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ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card: Earn 180,000 Reward Points (Worth $800) with $2,000 Min Spend in 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee 1st Year


Was browsing Point Hacks and saw this gem of a deal
$800 in gift cards (or $700 cashback) for $2000 spend is one of the best value returns out there
Pity i already used my ANZ Rewards card for this 12 month cycle.
FYI This is different to the ANZ Qantas Frequent Flyer scheme and not affected if you already have an ANZ Frequent Flyer card

If you haven't, apply away!.

ANZ is offering 180,000 bonus ANZ Reward Points (can get an $800 gift card) and $0 first year annual fee for new cardholders of the ANZ Rewards Black. Includes complimentary insurances plus Apple Pay and Google Pay support.

Key Attributes
180,000 ANZ Reward Points (can get an $800 gift card) + $0 first year annual fee, when you spend a minimum of $2,000 on eligible purchase within the first 3 months of approval
24/7 Personal Concierge and exclusive entertainment and lifestyle offers
Complimentary travel and shopping insurances (PDS)
Earn 2 ANZ Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $5,000 per statement period, then 1 Reward Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $5,000 per statement period
Annual Fee: $0 for the first year, $375 p.a. ongoing
New card. T&Cs, eligibility criteria, fees & charges apply (including annual fee, currently $0 for first year, $375 thereafter).
Not available where you currently hold, or have closed, an ANZ Rewards credit card within the previous 12 months.

Via https://www.pointhacks.com.au/credit-cards/anz-rewards-black...

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          • @fedex11: The $3000 business class ticket has airport/taxes of $100. So I would assume a point redemption seat would be the same.

          • +1

            @fedex11: Taxes (unavoidable, but usually not much) plus "carrier charges" or "carrier-imposed surcharges" (which vary widely between FF programs).

            KrisFlyer appears to have a good reputation in this regard, unlike say Qantas for example.

    • -1

      I mainly shop at Aldi so Coles & Woolies cards weren't very enticing to me

  • Applied Sunday 23/05 and approved Monday morning 24/05. Have mortgage, no other debts, income 105K.

    • Hi did they request the bank statement ? or just upload the payslip ?

  • +2

    My bonus points came through.

    Place an order for a $200 Bunnings gift card. Is it normally takes 4-6 days for the card to send through email?

    • How long did it take for the points to come through? I've been waiting for more than 30 days.

  • +1

    Did anyone had to drop into a branch to verify? I’ve received my card and pin but unable to set up the app without a CRN

    • +1

      You can call them and they set up the CRN over the phone otherwise you can go branch

      • I was told I can only do it in a branch when I called up which seems like a massive inconvenience

        • Have you done the online ID verification? If so, you should be able to obtain your CRN by phone.

          • @Hello22: Ah you legend, just checked my inbox and there was an email to verify online. Saved me from dropping into their branch, cheers

  • Is there any way to activate the card and set up internet banking and app login, WITHOUT going to a branch in person for ID verification, if I don't have a CRN, haven't received an email to verify ID online, and the staff couldn't help me over the phone (the person said that when they enter my details, the computer just gives a greyed out screen)?

    • If their own support people are having trouble with your account then it sounds like there's a significant problem there. Have you tried calling again and speaking to a different agent?

    • When I had my very first ANZ card I had to go into a branch. Cancelled and applied for many cards since then, but it was annoying to go in originally.

    • Update: Yeah I tried calling again and speaking to a different agent. They said my profile is incomplete and until I go into a branch to complete the ID check, they can't do anything for my account on their end. I have had one ANZ credit card in the past, closed it years ago, and this second phone rep said that because I'd closed all accounts with ANZ, they can't link them as the same person and I'll have to repeat the ID check. Now I need to wait for lockdown to end so that I can go to a branch.

      • and this second phone rep said that because I'd closed all accounts with ANZ, they can't link them as the same person and I'll have to repeat the ID check.

        not sure this is true.

        • It isn't true. I had all of my ANZ accounts closed years ago and the old CRN was still valid with no manual ID check necessary when I rang up to reactivate online banking.

  • Is everyone just cashing out their points for gift cards then cancelling? Is this card worth holding for collecting points?

    • +3


      • What card does everyone recommend for point collecting

        • I keep a Coles Rewards Mastercard as the everyday base points earned card then churn through the others for bonus points and lounge passes.

          Get 2 Flybuys points for every $1 spent with the Coles MC. Flybuys can be used for in store credit or used for travel directly or converted to Velocity points if you are that way inclined.

        • I use the Qantas Titanium just because they are issued by citibank and there would be a 18 month wait to try and churn the Qantas cards. It also has great points per $ spent and a lot of complimentary stuff like lounge passes. If you don't meet the salary requirements for titanium, I would recommend the premier.

      • Is there a reason why don't we wait till almost a year is over before cancelling? I mean it not like they charge us any thing as long it before the annual charge?

