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Free Foxtel Now Box for Select Foxtel Now Customers


Full credit to walaj on Whirlpool.

Only available to selected Foxtel Now customers. Offer must be redeemed by 30 June 2021 or while stocks last. 12,000 boxes available. Foxtel Now box will be delivered within 15 business days to the nominated delivery address. Limited to one per customer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Should work with the 10 day trial, or the free month for Telstra postpaid customers:



Other random info:

  • Once the box is activated with a Foxtel Now account, you can log in with your satellite/cable Foxtel details if you have multiroom (or you can use WBMC mentioned below if you don't have multiroom)
  • Has inbuilt FTA tuner (which can now be used with the Live Channels app), Chromecast built-in, and Bluetooth remote
  • Has native Google Play apps for Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Stan, Optus Sport, and all five FTA channels, as well as Plex
  • Amazon Prime, Kayo, and Binge work, but have to be sideloaded or cast
  • WBMC can be sideloaded (it's a fork of Kodi; Kodi itself can't be loaded), and used with Matt Huismans add ons, including Foxtel Go:



  • Has Ethernet (100Mb), USB, microSD, and S/PDIF ports
  • You can't reorder the apps row
  • You can't reorder the FTA channels within the Live TV section
  • I couldn't get the Apple TV app working
  • You can get Amazon / Kayo / Binge / WBMC apks from the repository below:


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    • +1

      Was great for Kayo as well but no longer supported on the Foxtel now box :(

      The irony..

  • How come the cancel subscription box is greyed out after signing up to free trial?

    • haha!

    • It's not greyed out for me, but I did just notice the banner after I ordered says "Your order has been successful. It will be received in 15 business days. We will send you an SMS update when your order has been shipped."

      I wonder if they'll delay posting it until after the 10-day trial is up… But regardless, I'll likely cancel the sub after about 7 days. Hopefully shipped before then…

  • Did one on a 10 day trial subscription for my cousin on his name and address with my other credit card if that helps anyone with lazy family and friends 👍😁

  • Got one. Thanks OP

  • I’m paying about 87 for 1x standard IQ4 + sports HD + multi room. I’m off contract (have been for about 12 months) and not a new customer. There doesn’t appear to be any deals for me? If I was a new customer it appears I could get that plus some drama pack for $59 a month, a google nest and now box. I’m very confused if there is anything I can do? I also pay $20 for Netflix each month so all very expensive.

    Also Telstra post paid customer ($80 a month mobile) but offer doesn’t appear available to me? Also pay $60 for TPG adsl home if there are any better offers combining all internet phone services. Off contract for everything but Telstra with 5 months left.

  • Just signed up to Foxtel Now Free Trial, was able to order the box. Cheers!

  • Just signed up and claimed the box, i have noticed they have charged $25 + $1 for account verification. box was $0 and trail period is not completed.

    • You should only be charged $1 and you will get that back. $25 is charged after trial if not canceled

      • live chat confirmed that there was no trail period in my account that's why they have charged the $25. I have asked them to cancel and refund the amount.
        I have never used trail or foxtel now before, unsure why they charged?

        • During the sign up process I notice there was an option to skip phone verification but you would forfeit your trial. Maybe you did that?

          • @xers: I did that, I thought i can verify later. I was surprised that there was an option to skip so I skipped.

            • @The king: I guess it's to prevent people from abusing the free trial. New phone numbers are harder to get than email addresses

              • @xers: May be, still they should not provide an option to skip. If they really worried I guess.

  • Got one, thanks OP.

  • awesome thx so much, redeemed, gave my parents this device ages ago… can use on a third monitor that used to have my shield tv till missus stole that when telstra tv shat itself….

  • Received this in the mail last Thursday. Perfect for an old Panasonic plasma that was unable to get HD arial channels. Funnily enough got the 2 year free Foxtel now promotion March 2019, yet still get it for free. Anyone else still leaching off that deal?

    • Glad to see people still on my one and only deal!

      TBH I haven't checked since March.

  • probably has a wiretapping device in it

    • -3

      lots of murdoch fanboys out on this promotion - every budding national socialist needs one of these….

