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Amazon AU: 15% Cashback on All Categories ($20 Cap Per Transaction, 4-5PM AEST) @ ShopBack


Something extra to make your Prime Day shopping experience possibly better!

Starts 4pm for one hour.


Stack with Amazon gift cards for further savings!

Cashback is only payable on order value (excludes taxes, shipping and packaging costs) and is valid on orders paid for with gift cards (not orders with Amazon credit)

Other cashbacks -

  • Rebel Sport - 25% (cap $50)
  • First Choice Liquor - 20% (cap $25) stack with $10 off $100 spend (promo code EOFYTEN) - 12pm to 6pm AEST
  • Target - up to 15%
  • Groupon - 20% (no cap, excludes goods) - 2 to 6pm AEST
  • Lancome - 20% (no cap)
  • Catch - 8% uncapped (excludes electronics & Apple)
  • Best & Less - 20% (cap $25)
  • Adidas - 15% (no cap) stack with 30% off sitewide

Orders made with Subscribe and Save are not eligible for cashbacks

Referral Links

Referral: random (4031)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • +1

    I've noticed that A lot of the prime day stuff show the discounted amount at checkout as 'promotions applied'. Is this going to cause issue? For example. The Kindle for $199 shows promotion applied discount of $60 at checkout

    • -1

      Yep its treated as a coupon code so wouldnt be included in the cashback.

      • +5

        Defeats the purpose of this deal since it's a prime day special and all the prime day items end up being excluded. I've just tested a few more prime day items and they all show 'promotion applied' at checkout screen. Can the rep clarify?

      • +1

        So, all prime day stuff will fail? Really? I thought the point was buying those prime day sales

        • +1

          Need the rep to come and clarify as it seems every prime day deal shows 'promotions applied' at payment screen

          • +2

            @ironworthy: Hey all - we just got confirmation from Amazon that any Prime Day orders will be eligible for cashback regardless of coupons applied.

            • @gotyourback: Great. So even if Amazon's promo credit was applied it will still count as long as it's a prime day deal?

              • @ironworthy: I don't believe this would work.
                Only Gift Cards, not promo credit.

    • +9

      If that invalidates an order, then Amazon might want to run a special on pitch forks for the posts that will show up in the near future :)

  • Bought an office chair. Didn't have it in my cart before clicking through.
    $0.00 tracked. Fantastic. Thanks for literally nothing Shopback.

    • +3

      Same. I received 2 emails so far with $0.00 tracked. I'm sure I did everything right.

    • Hey mate, did you place any orders at Amazon within the past 2 days?
      If so, it could be the order confirmation from an earlier purchase.
      If not, don't stress we'll sort it out once the data rolls through on our end.


      • +1

        Hey mate. Thanks for the reply. No purchases from Amazon since 9th June.

        No doubt you guys will be busy right now so I'll wait a few days and if it hasn't changed I'll submit a ticket.

        • Ok that's interesting to know!

          Thanks for understanding <3
          If you don't have any cashback pending by Thursday send me a DM & I'll sort it out for you.


          • +1

            @gotyourback: Thanks. I'm in a similar situation. Will wait till Thursday

  • Damn, how did I miss this.

  • Bought a Garmin 45S for $141.64 (ex GST) at 4:14pm. Only $7.08 or 5% cashback tracked :( The shopback page definitely showed 15% when I clicked through..

    • Hey mate, the cashback confirmation could be showing for an earlier Amazon purchase you made?
      The rates should reflect correctly within the next 2 days.

      • +1

        Last purchase was $9.75 (ex GST) so I doubt that is the case (Would be great though!)

  • +1

    I have done all the things to make the transaction ineligible

    a. from transacting past 5 pm
    b. paying with WELCOME15
    c. doing Subscribe and Save

    Only to get the toilet paper deal for FREE.

    Let's see what happens if the order even tracks, if so at what, and if it gets approved or not

    • It will track. But will end up being rejected eventually

      • my initial thought was track @ $0

  • +2

    Havent had the best luck with SB and Amazon, please prove wrong this time.

  • +3

    Paid by gift card and no promotional codes used but haven’t tracked yet…should I cancel it before they send it? 😩

    • As mentioned many times in the forum, it can take up to 48 hours to track.
      If it's not tracked by then, let me know and I'll sort it out for you.

      • Thanks GYB. 👍

      • Today is 23 June…Haven’t got my purchase tracked yet.

        • Hey mate,
          In that case could you send me a DM with your acc details so I can get our team to look at it.

  • +1

    Hrmmmm….Purchased at 4:47pm with credit card and gift card, no promo codes, and Shopback tracked $0.

    • +1

      We're looking into why customers got a $0 tracking email, it's not meant to send it that quickly (at least from what we know).

