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[Afterpay] Samsung 860 Evo 4TB SATA Internal SSD $559.20 ($313.20 after Cashback) Delivered @ BPC Technology eBay


Even cheaper deal for anyone needing 4TB storage. $78.3 per TB SSD

BPC Tech eBay link

Samsung cashback

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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  • Ugh just bought one from their website last night, and it shipped this morning.

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      don't accept the delivery. tell them to RTS.

  • Bought one. they lower the price this morning, otherwise not the lowest.

  • Amazing price after Cashback

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    Insane price. Got one Thanks. Got one from computer alliance with cashback its $393. Can ebay price match or will I just have to return it? Still unopended got it delivered today.

    • Just return it if you have ebay plus?

      • I do have ebay plus. Will do. Cheers

        • I'd message computer alliance. They refunded me the difference last year when I got a cpu cooler that I found cheaper elsewhere

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    might need this for the next call of duty

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    • might need this for the next call of duty

      It's not that big.

  • Got one Thanks.

  • Is there a way to buy 6 of these and make a relatively cheap external 12tb raid? Or even buy 8 to make 16tb?

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      I'd be concerned around longetivity in using consumer SSDs in a RAID but I'm sure others have more well founded views on the topic.

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        Should be no problems as although they are consumer product they have a business class warranty


        5 Years Limited Warranty or 2,400 TBW Limited Warranty

        I would use Stable Bit DrivePool though rather than a raid.

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        I'd be concerned around longetivity in using consumer SSDs in a RAID

        That's not much of a concern - the amount of read/writes on a drive are actually on average lower in RAID than it is in a standalone drive because the load is spread out amongst a larger number of drives. For consumer use, it's fine, you're not deploying them in a datacentre. Most people aren't doing 24/7 writes to the drives.

        My suggestion is to get 5 of them and you can easily get 16TB in a RAID Z1. Easy.

    • 6 of these is 24TB, 8 is 32TB.

      Take a look at the original voucher code link, there's a maximum discount and limit per account.

      • I haven't looked into the Samsung cashback offer but buying 2 x SSD in one transaction should get you full 20% discount on up to 5 transactions, so theoretically you could get 10 of them. :) … not sure how often you can claim the cash back though.

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          Each Eligible Claimant is entitled to Purchase up to three (3) Participating Products
          (and is therefore entitled to receive up to three (3) Cash Backs). The maximum
          Eligible Claim however per Participating Product purchased is one (1).

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            @Richardc: Thank you. Max with discount is 3 then. :)

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              @wellzi: From my understanding is 3 different products.

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            @Richardc: Was looking at that earlier myself as I'd already bought a participating product and wanted to buy another of the same item.

            Decided the wording is just too ambiguous to be sure. Sucks as it could well be fine and I'm missing out on a great deal.

            • @Jabba the Hutt: You can buy another - I bought three of the same drive last time 👍
              Cashback came through just fine - I deliberately made three separate orders so I'd get three separate invoices.

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      You can absolutely do this, but the cashback is limited to three per person.
      So you'll need to order three drives yourself (separately) and then get someone else to order the other three (separately) 👍

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    An amazing deal for a non QLC 4TB drive!

  • If I use the Afterpay Day code (PAPDY20) which will bring it down to $559.20. Will i still get the full cashback from Samsung ?

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      I just bought the 980 Pro using this. Will let you know in 3 months when I finally get the cashback. :p

      I've used the previous cashbacks on Ebay 20% deals and I always received the full cashback amount.

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      Yes they don't care what you pay as long as it's from an approved retailer, just need to submit photos of the drive & receipt

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    Great deal! Wish I'd gotten this for my friend instead of the 8tb QVO that I got him 1-2 weeks ago…

  • I can't seem to buy it. My afterpay limit is $600 and even though it's less than 600 after coupon, it does not work

    "Sorry, we're unable to approve your order.

    Afterpay takes a number of factors into account when making a decision to decline an order and given this we do not approve all of the orders that are made on the Afterpay platform."

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      buy some ebay gift cards to lower the afterpay price.

