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[Refurb] Budget Gaming PC - GTX 1060 3GB GPU, Intel Core i5-4460 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB SSD $499 + Delivery @ FuzeTechAu


In the spirit of keeping prices low, we've tried to keep it cheap, so no RGB, but if you wanna game more upgrade that mini-beast with the case. The coolermaster Case will be added with Alseye LED fans so it'll look sick anyway no cap.


GTX 1060 GPUS SOLD OUT!!!! but the builds have been replaced with GTX strix 970 4gb


We know GPUs are a struggle atm, so we created an amazing ultra budget option that not only looks amazing but can perform quite well in E-Sports and some newer titles. PC is a mix of refurbed and new parts, but with a 1 year warranty on the PC alone you know you're covered.

Case -Coolermaster N200
CPU- Intel i5-4460 [Refurb]
GRAPHICS- Asus Strix GTX 970 4GB [Refurb]
MOTHERBOARD - Gigabyte B85M-DS3H 4 dim slot [Refurb]
STORAGE - Kingston/samsung/gigabyte 120GB SSD
RAM - Kingston 16GB (2*8GB) 1600mhz [Refurb]
PSU - Antec 500w 80+ PSU
CPU Cooler - Intel Stock cooler
Fans - ALSEYE LED fans (2pc)
Software - Windows 10 home (Unactivated)
WIFI - 300mbps USB
1 year warranty
- More storage can be added to the build! Just add it to cart and send us a comment after checkout!

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  • +42

    This post will get downvoted, but check your local gumtree and marketplace, the GPU alone goes for $350+

    Decent deal to be honest

    • +2

      No it does not, this is a 3gb model

      • +6

        In28909. You would be stupid to pay $350+ for a 3GB model.

        I picked up 2 x 1060 6GB models for a total of $500.

        • +1

          My 1660 Super 6GB now goes for A$650-A$700, prices still getting worse.

          It's messed up at this point, good price 3060 (non-ti) is $1,000 on sale.

          • -1

            @Jimbuscus: 1139 3080 looks better and better everyday

            • -1

              @Freestyle: $1260 evga 3080 ftw3 ultra owner here :D

              • +1

                @bumluffa: glad we stayed up that one night and waited 3 months for it hahahaha

      • +1

        I sadly saw a 3GB 1060 on FB Marketplace for $350 tonight.

    • -6

      No it doesn't. Even a 1060 6GB doesn't go for $350.

      • +1

        Maybe check eBay before making assumptions
        GPU demand still very strong.


        • -3

          The question is why do people dowmvote 30 series gpu for being overpriced, then go an upvote this based on an extremely overpriced 1060 3gb

          If you're buying this, you're better off without

          If you want to game desperately, buy a used console

          • @ln28909: People also upvote decent prebuilds and support small businesses.

            • +3

              @huey: why buy junk?

              as long as you're spending money, you already do your part

              • +6

                @ln28909: I see that you are still bitter from the 19 people that negged you.

                • @huey: why would i be bitter, that was a great price, if you were not smart enough to realize it and then go upvote junk like this, then it's your loss

                  • +8

                    @ln28909: Yeah you don't sound bitter at all, lol

                    • -2

                      @huey: Lol, I'm not, ozbargainers think they're smart, but when it comes to gpus, most are just a bunch of idiots

                      Is it wrong of me to laugh at that?

                  • +3

                    @ln28909: That was not a great price.

                    THIS deal posted 1 day after yours was a good deal. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/566770

                    $1599 for a 3080

                    Or $1995 for an entire PC with a 3080.

                    • +3

                      @cheesecactus: Lol owned. WP

                    • -4

                      @cheesecactus: And wait months for it, a 3080 makes $5-$10 a day, a month is easily $200 already. Also look at the card in that deal, gigabyte is the worst brand you can buy for 3080

                      If you don't understand the value of time, then you're just one of those idiots that wait for msrp

                      Cheap is cheap for a reason

          • @ln28909: because one is people complaining about reality (which is fair) because they don't like it and the other is understanding that it still is the reality and within that context, it makes it a good deal - do you see the difference?

            • @bumluffa: Lol, that doesn't make sense, cause the actions have opposite meaning

              • @ln28909: Ah so you don't see the difference :)

                Let me help you, people do not have to be consistent in their actions - there is something called motives. If you fail to understand this you may have a very poor grasp of social skills

                • @bumluffa: that's called being hypocritical, as long as you know that, it's a good start

                  • @ln28909: No, it's not, but I appreciate you don't understand the nuance of the situation

                    • @bumluffa: Well since you don't know that, now we have a bad start

          • @ln28909: what if they need the PC and wants to game as well

            please dont say laptop

        • -1

          I did. They're also going for $61, $112, etc. and that's sold prices.

          Just because someone is asking the price (especially on ebay) doesn't mean anyone is paying it but if they are, they're not very smart.

          I've got a 1080ti sitting in my drawer. Is that worth $1500 then? Lol.

          You're obviously a shill since you immediately got defensive but that's ok. You do you.

