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70% off Beef Jerky Bulk Packs 5x30g and 3x100g Bags $21.60 (Was $72) + $5 Delivery @ Dr Proctor's via BuyAussieNow


updated Monday 9th of August: Sorry for the delay all jerky will be shipped this week, again we apologies and thank you for your patience.

100% Australian Made and Owned
Biggest Discount ever offered, healthy high protein snack.
Great for when you are relaxing at home or watching the footy.

Another Great Deal brought to you by Buy Aussie Now.

About Dr Proctor
We are passionate about creating new, innovative and exotic products and take pride in what we do.

After two years of design and testing, our original brand ‘Doctor Proctors’ beef products, entered the market in 2011 with rapturous applause. The products quickly established their place in the market and have gained market share annually.

We only use 100% Australian Beef which is made from pure topside muscle and not processed cheap cuts and take pride in supporting Australian Beef Farmers who over the years have had it tough. We believe we have a product second to none!

We are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated.

Doctor Proctor's is an officially licensed partner of Bundaberg Rum Australia.

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      • Their address on the parcel states Northcote Vic

        • Ye that is the weird thing..

    • My order must be on the same truck as yours, my tracking is exactly the same and only a minute apart from all yours, eagerly waiting for it now that we're going to be back in lockdown.

      • hahah I got the delivery yesterday.

  • Just got mine today, cheers 👍 taste good.

  • Just gone mine aswell, I'm in Sydney. Pretty tasty and good quality worth the wait.

  • Mine arrived today, so far only cracked open the plain flavour biltong. Worth the wait, can't wait to try more thank you!

    I will buy from this supplier again in the future, despite prior complications others on ozb have experienced.

  • Received mine in Sydney. Great quality. It does seem some of the packaging is incorrect though I don't care

  • +1

    For what it's worth I notice the use by date on my Smokin Good is 05/08/22 - I would think there's a decent chance these have a 12 month expiry meaning this stuff was only produced 2 weeks ago. Makes the delays make a lot more sense.

  • Just arrived today, can’t wait to dig in 😁🙌

  • Dave's/David's biggest mistake - don't contact dave directly as his busy packaging. Thus allowing BAN's excellent customer service

    It is clear who is the bad one here from all the previous deals problems.

    Update delivery expected 18th to 23rd

  • Received my packages today. It is a tasty product.
    Surprisingly the curry one is yummo!

  • +1

    Got my order in Sydney, finished one pack already.

  • +2

    Received in Brisbane on Friday, cracked open a pack today. Good stuff, and worth the wait.

    Many thanks to the folks at Dr Proctor and BAN, who I'm sure have been under a load of stress from this deal.

  • +1

    I reckon if I ordered something from the Didly Squat Farm Shop it would have arrived quicker 😅

    Item processed at facility


    Column, event date and time,
    Mon 16 Aug, 9.03am

    Column, event details,
    In transit to next facility in MELBOURNE SOUTH EAST VIC

    Column, event date and time,
    Sun 15 Aug, 10.45am

    Column, event details,
    Item processed at facility


    Column, event date and time,
    Sun 15 Aug, 10.35am

  • +3

    Got the biltong, can confirm its all biltong for the 100g packs, all are within a gram of 100. Personally a bit dry for my taste for the flavours are pretty good.


    • +1

      nice all it took was someone to actually check the contents before complaining again.

  • Received mine today

  • I am starving here listening to you people.. Im glad it tastes good I ordered a lot.

    • How much did you order? I ordered 3kg lol. Still waiting for delivery

      • 1kg, I ate one 30g pack in 2 mins..

        It's good

  • +2

    Anyone elses order still being prepared, no new updates? I'm in Melbourne.

    • For some reason mine is stuck in a brisbane facility since Sunday.

    • Yep, mine. I have emailed Dave from Doctor Proctor and this is his reply:

      "The people that picked up the consignments on Thursday & Friday are sub contractors to Australia Post, this sometimes causes delays as the contractors have to first scan the consignments before they get dropped at the Australia Post sorting facilities as they get paid per parcel. They had 5000 parcels that they had to scan and I’m assuming this is why you have a manifest but not yet got the official notification that your goods have been despatched."