      • Because Murdoch loves socialists

  • +2

    These things are garbage. We have 2 at work. They get so hot and crash so often.

  • Looks like I got one!
    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Got one, Thanks. Not sure if people know this. Using a gmail account with dots in different places acts as a new account in most services. Like [email protected] is same as [email protected] for gmail but different for other services

    • -2

      Let me test that and if I remember rightly you can make alias emails for your email or was that for mail.com or hotmail

      edit: yupz worked wow the possibilities, yummy yummy 😜🤪🤑😝😛 saves a lot of messing around with using other Gmail accounts
      Big thanks for that info 👍

    • Interesting though
      mate is [email protected] but gets email for [email protected] (or other way around) as well as his own.

      inc private naked photos of the other blokes missus, his bills, bank statements etc

      • -2

        Wow nice and bonus free entertainment of the real Jones

        What do you mean by other way around?
        [email protected] ?

        Though actually bit worrying considering it's a Google service

        • he is either warrensurname or warren.surname…. cant remember

          I've seen some of the other blokes emails … and photos of his missus LOL!

          Wazza has contacted Google many times, they dont care.

      • +2

        but gets email for [email protected]

        This is completely normal on gmail, and has nothing to do with the 'dot', just people being dumb.

        xkcd explains it well: https://xkcd.com/1279/

        • +1

          Yep. I have a secondary email address that is [email protected], and regularly get emails for at least two different people with the same name. One got married and the venue sent "her" address out to their network of wedding suppliers. That was fun. Emails about cakes, photographers, DJs, flowers, rings, caterers, dresses, suits, etc, etc.

          If I was in Florida, I would have access to a veteran's storage shed.

          • @puffinfresh: Funny can have multiple full stops between every letter, email is no different too email with same letters without any full stops, well handy now can place full stop between first and surname

  • +1

    Anyone know if regular Foxtel customers (i.e. not Foxtel Now customers) can log in on this?

    • I get "Sorry, you are not eligible for this promo code." when I try it for my uncle's regular Foxtel account.

      • I was not clear, my apologies. I meant if they try sign in to Foxtel Now Box, not sign in to access the offer.

  • Nice one, thank you OP

  • You champ! Grabbed one!

  • Thanks grabbed one!

  • +2

    Thanks OP, Im gonna use it as a Chromecast to my old tv.

  • Thank you sir.

  • Legend, one of the best deals I’ve had on ozbargain

  • After showing zero cost in the invoice, they ended up charging $15 to my credit card for some reason - is this shipping?

    • +1

      At the bottom of my invoice (I was already a customer) I see the following, haven't seen a CC charge yet though. I already have one of these boxes, even at $15 it's a good price.

      Order Summary:
      One Off Charges
      Foxtel Now box $ 99.00
      Box Offer Discount $ -99.00
      TOTAL COST $ 0.00

      Payment made today: $ 15.00
      Payment method: Credit Card

      • Actually I saw the same in the email (I have not seen any charge on the card yet)
        I clicked the link again, logged in and it looks like it lets you order another again?
        …will let this one go through to the keeper.

        • I checked both my trial subscriptions and there have been no charges too both my credit cards, not even that $1 charge, checked screenshots while setting up and web page states near the bottom,..

          During trial you will be charged $0

          After trial ends, you will pay $25

  • Just got one, thanks OP. Planning to use it with Disney+ subscription since my TV is old and doesn't support the app.

    Shame no Apple TV app.

    • Apple TV is now available for Android.

      Have heard of it being able to be sideloaded on other Andorid TV boxes, even if not available in Google Play on that box.

      • wish it would work on kodi as an app like kayo etc

  • +6

    If having problems redeeming go to https://www.foxtel.com.au/now/offer.html and enter FREEBOX as the offer code.

  • will wait until closer to end of month…a few days before school holiday

  • +1

    Good deal, but realised the only thing I'd be using this for (YouTube/Stan/Netflix) I can already do on my Xbox lol so I'll suppress the urge to get one xD

    • outdoor TV, 2nd room etc

    • I use the same setup, except in this one I get Chromecast built in and that's why I order it for.

