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10% off Sony 65"/75X9000H - $1795.50/$2695.50 | Hisense 65/75 Q8 - $1795.50/$2245.50 | (Free C&C/$55 Delivered) @ The Good Guys


2 of Ozbargains favourite TV's. 10% off. Plus a potential 5% cashback through Shopback if they pay up, another $75-$130 back.

Cheapest ever (non seconds) price for the Sony 65"

(user DYEL - Sony online just price matched the 75" for $2695. Stacks with $200 gift card and free delivery.)

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  • +1

    So the x9000 now supports 120hz 4k. But the 9500 doesn't?

    • +8

      I thought the firmware upgrade of x9000h had issues

      • +7

        It does, see whirlpool.

        • +1

          The last update (the one that can out after the version that added hdmi2.1 features) has been pretty solid, unless my experience is an outlier. My mate has the same tv and was complaining about issues until the last update came.

          Biggest issue with this tv in my opinion is the poor reflection handling. My suggestion is use it in a room where you can close the blinds or no major light sources across it. Android tv shits all over Tizen or web os.

          • @Sancho123456: Can confirm. Latest update fixed most issues. Only software problem left that I've noticed is the wifi sometimes breaks and I have to hard power cycle the TV. Happens once every few weeks so it's not a huge deal but still kinda shitty.

            Hardware wise I've noticed all 4 corners of my particular panel are far dimmer than the rest of the panel and can also confirm it's not a TV you want in a bright room. Reflects everything.

          • @Sancho123456: Yeah I had WiFi issues every few days. The latest firmware update fixed everything up real good.

            I thought it might have been a hardware issue that couldn't actually be fixed. Sony's software team is always legendary!

            • @fuzor: Yep wifi on this is annoying but hard reset fixes it. Can confirm works great with XBOX and PS5.

              • @agalea101: Funnily enough I haven't had any wifi issues (touch wood). I was worried that would be and issue but we've been running it purely on wifi and it has never skipped a beat.

                • @Sancho123456: Hopefully U won't. It can be annoying but it's just a small issue nothing to get worried about.

          • @Sancho123456: Unless it's Sony's Android TV - imagine having to get a chromecast with Android TV just to get Dolby Atmos working

      • I still have issues with Apple TV+ app on this Sony.
        It randomly crashes - it's impossible to watch a TV episode without having to restart the app at least once or twice (and then forwarding, because it recaps x mins each time).
        No issues when starting it via an iPhone and "casting" to the apple app - I don't have an iPhone so I keep having this issue.

        Also wifi sometimes has issues (saying it can't connect) - have to restart the android to fix it.

    • +1

      The 9500 doesnt have hdmi 2.1

    • +1

      Yeah the 9500 doesn't support HDMI 2.1 features. Including 120hz 4k.

    • +6

      Just be aware none of the HDMI 2.1 features work correctly with this TV and the firmware is very buggy.
      It will hopefully be fixed in a firmware update but i wouldn't count on it. The new version "x9000j" is just around the corner.

      To be clear it does not display true 4k @120hz.
      There are lots of Audio issues with eARC.
      Vrr and allm have yet to be implemented.

      Nice picture but do some research if these features matter to you.

  • +3

    I've got the 65 x9000, paid the same price as this deal . Would suggest it is the better bargain that the 65Q8 at the same price, though the 75Q8 might be worth looking at.

    Overall I'm very happy with it, haven't tinkered too much besides turning the smooth motion stuff off for standard TV and movies - though I actually switched it back on low for sports and it looked great. Blue Planet 2 on 4k Bluray looks incredible.

    The 'custom' preset seems to be the best for standard TV, anything Dolby Vision automatically selects its preset and looks good. Nice having any app I want through the Google TV interface. Thinking of spending the money to get it professionally calibrated, anyone have recommendations?

    Edit: I got the same price from Sony Ebay store with the 10% that was going a while back, was good as it had free delivery

    • I personally would not bother, just read more of the user settings on whirlpool and perhaps some test videos to tweak to your taste. Its a great bang for buck tv (panel lottery permitting), but beyond gaming capabilities its a bit limited in some ways… such as dimming zones where the Q8 easily has the upper hand.

      These sales prices are not much to write home about either.

      • +1

        I had a look at the Q8 and x9000 side by side in JB (after I'd already bought the x9000 online) and to my eye the x9000 just won out (though both looked great). I've come from a Hisense N7 so anything properly backlit with local dimming is going to look pretty good to me to be honest. I think the main difference is I've found the colours to be much better on the x9000, as well as the motion handling.

        • +1

          Fare enough, i personally never trust in store setups and came away preferring the Q8 (not a console gamer). At worst their settings are dodgy AF, probably on outdated firmware, at best they are intentionally setup to influence what you purchase. Motion handling definitely the Sony wins but beyond panning shots, its usually not a major issue unless particularly sensitive to it. I don't own either TV, but i felt the Q8 had the edge with blacks, colours, peak brightness, i used my own content to test. But its highly subjective to the environment and our eyes. I have almost bought both at various stages and continue to be severely tempted by both.

