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70% off Beef Jerky Bulk Packs 5x30g and 3x100g Bags $21.60 (Was $72) + $5 Delivery @ Dr Proctor's via BuyAussieNow


updated Monday 9th of August: Sorry for the delay all jerky will be shipped this week, again we apologies and thank you for your patience.

100% Australian Made and Owned
Biggest Discount ever offered, healthy high protein snack.
Great for when you are relaxing at home or watching the footy.

Another Great Deal brought to you by Buy Aussie Now.

About Dr Proctor
We are passionate about creating new, innovative and exotic products and take pride in what we do.

After two years of design and testing, our original brand ‘Doctor Proctors’ beef products, entered the market in 2011 with rapturous applause. The products quickly established their place in the market and have gained market share annually.

We only use 100% Australian Beef which is made from pure topside muscle and not processed cheap cuts and take pride in supporting Australian Beef Farmers who over the years have had it tough. We believe we have a product second to none!

We are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated.

Doctor Proctor's is an officially licensed partner of Bundaberg Rum Australia.

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  • No jerky received

  • +8

    When a vendor is a poor as this one I like to check their website to see what they 'promise' buyers their principles are - so if it helps you or just for amusement here's a few nuggets from Buy Aussie Now's Vendor Standards (essenially what Buyers can be assured of receiving when they make a purchase through them):

    "Honest and accurate representation of dispatch and shipping timeframes."
    "Openness and transparency at all times when dealing with customers."
    "Fulfillment of all orders in a timely manner."
    "24-hour maximum response time to customer queries that you receive unless notified otherwise."
    "Refunds approved and processed within 48 hours of the item being returned to the Vendor."

    Just let those 5 promises sink in - and they're THEIR words and undertaking.

    "…we place a premium on customer experience and want our customers to know they can expect excellent service and quality products whenever, wherever, and however they shop with us."

    "You must disclose any information regarding your Products that is relevant to the sale or use of your Products, or which a Customer would be reasonably want to know prior to purchasing the Products."

    Any info anyone else thinks might have been handy to know prior to agreeing to buy?

    "As a Vendor, you must not contact a Customer to discuss moving the purchase outside of the Marketplace. All transactions initiated on the Marketplace or otherwise in connection with Buy Aussie Now, but be completed via the Marketplace."

    Curiously they state a vendor must communicate with a buyer via their marketplace and yet nearly all their comms have come from THEM ([email protected] Proctor hasn't said a thing, its all been Buy Aussie Now staff msging on OzB) - which in itself is very odd.

    "It is expected that all Vendors respond to queries within 1 business day."
    "If any legitimate dispute or issue arises in regards to the sale of your Products, we ask that you attempt to come to an amicable resolution with the Customer in a polite and reasonable manner."

    Again these are the sellers OWN commitments/undertakings to Buyers - and really look at how they have repeatedly failed to meet them in just about every way possible.

    Don't hate on me for popping them up - if the seller can't honour them don't put them down in writing.

  • +6

    After I (hopefully) receive my jerky, there'll be 3 things that I'll be doing:

    1. Eating said jerky
    2. Never buying anything via BuyAussieNow (too many broken promises/assurances, dodgy communication, not responding to questions, etc)
    3. Never buying anything from Dr Proctors (selling something that they don't have - just plain unethical from a business point of view)

    Ain't going to be fooled twice

    • Agreed.

    • I have considered that due to the Buy Aussie Now terms and conditions, the seller may not be authorised to communicate directly with the purchaser.

      Perhaps it was BAN that failed to set the initial purchasing limits.

      Just maybe Dr Proctor’s is doing their best to deliver on orders they had not anticipated.

      They did mention they tried to put a halt on orders but BAN did not implement this in an expedited manner.

      Not defending them, and very much all unknowns, however these are all possibilities.

      • What makes you think that the Seller wasn't 'authorised' to communicate directly with the purchasers? BAN states that comms must go through their 'marketplace' but this is no different from Ebay or Gumtree etc - so completely doable IF seller wanted to communicate. As you know their marketplace would clearly give the email address for any buyers to the seller - thats website 101 stuff from 20yrs ago.

