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70% off Beef Jerky Bulk Packs 5x30g and 3x100g Bags $21.60 (Was $72) + $5 Delivery @ Dr Proctor's via BuyAussieNow


updated Monday 9th of August: Sorry for the delay all jerky will be shipped this week, again we apologies and thank you for your patience.

100% Australian Made and Owned
Biggest Discount ever offered, healthy high protein snack.
Great for when you are relaxing at home or watching the footy.

Another Great Deal brought to you by Buy Aussie Now.

About Dr Proctor
We are passionate about creating new, innovative and exotic products and take pride in what we do.

After two years of design and testing, our original brand ‘Doctor Proctors’ beef products, entered the market in 2011 with rapturous applause. The products quickly established their place in the market and have gained market share annually.

We only use 100% Australian Beef which is made from pure topside muscle and not processed cheap cuts and take pride in supporting Australian Beef Farmers who over the years have had it tough. We believe we have a product second to none!

We are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated.

Doctor Proctor's is an officially licensed partner of Bundaberg Rum Australia.

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  • +3

    Starting to think this is a scam. Will be raising a dispute with my bank.

  • +8

    I agree that this might be a shit show, but these small businesses probably don't have the capacity for supplying the jerky and potential processing thousands of refunds. I know we all got out pitchforks out cause they missed the target date by a few days. Probably a small person team working their butts off. I've waited 3 weeks already and I'm personally happy to wait a couple more. They have come on here and apologised and tried to give some context. They have 100% been ozbargained so bloody hard and they tried to satisfy all orders, some times we get burnt for the decisions we make but who knows if their intentions were good or not, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt tho.

    • +13

      Why do folks keep implying that all these sales were 'forced' upon them? '…Ozbargained so bloody hard…'

      They knew they had the capacity to sell and supply 250 units. They chose to remove this and accept……3500+ orders before they finally stopped accepting sales.

      So at all times they and solely they were in charge of the number of sales they made.

      You then say '…they missed the target date by a few days.' The 'target date' was already the much later than normal delivery date, by their own stated vendor standards this was already much later than an acceptable delivery of goods.

      As others have said they deliberately mislead people into believing the majority of orders would be delivered by then and ALL orders by the end of that week (last week). There is no way they didn't 100% know this was untrue i.e oops instead of getting 1800+ orders out on MON and all 3500+ by WED (to allow delivery) they were buying time.

      Hence as people are now realising - you've been lied to again - there is no way all orders will be delivered this week - as you've been told.

      I really do wonder at what point of being told things that are proven to be untrue, folks say - maybe this person/org isn't being honest with us? Especially when you combine it with the near identical experiences folks seem to have had in similar deals BAN has posted on here.

      If you're happy to wait another week or longer - well thats up to you, but it's rather unfair to chastise people on here who feel differently - as no-one on here is telling you that you must cancel your order and if you're not up in arms you're a walkover etc. it works both ways.

      • +4

        Agree, so many small businesses on this platform. Don't see them struggling to fulfill. BAN is the Indigogo of online marketplaces.

      • -1

        You got a valid point Nikko and I see your point of view clearer now. I wasn't aware of BANs history. However, they are a business, they wouldve definitely tried to make more sales, maybe they did get greedy, maybe they did get optimistic in making the sales and delivery dates. I am not aiming to chastise but give a different view rather than just a business trying screw all of us over. But I could be wrong and we all just got shafted, what I'm saying is maybe, just maybe - they did have good intentions but it failed miserably

        • Once… yes
          Twice… maybe

  • HAS ANYONE RECEIVED THEIR ORDER EXCEPT OP AS they will send all orders this week so some must received theirs already?

    • +1


      But I highly highly highly doubt they are "sending all orders this week". No way they're shipping 3000 plus orders in a single week

      • +1

        It's almost Tuesday COB and it seems like they have not shipped out ANY orders. Let's see how they ship out 3000 plus orders in 3 days.

        • They won't.

  • +1

    Anyone got tracking information yet? I bet we won't until Friday at best

  • While they’ve been absolutely terrible, and it’s concerning that they are not providing refunds… they’ve said they will post the orders this week. So seems a bit early to get the pitch forks out on Monday/Tuesday morning?

    I understand they’ve lied to us many times before, but I’ll wait until Friday to have the pitch fork out.

    • +8

      Just to be accurate you were actually told that EVERYONE and ALL orders would be DELIVERED this week, not just posted/sent. Hence given it's going to take 2-3 days for deliveries to reach most people it's pretty understandable that folks again feeling mislead when they don't have any 'order sent/tracking number' by the first few days in the week.

      You're right though, they've been proven to have lied already many times already. And the crazy thing is they really didn't need to, 95%+ of folks would have been fine if they'd just been open and honest from the get go, but they chose a different path.

      • OP has Santa !

      • I see you have turned 🤣🤣

    • The funny thing is that they are also taking new orders (and have been this whole time) and saying that these orders will be shipped out in 3-4 days max.