      My order from a UK retailer arrived today and took just under 2 weeks. Madness.

    • Shipping information approved by Australia Post last week. Nothing since then. SA.

  • got mine today, top quality packaging and biltong, well worth the wait, haven't tried the jerky yet.

  • +1

    I haven't received mine yet. I didn't even get a shipping email :(

    • +1

      Never received a email either but if you have a auspost account with your address linked tracking number should appear automatically.

      • Nothing in my Auspost (I do get tracking there automatically for other stores).

    • +1

      I sent an email to Buy Aussie Now and they responded with my tracking number.
      Auspost estimate is 19-23 August.

      • +1

        Assuming you sent your queries in after 16 Aug, it looks like Ashleigh is selective on whose emails to reply to given she completely ignored my email on 13 Aug.

  • Apparently these are manufactured in Northcote VIC, however according to tracking they are dispatched from Brisbane QLD (in my case only to return back to Melbourne VIC). Head scratcher…

  • Got mine. Tastes pretty good.

  • Got mine just now.
    A nice Aus Post SMS told me so and the package was left at the door.
    What a nice curfew surprise.

    • curfew ended at 5am…youre allowed outside now its daylight!

  • +15

    I hope everyone's Jerky deliveries are bringing a little bit of joy during lockdown.
    BAN would like to apologies again for the delays and anxiety caused.
    Anybody still waiting should receive your order today or tomorrow.
    We hope the OZB community will give us another chance, any deals we post in the future will be with stock on hand only or delivery dates clearly explained.
    As a new company, we have learnt a big lesson with this deal and we thank OZB for the advice and patience.
    Enjoy your Jerky everyone!

    • +4

      Anybody still waiting should receive your order today or tomorrow.

      Shipping information approved by Australia Post Thu 12 Aug, 12.14pm

      That's my last update. Pretty sure I'm not the only one. :)

      • +1


        It's being prepared
        We'll let you know when it's on its way – usually within 3 business days – and when to expect delivery.

        Most recent update
        Shipping information approved by Australia Post

        Date & time Thu 12 Aug, 12.18pm

      • +1

        The same for me.

      • +1
        @Buy Aussie Now is a liar - there is absolutely no way that all the remaining orders are delivered either today or tomorrow. And I am sure they know this - so why say this blatant nonsense?

        You have ZERO credibility after the number of lies you've told in here to buy yourself more time.

        Being incompetent is one thing but on top of this you've repeatedly deliberately misled people in here over and over and over with bullcrap delivery promises/deadlines.

        Thankfully this thread and the others you've posted will be up forever, so folks can see what type of organisation they're signing up to do business with, both goods vendors and end consumers. :-D

        • -2

          Nikko, I have reached out to you personally by DM. we are delivering everything promised although late. You continue to insult us and throw out accusations about our business. We haven't lied or mislead anybody intentionally and we have tried to give OZB a great deal. Please tell me what you want from us?

          • +5

            @Buy Aussie Now: He obviously only wants you to stop giving people false hopes by saying that everyone should receive their order by today or tomorrow when a lot of people still didn't get any update regarding their shipping information.

            Underpromise, overdeliver!

          • +6

            @Buy Aussie Now: You sent me a generic cut & pasted DM that had nothing in it beyond your empty platitudes that you have posted here.

            You are delivering everything promised? As opposed to what, not delivering it? And this is an achievement in your eyes?

            Is stating the incredibly obvious, that you have over and over and over made statements that have proven to be completely false insults? Sorry but it's the truth and its patently obvious to all in the thread.

            You have no credibility - you say stuff and it doesn't come true, you can't be trusted. It is what it is.

            Yes you have lied, yes you have mislead - you can disagree, but I stand by what I've said and others can read over the thread and make their own minds up.