        Honestly there's been all kinds of shenanigans on this sale from the get go - with the BAN rep in here at times talking like they're the actual seller then at other times like they're just the go between.

        You say they (Proctors) say they tried to halt orders - but when have we ever heard from them, like ACTUALLY them? It's always been the BAN rep as far as I'm aware….passing on messages like the seller is unable to do so themselves. I hear you but we really do not need to 'suppose' excuses for the seller - they've only got themselves to blame on this from beginning to end. Their excuses have been absolutely amateurish, they've picked and choosed what they want to respond to and really said little of any actual consequence or accuracy at all…..and BAN is meant to be pretty legit i.e sponsorship deals with high profile athletes in their press clippings/social media bragging.

        You heard it here first there is NO WAY everyone is receiving their orders by this week……I'm calling BS on the seller yet again, perhaps some (or ANY!) of the 3500+ orders will be delivered but no way all of them will be as they claim.

        And just a reminder that as of at time of writing 3 weeks after the sale ended there is not a single post in this entire thread from a person confirming having received their order.

  • +2

    Emailed to request my order is cancelled as this ALDI deal will mean I can get cheaper jerky sooner

    • +1

      I cancelled my order as well - realistically as others have stated I've zero confidence what turns up won't be of very ordinary quality, based on everything so far it'd hardly be surprising. Best of luck to others getting their orders but I'm out of patience and there's plenty of other options available.

  • +4

    WTAF. Such a joke. Right up there with the dodgiest retailers OZB has ever seen. Give me my refund already and reply to my email.

    • How do I change my vote?

      • Just click negative

        • +1

          You can't. You can only vote + or - once and you can revoke it but not vote again.
          If you could, this deal would be in the red.

          • @Freezies: OH, I didn't know this! Very interesting. I see about a couple of dozen people have removed their positive vote. Let's see what happens.

  • +1

    order not received - no response to order cancellation emails. Will be doing a chargeback.

    • +2

      I already initiated charge back with NAB.

      Been no reply, response, or communication at all.

  • Have not received anything yet. Sad

  • No refund and not jerky, have to take this to the next level, these guys gonna get sued or taken to accc, guys take it onto acurrent affair.

    These guys only seem to reply on forums one or twice and then vanishing again and assume next week give us false updates again, I’m done with it.

  • +1

    It's been weeks and after multiple emails all I have gotten is empty promises

    • +1

      I was about to comment that exaggerating is of no value…but then I checked and it literally has been almost 3 weeks!!

      That is atrocious. Even back in the ol' days when one of the other jerky makers suffered a equipment failure we got told what was going on and eventually everyone got something.

      3 weeks of nothing…yeah no time to escalate

      • Said arrive 5thwell past due,now they said next week now wait and watch.

        • Yep

          "This email is to inform you that due to the overwhelming support of people like you and the current covid restrictions in Victoria, there will be some delays.

          Your order is expected to arrive no later than August 5th.

          During this time please do not email our customer service team unless it's of an urgent nature as this will only slow down the process."

          I've messaged since but they haven't responded to me at all. They took the money on day dot though.

  • Think all this sales manager will be able to sell is his own hot air - what's the point in calling you? What can you relay on a phone call that you can't relay here????

    Where is the REFUND option for all these orders that can not be filled and were sold under false promises?

    • Can some1 check 3AM if he has night mode on tks ?

  • +7

    These guys should really be banned from posting their stuff on OzB. I ordered the Ugg scuffs towards the end of June, it's now August and I still haven't received tracking info. They can't be trusted.

  • +1

    I still haven't received so much as a response let alone a refund.
    (Ozbargain only let's me revoke my vote, not change to a negative.)

  • +10

    I just want to say, everyday since I ordered I was really hungry. Everyday I’d wake up salivating for jerky and everyday I was let down. Op has ruined people’s lives here and for that, his phone number will get signed up to multiple forex trading sites on a trial basis.

  • +3

    I've no skin in the game as I've requested a refund - but I thought this interesting given the OP's consistent use of saying 'we got way more orders than expected' as the justification for their failure to deliver items (yet!).