      • What more does Chromecast offer besides mirroring phone/tablet and voice controls compared to Xbox?

        Just wondering because neither of those to me are overly useful.

        • +2

          I guess:
          1. Save my time and effort turning on the Xbox everytime I turn on the TV
          2. I can have my xbox control on rest since the only reason I use my xbox is to play OTT services
          3. One hand control using Foxtel box's remote where as my xbox controller needs my both hands and this is important to me because the only time I'm watching TV is while I am eating.
          and so on.

  • Let's see if they send before the 10 day trial ends… or will they wait and see if you renew a paying subscription

    • Well as deal is valid for Active customers when buying (for free), there is no reason that they should not send even if you do not renew i.e. you are an active customer.
      As the Q&A says……..one gets to keep the box even if you are no longer a customer.

  • +12

    Any possible to flash this box to an open firmware?

  • This is absolutely confirmed that you can sign up first and then claim your box afterwards with 10 days trial. Thank you so much for posting this here. I love OZbargain

    • +3

      I'd say confirmed once the box hits you after cancelling the trial .

  • Can confirm it's still working on a ten day trial with Firefox on Android, just signed up to a 10 day trial then went to the link two minutes later and it's free.

  • Hi guys, just to get it right, The Essential Base pack will cost $25 after 10 days free trial, but what about if I add "All Packs" $104, will they charge $104 now, or it will be later once 10 days period lapsed ?

    • They will charge you at the end of your 10 day trial, it should state on your confirmation email when they will take it out.

      • Cheers

    • +1

      It says 'All packs' is included in the trial by default, so by manually selecting this, you're selecting what pack you'll be automatically rolled over to and billed for if you don't cancel the trial.

  • Did anyone get a verification on the box order? i did it but never received a confirmation?

    • An email was sent after the order was placed saying.
      Thank you for redeeming your Foxtel Now box* offer.

      You'll receive an SMS with postage tracking details for your Foxtel Now box once it's been dispatched, with next business day delivery in most metro areas for orders made before 1pm EST.

      • Thanks mate, it was in the email I got with the trial sign up.

  • +2

    Is there a delay on receiving the verification code via sms?

  • Just messaged them and it said they can’t see the order on you account

  • Looks like they are out of stock, if I check my account and try to order one ?

  • There were only 12000 boxes available after all….

  • The problem is that hours ago I can order and got the message during ordering that it will take up to 15 days. But I didn't get the text message confirmation like others did about the order confirmation.

    • I ordered yesterday but received no sms

      • Ok, my bad. Looks like email confirmation will be sent once order is confirmed, but text when it is shipped.

  • Anyone can install Foxtel Go or Foxtel Now app in Mi Box ?

    • Yes, I side loaded it and it works fine. Only minor issue is that the pause button on my remote doesn't work.

  • +2

    Just got this SMS:

    Good news! Your Foxtel kit has been dispatched from our warehouse. AusPost will deliver, to track go to [link]

    • I got the same message .. yaaaa

    • When you guys ordered it ?

      • 1:10pm yesterday in Adelaide.

        • ok thanks

  • +1

    Shipping SMS received.

    I signed up for a free trial, claimed box and then cancelled the trial all within 5 minutes if anyone was wondering

    Thanks op, killer deal.

  • I ordered at 2:30pm yesterday no text message yet.

  • +1

    Just got a dispatch notification half an hour ago, this is with the 10 day free trial.

    • What time did you put through your order? also, do you happen to be in Vic?

      • +1

        Yes I'm in VIC, got the order confirmation email at 1:29PM.

        • Fair fair, I got the order confirmation at 5pm, so hopefully I get the SMS today

  • SMS and Auspost notification of tracking id received.

    • what time did you order. I ordered 2am 09/06/2021. Probably be last ones to receive email

      • Mine just arrived today.

        Ordered on the 9th June ~1pm (shortly after the deal was posted).

        • Sorry would've been 2am 10/06. No system yet. Did you have issues logging in?