      • so instead of afterpay, buy a ebay giftcard uisng afterpay and use that instead

        • Buy it from Cashrwards for 5% off the giftcard purchase first.

          • @lolcoaster: where do you get it for 5% on Cashrewards , is there another seller ?

            • @Willy Bargin: Oh sorry, just noticed that they reduced it to 1.5%

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              @Willy Bargin: Shopback has 5% off swap gift card on their app or buy it from bigw and swap for ebay GC

              • -2

                @CodeXD: I will not even try to decipher this. I value my sanity and time more than discounts. Cashback, shopback, GC, swap GC, Afterpay, like WTF!

                • +2

                  @nuker: If you have afterpay, then it is a straight 20% off ebay for eligible items. That's the basis of the deal.

                  Those people going the extra step do not have/want to use afterpay, so instead of afterpay, they pay it off with ebay gift cards.

                  Now there are multiple ways to get those gift cards, but the most popular one is to buy swap gift cards with 5% from shopback, and you then exchange them for ebay GC on the website. This is fast and easy. Another way is to go to bigw in store and buy the swap gift cards, you will get 2,000 rewards points per $100 GC.

        • You could buy $600 worth of gift cards and you don't have to use after pay at all or you could buy $100 gift card and then put the remaining $500 via afterpay. Depends on if you want to take advantage of the afterpay repayment or just happy to pay it all upfront.

    • -1

      Limit is $600?? Did you miss alot payments or something? My limit is $1500

      • +2

        You start with 600

        • correct, i made an account a year ago but never used it, so limit never increased

        • It depends on the person and their credit history. I bought it last night when it was $623 after the coupon was applied (just before they seemed to have lowered the price to an even better deal). I had never used afterpay previously or opened an account before (I also haven't used any type of credit in years). But it made me pay $173.20 for the first payment and the next 3 are $150.

          • @Tim349850: Interesting, I called them and they said I have to first buy something under $400 and they will accept something over $400 which doesn't make sense to me

  • Can I buy gift cards from shopback for that extra 3% off?

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      Get the Celebration Swap card from shopback for 5% off

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    Just make sure they are actually sending out a 860 Evo and not a 870 Evo like this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/609209 (read the comments)

    • Yikes, I'll update this post with the SKU once I've received the invoice

      • Can confirm that BPC sends the 860 EVO: https://imgur.com/a/oNZTcWK

        Although the invoice does mention the word 'eBay' in it, I have emailed BPC to re-issue the invoice without mentioning eBay. Will wait for their reply.

        • Did you have to ask for the invoice? Mine is already shipped but haven't got the invoice yet.

          • @wangasm: Nope, the invoice email will come about 40 mins later.

            • -1

              @Keeegs: Do you only get the invoice once it ships? It's been over an hour since I ordered and I have got no invoice from BPC.

              • @WinstonWithAY: mines been shipped 8 hours ago and still haven't received the receipt

              • @WinstonWithAY: I got the ebay shipping email at 2.02pm, and the invoice email at 2.49pm.

                Nothing you can do with the invoice though, the Samsung cashback process will require the serial number of the SSD so you still need to wait till the SSD arrives.

                • -1

                  @Keeegs: Yeah I know. I've got an update email saying my order is processing. But that's all I've gotten from BPC.

        • My invoice has the same thing. Did they end up generating a new one for you?

          • @lyle88: Nope, they just said wait and use the physical invoice that comes with the package

            • @Keeegs: Mine arrived but the physical copy also includes ebay### in the delivery address… 🤔

              • @lyle88: I have no clue then. Maybe follow the advise of another commenter below in asking the seller for an invoice via eBay

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    From Samsung T&C:
    "For the avoidance of doubt, online bidding and auction websites (e.g. www.ebay.com.au) are
    not Participating Stores for the purposes of the Promotion. "

    Now I'm not sure.


    • Hmmmm, I wonder if they are "BUDGET PC" from that listing in the T&C?

      I took a screenshot of the Ebay page just in case.