    Putting aside that they would certainly have had an inventory management/sales limit on the BAN marketplace - lets run with that as a viable excuses for a second. So as they state the deal was far more popular than they expected and being the good vendors that they are they decided to honour them anyway.

    Sounds ok-ish (again putting aside that they didn't flag as soon as it was evident they'd outsold onhand stock)

    BUT when you go up and look at revisions of their original deal post they stated it was for 250 items only. Then orders started gushing in and they removed this - as this limit of 250 only was quickly removed. So they went and accepted their 3500-3700+ orders out of their own greed.

    This is why their original excuse rings very hollow and false to me - they had limits in place but removed them when they realised they could make a lot more $$$ - they'd have your funds and especially when they state not to contact them etc - the upper hand in deciding if/when any refunds were given - especially after they added several 'Oh just wait it'll be there on this date' that they CLEARLY knew when they were saying them weren't even vaguely true.

    They were just buying time then and I'll bet this 'everyone will have their orders this week' is yet another one. Anyway best of luck to folks waiting for their orders, I hope they arrive soon. :-)

    • +1

      We thought we could supply but printing of packaging held us up longer than expected.
      We will get all the Jerky out this week, we apologise and we wont let it happen again.

      • Where's everybody's refund to those who requested for it?

  • +1

    I placed order for the jerky and also for the ugg slippers neither arrived not even a tracking id.

    Not happy 1 bit never faced this issue before.

    • -1

      This will be delivered this week, we are working overtime to make it happen.
      Very sorry for the inconvenience.

      • You can't miss it why don't you address the refund issue ?

  • +3

    Seeing that OP is back and responding, wondering if they can respond to my earlier questions, being

    OP - you've got a legal background based on your profile on LinkedIn, so you should be able to answer these questions straight-forwardly:

    Were BuyAussieNow or Dr Proctors selling an item that was not in fact 'in stock' and available for purchase?
    If it wasn't in stock, when did you note it on your website(s)?
    How and when did you communicate this to customers that placed orders?
    What remediation process have you offered affected customers?

    Looking forward to your factual responses

    • Hi there,
      I dont have a legal background.
      Buy Aussie Now was told that stock could be quickly available, so we continued the sale.
      Dr Proctor was relying on a packaging supplier that took an extra week to manufacture.
      We didnt do this intentionally but all Jerky will be shipped.
      We sent two EDM emails and Dr proctor sent one.
      I also posted the email here and have tried to communicate on here.
      I have personally called and posted my mobile number here to communicate as much as I can.
      Again we apologise for the delay but will get the jerky out this week.
      This wont happen in future deals.

      • There is a very good proverb I hope you learnt through this whole ordeal (same with your Ugg boots) - Trust, but verify.

        Verify your merchants can actually deliver, if you can't do this better consider testing them before going full throttle - at the end of the day no one will blame Dave, its you they blame.

        You made assurances to me on quality - make sure you are 100% sure that Dave will deliver - or you better start holding Dave to account now and issue refunds.

      • I haven't received any emails yet mate

        • Most people, myself included, have received two update emails.

          • +1

            @matt881: Yes I know, so it's ridiculous I've received none.

  • +6

    to locate individual orders is extremely difficult and will slow him down

    Yikes, a company that refuses to take refunds. Never buying from them again, they should be banned from Ozb. Take your chargebacks ppl

    • -1

      we are not refusing anything, we just need to get all the orders out quickly.

      • +3

        Some of those orders are for people who are telling you that they no longer want it anymore, and just want their money back. Ignoring them = refusing.

        • Sorry werdplaya58, I probably didn't explain it well. Nobody is being ignored.
          We will deal with each customer individually and everyone has my mobile. We wont ignore anyone.

          • +14

            @Buy Aussie Now: How do you expect to deal with multiple people putting in credit card claims. You are an example of a failed business and you may aswell give those expecting refunds now. Whirlpool thread created


            ACCC Complaint on the way

            Web form ID: accc-report:398734

            Thank you for taking the time to write to us.
            Our website provides information about your rights as a consumer and how to resolve a dispute about a product or service. See:
            You can also see our website for information about what we can and can’t do for consumers and the types of matters we prioritise.
            Who is making the report?

