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10% off $100 & $250 Coles Gift MasterCards @ Coles In-store ($4.50 or $6.30 Fee Applies)


Huge $18.70 saving on the $250 card after the $6.30 activation fee. Please note the terms state the activation fees reduce by 10% as well. Starts June 16. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

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      • Im thinking Tuesday night before the end of the promotion.

        • nah

  • Will flybuys works with giftcard purchase? I told earlier it won’t. Pls confirm

    • Try yourself and find out, only way.

      • I tried when I bought Visa card but didn’t track. Agree no harm to try will do next time

        • +1

          There is harm, it increases your weekly spend for the next time theres a spend x amount per week for 4 weeks to get points promo.

    • I have always received the flybuys points but will not scan them unless the benefit is through getting extra points rather than the discount.

  • travel to non-urban areas and you can find heaps of $250 and $100 :)

  • +2

    So none at the following places in SA.

    FIRLE had a heap of $100

    Talked to some Indian dude and his friend apparently went to Marion and 5 surrounding stores and found none. Not sure if people are hiding them, taking them out of the stores days before and returning or the staff are slacking putting them out. Pretty shit eitherway.

    • -2

      It is so frustrating to know that I won’t be able to get even one. Gangs will move from store to store and basically get free money. Thanks Coles for doing them a favour. It would have been so easy only if Coles have sold them just as they would sell cigarettes. Anyway guys make sure you use all balance of these cards. Coles is betting that even if a small portion of these balance gets forfeited, it will be huge for them. Nobody give away money for nothing.

      • "Gangs" Sounds like this is something illegal.

        • You’re right. It’s not illegal but doesn’t sound nice as well to “hide” cards or buying over the limit of 5 as a result other Australians cannot buy them wasting time and convenience costs to pursue after them. Do you think this an Australian way?

          • @io: Nothing is stopping regular aussies going around to different stores and buying 5x at each store. But to call people who do this 'gangs'? yeah no.

  • Can I use staff discount with this?

    • As a staff do you normally get % off for buying GC's?

  • The flybuys $10 off shop offer doesn’t come up when purchasing this.

    • +2

      GCs are never part of the weekly shop offers, they only increase your overall target.

  • Anyone been to Victoria Gardens? Wondering if it's worth the trip

    edit: a lot of $100s, no $250s (asked staff too)

  • Thanks TA. Scored 5 from Kellyville (thanks to the kind lady at the counter who had them scanned from an unopened box) and 5 from Rousehill (thanks to the lady who ensured that I am not getting scammed). About $187 in savings.

  • under the line Coles is making a profit on this !

    Either with extra sales or with slack people who buy and forget.

    Can these cards be used on android tap and pay?

    • +1

      No NFC chips in them.

      Coles makes a killing on PNL balance sheets for near end of FY.

  • there were plenty of $50 but no $100-250.

    • Did you ask ?

      • Yes I got 5 x $100

  • +1

    Excellent deal. Thanks, OP. Over 5% off groceries for foreseeable future.

  • +1

    None at lutwyche or kedron (qld)

    At both places staff said a bunch of asains were there at opening and cleaned them out of most of them. Looks like they are doing the rounds.

    Early bird gets the worm.

    • +1

      Plenty in the city mate. no need to blame Asians (ps you've got a typo).

      • Not blaming them, actually complimenting them, they didn't stuff around like I did.

        I'll be in the city tomorrow, any particular place you would recommend?

        • +1

          Both the one in Myer centre and the one next to DJ have hundreds (well prob not over 100 but close) when I left work at 7pm.

        • Let me me know how you go. I only bought five yesterday now regretting…Might buy another five if there’s any left today…lol

          • @Swiftz: No $250s, just $100s near David Jones Coles, went to Myer centre Coles at lunch and got 5x $250 there was about 20 $250s left, went back 5 minutes later to get another 5 and got the last 3 x $250s. Lots of $100s though

            Not sure if they will replenish them, but appreciate the heads up Swiftz

            • +1

              @frazel: Lucky you. Nothing left in the afternoon

  • +1

    Thank you TA!! Just bought 4, there's plenty left in Coles Macquarie Park.

