ~500mhz without a fan pointing at it, which is what will happen if you upgrade the CPU cooler like they're pushing. Even the most basic user will notice that.

            This is a good deal for people who will self upgrade because the individual components are more valuable than the price they're asking, but it's an absolute trap for newbies who don't know a lot about it and follow the marketing advice of techfast.

            • +1

              @Ark94: "We are pushing the CPU very hard in this test below and basically have no airflow."

              They still managed a 4.2ghz oc on the 3600.

              This is good for people who aren't looking to oc the dicken out of the 3600. I ran my old 3570k at 4.8ghz for the first few months just to test the D14 cooler, it then lived its life undervolted on stock speeds. Small mhz gains was barely worth the extra massive power draw from oc'ing for me.

              • +1

                @krisspy: Right below the part you quoted:

                We are pushing the CPU very hard in this test below and basically have no airflow.

                What you see here is that the CPU has hit a low minimum while running Cinebench, it went down to 545MHz at times, and now the average CPU frequency is 2.9GHz. This obviously causes a loss in performance. Now, this can only happen when the VRMs get too hot and start throttling the system. We noted that they can get up to 80c at full-load with no passive air cooling around them. This is when this can crop up.

                If you have this motherboard in a cramped case, with no air cooling, especially around the top corner, this may happen to you when pushing the CPU on all-cores at once very hard. It won’t always happen, but it happens mostly when all the CPU cores are being pushed hard. It could happen more frequently on higher TDP CPUs.

                However, the simple solution is one you should already be employing in your case, and that is good case cooling and airflow or an air-CPU Cooler. A rear exhaust fan, maybe a top fan blowing in, something to keep air moving around the components. Proper cooling, and you won’t see this happen, but if you are lax on the cooling, it may. Also note something as simple as installing an air-cooler heatsink/fan vs. an AIO could also help blow air around the VRM area. An AIO obviously won’t, unless you have the radiator above the motherboard and air being pulled in, but an air-cooler would also work to aid in that process

                It overclocks with an air-cooled and rear exhaust fan, without one it was getting drops well below base clocks.

        • +1

          Reading that review…. if there is no desire to overclock then the board will be fine for the cpu. Especially as this build will have sufficient air movement. Not everyone wants to OC! Those that do want to OC 'should' know that this MB will be limiting them. If they don't then they may want to learn a bit more before doing something that pushes hardware outside recommended parameters.

          That MB is ok for this build. It's not amazing. Is it better to upgrade it right now? Is it better to upgrade it in a year or how ever long when new gen CPUs arrive? I would opt for later but I have no desire to OC. I can but these days I find limiting component lifetime is not worth the complications that come from OC.

          PS. Yes, staying with air cooling is a good idea here. If going liquid cooling on CPU then make sure there is a good case fan moving air across the board.

          • +3

            @g1: Pushing the $90, already overpriced 120mm AIO as the first upgrade people should make is extremely shitty of them. Likely they're not making much of a margin on the PC (if at all) so are pushing the AIO with big margins. That's all fine and well, they have to make money, except the AIO is likely going to worsen the performance, not make it better.

            If they were pushing a reasonable air cooler for the same price, there'd be no problem.

            • @Ark94: wow, I didn't pay enough attention to what you were saying here. I bought this system and upgraded the cooler and not the mobo and I'm having intense throttling issues. It's my own fault for not researching enough but I was convinced by people saying that it wouldn't matter if you weren't trying to overclock anything. Just playing simple games I'll get massive frame drops. Is my best course of action here to buy a new mobo and put everything back together?

              • @upsetperson: Aim a fan at the vrm and test, easiest non technical way is to take the plastic side case off and aim a desk fan at it and test. If the solves the problem reposition a case fan to that area if you still have the problem something else may be the issue

              • @upsetperson: My one no throttle issue yet.. 48hrs burnin, running prime95 at max with 79degrees max temp.. using 360mm AIO cooler though.
                Gaming at 50-60degrees
                Idle at 30-40degrees

                All stock, no overclocking
                CoreTemp and cpu-z shows max frequency during gaming and prime95.

