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Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card: 25k/Month Velocity Pts with $1,500/Month Spend for 4 Months, $129 Voucher, $64 1st Yr Fee


Virgin Money seem to have updated this offer since it was last posted.
25,000 bonus Velocity Points for every month $1,500 is spent on Eligible Transactions for 4 months from card approval (Total 100k Points for $6,000 spend)

25k Points per month for 4 months offer also available on the High Flyer card, but with $3,500 per month minimum spent.

About Details
Annual Fee $64 for the first year, then $129.
Points Earn Earn 0.66 Velocity Points per $1 spent on Eligible Transactions up to $1,500 each statement period, 0.5 Points per $1 spent thereafter.
Flight Benefis $129 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher, each year.
Visa Privileges Visa Platinum
Minimum Credit Limit $6,000
Minimum Income $35,000
Mobile Payments Apple Pay & Samsung Pay


Up to 100,000 bonus Velocity Points offer is available to new approved Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card account holders who apply by 31 May 2021. 25,000 bonus Velocity Points will be awarded for every month $1,500 or more is spent on Eligible Transactions for 4 months from card approval.

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When the referee takes out a Go Account using a referral code and makes a purchase, that is settled (not pending), direct debit or BPAY payment within the first 30 days, both parties receive 5000 bonus points.

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    6k minimum spend is steep for many, but fine for most.

    Any other good cards out there? I'm CC free ATM.


    How much is 100,000 Velocity Points in terms of gift cards?

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    This is a minimum spend of $1500 per month for 4 months, not $6000 within 4 months. Be careful how you read this.


      basically min spending of 6k in 4 months to maximise the bonus points


    Isn't that Citi is pulling out of AU consumer market?


    Is this new customer only? I had this card 2 years ago, cant find it anywhere in their terms and con…


      Important stuff = New cards customers only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

      If you had it two years ago that should most likely be fine as the standard exclusion period for credit card offers is 12 months (or 18 in the case of Amex).


    Visa Priviledges Visa Platinum

    Does anyone use the VISA concierge stuff? I tried once to get them to find me a specific thing to book for my proposal but was just nope can't find nothing

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      It's pretty shit. Just fluff they can they put as a 'perk'
      Anything they do find is pittance to what you can find yourself googling


    Can I not get this if I have a Qantas card because they're both Citi?


    Good deal. Worth a churn if choices are low. The 4 months is a bit of a hassle as is the drop off to 0.5 points after $1.5k spend, although 0.66 aint great to start.

    But been hording QF points for the last 18 months.

    No doubt Virgin will be back flying to LAX and looks like they are keen on keeping those Haneda spots but who knows when that will happen.

    With QF you can be in first class emirates to Wherever on day 1

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    Not bad… but this current direct Citibank deal is a far easier way of earning 100k velocity points;



      I guess it depends on personal circumstances. This deal is the better for me as our household monthly credit card is much greater than $1500 and the annual fee is lower on this one - and the $129 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher is there should we choose to use it. Each to their own I guess.


        True. It's still a decent offer and I may hit it up after I churn citibank.

        If I value velocity points at 1c (for example), then this deal is worth $1k, and the return on the $6k is 17%. Versus a net return of $900 on $3k spend with citibank, or a 30% return. That's how I look at it. $6k spend could be 2 x $3k spend promos :)