    • Not anymore, not at the main gift card section at least. All $100 and $250 cards were gone from this area as of around 1pm.

  • +3

    Ringing real estate agent to see if he would take $1m worth of gift cards. Then to visit 800 Coles stores to buy 800 of these gift cards.

  • Heaps of $100 and $250 cards at Gungahlin (ACT) on the gift card shelves near the freezer section and under the service desk. Not many cards at Amaroo (ACT) on the gift card shelf near the freezer section.

  • Scored the last 8 * 100 at Lane Cove with Mrs SS. No 250s.

    • +1

      Is that nasty lady still working at Lane Cove Coles? Once upon a time they refused to sell me more than 2 because 'story policy' says so. Which is bs because I confirmed with head office that this never existed.

      • +1

        Yes she is and unfortunately she served me. She started off rudely quoting all sorts of laws that I had never heard off and it went downhill from there. However I did get the transaction done.

        • Welcome to the real world. In store they are the law 😂

          Those who commented about good experience before is only buying normal grocery so they obviously have not experienced the real world.

          Sometimes subconsciously these staff are jealous when seeing ppl buying many for certain items.

  • +2

    Just came back from Coles Balwyn North, plenty of $250 and $100 on the shelves near the checkout

  • +1

    I can name about 5-7 Coles that has never had a $250 during the Promo period including opening on day 1 .
    Definitely a inside staff job .

    • Please name them.

      • Not that place I said last night . ;)

  • Anyone used these cards on Suncorp Rewards gift cards? I assume they make a pending transaction which you can see once logged into check the balance?

  • How do these work if you need to pay more than the preloaded amount, online?

    • Rejected

    • Then it won’t work.

  • +5

    Robina on the Gold Coast had heaps of both denominations in a nice little "help yourself" basket at the very entrance! All the 10% signage around it.
    Customers were just walking past the free money stand!
    Not me! 5 in hand - Thanks OP.

    • +1

      Probably are customers who couldn’t read…

      The kind that only buy property….

  • None at Norwest, NSW check at 9 AM

  • Got mine in Brissy!!! Woohoo!! I have a feeling that the last one was better? was it 15%?

  • +2

    Carlingford all gone as well since yesterday. If I have more time would have gone on an easter egg hunt round the store.

  • Can I use this gift card to buy the Him/her gift cards at Coles?

    • Sure can.

      The only problem is that the TCN HIM/HER gift cards are not discounted anymore, so I don’t see much of a point buying those gift cards at Coles when it is probably easier (and less hassle) to use the Coles Gift MasterCards directly at the retailer instead (unless the retailer doesn’t accept prepaid MasterCards for some reason).

  • -1

    I bought a $250 and then used it to buy another $250…

    Total spend = $231.30
    Total net = $268.70
    Profit = $37.40

    I am not going to continue but if I did, each transaction would net me a further $18.70 profit.

    • That's a poor use of the card and time.

    • You realise you could have gotten the same profit by paying using your CC for the second transaction, except you’d be getting CC points as well? Lol

      • +2

        In fairness, if one person had only $10k cash, and bought 40x $250 cards already, then the inception method makes sense.

      • +2

        He probably only had $250 so only way the guy can play :)
        Problem is supply hehe .

      • It’s more convenient to use the Visa cards at Coles now than have a heap of cards to spend in the future. You get the credit card points anyway when you spend what you would have spent on gift cards at coles, in the store itself.

        • Hi @grasstown, can you please let me know which Visa card has the CC points?

    • +1

      It doesn't matter if you use the coles mastercard or your credit card/cash. Your net profit is still the same with every card you buy.

    • It is only feasible if you can find a self checkout that does not need staff approval.

      • Not possible. All need staff

        • Over the years, there were some occasions that it did not ask, but very rarely.

          • +1

            @Neoika: Glitch in the matrix, patched with new software now.

            • @Turd: Nothing to do with patch or not. It still could happen occasionally in Coles/Woolies. It did happen to me a few weeks ago in Woolies.

        • +1

          sometimes there is glitch and it won't need approval until staff restart the machine. So if you happen to come across one it won't be like that the next day.