                7fans all up
                (3 on radiator pulling air in from front of case, 1 behind radiator pulling air through.
                2 ontop pushing air out and 1 on rear exhaust)

              • +2

                @upsetperson: discussed with techfast support who were very quick and very helpful! much appreciated!

  • Is this better than the last dell deal? I can probably still cancell that.

  • +1

    I don't need this but I will buy this

  • Is this a good deal?

    Is this PC going to be reasonably Quiet?

    • Hey, If you want a quiet PC I would avoid the lance mesh case. Its fans are set to 100% all the time and the mesh (while good for airflow) let's out alot of noise.

      • Can we control the front fans speed in lance mesh case? Through bios or software?

      • +1

        can you take a video of sound and some pics of the case all round for others?

  • Hi guys, I am thinking of getting this pc.
    Is there anything worth upgrading apart from the Liquid CPU Cooler and the Motherboard?
    I would be using this for Flight simulator, thanks

    • +1

      Upgrade the CPU. Flight sim is CPU heavy, your get more fps upgrading the CPU rather than those two

  • What is the specs/life of the liquid cooler? It has been ages since I have used liquid, my first system (Thermaltake components) had the 3/8ths vinyl tubing near the CPU block crack and break after about five years and it leaked coolant everywhere, luckily nothing died. About ten years back, the AIO liquid coolers also only had a life of about five years too because there was minute leakage/evaporation of the coolant through the flexible pipes? I certainly had to top up the coolant in my system every six months or so. Thanks for any advice!

  • Can i add a pcie wifi card to the biostar motherboard? The pcie lanes seem close together and the gpu will eat up the space

    • F

    • No, there won't be enough space under the big GPU. It's the same with the Aorus Elite B550M board so you would need one of the X570 motherboards.

      • Sorry Luke,

        Just to clarify, for the $79 gigabyte auros upgrade option, would there be space to put the wifi card under the graphics card in the second pcie 16 slot?

        It looks like there might be enough space.

        If I do this, I can still use the second M2 slot right?


        • +1

          The x16 slot to the very edge isn't the fast one, the inner one is the PCIe 4.0 x16 which is where you want the GPU. This is gonna be an issue with matx since the pcie slots are spread over 3 slots and the gpu takes more than 2

          Just use a PCIE riser card/cable to the slot on the edge and scootch the card lower

          • @krisspy: Good advice. For some reason I thought the 3070 would be 2 slots.

  • +1

    Bring back the free 850w psu upgrade and I'll order as well.

  • +1

    serious question though, Luke. Are you open for the idea of us putting x% deposit (fully refundable) towards this deal and all of your future deals? By putting a deposit, we are genuinely interested in purchasing your products.

    • +1

      It's not possible sorry. I understand the reasons behind the request but it's not a model that would work for us.

  • +1

    The stock case is absolute garbage. Please refer to previous deals. This means that you MUST upgrade the case and therefore the deal is a minimum of $89 extra.

    • +3

      Why is it garbage? Can you please specify?

      • Refer to previous deals where their unbranded cases have been used. Build quality is bottom tier, upgradability is beyond frustrating.

  • +3

    I wish techfast had some nice case options, I'm happy to admit that sometimes I can be a bit style over substance. I'd happily pay to upgrade the case to a NZXT H510 Elite over getting it home and then transplanting all of it across myself.

  • +1

    I just want AMD 5600x, at least b550 motherboard and 6800xt deal.
    Looks like i'll be waiting for a long time.

  • +16

    Do NOT upgrade the CPU cooler if you're not planning on upgrading the motherboard. The AIO will choke the motherboard VRMs and throttle the CPU. A 120mm AIO is also generally worse than cheap air coolers, but thats a minor issue compared to how much grief killing the VRM airflow with any kind of AIO on this motherboard will give you.