        • +4

          You will not be eligible for the next ANZ Rewards deal if you have had one within the last 12 months. So best to cancel early to start the 12 months count.

        • Yep
          Codexd is right
          You want to start the 12 month waiting period asap

    • +1

      Cash out then move onto the next card
      HSBC has a $500 offer at the moment

  • To those who received the bonus points, when did the points available after you have reached the $2000 spending?

    • i just received my 2nd statement and the bonus points were there.

      I reached the spend limit probably JUST after my 1st statement cycle.

    • +3

      I highly recommend you activate an ANZ rewards account on https://anzrewards.com/default.aspx. It is a different login to your ANZ credentials and you will most likely need to create a new account. It will list your spendings and points.

    • Received 25 days after meeting minimum spend.

  • I had ANZ credit card that I had closed less than a year ago. My wife was a secondary card holder of that card. Is she eligible for this promo?

    • +1

      Provided she hasn't been the primary holder of ANZ rewards card in last 12 months, yes.

      • Thanks

  • +2

    Make sure you redeem your points before you close off the account.

    ANZ Rewards will block your login once you've closed off the card.

    Login is not currently permitted for this account. Please phone the ANZ Rewards Centre on 1300 367 763…

    • From my experience i had 60 days, but they may have changed that.

      • You get 90 days after closing the card to use rewards points.

        It's easier to do it online but otherwise can still be done over the phone, which is not hard (assuming you know what you want).

    • I intend to redeem the points to get the gift card and after receiving the card close my account.
      Just wondering if it is okay to keep the giftcard well past the account closure or should I cash it in soon too?
      Hoping to gift my child with a PS5 for X'mas :-)

      • +1

        yes, woolworths egift cards don't have an expiry date. Same with JBHifi I believe

  • Happy days, just got a text msg that i got approved for my credit card; applied on Tuesday and provided all documents online. Got my hsbc card approved as well earlier this week. Thanks OP

    • -1

      Woah, you apply 2 CC at same time?

      • Yes, I have 2 spend 6k-7k in the next two months

  • +1

    Confirming received points.

    For all those wondering:
    - the bonus points were NOT mentioned in my welcome pack / letter
    - I hit the $2k spend within pretty much the first week of using the card, but the points showed up on my SECOND statement

    • I got my points on my 3rd statement

  • I just applied, how long did it take to receive the email?
    "We've sent an email to **** with your application details and instructions"

    • Few minutes usually

  • +1

    I hit the minimum spend on the same day as activating the card (had a rates bill to knock over) and the bonus points just came through on the first statement. Can't believe how easy this was.

    Will cancel the thing in four weeks after paying the statement and try my luck with the Qantas version of the same card. Terimah kasih ANZ!

  • Anyone know if you can reach out to an Aussie arm/ branch for ANZ Black Applications?

    My application has been in limbo for almost 2 months now and we keep going around in circles.

    It used to be straight forward, but now they have outsourced the process to an Indian call centre it is terrible.

    Certainly not a premium Black card experience!

  • How does cashback work with this deal? Is there an option to get $700-$800 cashback onto the card rather than gift cards?
    How does this work if you already pay the card balance off etc?

    • +1

      There's a redemption option for cashback which can go into your card or ANZ account if you have one.

      However, there is a work around where you can get the cashback onto your card, cancel your card then ANZ will ask for an account or address to send your money, or a cheque with your money to.

      • Thanks for the info, that sounds like the way to go, as don't need to incur interest while waiting for the points to arrive to reduce the balance.

        Comes down to whether want $800 of gift cards or $700 cashback edit +5,000 points in change I guess

      • +1

        You'll end up losing a bit since it costs more points to redeem the cashback compared to gift cards.

        $100 cash back to ANZ account 25,000 points
        $100 Coles GC 22,225 points

        • Ah my bad, you're correct.

  • wow… applied and got approved next day!
    Last time, applying for ANZ Qantas, was waiting for 3 weeks or something with lots of calls and follow ups..

  • Is good credit (697 experian) enough to be approved for this?

    • I'm sure that means nothing to credit providers as each of them have their own algorithm to process your application. They would look at your history of payments, current debts, salary, payment capability, etc.

      Source : My score currently is lower than yours and have no problem getting new CC after cancelled previous one. I'm used to worry about score getting lower every time apply new one, but then it also lower when i got rid of a CC! Now i believe as long you not behind your repayments, stable income, low debts then you're fine.

      • I mean if that's the case that's great for me since I have a good salary, payment capability, no debts and made timely payments (on zippay) but how do they check those other than by looking at credit score? In other words where do they get recorded and how do they get access? I have got rejected for several credit cards and yet to have one and I could not think of any other reason for that other than credit score

  • Does it help to get this card if you have mortgage with ANZ?

  • I was rejected in March, probably a waste of time to try again?

    • Did you try again?