            I want you to DO what you say. Simple….if you state something to your customers, ensure it's able to be done in advance and then ensure it's done after. New concept for you but see how you go with it.

            • -2

              @Nikko: I sent it personally to you.
              We have done our best, we have learnt a lot.
              We wont let these delays happen again.

        • +4

          Terrific post - well done.

        • Solid effort

        • -3

          We can only go by what information we have on hand from suppliers.
          We have not mislead anybody intentionally and as you can see, deliveries are all being made.
          We can only apologies for the extra 2 weeks wait time.

          • +1

            @Buy Aussie Now: and still not, no update from auspost after initial one

          • +2

            @Buy Aussie Now: "We can only go by what information we have on hand from suppliers."
            So when you said that they were back in stock - what did info did you receive to verify this?
            When you said the majority of orders would be received by 4th August - again based on what info.

            "We have not misled anybody intentionally and as you can see, deliveries are all being made."
            Incorrect again - not all delivered are being made - a few others are yet to receive theirs

            "We can only apologies for the extra 2 weeks wait time."
            Wow - thanks for your apology …

            The consistent issue throughout this offer and the UGG one was it was done via BuyAussieNow - I'll leave it at that and let everyone judge themselves

            • +1

              @Maglia Nera: All based on information supplied to us by the supplier.
              Buy Aussie Now put it's own funds in to make the deals happen.

          • +2

            @Buy Aussie Now:

            We can only go by what information we have on hand from suppliers.
            @Buy Aussie Now , So David has been feeding you incorrect info over and over and over?

            So here's a question for you that I have no doubt you will either ignore you avoid - WHY are you sending us this allegedly bad 2nd hand info week after week and David isn't communicating directly with all his customers either on here or better still via direct emails?

            He can make an account on here in minutes and you have all our emails etc - when I have a slow seller on Ebay I communicate directly with the seller, NOT Ebay Inc - so why have nearly all communications for this deal been done in the comments section of OzB from you and not David?

            We have not mislead anybody intentionally

            Completely disagree - given how massively off your assurances were, you either were deliberately misleading buyers - or simply incompetent. There's no way 2 weeks ago it was LOOKING like 50%+ of the 12000+ packages would be received by TUE/WED - and then so dramatically changed to literally none of them - thats too big a change, you said stuff and then just essentially hoped it would come true - thats not good enough and is misleading IMHO as you really did not know when it would be sent, so just say that.

            as you can see, deliveries are all being made.

            Some deliveries have been made - after that it's a wait and see as I'm certainly not counting my chickens before they hatch given your track record.

            We can only apologies for the extra 2 weeks wait time.

            It's now a full month, so you mean the extra 2 weeks on TOP of the other extra 2 weeks right? And for many of thats also with a little something extra on top of that - maybe a few more days, maybe yet another week.

      • +2

        Same here, no update since Thursday

      • +1

        +1 I'm in Canberra though?

    • All is forgiven OP. I now eagerly await the delivery of my order.

    • Thanks for the updates and pulling through, all good! :)

    • +1

      I have not received jerky or a refund, despite numerous email requests. How can I get this cancelled?

    • Still not delivered today, another false info from Buy Aussie Now.

  • +1

    Mine just arrived.

    Eastern Melb suburbs.

    What a saga this has been. Better be bloody good!

  • -1

    Sitting here eating jerky after completely forgetting I ordered it. It amazes me the amount of people on here who obsess over delivery - it’s clear the retailer has become the victim of success. Go focus on a more important issue in your life.

    • +1

      yeh its all good because youre sorted…everyone else is just needlessly whinging right? :P

      • Like a guided missile your the master Franco of finding the pitchfork threads .
        I bet you didn't even order this !

        • -3

          …nope didnt order any…luckily :P
          these threads offer the most bang for buck and offer up the best LOLs i find :D

      • I have access to funds to buy additional jerky and means to get my money back if the retailer didn’t supply my order. This isn’t life or death stuff pal. I also remarked how I ordered it, went on with life, raising children, working, investing, pruning my garden and the other joys in life. Not focusing anally in on a retailer who struggled to keep up with demand at a good price point. This is more a reflection on you then it is on him or I - go read the serenity prayer and report back.

