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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB $1,099, 256GB $1,199 + $500 Trade in Bonus @ Samsung


New price updated

S21: 128GB $1,099 | 256GB $1,199

S21+: 128GB $1,299 | 256GB $1,399

S21 Ultra: 128GB $1,599 | 256GB $1,699 | 512GB $1,899

All before $500 trade in bonus

Phone price - $500 trade bonus - phone trade in value - $50 promo voucher

Previous deal

$50 voucher link - https://shop.samsung.com/au/sign-up but it may take some time to arrive or may not arrive.

How to trade in https://www.samsung.com/au/tradeup/

If you received this error with the trade code "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

As mentioned in the last deal, you have to enter your credit card details first before the code will work online.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

************ Samsung updated the promo end date to 8 April 2021 *******************

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    • If you didnt get it done at an authorised Samsung repair centre, its unlikely to be genuine and they would refuse the trade in. Very infuriating as batteries need replacing.

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    Any idea whether education store prices get updated..?

  • So,anyone from last promotion who bought s21 256gb from EP store did not lose anything, trade in bonus was $300 plus $50 voucher plus phone trade in value.

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      EP store did not lose anything,

      Yes I bought it at EPP same price as in normal store now.

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    Anyone had already purchased this, could you please check what's the total amount on the tax invoice/receipt?
    Is it showing the full price or showing only the price after the trade-in value?
    Thank you.

    • Price after trade-in value (with corresponding GST). The discount amount is listed too.

      • Thank you so much.

  • S21 256gb always out of stock.. Did anyone try to take this offer to JB, Officeworks, HN etc. for a price match/beat? I may pop in JB store this weekend to discuss in person as I don't really trust calling them would make any difference.

    • S21 256gb always out of stock

      You have to check it during office hours, it will gone out of stock again when everybody home.

      • Well I did, I did check around 1.30pm. Doing it since a week now but no luck. Did you try to price match with JB or another retailer by any chance?

        • +1

          Doing it since a week now but no luck.

          I bought it on 23March and have stock for the whole afternoon, at the moment grey 256GB S21 still have stock.

          Did you try to price match with JB or another retailer by any chance?

          I don't think so for $500 bonus trade in.

          • @superforever: Yes it is, thanks!

          • @superforever: Jjust wondering when it asks about the CC details, did it charge you the trade in amount in advance? When I try to add my debit card it says it failed. I am not keen on putting any money on the card at the moment. So it do I need to have the money on my card or something? What was your experience?

  • Is going from an S10e to S21 a good upgrade? Everyone seems to say go for the s21+

    • go for the s21+

      If you are using S10e that means you don't want large phone.

    • I have the s10e. I would say, in a word, No.

      No expandable storage, no fingerprint sensor, larger screen, lower resolution (FHD).

  • Anyone else having issues with the $50 voucher, the pop up came up for me to "sign up" but when I click on it nothing happens. Tried opening in new window and I get this..


    How does the trade-in work online? do you have a certain time to send it in?

    • +1

      OP posted link you can sign up

    • I got it in an hour today. Signed up around 1 pm and got it at 2.10pm. May be try the same time as I did and see if it works.

  • They have a sale on this samsung care at the moment, anyone used that? Can you swap it after two years for the then S23, or would it be another S21?

    • i think it says swap to same phone (probably refurbished models if in 2 years).

      • Ok thanks… have always been lucky with my phones and never damaged them. Still I suppose a new battery in 2 years is always good. My S10e is already starting to suffer with its battery

        • I think all of us with S10s suffer with battery no matter what :)

  • +1

    Samsung finally got me, I ordered one 256Gb s21 Grey, paid $444, returning my S10 (128gb)

    • Good on you just saw Grey back in stock.

      • almost bought PINK, and thought of covering it with black cover. But luckily got what i wanted.

  • The S21 256gb Phantom Grey came back into stock just now.

    $474 after $175 trade-in for my S10e + $50 signup voucher (which came today). So happy I didn't (couldn't) buy yesterday!

    • Maaaaan thats the exact one I want but waiting on this stupid voucher smhhh

      • Email [email protected] and then hit them up on chat. You (probably) won't get it otherwise. I've had to do this twice and it still took 6-8 hours to arrive after that.

  • Hurry up $50 voucher - just emailed them directly this arvo

  • I have an s7 that works perfectly however the back glass is cracked. Anyone know if i can i still trade it in?

  • Ordered the S21 256GB. Paid $254 after trading up S20 FE 5G 256GB (with $500 promo + $50 marketing promo).

  • Anyone have a voucher code they'd like to PM? Talked to support but they said it will take 24 hours to investigate…sigh.

    • I'd emailed support and got a code within half an hr

  • Says s20fe 5g trade in is 345, so I can get the cheapest s21 for 200 with the voucher?

    • Yes, I assume 128gb S21? Why not pay ~$50 more for 256gb

      • isn't it 100 more

      • Cause we can't get our $50 vouchers lol

    • without the trade up offer at JB of course..