            Who is the report about?
            Name of business:
            Buy Aussie Now
            639 946 446
            639 946 446
            Report details
            This seller took 3700 Orders of this product on an Ozbargain thread located here.

            The direct link to the item is here

            The seller website states 1-2 days delivery or 3-5 days after a promotional activity. It has been from the 19th July that upwards of 3700 orders were taken and now on the 9th August we are still waiting. Emails not responded to and requests for refunds are being denied and seller is still stating they will be shipping out soon.

        • They appear to be breaking their own publically stated customer service standards over and over:

          However they LEGALLY can't refuse or ignore a refund request (especially given the multiple rationale buyers have for wishing to exit the transaction), any complications or difficulties with this on their side is irrelevant. Under Australian Consumer Law they're obliged to accept these - it's not a discussion or negotiation, cut and dry.

          So demand one in writing and if it's not done in a timely fashion get a chargeback through your card provider.

  • +4

    I just want my jerky. Olympics are over now, so I will eat it watching Dans daily update.

    • +1

      Im eating some gladys butterchicken right now

    • +4

      There are a few folks in here that seem to have gotten drunk on BAN's Kool-Aid, but there's a persistent pattern throughoutn the entire thread - in that relatively benign comments that are by folks expressing concerns or stating the facts about BAN i.e as I did above stating that under Australian Consumer Law you are entitled to request a refund and they can't refuse this - are being negged.

      To be fair this happens far too often all over OzB as folks don't understand what the voting guidelines on comments are for OzB and it's seem as a like vs dislike judgement call, which its not meant to be.

  • +4

    I requested a refund yesterday, just got a generic cut & pasted response back from BAN essentially just saying the same excuses and saying to wait longer - absolutely nothing in response to what I'd said in my refund request.

    So I can only take that as a refusal to give a refund - hence i contacted my CC provider (Citi) for a chargeback. Was super simple, took under 5mins, done via online chat.

    Stated to them the situation - transaction over 3 weeks ago, no delivery of agreed goods, vendor has given several delivery dates already which were incorrect, request for refund refused/ignored by vendor.

    Citi said under their terms it's a failure to deliver goods, which is acceptable basis for a chargeback. Credited the full amount back to my account, said their dispute resolution team will look into, which can take up to 8 weeks.

    Highly recommend others do the same thing, is actually the 1st time I've ever had to go the chargeback route but was super simple and easy plus nice to be told by Citi that on the basic info it's a valid request that will be approved.

    • +2

      Ive posted my number here multiple times, you are welcome to get in touch and we can sort it out?
      If you would prefer the charge back route thats up to you?
      As mentioned all jerky will be shipped this week.

      • I will wait one more week for the jerky.

        • +2

          Holding harder than a bull run on BTC.

        • +1

          Thank you for your patience

      • +2

        Here's the thing - initially I trusted the deal and your repeated excuses and 'delivery dates' - but at a certain point for me (and others can make their own mind up) I think you're just buying time and I do not trust you.

        As others have said, personalised emails from us have been essentially ignored by getting nothing or just a 'one size fits all' reply - that says wait longer. Given this I'm not wanting to put either of us in what i can assure you would be a very awkward phone call.

        Some folks are fine with that, fair play to them - I'm not at all telling everyone to can their orders etc. But for me I don't think you've at any time acted professionally and I don't have any confidence in either the product I'm receiving nor what your handling would be if it was sub-standard.

        So yes, the chargeback is up to me - and as you didn't respond to my refund request that the only viable path I had.

        • -2

          Sorry about all of this, hopefully you will see after this week that we can be trusted.
          You are free to call me anytime and I will give you a personal guarantee that the order will be shipped this week. again apologies for all the frustration caused.

          • +1

            @Buy Aussie Now: Personal guarantee? This is a company not moey the dealer. Your terms of service were clearly stated on the order page that 3-5 days max for a promo item.
            Now you want him to “trust you” with a personal guarantee?

            What does that even mean?