          • @samehada: You got what I mean. In Woolies, there is a hiden setup to prevent Perfect EFTPOS card paying for another same one, but no issue for eBay. I did a small split last time and it says "MasterCard, Item not allowed", same as Wish eGC paying for a giftcard. Perfect EFTPOS card is transacted as a MasterCard in Woolies.

            • @Neoika: Once upon a time, ThePerfectGiftcard a.k.a EFTPOS card thought that their products are so popular so they decided to jack up the fee to 7% ($6.95 instead of $5.95 for $100 card) and noone bought them anymore. They must be wishful thinking that ppl really want their card. The "professionals" bought them because you can pay with Wish GC and get Amex points.

              Since Amex points is devalued 50%, noone wants to buy EFTPOS card and WW has stopped allowing Wish GC to buy GC is the final nail to the coffin.

  • +1

    Burwood East still has a sht load of $100, about 4x $250 after I grabbed 5. The cashier was giving me a lecture about scams and max purchase of 5 and my face would be scanned to stop me getting more and will be escorted out of it so… wtf. Still mission accomplished getting my max lot first go.

    Usually the Easter egg hunt turns me off from going to grab discounted prepaid cards, but was heading into the shop anyway!

    • Do they even have the technology to scan faces?

      • lol empty threats I'd say… Typical middle aged know it all lady that served me, thinking she was stamping her authority.

        • yah, that is the typical staff with attitude most of the time.

          They even slow to learn and act like they know all when you tell them how to do thing.

          i.e with those TCN card, they need to scan the long barcode and use the hand to cover the short barcode so the scanner doesn't pick up by mistake. When I told them they should scan long barcode, they even said that they know what to do and keep wasting my time by scanning the short barcode AND then the long barcode.

          Coles Burwood East has many nice staffs but also some nasty ones like the one you got.

        • I was being facetious, I am sure they do not have such technology. I am not sure even the police do. I find it's best to go after 5 pm when the school/uni kids are on and their job is not their life.

    • +1

      Telling stories there.

      I watched a woman get at least 15x $250 cards, possibly more; the checkout person simply processed them 5 cards at a time. So, I grabbed another 5 and ended up with 10 from that checkout. This again, was very much, if you snooze, you lose. I wonder if they'll keep stocking up this time, they didn't seem to last time. Chances are that most cards would have been well and truly gone by lunch time if not much earlier.

      Most of the cards were not in their usual location, but at the checkouts, at least at my most local Coles.

      • +1

        If you are lucky some stores do have stock again on Tuesday which is the last day of the promo.

  • +2

    I have the ACCC ScamAlert red flyer too many times from today .
    It beyond the staff ability to realize no scams just a good deal happening .

    • +2

      They have some nerve trying to prevent scams from happening.

      • And people don't understand the reason why the rush is on is the problem .
        For you it has nothing to do with scams for any thinking person with something upstairs :)

    • It was printed on my dockets too. It must have been an issue at Staff Training Day.

    • +1

      How do they know customers aren't buying it because they got scammed? You have a problem with staff trying to stop scams?

      How much time does it waste to be given a flyer? If it just saves one person from a scam the effort would be worth it.

      Grow up.

  • +1

    None at Coles Raine Square.
    The greeter implied that employees had bought them all.

    • +1

      None in coles Victoria park and carousel too. Add to this list for WA stores maybe?

      • +1

        I checked two stores after work today, Kwinana had been cleaned out, but Cockburn had hundreds of $100 cards and quite a few $250 at the end of one of the checkouts. This was right before closing.

      • None in Subi at 8:05 a.m. (opens at 8) either for the information of others. Anyone in metro Perth scored some?

        • Wife got the last two $250s at Wanneroo yesterday. Still a bunch of $100s. Willing to bet they're not there any more.

    • There wasn't any there yesterday either.

      • +2

        Update for those in WA. COLES BELMONT HAS HEAPS. let's go ozb. As of 4pm Perth time

        • None left as of now, at least in the gift card end.

    • In the last time this deal was live Raine Square wasn't part of the promo as that store is a Coles "Central" branded store. E.g. different from Coles as Coles Express at servos are. Well, that was the explanation I got.

      • That's fair enough if so but then why would they not have any of the MCs at all? They had all the other GCs there.

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