    They're pushing the cooler because they're charging well over market price for it and it's a high margin product.

    There definitely is a bargain here if you're willing to make upgrades yourself, but if you're a novice you're probably better off paying a bit more for one of the Virco builds where they don't cut every penny possible and don't try scam you with expensive shitty liquid coolers

    • So you're suggesting it's not a good idea to have any AIO on the b550 at all? or, are you suggesting not to use their home brand AIO?

      • No AIO at all on the biostar B550M

    • From this deal what upgrades do you recommend with their options? Bearing in mind future upgrades

      • Would upgrade the motherboard first, it's very barebones and doesn't give any room for future upgrades. You'd probably want a 1tb or so NVME drive as your main drive rather than the small budget SATA SSD it comes by default (very easy to do on your own). The CPU default cooler on the 3600 is adequate, you can always upgrade it, but if you do, make sure you've upgraded the motherboard first.

        • Thanks for suggestions! Was always going to put new NVME drive anyway. Yeah agree about the motherboard, you reckon the Gigabyte X570 @ $209 is worth upgrading?

          • +2

            @dingdong3000: It's a good board. Nothing much to criticize it for other than not having USB C ports which may or may not bother you. It also has a lot of QOL features that you don't get on barebones motherboards, like bios switch, debug LEDs, more fan and RGB headers etc which will be useful if you upgrade the system

            Whether it's worth $200 is up to you, depends on your needs.

            You also have the option of buying the system at base spec, selling the motherboard (~$80-90), and then buying whatever motherboard suits your needs. There's a lot of options for AM4 motherboard

  • Best Coupon Code Ever

  • Is there a way to ask specifically for a Gigabyte or Galax 3070 so we don't end up with one of the Ventus 2x MSI cards?

    • Not on this deal sorry, we will be using multiple brands and models and can't offer a guarantee for any one system.

    • What's wrong with MSI Ventus 2x OC?

      • poorest cooling out of the three models on offer. also has no RGB but i accept some people care less about that.

  • Hi All, i'm a complete computer noob so need advice on upgrades if any required. My 8 year old laptop is about to die so thought I would get this desktop which is looking like its getting a lot of hype.

    What I plan to do with computer is just basic office stuff, watch videos and play dota. Also I plan to store this tower under my table on a carpeted floor. Any advice on upgrades would be appreciated

  • If i upgrade storage to 1TB m.2 NVMe SSD, what brand will this be, Luke? I presume mixed variety of either P1 or A2000?

    • Those are definitely the two most common we've used yep

  • What 120mm cooler brand do you use Luke? Also, any chance showing some more pictures of Lance-V case? Does the front fans with Lance-V case have option for speed control (as PWM fans 4pins can be with software)

    • No, the fans are powered by the PSU on this case and have a separate RGB adaptor that allows u to control the colour using a switch on the case.

      Furthermore, the base motherboard offered in this bundle has no RGB ports.

      • can use fan controller then? any recommendation. I would hate the noise of fans if they are too loud.

        • +2

          You would need to purchase aftermarket fans that either have their own hub and remote control on the base B550 motherboard, or a set that have a 5V header so you can control the RGB via the motherboard and you would also need to upgrade the motherboard to the Aorus at a minimum. If noise is very important to you I would recommend installing a dedicated aftermarket kit that specialise in low noise, and upgrading the motherboard to ensure compatibility as CL92 above is correct, the base motherboard does not have a 5V/RGB header.

  • +1

    Cheers TA & Luke. Long time follower, first time buyer. Hoping to be on the winning side of the draw for graphic cards.

    • Thanking you!