        • +4

          Thanks for letting all of us know how YOU feel we should be reacting, thinking and living our lives.

          I'll again point out - no one is telling you that you must react, feel, act a certain way - if you feel the OP's actions are fine for whatever reason - thats up to you - but to tell others that they should be like you is just arrogance. I don't believe anyone has tried to do the other way around.

          Unreasonable to say each to their own? Or do folks have to be like you just because? :-/

          • +1

            @Nikko: Fair point. Take my comments with a grain of salt. To be more specific, it was a reflection on the obsessive nature of some individuals within this thread and I can see why you can’t relate to my comments - you’ve replied 45 times to a jerky bargain. You must feel strongly about this and I may have been a little to flippant on this being life or death - it’s clearly an important issue in your life.

            • @thefud: You know what they say about assuming.

              While I dislike the flippant and blantant unprofessionalism of the seller - a few mins replying in this thread is likely similar to what you spend on stuff I'd see as completely pointless. I'm on a rural acreage in NSW, locked down and I do a few replies in breaks or whilst I multi task - it works for me and I respect whatever does for you.

    • +8

      Tbh if it wasn't the complainers, OP wouldve kept on continuing this. Are you alright with this?

      Go focus on a more important issue in your life.

      I have free time and you can't really stop ppl from posting things online

  • +8

    I honestly feel a very tiny bit sorry for David, D&S Fine Foods and the Doctor Proctor's brand, as from early reports the quality of the product is pretty good. But now forever when people search for info on their brand this thread is going to come up.

    It really should be a lesson in letting clearly grossly incompetent 3rd parties( @Buy Aussie Now ) run the communication and handling for a brand you've worked very hard to build. They are your agent and you essentially allowed them to associate your businesses good name with them.

    That aside, I'm very underwhelmed at David himself as the guy never had the care factor & integrity to take 5 mins from his day to sign up and give his rationale and a CONCRETE delivery date/s on here. I am sorry but thats gutless given the number of orders he generated and I can't see any possible acceptable excuse for this. Especially as he evidently had time to reply to individual's emails, as shown in this thread.

    In his complete absence, we were instead left with @Buy Aussie Now and assurance after assurance that was shortly proven to be not even close to being true - how much they were based in ignorance vs just wanting to buy time only they know but I lean towards the latter.

    It's nice that now a month on product has actually arriving and equally so that the product is of good quality - but honestly these are very low bars to giving any product a pat on the back, so don't book the parade route just yet!

    • +1

      Buy Aussie now can only go off the information supplied by our suppliers. We have no reason or benefit to deceive anybody and we did not financially benefit from the sale.

      I have reached out to you personally but all you seem to want to do is keep writing on this post? We have done everything we can to get the deliveries out and we apologies for the delay.

      • +2

        @Buy Aussie Now , again saying David is the root cause for the repeated bad info eh.

        Clarify the question I posed then: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10900056/redir

        We have no reason or benefit to deceive anybody

        You entered into sales agreements with 3500+ customers, agreeing to sell goods you did not have and it quickly became apparent did not have the reasonable ability to supply. I'd say thats pretty good reason to say it's coming tomorrow, later in the week, next week etc etc - plus ignoring countless refund requests, asking people not to send communications etc. And thats just for starters.

        we did not financially benefit from the sale
        Even if the sale was done without a fee/commission for BAN and being done by Dr Proctors at cost price this doesn't mean the level of service can be so shoddy. At best this was being done for promotional purposes to try and bring publicity and monetary benefit to Buy Aussie Now. In simple terms this is a monetary benefit as it has real and tangible value, so lets not play semantics - you weren't acting as the middleman on this sale out of the goodness of your heart.

        You did EVERYTHING you could? So what lengths did you go to, once it became apparent there would be delays - to ensure meaningful and accurate delivery deadlines could be given to customers?

