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eBay: 25% Cashback (Cap $30, 4-10pm) | Liquorland: 30% Cashback + 10% off Sitewide (Cap $30, 10am-4pm) @ ShopBack


The mother of all ebay cashbacks starts today at 4pm! Basically 25% off sitewide (no promo code) - spend up to $120 to get the maximum cashback. No mention of transaction limits so assuming it is unlimited.

Maximise your savings by stacking with -

Liquorland - 30% cashback (cap $30) - 10am - 4pm

  • stack with 10% off sitewide - promo code SITEWIDE.
  • Liquorland online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards will be ineligible for cashback.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4055)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    Does the ebay cashback include purchases from the US? If its through the ebay.com.au website??

    • +1

      Yes it should. E.g. chinese purchases are same eligible too, it's only the ebay site that matters.

      But don't expect to getting cashback for GST, SHIPPING FEE, OTHER TAXES ETC,


      • Awesome thanks. Just waiting for it to track

  • +6

    Its actually pretty funny how shopback rep consistently get so much shit from users here about how bad their tracking is, and now when they have such a good deal, the rep is nowhere to be found.

    Everyone is asking whether the $30 cap is per transaction, or per account. We all know how bad call centres are when you call up and they provide misinformation.

    • +1

      Yeah, it is kind of weird how the rep is not even present. I remember the times when they gave heaps of support, what the hell happened now?

      Just a note this was the first deal I looked at since the breach, but didn't even buy anything. Not that I will use shopback again haha.

      • +2

        Stuff like that happens, and I've changed my credentials since. I did order from this deal, and I want to order more, but without clear info, I'm sticking to $30 cap per account so I don't get my hopes up.

      • I suspect he got sick of the poundings after Shopback reneged on upsize deal after deal.

        Here's hoping this one isn't a case of history repeating. They lured me back in after a year of swearing allegiance to CashRewards or absolutely anyone else.

        Thanks OP.

  • is it just today 4-10 or it lasts for 5 days?

    • +1

      Only today.

      • Shop at Over 40,000 Aussie Retailers
        25.00% Upsized CashbackDetails
        Shop Now
        Expiry Date 18 April 2021

        • Yeah nah even in the cashback rates section it says

          Cashback Rates
          Capped at $30 Cashback (Valid for Transactions from 4PM-10PM AEST)

        • The banner for this promo on shopback website says it is a 'flash sale'. No way a flash sale will go over 5 days.

    • Just today between 4-10

  • "Ensure that you Do NOT add products to the eBay wishlist and purchase/bid over 24 hours later, cashback may not be awarded"

    • Is there a difference between wishlist and watchlist? I did add the item to my watchlist before buying it - although it was within 24 hours :/

  • Far out i just bought something for $465 and realised cashback didnt go through! Grrr

    • how do you know it didn't go through? you forgot to activate?

      • When I clicked thru from SB site i kept getting a 2% cashback via Chrome plugin and no mention of 25%, but I didnt click it thinking it would use the 2% instead of the 25%.

        So would that mean something stuffed up & that I missed getting it?

        • If you made the purchase during the promo period and it only shows as 2%, I would definitely email shopback to have it amended.

  • My biggest concern is when paying via GC, it shows total $0.

    I hope it actually tracks on the price of the item!

    • gc is fine. don't worry

    • All payments are cashback eligible expect promo code/coupons

  • Got the confirmation that my Liquorland cashback tracked properly and has been confirmed just now

    • Mine has gone through too, I assume eBay will take a while.

      • It has taken even 7 days for me once (without claim)

    • Ditto for Liquorland too. Fingers crossed eBay shows up tomorrow morning.

  • +1

    Im a little worried. I made a purchase at exactly 10pm but the payment didn't get processed till 10.34pm. Will I get the cashback or should I just cancel the order

    • +1

      I’m in the same boat. Paid with a gift card before the cut off time but the payment got delayed and it has now recorded the order at 10:01

      • Well as expected my cash back didn’t track at the 25%. Don’t have any evidence the order was made before that as I stupidly didn’t take a screenshot so will make a complaint but don’t like my chances.

        Pretty frustrating really but lesson learnt for next time.

    • +1

      Same here :-/. 9:58 pm my order was paid and PayPal's authorised payment email received seconds later. But it took eBay a further 5 minutes to process it. Last year I missed out on a $5 bonus cashback because of this same eBay payment processing delay. Seems it was not a one off issue after all.

      IMO ShopBack should provide a 5-10 minute buffer beyond a published offer end time or backdate tracking to the true order time if evidence can be supplied.

      • +1

        Update: After contacting ShopBack about this, a top up cashback has appeared in my account's cashback activity. The original and top up cashback add up to within 1c of the expected 25%, so a good outcome in the end.

        • Same here i contacted them and just now see additional cashback, total is $30.01
          (From purchasing $158, paid by mixed of paypal and ebay gift card)

    • +1

      I paid with a gift card at 9:59pm and got the page saying "Your order's in". I took a screeshot just in case.
      However I received confirmation by email only at 10:05pm.

  • Sh!t… Paid ebay just before 10pm with GC now I get error message from ebay saying "Your payment didn't go through, so the order was cancelled. Please pay for this item again."

    All my GC has been deducted… crazy

    Can we extend this deal??

    • I had the same thing happen to me, 3 times!!!! :( Not too sure if there was something wrong with the gift cards

      • That's strange. I have never had any bad experience with GC on purchases at eBay

        • Neither had I till tonight. It bounced back 3 times

          • @cynical17: Just curious, was that transaction included multiple gift cards?