      • No I haven’t tried again in fear of trashing my credit rating again.

        • Ok ty

  • ANZ is absolutely hopeless, it seems they have no idea what they want, to process your application.
    I got so many questions asked and lots of document requested repeatedly every time I spoke to a rep.
    Finally approved after two months.

    • Same. They kept asking for docs they had, and calling me back at a totally different time than I specificied (they email asking for a call back time….then ignore it).

      I ended up cc emailing all documents (5 times total) to ANZ complaints, a local anz branch rep, credit cards support and ANZ cards team.

      Sent them 6 months of Payslips. Spoke to complaints, indian call centre daily for about a week.

      Local branch said ANZ have removed/ disconnected all their usual support line numbers. Turned into a real $hit show now.

      It took 2 months and they did two credit checks..and got it done.

      Giving them one more day to send me proof they have requested the second credit check reversal (as it was unnecessary/ their fault), then I'm lodging a complaint with AFCA.

      This is 8th ANZ card. Never been this bad

  • 2 bottles of wine now….. and just applied

    Asked for 3 months pay slippppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

    see how we go …………………

    • Day 2 nothing …………….

      • Approved yesterday but they didn't send anything to me, no text no email./…

  • -1

    Does this card give you access to airport lounges?
    Can't see any mention of this.

    • No this is ANZ rewards, not a frequent flyer card.

  • +1

    Applied on a Monday, couple days got a text saying they would call but missed the call from them, late the next week called the credit card line back to check what it was about and get my application number (never received an email after my application), emailed them 3 payslips (covering 6 weeks) over the weekend and approved a few days later.

    Not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be as I've been previously rejected by ANZ and a reasonably fast turnaround of just over a couple of weeks from application to approval but did have to chase up a few things. Put income and expenses at 75k and 30k, credit score 825, only done one other card this year and none last year but was churning a few before that.

  • Do they open an access advantage account as part of this application? I just got an email saying my access advantage account has been opened. I never asked for one.

    • Nope.

  • Did it this morning. Didn't get any email or SMS confirmation. Is that strange?

    • I applied late last week - got a phone call today asking for payslips. No confirmation SMS or email was sent before this.

      • I ended up getting an email late yesterday arvo asking for payslips.

  • Hi does anyone know the salary requirement for this card and if they charge international transaction fees? Planning to buy a big ticket item.

    • +1

      I'm vaguely remember if for $15K credit limit (which for this card), you would need to be earning $75K/annual bracket.

    • +1

      Might be a 80K minimum salary, and yes, pretty certain they charge international transactional fees.

  • Applied this morning but yet to receive confirmation email. It's been over 2 hours.

    Did this happen with anyone?

  • So to confirm, I will meet the spend if I buy $2000 worth of Coles giftcards right? Or do giftcards not count as eligible spend?

    • Should be fine if you buy in store.

  • So I received this fancy pack from ANZ with my offer letter, terms, some advertising, etc but there is no card in there :D Did they forget to include a card or does it come separately? Anyone care to share their experience?

    • +2

      Comes seperately. Usually the card would arrive first? But perhaps aus post delays have affected this

      • Thanks, looks like card will come later and then PIN comes after that. Gotta delay the purchases i planned for this weekend.

        • may I ask when did you get approved?

          • @wxwsf: Approved on 21/07 within a few days of application. Received the fancy pack on 23/07 but still no card.

            • @elecpurch: which city? Melb?
              should be today

              • @wxwsf: Yes, Melb. Keeping a lookout for the postie to come around :D

                • @elecpurch: if you don't get it, worthwhile contacting anz and asking them to reissue your card in case it was lost in the post

                  • @eastmeetswests: Got the card today now have to wait for the PIN to come through via mail. Card can only be activated with the PIN. First time using ANZ and feel their process is quite complicated.

                    • @elecpurch: Pretty sure you can just activate the card online and set pin, don't have to wait.

                      • +1

                        @CodeXD: Yes. All my cards from ANZ were activated and set PIN on app.

  • To clarify, I can get the ANZ FF Black, then cancel, then get the ANZ Rewards Black and get both sets of points?

    • Yup
      2 different point streams

  • Submit my application and documents online around 11pm last night.
    Someone called around 11am this morning saying she cannot open my pdf documents, but then she can open it during the call.
    12.21pm today approval email & sms received.


  • I got this straight after submitting the application, lol.

    Unfortunately, we can’t offer you this card
    We’ve made this decision based on the information you provided. A letter explaining this in more detail should arrive within the next 7 business days.

    Wondering if it’s cause I have a child and only work part time 😬

    • +1

      Highly recommended to have a chat with them to understand the rejection.

      Although their human credit assessors are jokers similar to bots, sometimes they will overturn automated rejection and approve the application.

      • I probably should, curious to know why. Thanks for the advice 😊

  • Applied at 10pm, got a followup call 8:50am the following morning, approved in the afternoon.

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