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Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $279 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Nice price drop on these popular Bose headphones. Available for $279 in the following colours:


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Sorry, why would that matter for headphones?

      • Charging?

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        I assume they meant the micro-USB connector, rather than USB2.0.

        • Ah yes you're probably right.

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    Same price on Catch and Kogan too

    • +1

      Kogan ones are probably grey import

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    Still cheap when you combine with unidays 10% off and 6% off giftcards from Suncorp, Below $250 and free delivery on Catch.com.au trial.

    • sorry, i can't see 10% off amazon on unidays :( am i missing something (clearly i am)?

      • Unidays is for Catch

    • +1

      You can get 10% off gift cards at auspost.

      • For Amazon or catch, if catch student discount is easier.

        • I assume they are suggesting stacking 10% student discount in addition to 10% discount gift cards, rather than the 6% giftcards from Suncorp that nepaus suggested.

          • @Trop: Good call, that slipped my mind. Sleep deprivation is killing my ozbargain thinking brain.

      • how? looks like all catch gift cards deals are expired..

    • +1

      Thanks nepaus. Ordered it for $236 using your method.

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    I've had mine for years and just recently replaced the ear pads.

    Amazing for in-flight travel (unlikely to be anytime soon) but great for work-from-home

    • Agree, best headphones for zoom/phone calls.

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        I’ve always thought these were terrible for calls. Your own voice plays back in the ears, and everything around you is also micced and played back, even if on mute (keystrokes are deafening, the lightest movements are incredibly loud). This is how it is on iPhone at least.

        What am I missing?

        • +2

          I like listening to myself talk and the sound of my own voice so I give this function a 10/10

          • +1

            @customundo: Ha ha ha. You sound like some of my stakeholders attending a meeting. They just want to listen to themselves and not anyone else.

        • Never had this issue.

          • @Bargainendorphins: As I understand it, it’s a feature of the headphone called sidetone that cannot be turned off. There are tons of complaints online.

            What device are you using? Are you wired or on BT?

            • @dirkgonnadirk: BT with Android and with my laptop too. That's a shame, must be frustrating.

            • @dirkgonnadirk: Sounds like the self voice issue is fixed in a recent FW update someone linked below? I hope so, otherwise this is a bit of a deal breaker for me..

              Are you able to connect to multiple devices at once? Like laptop and phone?

              • @chriise: Yup sounds like it is. Saw that but haven’t tested it yet, but stuff I have seen on forums sounds promising.

                Yes to your second question.

        • I found it's terrible for calls when connected via bluetooth as the mic picks up a lot of background noise. As a work around I'm using the cable from the QC25 which has a mic and volume control and plug in (when possible). The call quality is much better.

          • @nayfon: 4.8.1 firmware released in oct has the ability to disable (or lessen) self voice

            Didn’t know this until now, just saw in a comment below

    • Where'd you get the ear pads from?

      • I got mine on ebay - generic $5 or so for 2 and they've last 2 years.

        • agreed - I got several pairs of spare ear pads - plus top headbank pads for like $8 on ebay - and they've lasted longer than the original - so very good value there

      • buy it directly from Bose it is not expensive. I tried to save a few $ and bought a replacement one off ebay, texture/feel is very is very different so ended up buying another one from Bose, worth it.

        • There are a few different models of after market pads.

          I've been replacing pads on all my QC devices for over 12 years and can barely tell the difference.

          Last time I checked the pads from bise they were $60 a pair.

      • I got some Wicked Cushions, I think via Amazon, when mine wore out. They're great and a little funky. I went with a grey camo pattern.

  • Anyone used these for PC gaming?

    • +1

      I've used these for hundreds of hours of PlayStation gaming and just a little PC gaming and they're great. To be fair I use them for almost any listening purpose and couldn't recommend them more. I've replaced the ear pads twice and they continue to be very strong after 4 years.

    • I've used these for years for watching movies and music on laptops and mobile devices and they are great.

      I recently bought a new gaming PC with Bluetooth, and I don't know if it is my settings or setup, but it feels like when characters talk there is a slight syncing issue. I find plugging the 3.5 jack in improves this. But when I just watch YouTube or movies with the same setup there doesn't appear to be a problem.

      Cannot recommend these enough though for flying, makes long haul flights so much better.

      • Bluetooth has an audio lag - it's not recommended for gaming (even though it's exactly what I do too).

    • Use it mainly for Valorant - defs helps with hearing footsteps though I can't say I've much experience with anything else.

      Pretty damn good though

    • They're good for audio but I wouldn't use the mic for these because it'll need to be in headset mode. And in headset mode it goes into 'Hands free AG audio' where the audio quality drops and isn't stereo anymore and the mic is average.

      I'd buy a separate mic if you're gonna use these to game.

      • Any recommendations for a good quality mic to pair with this?

  • Great headphones! Well priced as well. I use mine every day while on the treadmill/working out. Also great while on planes, cant go back after using these on a long haul flight

  • Just to jump in and say these are my top headphones and I've been through a tonne of pairs. Great price too.

    • Own a pair too and can't agree more !

  • Had these bad boys for like 3 years now, at least. Only JUST replaced the ear pads the other week because they were flaking apart. Even then that was only $11 :) Great headphones.

    • How's the condition of your headband?

      • It's fine, no damage or anything surprisingly.

        • Good! Unlike the ear pad replacement which simply snap in out, the headband replacement is an advanced repair that requires soldering.

  • Putting in a plus one here - mine have been rock solid since early 2017 (just ticked over 4 years).

    Agree with the comments re flights. These days I use them as my main headphones for work (I make a lot of calls) and also for Valorant and they haven't missed a beat. I'd guess 4-5 hours of use every day. Anecdotally, battery life still seems decent though I done a drain test to get a real figure.

  • +2

    FYI a recent (very useful) FW update for the QC35II has been released! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/602615

  • -2

    Prime members can save $15 using PRIME15 in the checkout bringing them down to $264

    I have the Series 1 - just ordered new earcups. Tempted to upgrade.

    • Doesn't work

  • -1

    This has been out for 3,4 years, is series 3 on the way soon?

    • Odd that it’s downvoted… keep your eyes peeled!

  • I have the Sony x4 as well as other NC headsets, these are the best for sound and comfort in my opinion and are the ones I keep going back to.

  • +1

    These were $248 from Amazon in November last year. Great headphones

  • Not so long ago, $299 was a bargain price for these, so this price is impressive!
    Personally, I'm using the similar bluetooth Bose headphones WITHOUT noise cancelling, because I just couldn't adapt to the pressure on the eardrums from ANC.
    (The non ANC ones are called Soundlink II Wireless headphones and are currently $230 on Amazon.)

  • Have had this for a few years. There are pros and cons.
    Pros - excellent ANC, extremely comfortable.
    Cons - poor build quality imo. I now can't enter pairing mode as the switch doesn't work (common issue apparently).

    You should also test a pair, to see if the 'pressure' you get on the ears when ANC is on will bother you.

  • wow, that's good price. Pity I bought the Sony.

    • +1

      Shouldn't be too sad. The Sony WHs have plenty of advantages over these e.g. ANC and sound quality, I would say build but that's subjective

      • On paper the Sony is a definitely technically superior, however, they don't pass ( at least in my opinion) the three c's test.

        Comfort, comfort, comfort.

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