      • +1

        Sometimes sellers have double standards and treat customers who bought discounted goods differently.

        • +1

          I highly doubt anyone ordering today would get their order shipped in 3-4 days, as according to OP he is just too busy to respond to refund requests, let alone pack and ship the existing orders that have been waiting 3 weeks.

          But even if new orders were being prioritised like you suggest, most of the jerky being sold on the BAN website are still discounted anyway, meaning they too would be unimportant, low-tier customers.

    • +1

      They said that two weeks ago and then also at the time of purchase. They may well be sending them this week however assuming they will is naïve IMO.

  • +7

    If jerky doesn't arrive by Friday - will be raising chargeback/dispute via bank.

    Life is too short to deal with unscrupulous retailers

    • Wouldn't be surprised if when they said orders will be shipped "next week", they meant 11:59pm Friday. Don't care if it's the best jerky in the world, will be doing chargeback if I don't have it by then.

      • I'm surprised they don't have Paypal, being a marketplace-type site.

  • I've got something coming from Vic. Tracking showed it was shipped on Fri 6th arriving maybe today in Syd.

    Edit… it might not be this item but something else.. nm.

  • +7

    talk about getting JERKed around! amiright people??

    • +1

      ha HA!

  • +1

    Let's say that if we ordered around $50 for 3500+, then it is above 170k of money.
    How sweet is that?
    Maybe they paid their debts and commissions to BAN with that and now what remains?
    Bunch of unfulfilled orders which they can't handle it.
    Once money is in hand, it is theirs.
    That's not an option that they don't want to PAY to their customers with THEIR own money.
    I am not even sure they have enough money to buy the quality meats and ingredients lol
    Maybe they are waiting to get paid from their regular retailers so then they can finally purchase the ingredients haha.

  • +5

    What a cluster$!%& of a deal. On the phone with my bank now for a chargeback.

    It's not about it simply being jerky or delivery times being blown out, it's about COMMUNICATION and the constant moving of goalposts.

  • +4

    I am one unhappy jerkyless individual.

  • +3

    How has NOT A SINGLE person here receive any shipping information or whatsoever? It's been almost 3 weeks and not a single one has received any shipping/tracking information. It's starting to get shady.


    • Agree 100% - given the scrutiny on this thread, the number of orders and also how OzB users are VERY good at reporting back info they receive - this has been painfully evident for some time.

      It's even more questionable when you consider that the OP 'claims' that all the onhand stock was sent out immediately - and they again 'claim' to have received emails from people confirming they'd received them.

      And yet in contrast to that not a single OzB user has posted here to state they've received an order or even confirmation that it's been dispatched…….that make it far more likely that it was in fact yet another lie by the OP. If ANY orders have gone out it'd be an incredibly small number.

  • +1

    Another day of zero progress.

    This isn't going to end well….

    • +5

      Sorry to hear it - this essentially means that the seller last delivery 'promise', which was that all orders would be delivered (not sent, delivered!) this week - look very unlikely (assuming 2-3 day transit time, which is pretty conservative given everything with covid etc)

      It's interesting the OP is regularly snooping in this thread and yet not answering specific questions folks have posted or explaining progress etc.

      On here 50 mins ago, nothing said - thats a very poor look IMHO.

  • +2

    I haven't even gotten any of the email updates that were allegedly sent to everyone, but at least I am getting marketing emails from BAN now so thats nice /s

    • +4

      Why doesn't BAN simply refund everyone just for their own PR.

      Will anybody will buy from them ever again after this? I doubt it lol

  • +3

    Looking unlikely that the jerky is gonna turn up by Friday. What a shame. I hope my bank doesn't give me any problem with the chargeback.

    • The new promise is that it would be shipped by this Friday

  • +1

    Plan B

    Doctor Proctor's is an officially licensed partner of Bundaberg Rum Australia

    Lets contact their partner and exchange the jerky for a case of rum

  • +1

    Sent a reply email to my order asking for a cancellation and refund, not surpising that there has been no response.

    Absolutely abysmal effort, almost 4 weeks.

  • Has anyone received their order???

  • +2

    Just thought I'd come on here to check if anyone received their jerky, as I haven't. I actually forgot about this deal until I saw another jerky deal on here haha.

    • It seems like not even a single one even received a shipping notification, much less their jerky.

      • +1

        Hence my comment above.

        No one is any closer than we were when we ordered it over 3 weeks ago.

        Oh well, Thursday is my cut off. Im tapping out and doing a charge back then.

        • Give it until Friday . They "promised" by this week they'd be sent.

          If not then everyone should do a charge back and watch BAN get destroyed by their bank

  • +1

    Not one single person has confirmed they have received jerky. Can’t smell any jerky but the the scent of scam is heavy.

    • Nah just incompetence

  • +1

    Stop JERKing us around.

  • +1

    Finally got a response today…

    "Thank you for enquiring about your recent order of Doctor Proctor's Beef Jerky.