      I bought the 980 pro the other day and claimed my purchase from seller gg.tech365 as "K. S. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY". K.S Computer Tech is also shopping express as the boxes had their name on it when it was delivered.

      (Fingers crossed)

    • You purchase off eBay and if they have a actual store behind the eBay store you get tax invoiced directly by the store(BUDGET PC) which makes it eligible for the cashback as they are on the Samsung redemption list of approved stores.

    • I think they're covering their asses for just about any store selling Samsung products on eBay. You'll get a tax invoice directly from Budget PC (or at least be able to request one from them) which you then use to make the cashback claim

    • I am pretty sure that means buying from any old seller on ebay. They have had these cashback programs many times before where the participating ebay sellers advertise the cashback in the listing. Don't you think they would be banned or have negative feedback if it wasn't eligible?

    • It's fine. I submitted a claim two weeks ago with an invoice from one of the approved retailers. The invoice has a note with eBay transaction information. Samsung approved it within 24 hours.

      Getting it to approve is generally the quick part. Samsung taking the maximum time allowed to provide the cash rebate is the annoying part.

  • +3

    I paid this much for 2TB sometime last year.

  • Just to confirm the cashback is not limited to one person right? Didn't see on the T&C

  • -1

    Insane price, i would get it but I've migrated wholesale to NVME…..

  • Can this be used as external ssd? If so how please?

  • Thanks OP bought one been waiting for a sweet deal on one of these

  • +1

    Nice price, but petty I dont have Afterpay :( ahh well :)

    • you don't need afterpay if you have eBay gift card

      • Really? where does one buy them?

        And if we get one, where or how do we use it with regard to buying this 4tb evo?

        • +1

          You can get the Celebration Swap card (swap for eBay) from the Shopback app for 5% off. You can use the eBay gift card at the checkout after selecting Afterpay (up to 7 codes). Brings this down to a nice $285.24

        • just bought $500 Celebration Swap card from bigw with 10% points back

    • I did not have Afterpay and just signed up to it so hopefully it works

  • Thanks, bought one.

    I need to stop buying stuff now, spent almost 2 grand in last 2 days on PC parts.

  • +3

    Good for a fat steam drive?

  • thanks got one, just hope it is the 860 and about 100 have been brought so far

  • Can some body tell me where to add the ebay coucher please…when I add it under enter code I loose the afterpay discount…thank you

  • Awesome mate. You made my day. Was waiting to pull the trigger it since I missed the 2To deal.

  • +2

    Missed the 2TB deal here too…. thanks for the headsup OP!

    Steps I took:
    NOTE: if the deal runs out before you complete the steps, you'll unfortunately be left with the $500 eBay gift card (at least you saved $25 on it?)
    1. Bought the $500 swap gift card on Shopback mobile app
    2. "Swap" the gift card at https://swapyourgiftcard.com.au/ for an eBay one (the PIN including any leading zeros, is what you enter into the eBay gift card field)
    3. At eBay checkout, select the Afterpay option (it will automatically add the PAPDY20 code)
    4. Add the gift card (using the PIN from the swap site)
    5. Complete payment in Afterpay to complete order

    Final amount comes out $25 cheaper at $288.20 which is a steal!

    • That's great :) but sound like many hoops to jump through to complete this magic trick :P

      • Not really, this took me 5 minutes to do. 5 mins to save ~$30? Why not

    • +2

      You can go further and buy another 3 x $20 Celebration cards to bring it down to $285.24

    • If I buy $200 stuff, Do I have to buy 250? or just buy $100x2

      If I buy $100x2 swap gift card - Can I use gift card twice one transaction?

      • +1

        You can use up to 7 cards in one transaction (along with the coupon). It's up to you if you want to cover the whole price in gift cards. If the whole transaction is covered by gift cards then you don't have to use Afterpay.

        • Thank you so much Wangasm

          you are the Legend!!

    • Thanks for the step by step instructions, made it quick and easy as I haven't used Swap GCs on SB app before or knew you could swap them so easily online. Much appreciated!

  • good… i've already used the ebay code 5 times… i just saved myself $313.20…. lol