      • Cheers! I thought it was odd. I received the Shopback email seconds after Amazon's order confirmation. Since when did fast become an issue! 😎

      • +1

        I made 4 purchases during the hour. All emails say latest transactions with $0.00 cashback. Hope they'll be fixed asap.

  • If we buy from a third party seller that's fulfilled by Amazon AU is that eligible for cashback? And just to confirm, Amazon UK orders bought through AU should also be eligible right?

    • Correct :)

  • Made 4 orders, no email of tracking yet as expected, not sure why many others got $0 tracked. Expecting mine to track with the 15% cashback/capped $20 per order.

  • Purchase total: $371.50
    Transaction: 15

    Looking forward to those confirmation in the next 48 hours.

  • Excited for the battle to get all the transactions tracked. Otherwise many Amazon returns incoming.

  • Please bring back this cashback as I forgot to buy some things!

  • Did anyone get a confirmation for their purchases ? I’m still waiting!

    • +2

      All I have is in my click history ( clicked ) which is pretty useless lol :)
      All the stuff I bought was borderline and choose to pull the trigger with the gamble of this offer .

      • +1

        Im in the same boat and its pretty much standard with shopback right?

        • +1

          Not standard, we're still working on compiling the data.
          Just sit tight a bit longer, we'll have cashback to you all soon enough :)

          • @gotyourback: Thanks for the reassurance and i hope you're right.

            I made an order with BWS earlier and it was tracked within the hour.

            Its been nearly 22hrs since amazon order's and still not tracked.

            fingers crossed it plays out

  • BTW gotyourback Good Morning are you still with us ?

    • Hey mate :)
      Sorry for the delay, I'm still here!

  • +3

    Got nothing in my tracking… Again .

    Will likely return the product if no cash back received.

  • +2

    Not yet tracked :(

    • +1

      Mine neither, but rep said it can take up to 48 hours to track and the transaction shows in my click history, so I wouldn’t panic just yet.

      • -2

        lol panic over $2

  • Anyone got tracking yet?

    • +2


    • Nope. Nothing tracked

      • We're still working on getting all the tracking data out - there were A LOT of orders haha!
        Just sit tight and we'll get it done ;)

      • Same here nothing - no email.

        Starting to worry now, Shopback might cheat on us again !

  • Interesting fact - when it is a big-ish cashback, it can never be tracked lol

    • Incorrect, sorry mate.

  • same here, 3 purchases and nothing tracked so far.

  • Purchased 3 items in one order. 2 prime deals and 1 regular price item.

    No email confirmation so far. It shows that I click through the offer on Shopback though.

    • In the same boat as you - still waiting

    • +1

      Would be good if someone can confirm if prime deals qualify for this.

      • +1

        We're working on collecting all the transaction data now. Sit tight and we'll have all the info sent out soon enough :)

        • +1

          Thanks. But can you please confirm if the prime deals are eligible? I have a few prime deal orders I made during the 15% cashback period and would like to know if they do qualify or not.

          • @zeno: If they have no coupon code applied to them, there should be no problems with cashback :)

            • +1

              @gotyourback: Prime Exclusive Deals show with a "Promotions Applied" in the Order Details. Not sure if that is considered a "coupon" in this case.

              • +1

                @zeno: It was an event specifically for Prime Day so it would make absolutely no sense if prime deals are ineligible.

                • +1

                  @buckethat: That's what I am thinking as well. But if turns out not to be the case, then I'd rather cancel my orders from yesterday and reorder with the CR 12% later today.

                  • +1

                    @zeno: Even if you re-ordered with CR today, the same issue would be present. It's not up to us, it's up to Amazon.
                    We're speaking with them to confirm if the Prime Exclusive deals that activate a coupon will be eligible for cashback.


                    • @gotyourback: Will keep my orders for now. Hopefully we can confirm soon. Thanks!

                      • +2

                        @zeno: Hey @zeno :)
                        Can now confirm that Prime Exclusive deals were eligible for cashback - sorry for this delay & confusion.


                        • @gotyourback: All good. Thanks for your efforts! :)

                        • +1

                          @gotyourback: I can confirm that I did NOT receive cashback for two items I ordered:




                          LED has a "Prime Day Deal" and Coupon (I deselected the coupon as I didn't want to invalidate cashback)

                          The Dual Sense Charger only had "Prime Day Deal"

                          I did NOT get cashback for these items.

                          • +1

                            @TycoonGT: Hey mate,
                            Nobody has received cashback or proper confirmation of their cashback yet.
                            If you sit tight for another day or so, we'll be sending out all the cashback confirmations.

                            Amazon reporting can take some time to feed back to us.