      • -1

        Does that mean 500 off 1099 aka $599? This post is so unclear

        • +1

          That is JB nothing to do with Samsung trade in


          This post is so unclear

          You must be new, two difference posts already.

        • +1

          $1099 minus their valuation of your eligible phone for trade-in minus $500 bonus.

  • For samsung care, do they give a new phone or refurbished

    • +1

      You get a random one that had been traded in 🙂

  • +2

    My Galaxy Note9 is only worth $195. Shakes fist.

  • Is it possible to use the $50 discount voucher and use it in-store? Or do you have to order it online to take advantage of it?

    • +1

      trade in bonus and $50 voucher have to use it online.

  • Can someone recommend a good case and screen protector for s21 please?

  • I can trade in a iPhone 6 Plus and get the S21 256GB for $650, what are the trade in values for Samsung phones down the line because I'd like trade it in probably for the new iPhone later this year. I'm wondering if it's worth it to trade in my old 6+ because no way is it worth $550 lol.

    • Samsung phones trade in value normally are quite good

    • These bonus trade-in offers are typically really good value. You get way more for the phone you're trading in than elsewhere. Only thing is you have to purchase from them at the same time - but that's the whole reason they do these promos!

  • No stock in Melbourne (Highpoint) of the S21 Ultra 128gb model (any color).

    • Melbourne (Highpoint)

      Highpoint ? This is only for online.

      • you can do online or in store

        • in store

          As I understand no $500 trade in bonus in store. The trade up app said you can go to store but only for the trade in value.

  • +1

    too good a deal to miss, so bought a S21

  • I am gonna make him an offer he cant refuse : Samsung

    • "I am gonna make him wait 48 hours for a $50 voucher he can't reuse": Samsung

      • +1

        honestly dont wait for it. I have tried it a few times and never received back

        • Thanks for feedback. I will give them til tomorrow to follow up and order if they don't respond by then

  • +2

    pretty good deal, got a S21 128GB for the wife for $274 all up after trading in an iPhone X + the $50 voucher

    i wanted her to get the violet which i think looks great but she was set on the pink!

  • +5

    For those wanting the extra $200 voucher, you need to speak to the Chat team through this link: https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/loyalty

    I just said my friend got a voucher so I want one too. They said they can only give me one to buy an S21, S20 or note. After 1 min he just sent it to me.

    • $200!?

    • Thanks for the link Durdart. I used it and managed to get a voucher just then. Pretty easy to do, but did take a while for the voucher to be issued (15mins) while I waited on the chat.

      • No worries.
        I traded in my s10e which brought the s21 256gb down to $275. How are Samsung making any money with this?!

    • This is very likely a scam. Beware!

    • Lets upvote this and thank you :)

    • So you cant buy an S21 Ultra With $200 Code?

  • +5

    I also just got 2 x $200 vouchers through https://livechat.support.samsung.com/Customer_Service/AU

    Successfully orderd a 256gb s21 for $429 trading my s8. It states they'll charge you the trade in fee only if you don't send it in or it has issues. Confirmed with online chat you keep the $500 voucher

    • How did you get the vouchers? what did you ask them?

      • I first spoke to a samsung expert who only could do the $50 voucher and gave me that link to ask about the $200 one. Just said they directed me here about $200, just had to provide contact details and they gave me codes

    • Because of your link, I think a lot of people trying now XD

      I did ask before but from the Samsung buy page.

      edit: The page so many bugs if I move away from the page to another tab when I go back I can't type and sometime said network errors even still connected but can't reply.

    • Wow! Can’t believe how easy that was. Managed to get the $200 voucher too.

      • What keyword did you type in the chatbot agent?

        Will have to try tomorrow as it seems live chat is unavailable.

        • has to be during business hours.

      • Just wondering can you use two code in one transaction?

        • I was able to use the $50 sign up bonus and the $200 at the same time

          • @kindra: I already bought S21 :( will give it to friend, I assume can't use two $200 at the same transaction.

          • @kindra: "whytd" just said he could add the two code but only deducted $200, are you sure they have deducted $250 for you?

            • @superforever: I commented back in another thread, did some troubleshooting. It doesn't seem to want to deduct $50 for me, unless I spend at least $300 on the phone (I've got a device with a $100 trade in value). So I can get $250 off if I upgrade to the 256GB version, or if I add Samsung care. However it doesn't work for accessories.

              I've tried different colours, and adding/deleting things from the cart but getting the same outcome.

              • @whytd: OK understand that is why.

                • @superforever: Figured it out, the newsletter coupon is only valid on a $350+ purchase. So it doesn't kick in until a total of $350 is spent, I was thinking it was $300 for some reason.

                  • @whytd: Did the agent ask you which store to use? As I remember the agent did ask me and I said normal online store but edu store S21 is $100 cheaper. The code didn't work with edu store.

                    May be difference store difference code.

    • I received the trade up confirmation email, it did just said this

      "Once you receive your new Samsung device, you will have 7 days to return your device at an Australian Post Office or you may be charged a non-return fee of $15. "

    • Only got the 50$ voucher, how do you get the 200 voucher?

      • Go through our discussion here

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