        • -3

          we invested money into the deal, everything was done below cost.

          • +2

            @Buy Aussie Now: Yeah I find this hard to believe - a below cost promo deal by a business would have a set sales limit - and I say this as an ex-GM , as you know the perceived benefit to the business or brand and you attach a fixed maximum cost to this.

            You initially had a limit of 250 units on this sale - you then have stated that you went on to sell 12,000+ units in 3500+ individual sales transactions - thats far too big a difference to be a situation where you're selling items below their actual cost to you i.e every sale actually sees you lose money, not just a fee free sale, a loss leader.

            No way - I do not believe it. And even if this was the case, whats your point? Your margin isn't somehow acceptably linked to your service standards

            • @Nikko: just out of curiosity…. how much do you estimate this deal generated in sales?

              • @franco cozzo: It'd be a straight out guess and I don't like to guess as I've no way of knowing what the average sale total was.

            • @Nikko: Well that's the facts, please feel free to check with Dr Proctor.
              We lost on every single sale, we tried to bring a great deal to all of OZB and promote two businesses. I am a ex-GM, I dont try to hurt other businesses in my spare time.

              We had unforeseen delays, we tried to keep you updated with the information we had on hand?
              I've answered all of your enquiries? Buy Aussie now is a team of 5 people!! trying our best to do good, Dr proctor couldnt get packaging in time to meet our shipping deadlines, thats what happened. everyone is getting their jerky two weeks later than expected, we are sorry for this.

              Did you buy the jerky? what is your end goal here? how can we make you stop posting these comments everywhere? we have said we are a new business we have learnt a lesson, changed our procedures?
              Should we never offer another deal? what is it you want to achieve?

              • +5

                @Buy Aussie Now:

                Well that's the facts, please feel free to check with Dr Proctor.

                Perhaps, I find it hard to believe and honestly - if it is true, best of luck explaining to them how you administered their PR exercise as it was YOU and not me in charge of this entire matter.

                we tried to bring a great deal to all of OZB and promote two businesses.

                You were trying to generate PR to benefit future profits. Nothing wrong with this but it's not like you were running an NGO so I don't see why you feel this is pertinent like it somehow makes anything else acceptable.

                I am a ex-GM, I dont try to hurt other businesses in my spare time.
                It feels a lot like you're trying to imply I'm being unfair to you. I don't believe I've said anything untrue, that you don't like what I say or how I say it is not my concern. The reality is you've done a multitude more damage to your own business than anyone else, I know it's nice to find someone to blame, but you were solely in charge here - I'm merely amongst the many pointing out things said, done etc.

                Honestly - we can go around and around - but this thread isn't about me, making me happy etc - it's about sales you voluntarily made to 3500+ individuals - you had decided to sell 250 units and then decided to instead go with 12000+ units (based on what I've read in this thread).

                Thats all your call - you have sales standards up on your website, again you wrote those, not me. So your staffing levels, profit margins etc - thats your business and immaterial to me so I don't know why you're posting this up and asking me so many questions?

                In reality the answer to this is in your own very words:

                how can we make you stop posting these comments everywhere?

                I reserve the right to hold you to account for your own words, publically stated terms of sale ( https://www.buyaussienow.com.au/vendor-standards ) and obligations under Australian Consumer Law - no more or less, if you don't like that - thats ok.

                And yes, like it makes any difference - and as I have stated a number of times - I did purchase from the sale - 'your order is being prepared' current status. ;-)

                • +5

                  @Nikko: how can we make you stop posting these comments everywhere?

                  Cmon Nikko I was waiting for you to ask for a truckload of jerky .

                  • +1

                    @popsiee: Nah, thats not how I roll. I don't want something to shut up. None of my posts were never about me. And believe it or not I'm not completely unreasonable, I had no issue with the delay - but the OP has an excuse for everything - now openly tossing David from D&S/Proctors under the bus as giving him bad info.

                    There's an expression 'The buck stops here', and @Buy Aussie Now would do very well to look into it.