                            • @gotyourback: Ok, my apologies….. I assumed the email I got this afternoon was the shopback confirmation for that order (which had three things, and the cashback equation for the third item worked out as the total for that order).

                              Happy to forward the email or order numbers for you to peruse….

                              • @TycoonGT: No need to be sorry :)

                                If you could send an email to [email protected] with screenshots of the order confirmation and put "Attn. Suneeta", our customer service team can pass it on to us to investigate. That'd be really appreciated!


                            • @gotyourback: So my total purchase price on Amazon Flashback Sale was $450.50 (all sold by Amazon AU/US).

                              GST 10% off is $405.45

                              15% cashback should then be $60.81

                              However, I only got $50 tracked. Any idea?

                              • @Koipanda:

                                However, I only got $50 tracked. Any idea?

                                "$20 Cap Per Transaction" limitation?

                                • @SBOB: Nope, every single item was below $100 and each item was in its own transaction.

                                  • +1

                                    @Koipanda: We're taking a look into why people got the wrong confirmations.
                                    Sit tight for another day or two while we resolve this.


  • +1

    I missed this post, didn't get any notifications or email from Shopback for this one.

    Made $1k of transactions yesterday, grrrr!

  • Still waiting on the confirmation. 1 large purchase but no email. I note that one of the payments was split and hasn't been charged as of yet

  • Hi rep, I haven’t received a tracking email or anything for a large purchase. Clicked through from the website to the Amazon app, from memory.

  • I made a purchase through the Shopback mobile app yesterday and did not get any tracking email or anything.

  • We see this time and time again……can someone tell me why this cashback process isn't all but bullet proof by now. Either using their own apps or PC software (which doesn't exist). You fill your your cart via their mobile app or non existent PC software and a purchase tracks and everybody happy…. customer, cashback provider and whatever store is offering the deal.

    I really don't get what the issue is…..Shopback seems to be the main offender but CashRewards has problems too.
    Somebody fill me in on why purpose built software, either an app or PC software (that don't exist) that handles what seems to be on the surface a simple task. Items in my cart, click buy, purchase is tracked by their software.

    I just don't get it……
    Buying via their own mobile app should work 99.9% of the time, end of story. Trying to track clicks via a browser in all their many flavours on a PC seems to me to be an absurd way of doing it. Why not purpose built software for a PC.

    Where's the point of failure here, why's it been happening for so long and why is it so hard to solve…..

    As an aside……my amazon order from yesterday hasn't tracked as yet, however my BWS from today has.
    I find the whole cashback system bizarre and quite funny…..it's a roll of the dice ;~)

    • purchase is tracked by their software.

      this isnt how it works
      The software or your click through doesnt 'track' your purchase.

      its affiliate links which are then collated and processed by the retailers side/marketing/webstore and reported back to SB/CR etc and eventually invoiced/paid for based on these affiliate deals

      The SB/CR chrome browser plugin doesnt see what you bought or what you paid.

      • Ok so there's an extra layer of complexity…… affiliate links


        Why not simply examine a persons 'cart' at the time of purchase via the app or PC software , what qualifies for cashback and what doesn't and verify the cashback based on that. Hell, even let people know beforehand this item has a cashback and that item doesn't.

        I just can't see what why this is all so hard to track and verify from the SB/CR side of the equation or the retailers. I have no idea where it's falling apart, and it does so far too often.

        As my old mate Julius Sumner Miller often said, 'Why is it so' ;~)

        • ok my Amazon buys from via SB yesterday are tracking now…..and FWIW I rarely have a problem, I've never chased them for a failed transaction.

          The original question still stands…..why do so many have a problem with the process, what's the issue here.
          The retailer or the rewards site…..

          How can it be fixed.

  • +1

    Hi rep,

    I ordered a bunch of stuff yesterday between 4 and 5 pm for the flash sale but none of them have tracked yet. It's been 24 hours or more. Should I wait a little longer?


  • +3

    I’ve spent $141 during the flash sale and got it to track but only $9.71. This isn’t 15%, it’s only half of it. It’s quite misleading.

    • I got a 2nd transaction, $9.60. Not sure why they came in 2 as I only did 1 order.

  • One of mine has tracked and it seems to be the prime day deal one. Was only prime day deal category eligible or any Amazon item?

  • Just got my tracking through for the things I bought.
    Good stuff :)

  • Tracking just came through at 15%. It took about the same time as a previous order i made last year. About 24-25 hours after order.

  • +1

    I got one transaction tracked @ only 10% (of pre-GST price) and another tracked at 0. Noice.

  • +1

    Tracked with incorrect cashback amount for now

  • Mine just tracked with correct amount

  • Anyone else not get cashback on their Bundaberg 12 pack purchase? Wondering if it's an isolated incident or something more widespread. Everything else seems to have tracked fine for me.

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