      • -1

        Thanks for your replies, the wait was a while but somewhat expected. I was fine with it and appreciate your communication but I can see why others aren't. As others have mentioned, hopefully this won't happen again. Despite the comments here, I'm sure most people here would order again in a heartbeat (if they're good) if a deal like this appears again. My Ugg Slippers (didn't buy from Buy Aussie Now) faced the same issue (longer than the jerky) and condemnation yet they keep appearing on OzBargain anyways. Honestly, not the worst I've seen.

  • +4

    Hang in there this week please OZB. We apologies and thank you for your patience.

    • +3

      Hey mate,

      I will give you guys the benefit of doubt for another week.

      Monday today, so everyone should receive their shipping info by Friday.

      A lot of promises you guys made, so let's see how this one goes.

      Also you guys should update the post, so everyone can see the latest update without going through the comments section. A lot of angry people here.

      • Thank you, I also updated in description.

        • Thanks for communicating

      • Likewise, as much as I am upset with this fiasco, I've spent 27 dollars not 270 dollars, so I will wait another week. BAN definitely bit off more than they could chew this time. Perhaps time and some serious self-reflection will slowly win some customers back.

  • +1

    "updated Monday 9th of August: Sorry for the delay all jerky will be shipped this week, again we apologies and thank you for your patience."

    Said that last week and the week before. If I don't hear anything by the end of this weeks I'm doing a charge back.

    Simply getting the jerky we ordered weeks ago won't be enough to satisfy people now. You've obviously lost customers. Should have thrown in an extra pack of jerky for everyone to get the bad taste out of our mouths. Something to at least win back some confidence in your business.

  • +1

    Latest email from 4 days ago (Thursday) states

    " All orders will now be shipped out next week and tracking IDs will be sent with delivery dates. "

    and then

    " We also apologise for the lack of communication from our tracking system as Australia Post doesn't send out an order status, only a shipping notification. Rest assured you will receive your parcel and hope to see you back again when we run more incredible sales! "

    Right. That makes no sense. Aus Post has tracking on parcels, especially those with several hundred grams of a product in it. This is just BS.

    I seriously doubt that they will be shipping 3500+ orders this week, and everyone will be getting their tracking codes. One day down, 4 to go I guess.

  • 12th of August is a week later than the original, already extended date.

    Thats as long as Im willing to wait. Patience is completely gone by then.

  • +2

    Having zero stock in the inventory, and nothing even shipped, if they ran out I would see their circumstances but just giving us the bit of cheese and hope every week it just leaves us with bitter taste, even if it arriving I don’t think it will leave a great experience with the company, I will wait one more week, if no up date by next week, I’m done, that’s my last and final comment.

  • Thank you for enquiring about your recent order of Doctor Proctor's Beef Jerky …….. .. I did not enquire about it - I Asked for a refund

    The status of your current orders is: SHIPPING THIS WEEK - No Its Not …Status is 'PROCESSING"

    • +1

      So shipping this week equals may not be delivered for 2 weeks. I'm giving them until Friday for it to be delivered and in my hands before I request my refund to be actioned or else a credit card chargeback will be triggered

  • +13

    I would also like to add that I make my own Jerky in my k-mart combination air fryer/dehydrator . I could have supplied at least 2 customers this week which is 2 more than you have been able to do .

  • +1

    It better taste good! I am starving and salivating here!

  • +4

    This is not the first time BAM has had issues with accountability. See previous deals below:

    Ian Scuffs
    UGG Australia Slides

    Requested a refund only to get a generic reply stating that "Please hold tight this week and accept our thanks for your patience. We've tried the product and can assure you the taste when it arrives will be worth the wait."

    Have requested a chargeback on AMEX and will avoid any subsequent deals from BAM in the future.

    • Damn this company seems horrible

      This is one for A Current Affair

      I saw one customer got 1 of 2 of their slipper order although

    • Ban BAN

  • I was trying to find the emails they sent advising of the delays but somehow they magically disappeared from my inbox… weird

    Hopefully we receive the items this week…

    • Search for "buy Aussie". Maybe you marked it as spam

      • +1

        Maybe it is

        • Sick burn cuz

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