          • @Buy Aussie Now: Just wondering. Do the MBA programs you paid, teach you about "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"?

            Perhaps it's a good starting point for you to read up before you decide to post on ozbargain again.

      • +4

        Hi Buy Aussie Now, just wondering what's happening as I still haven't received any contact in regards to my requested refund from a week ago.
        I was given the generic "it's coming email", but nothing since then as I clearly requested a refund.

        • +3

          @Buy Aussie Now seems available and happy to respond to compliments on items (finally!) received, remind folks to buy from them again and as of today lump all the blame for bad info on David from D&S Fine Foods……but…if it's asking about a refund you requested well over a week ago or why it is he's solely communicating with us and not as per their own selling guidelines, the vendor - David (he of the repeated bad info) - he's oddly not available for comment.

          Under ACL he's obliged to action refund requests - draw your own conclusion on the latter.

          • @Nikko: We have actioned plenty of refunds and will get jerky returned at our expense should anyone require a refund. Nikko we wont respond to you any further.

            • +1

              @Buy Aussie Now: @Buy Aussie Now , so you won't clarify (given you've today started to repeatedly stated that 'BAN can only reply on the information from its suppliers') - why the vendor, David from D&S Fine Foods/Proctors - hasn't been communicating with us, rather than yourself?

              Your website does seem to state that vendors should be the ones giving out the info - not you the intermediary.

              So given that you now openly lay the blame on him, why have you been talking with us - but never (other than private emails) David?

              I have now asked this 3+ times, you've replied to each of those posts and others since - so why have you chosen not to answer this pretty benign question?

              • -9

                @Nikko: We are ensuring that communication is open but you are making this very hard posting 50+ times on this thread. you are not helping anybody. you are not helping OZB and you are not helping the businesses. We are not blaming, we are explaining the situation. David is doing the job of sending the orders, he doesnt have time to deal with 50+ post from you.
                Please stop posting. If you would like a refund please let me know on DM and I will organise the return of the Jerky.

                • +3

                  @Buy Aussie Now: You had 5 deals with 3 deals having delayed shipment issues. People just receiving the UGG slippers after about 2 months. Delay in the pillow deal too. As for the other two i cant say because i dont know if anyone bought.

                  I think its clear the problem is not the suppliers.

                • +2

                  @Buy Aussie Now: Nikko we wont respond to you any further.

                  `^ Maglia has another incident .

                • +4

                  @Buy Aussie Now: @Buy Aussie Now :

                  We are ensuring that communication is open but you are making this very hard posting 50+ times on this thread.

                  You flatter yourself implying I've directed 50+ posts to you - there's only been 5 or less where you've directly been asked something - and of these you've done your usual avoidance which for me required the question to be answered again.

                  you are not helping OZB and you are not helping the businesses

                  First one, lets agree to disagree - second one, it's not my job to 'help' you. You're not helping yourself making such naive comments but you don't seem to have a problem in that regard.

                  We are not blaming, we are explaining the situation.

                  Semantics anyone? To people asking why bad delivery info was repeatedly given - you in multiple posts stated essentially that BAN relies on the info from your suppliers.

                  So therefore, why has the person who has the most knowledge about the product/dispatches - never been in communication - and AGAIN you've avoided answering this.

                  As I'd certainly hope that David's info would have been more accurate (pretty low benchmark to be fair) and it'd have literally just taken a few minutes to update everyone.

                  You've again avoided a very simple question - which would have provided a better outcome for all parties BUT instead you chose to do 100% of the communications and then blame your suppliers when the info was bad. All choices solely you made, so don't get your panties twisted when i merely point this out. :-)

            • +2

              @Buy Aussie Now: Hi Buy Aussie Now, in thay case can you please respond to my email and refund request.

            • @Buy Aussie Now: Can you get one of the people who has received the ‘plenty of refunds’ to confirm on OZB?

              I certainly haven’t gotten one, neither has anyone who has commented on this thread.

        • Please email [email protected] with reference OZB jerky and we will sort it out with you

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