          The panel lottery with DSE with the Sony has held me back big time, i'd be devo to have another i can notice it. It really irks me. But there has also been some bugs with the Hisense, with mixed reports most are fixed with firmware & FRC updates. I still have 2 old Hisense sets myself (bastards won't die!) one of them the 65M7000 from 2016 running a UK firmware that works pretty good. But whilst OLED remains priced crazy, and us wanting a 75" with full array local dimming… there are not many options.

          • +2

            @Xizor: I think my panel is okay - I've noticed one particular show on Netflix looks fuzzy sometimes but it's just that show so I think it's an artistic choice rather than anything to do with the panel.

            I don't think (DSE aside) that you could really go wrong with either the x9000 or the Q8. Nice to finally see some mid-range 4k TVs that are actually worth the money, I also have a Samsung KS8000 from about 5 years ago and honestly nothing in the same price range matched that until I saw these models.

            • @Birdseye: I hope i get the same panel lottery fortune as you in my next purchase too!

  • Would GG comcercial be cheaper? Can anyone check please.

    • +2

      Only the 75 9000H is listed and it's still $2995

    • +3

      As you requested -
      75x9000h - $2995
      No 65" available

      65q8 - $1831
      No 75" available

      Coupon code doesn't work

  • With the X9000H can you install the stands in a narrow configuration?

    • +3

      Nah unfortunately not. Only on the outer edges.

      • I had to check the Sony site because TGG site has an image implying you could do narrow- but no dice. Sad panda! I would like a 75 but only a 65 will fit for me.

    • +1

      On the Sony Site https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/televisions/x90h-series/...

      The 55 inch stand width is 1053mm, 65 inch 1128mm, 75 inch 1321mm

      I have a 1500mm stand so I could get the 75 however the screen itself will have some overhang

  • +6

    Sony online just pricematched the 75" for $2695. Stacks with $200 gift card and free delivery.

    • +1

      What's the gift card?

      Edit: sorry I see it now on the Sony site. Cheers

    • I used the price match feature on the product page shortly after you commented but they haven't emailed/called.

      Did you use their price match thing or contact their live chat?

      • +1

        Used the price match feature on the product page. Took about an hour.
        They might reject it initially, but then you are able to reply with a screenshot.

        • I also used the price match option from the product page and it was about 1 hour to get a reply. They accepted the match and updated the price in my cart.
          Thanks DYEL! I've had my eye on this model for some time.

    • Same question as above

    • $2495 (inc. gift card) is a cracking price. Nice work.

    • -1

      How can it possibly stack with a gift card you don't have yet?

    • Rang around a few local Harvey's seeing if they could match Sony's price plus gift card on the 75 inch (thought I could get faster delivery). Closest I got was $2850.

      Even without the $200 gift card, $2695 is a hot price.

      Thanks DYEL.

  • +7

    65Q8 still $1445 from VideoPro. I wouldn't be paying more than that.

    • Agreed. Shipping is much more expensive ($125 to me in SA) but it still works out cheaper.

    • Also on sale for $1489 at Myer. Plus $75 delivery.


    • Got the 55 q8 last week at the gg for $1075. Best price then on 65q8 was 1420. Q8 TV is amazing coming from old TCL fhd

    • I checked at Harvey Norman on Sunday, 65Q8 - $1400.

  • +1

    Is it worth getting the soundbar they advertise on Sony Online with 50% off? Or do you have any soundbar recommendation for this TV if it is required at all?

    • +1

      I read that it doesn't show volume on the screen. Thought I might just wait for a good Yamaha deal instead

  • Can't opt for delivery and no store within 500km for the 65" around Glen Waverley ..
    Would any other store price match this?

    • Harvey Norman price matched them using live chat.

      • Not available for 65", thanks for the advice though

  • do we get cashback paying by gift cards?

  • One or more 55" in stock at the Clarkson (WA), with the code mayhem brings it down to like $1435. Possibly stack with cash rewards 5% too.

    I'd have bought it but it's an hour drive away from where I live :(

  • @Applice central Hisense 75" is $2270 price from past few weeks.

  • Are they discontinuing the 65" X9000h?

  • Anyone got a PS5 hooked up to the 75" X9000H?

    • +1

      I have, they are beautiful combo.

  • Would you do the 75" x9000 or 65" x9500 with $300 diff? For movies supposedly 9500 has something better?

    • +1

      The x9500 is superior for movies, no doubt. It is a bit brighter so superior HDR performance. But how demanding you are, your viewing distance etc. For me personally the improvements of the x9500 are not great enough for me to sacrifice the advantage of size for 75 over 65. I say this as someone wanting to move from 65 to 75.

      • We're going from 55", so at the same 65 size there's a $700 diff!

  • Got this price matched elsewhere with free delivery thanks!

  • Anyone else waiting for hisense u8g?