          • +1

            @imurgod: Lol I could sit that in my drawer for you 😂👍

            Seriously though (profanity) you gpu prices. Lol still running my 7950 until they are normal again. :)

          • +1


            They're also going for $61, $112, etc. and that's sold prices.

            Those seem to be cards that were listed as faulty. Cheapest recently sold 3GB seems to be this but that probably sold very fast (was a Buy It Now).

            • @CompulsiveOzB: Ok, so it sold fast. Fair enough.

              We know why these cards are so cheap then.

          • -1

            @imurgod: Fact checking it clearly not your thing. Lol.
            Chill out man.

            • @huey: Ok @huey except you're the one attacking everyone.

              Take a pill, tiger. We're all very impressed at your knowledge of poorly priced, underpowered, obsolete gfx cards.

  • +4

    Don't forgot to add in a Windows license: "Windows 10 home (Unactivated)"

    • +7

      It's not a huge deal to use it unactivated these days, pretty sure you even get updates.

    • +3

      You can buy them for $10

      • -5

        cough legit.

    • +2

      It's worth getting a $5 OEM key, even if it where to be deactivated in 6-months. I've bought a few and never had an issue in nearly 2yrs.

    • Did I hear Ubuntu? it is free!

    • +1

      Or just buy an OEM Key/pirate it. Every machine I have has a KMS activation of Windows 10 Enterprise.

      • Why enterprise out of curiosity? All machines I have are just pro KMS activated.

        • +1
          • Group Policy support for disabling some windows features
          • WIndows Sandbox
            The main reason though is being able to disable microsoft's crap through Group Policy
  • +6

    Good deal for a mid range 1080p level e-sport / forknife machine.

    • +2

      I have a second PC for the kids, it's about 50% less powerful than this (i5-3570 and R9 280x), and is perfectly fine for any game, (provided you're cool with 1080p, and either reduced settings or 30 FPS, but never both, in the more demanding games). Most games we play it's [email protected] High or even Ultra with no issues.

    • Dunno man, I can get forks and knives from the Salvos store near me for like $1 a piece, maybe even less…

  • +10

    May want to include in the title it contains refurbed parts. Bit misleading imo.

    • +13

      ill amend that for you no worries, usually have that in our title (previous offers), not tryna mislead you there

      • +3

        Price isn't bad if nothing goes wrong with the refurb pieces. Revoked neg :)

        • +12

          and if they do go wrong, i gotchu

  • +1

    Bought one as a Minecraft server. Thank you for posting.

    • +3

      Oh, I've been looking for a new Minecraft buddy. What's your IP??

      • +31

        Sorry, I don't play - I don't mine or craft, but my daughter does. She's 11 so I'm sure you'll understand me not sharing her Minecwaft details.

        • +2

          You should play with her, I reckon it's a great parent child game.

    • +4

      Does that need a GPU? If not there's probably much better or cheaper systems that you could get.

      • +3

        Can confirm MC server does not require a GPU.

  • This plays warzone OK at normal settings. Good deal considering current climate.

    • +2

      1060-3GB & 1060-6GB are different GPU's, less cores and everything.

    • +2

      my 1060 3gb and i7 4790 w/ 16gb ram struggles with warzone on lowest possible settings @1080p (on SSD), it stutters so much that I dont even play it even though I want to
      i doubt this system would run it smoothly, unless im just unlucky or something is wrong on my end (i play other BRs fine though)

  • +8

    Tbh this isn't a bad price. PC market is in the toilet right now and old 9020 optiplex machines are about $250, so that's about $250 for a GTX 1060 and none of the hassles of dell proprietary parts.

    • -3

      It's a 3gb card, the price you're quoting is for a 6gb 1060

      • +3

        Literally the cheapest 1060 on gumtree right now is a 3GB model for $250 in South Australia

  • +1

    The legends at FuseTech AU back at it again!

  • Where do you get your graphics cards???

    • +15

      Off the back of NVIDIA trucks ofc

      • +3

        Hey Hector, are you going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines?

        I hear Harry is about having an OzBargain sale on T66 turbos, NOS, and Motec exhausts.

        I imagine that's what you'd need to catch up to them NVIDIA trucks, right?

      • +2

        Cuts up old 1080s into 4 and solders hdmi ports onto them, I bet

        • +4

          this is the way.

  • +1

    Upgrade price for SSDs is reasonable.

  • how does this fair with dell g3 laptop on gaming ? i know dell more exp but comes with screen, no need monitor


    • -3

      If you are referring to the 1650ti model, it's +15% better GPU is newer, longer supported etc, +33% VRAM will give you an extra year or two with newer games.

      The portability of the laptop is a bonus too, also this refurb 1060-3GB is the biggest risk long-term for failing on you, that CPU will also bottleneck a year or two before the G3.

      If you where considering the 1660ti models, it's worth the upgrade, +28% faster than the lower model, +50% over the above refurb desktop.

  • Fusetech is no techfast

    • +56


      But you're right

      Ours get sent out in 1-2 days

      • +32

        Brb calling an ambulance for techfast they just got burned