      • Hey Luke, if I haven't upgraded from the stock motherboard offered, does this mean that the 3x RGB front fans that come with the case can't be controlled?
        I'm an rgb loving scrub who would eventually like to upgrade/add rgb exhaust fans, cpu cooler and RAM.
        Will I need to upgrade to the Gigabyte B550M Aorus Elite for this?
        A lot of my peripherals are usb c too as I've been a laptop user so if anyone had any other motherboard suggestions that would be much appreciated too :)


        • +1

          You would need a RGB fan controller to change it, also if you want to upgrade ram down the line it looks lileht default motherboard only has 2 dimm slots and the gigabyte board has 4

          • @Jetilingo: Oh damn. So there's no button on the case that would allow you to change colours?
            Hey Luke I'd like to upgrade to upgrade mobos if that's the case. Order TF40142631. How can this be done?
            I'm not too fussed about having 2 DIMM slots as I'd assumed i'd have to sell these and buy 2x16gb sticks to prevent compatibility issues.

            • @Currify: There is a button on the Lance-V case to change color profiles and there are many, many profiles. It is not, however, ARGB or addressable/controllable by the motherboard. If you wanted addressable RGB you would need to buy an aftermarket fan kit and install them, plus upgrade the motherboard to one that has a 5V header (any of the other 3 have that).
              Please email [email protected] with your various requests and we'll sort it :)

              • +1

                @luketechfast: Good to hear that it has a button on the case. I've sent an email through requesting the motherboard upgrade Luke :)
                I'll get to the rest of the parts down the line as I learn more about them!

  • +1

    Bit the bullet and bought one after many months of viewing

  • +1

    Hi guys, made an acc just to post a comment.
    Been thinking about getting a PC, and I am a complete noob at tech.
    I use architectural programs that require gaming specs. Will be using it for the majority of the day - long hours architorture.
    Currently, I have been using a P35 Gigabyte laptop since my uni days for about 5-6 years now, still runs okay but laptop case is warped from heat and WFH I don't need mobility with laptops anymore.
    From what i read in the comments i should upgrade:

    120mm Liquid CPU Cooler +$89
    Mobo Gigabye B550M Aorus Elite MATX +$79
    SSD to 1TB +$79 (my programs are quite large and I need quite a few for work)
    Windows Home Activation +$169 ( I assume I need this?)

    Is there another deal that I should look at that is cheaper but can do my job? My original budget was $1.5k… but seeing this deal seems like it's going to be pushed to $2k even with the discount as i need to pay for upgrades.

    EDIT: if i'm dreaming with the $1.5k budget you can tell me that too lol

    • +4

      Ebay ‘re’sells windows keys for $10 but we don’t talk about that. All the other upgrades seem reasonable if you are really working the cpu and gpu, but you could buy the ssd and liquid cooler aftermarket and install yourself only if you actually need it. If your programs worked fine on a 5year old laptop this would be a supercomputer at base spec compared to that.

      • +3

        Agree, same with Office. Just get non activated version, you can live with the reminders or pay for a key.

    • +1

      On top of what the other people have said (buying cooler and storage yourself for less) it may be worth looking at a better psu as well, a good PSU will last a long time and also improve the life expectancy of your components,
      personally I bought the system with only the upgrade to the gigabyte board as I have a good 80+ gold 750w PSU and air cooler to transplant into the system from my current build

      • +1

        Why would you upgrade the PSU for this persons use case?

        • +1

          Better power efficiency and better quality power to the components of the system and likely to last longer with longer warranty, sure they might not realise the difference, it's just what i would consider to be a worthy upgrade and could save your ass at the end, but if the goal is as cheap as possible then you go cheap as possible.

          • @Jetilingo: Yeah fair on longevity but this is already bronze rated respectable 650w Psu and they don't extend warranties just because you had a better psu.

            Power efficiency only matters 1 if you are super tight about your power bill and 2 if you need the very top performance from your system, all the time. This person is replacing a -5 years old- -work- -laptop-. Non of those things apply, why would the person pay $80 for nothing?

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