  • I think the 75 inch sony is sold out on sony.com.au

    • back in stock just now

  • Waiting for 85X9000H deals…

    • Yep. Me too. Hard to find any deal on 85"

      • +1

        TGG deal with $4000 range is best we had. Something may come around year end

    • Same

  • The 65” Sony was $1695 a couple of weeks ago (I think on the Sony site).

    • It's getting pretty hard to find the 65" model due to it being discontinued, and there's not really any competition to it in the price range. If people are sitting on the sidelines, might be worth biting the bullet and paying the extra $100.

  • Damn, 75inch out of stock at SONY. Heck just waited on the price match to come in for too long.

    • I got the price match through Sony Chat bot but by the time I got through to the payment screen they were all gone. Managed to get one through local Good guys at the $2,695 price..

  • +1

    How is the Sony 75” for movies for that price? I want a 75” solely for movies and also like nice dark/crisp blacks.

    Don’t really know what to choose when it comes to TVs, everyone seems to be keen on this TV though, would it be a good pick for movies in a theatre room? I wouldn’t really want to spend any more than this $2.5k as well..

    • If no gaming or sport, I'd probably go the Q8 and save the extra money. If using for others the Sony is a great price but not as good on side viewing angles. Then again, the Sony is under $2500 (with the gift card) at Sony Store anyway (if there is stock). If viewing angles isn't an issue, get the Sony as it is an awesome price.

  • +1

    Myer appears to have the 65" Q8 even cheaper at $1489 +~$75 delivery

    • For those in Brisbane, Videopro have the Q8 for $1445.

      Trying to work out if I just bite the bullet

      • I just ordered it from Videopro $1530 inc delivery to Sydney.

  • +1

    This televisions is a lot better than the X90J

    • They both have the same bad viewing angles
    • X90H Not made from recycled plastic
    • Almost as good contrast 4200:1 (plenty for everyone)
    • Almost as good peak brightness
    • Better Grey Uniformity
    • Better Black Uniformity
    • Better Colour Volume
    • Wide Colour Gamut
    • Same HDMI 2.1 and promised features

    No point getting the X90J, if you buy this television at the 75" price that they are pushing which is $4200+ AUD, you are nuts! Great time for the X90H! Skip the newer model…

    • Yeah I agree, the X90J has terrible build quality and materials used. Recycled plastic for the frame, back, stand and some internal components as opposed to metal frame and stand on the X90H.

  • Price matched the 75 instore in JB today with free delivery and installation

    • -1

      what does installation get you

      • Wall mounting or standard. Promo on instore for tvs over 75 inch

        • I just went to a store, they said wall mounting is $100 extra, and they don't match good guys' price

          • @lawbee: It was Elizabeth St. in Melbourne I was in. They had no problem with the price match. They initially said it was only standard installation that was free then another guy said I think we can do the wall mount

  • Price matched and bought from Sony. 90h.
    Got an email day after saying they've run out or high demand or something and my order was cancelled.
    So not sure if it's in or not, since I've already paid.

  • Price matched 75 jbhifi instore, free wall mount installation includes wall mount and delivery. But no stock for few weeks $2700.

  • Get it before it's gone.

  • Worried if I go for 75 over 85 I will regret it. I am 3.1 meters from screen. Will be for sports (kayo), movies and Netflix, thoughts ?

    • I am in the same boat, I have noticed that 85” is going to be too big for sports for that distance. I am settling with 75 for now.

      • -1

        how did you test this out? field of view too large for sports?

        • +1

          I been to Harvey Norman and measured distance and noticed full screen images and motion on afl bit blurry. You have step back few more steps to see pictures better.

  • Picked up the 75" from GG yesterday, paid $2635 before a further $300 cash back and free 1 year Disney+

    Was a bit apprehensive coming from Panasonic Plasma, but am suitably impressed with the Picture Quality including Foxtel sports, snappy Android TV etc … used the settings from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdaPI9pYKsI&t=1987s as a starting point, only changed to 15 brightness and I don't feel like I need to calibrate any further (although I do have a colorimeter so probably will)

    At this price I might even go back and get another one … (and the Series X they're holding for me!)

    • Nice one but I know majority won't be getting anywhere close to this deal. People would just be wasting their time trying to get that price as well as $300 gift card.

      • +1

        They might, I had no affiliation with anyone at the store or special treatment - while I had been researching to decide on model, I wasn't actually out that day to buy the TV, just walking past and saw the cashback posters so stuck my head in to see what was on offer - just chatted nicely to the young sales guy and that's what he was able to put it thru for … no manager authorisation needed. There didn't appear to me to be any reluctance to stack a good cash price with the $300 cashback. No reason why others might not negotiate likewise on a runout model - seemed above cost in their system ($2600 failed).

    • when I spoke to GG yesterday and asked about further $300 cashback they said if you pay the full price of advertised which is $2995 then you are eligible to claim cashback. not with the code.

      I have ordered from JB $2700 and they dont have stock left need to wait 3 weeks.

  • Anyone had their Sony store order dispatched yet?

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