            • @Scythic: Yes 5 gift cards. Thought you could use 7 or 8 max.

              • @cynical17: Hmmm maybe there is a risk using multiple GC in one transaction then

                I always used one GC that is close to the total amount and then pay the rest with CC. Haven't failed once

        • I would've thought the same until tonight. Never say never.
          Now I need to chat with ebay to get my GC value back… which is gonna be a hassle.
          Gonna ask them to compensate 25% for their failure!

  • Thanks OP & SB.

    I'm not sure if my purchase went thru thou, as per ce5himm & my comment above, fingers crossed.

    I ended getting some jerky and a screen protector for my phone, ran out of time for much else.

    I just got my order from BWS 10 mins ago, that was meant to be delivered at 4 today, not impressed.

    Booze & jerky sorted.

    • My BWS deliveries always came earlier than scheduled lol

  • I clicked on confirm and pay at 9.59pm and email confirmation says I bought it at 10.01pm. Will be cheesed if I get declined for that.

    • Fight for it!

    • +4

      Why wait till the last minute? :(

      • +1

        Yeah I've learnt my lesson. Started looking from 8pm. Took me 2hours to find the stuff I didn't need just to get this cashback! So will be painful if I don't get the cashback.

        • I am in the same boat!

        • Did you have your cashback tracked? I have not got anything yet.

  • i spent 400 bucks on ebay yesterday, smh what a fail

  • I used eBay 25% cashback offer tonight. I placed the order and paid ebay at about 21:16, but payment verified via afterpay until 22:02. So the eBay order statue moved from pending to ready to ship at 22:02. Although my order was placed before 10 pm within the time-frame and I clicked through shopback at 21:11 , will I get the cashback? Shopback clicked history can prove it as no click after 10pm.

    • Reports: only get 2% cash back. Ebay’s fault.

    • Reports: After contacted shopback, they added addtional cashback after a week.

    • yeah looks like definite ebay fault if 21.16 but confirmed 22.02.
      i thought mine (placed 21.57 confirmed 22.02) was my fault because leaving it close to 10pm (but hey how coincidence both confirmations are 22.02 ?)

  • +1

    Nooooo I just read everyone's comments about not adding items to wishlist. Wtf kinda rule is that? Sounds like it's a bug or issue on shopback side.
    Hope I can still get this cashback

    • +1

      I don't add to cart from the wishlist.. I jot down the item number of the item that I want and put that in the search bar one by one to add to cart.

      • I bookmarked the items I wanted to buy in my browser (you can make folders for the bookmarks too, I have folders for Amazon, eBay …etc.)

    • I just leave it last seen so, i SEE IT IN MY LAST SEEN ITEM

    • +2

      I wonder if it applies to watchlists AND wishlists :/

    • +2

      I just read the terms and conditions and don't see anything about the no watchlist rule. I have seen this t&C on Cashrewards, but it doesn't appear in the SB t&c's?

      • +1

        yeah me too, no where does it say that. im still hoping for cashback, still no email from them tho. Dont like my chances.

    • I added them to watch list not wishlist, is there a difference ? Bought two items from my watchlist

    • Well this is new to me, made 2 buys over 2 accounts, this is going to be fun to get no discount.

  • +3

    Lol IMAGINE the scenes if all cashbacks are declined :p

  • Bloody SB. Didn’t track for eBay again….

    • +5

      eBay takes a long time around 2 days usually

      But I wont be surprised if it doesn't get tracked shopback always has a history of not tracking when it comes down to such too good deals

  • how are they able to do this wont they go broke

    • +2

      They won't be they get cashback all year around at more than 2% that they mere give us. And even more on gc s being a Superstore.

      Plus even if they get broke doesn't excuse them for not giving advertised promotion

  • Didn't realize the items I bought were having best offers on

    But I paid full buy it now price does that disqualify my cashback??

    • I want to know this too.

    • +1

      No, you'll be fine. I've had no problems with offer enabled listings in the past.

    • +1

      Worked for me

      • Yes, mine also got tracked, yay!

  • At least my click history has the hit :)
    Anyway I think I could have used a 10% off code for $10 on my order so that all I'm risking .I would have bought it with 5% off gift cards anyway .

  • +1

    No tracking yet, bought it at 16:10.

    • +1

      same here

    • +1

      Ditto…..but eBay can take 24 hours or more sometimes. Ali by contrast tracks within 30 minutes.

  • Will this track if I clicked on "Buy It Now" instead of Add to Cart for just a single item?

    • Yes.

  • No tracking…I bought it yesterday evening around 7….from shopback mobile app to eBay app and made a purchase. Does it track that way? Or it doesn’t track purchases made through eBay mobile app?

    • +2

      It will track that way. Still to early for eBay tracking confirmation.

      • +1

        Thanks will wait to see how it goes !

  • Both my transactions tracked ! Bought 2 items worth $90 each and got cash back $22.50 each! Nice

    • So $45 total?

      • Yes

        • Be interested to know if it gets approval or not

  • +1

    My ebay purchase just tracked!! 🤞🤞

    • Same, had never used SB before this.

  • Tracked this morning.

    I completed 3 separate transactions.


  • +2

    Mine just tracked too. Bought at 4:15pm, tracked at 9:45am.

    Car parts and accessories, via Watchlist.

  • My SB account is tracking the $27 now yay

  • +1

    My order just after 4pm from yesterday on ebay just got tracked. It's coming boys and girls :)

  • +2

    If true:

    If you spent $1,000,000 using 8333 transactions of $120, then youll be getting back $250,000 in cash back.

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