    The status of your current orders is: SHIPPING THIS WEEK

    Delays like this are not how we do things at Buy Aussie Now and you have already been very patient while we help David from Doctor Proctor work through his supply issues. David asked us to extend his deepest thanks to each and everyone one of you for supporting his small family owned Australian business and pass on this message:

    "The team at Doctor Proctors would like to express our apologies for the delay in shipping your order. We’ve recently had a lack of resources at hand to streamline this process however in the end, we weren’t prepared for such a large volume of orders. With a 70% OFF sale and with a low shipping rate we were completely caught off guard! We have learnt from this experience and will be more prepared for future sales. We’d also like to extend our sincere apologies to Buy Aussie Now and hope that you’ll trust them for future orders as they are a great Australian company to deal with. The Doctor Proctor’s team is taking this square on.
    All orders will now be shipped out next week and tracking IDs will be sent with delivery dates."

    Dave Proctor, Owner, Doctor Proctor

    Please hold tight this week and accept our thanks for your patience. We've tried the product and can assure you the taste when it arrives will be worth the wait.

    Thank you for Buying Aussie Now!
    Kind regards"

    They say shipping this week but the message says next week but it could be a copy/paste from last week though. I guess we'll see in three days.

    • +4

      From reading BAN replies. The only problem they had was a shortage of the packaging of jerky and not the jerky itself. This is still in no way acceptable for the lack of communication and transparency. Why didn't they even explain this in the email. They still don't explain it to this day..

      What does a low shipping rate have anything to do with this.

      This in the same email

      The status of your current orders is: SHIPPING THIS WEEK


      All orders will now be shipped out next week and tracking IDs will be sent with delivery dates."

      Sorry but i wont ever be supporting either of these two companies.

      • +1

        …and we had to chase them up repeatedly just to get this information. They went dead silent after their August 5th deadline which was a mistake. They should have sent out an email being upfront and honest weeks ago and people would have been understanding. Instead they played it this way and then act as if it's been a learning experience when it's just basic common sense to not ignore your customers.

    • This is what they sent me when I asked for a refund :/

    • +4

      Its the same limp wristed, ambiguous "hold on its coming" coming from all involved.

      Simple fact is that no one has received ANYTHING. They can not articulate in very simple terms of where peoples order status is.

      There was never anything ready to go. That much is obvious.

      As someone that uses AUS POST's Parcel Send system every day, I know very well how much is involved in dispatching an order. Especially considering how much their API goes down for "maintenance".

      There is about as much chance as a piano falling on your head as there would be you getting your order this week.

      And as tomorrow is hump day, well…. getting 3000+ orders picked, packed and dispatched by Friday is not far behind.

      The rep and anyone involved in this disaster should be banned from OZB.

      Im sure Bundaberg Rum would love to know how their association with this is being handled…..

  • +3

    You know some jerky would be nice right now…

  • +1

    Did the bank reverse the charge on your account?

  • +2

    Hope I get my jerky before Christmas.

  • +2

    Pathetic mine still days processing i hope more than 50% off people are doing change backs since that's the right thing to do.

  • +4

    If the jerky isn't sent by this Friday which was the new promise then I suggest

    1 everyone do a charge back
    2 BAN banned from ozb
    3 submit reviews about BAN

    I pretty much guarantee that there is no way they are shipping out 3500 orders in the next two days. No way.

    It's just another lie.

    • OP promised that it will be delivered this week, not sent out.

      Clock's ticking for them.

      • There's no way that was ever going to happen. Even if they shipped it out "this week" then at a minimum it would have been Tuesday, you aren't getting a package from Aus Post standard shipping within 3 business days at the moment.

        I'm giving them this last remaining benefit of the doubt in that they promised everything would be shipped this week.

        If we hear nothing from them by Friday COB or they change their promise again, I'm doing a chargeback and suggest everyone else does as well because it means they've flat out lied about all of this.

        Has anyone reached out to Dr Proctor directly I wonder?

        • Exactly. Another failed "assurances" yet again from BAN.

          Yes, a couple of people have reached out to Dr Proctor directly. People were receiving emails from BAN saying not to email them as it will make their processing slower. Hah.

          • @ihy: I emailed them and got a nice reply which I posted elsenwhere in another comment.

  • +6

    sounds like robs not happy…maybe some of you guys should submit your reviews of your experience so far?

    • +3

      done - would've given them no stars but you can't so 1 star it is

    • +1

      Haha I started the review, forgot to post it here to start the chain. Cheers for doing that

  • +8

    I contacted DR proctor directly and got this within two minutes of sending the email.


    The product is currently running through our flow packers and being bagged up which will be complete by the end of the day. Most of the product is ready to be packed off (see attached). Tomorrow the product will be picked & packed by our team. Australia Post are sending their vans around tomorrow and Friday to pick up and despatch the goods. You’ll be receiving a despatch notification tomorrow or maybe later today.

    Thanks for your patience.“`

    If only BAN could communicate like this.

    • +1

      Mind if we see the attached?

    • +1

      Show me the jerky!

      — Jerry Maguire

      • Trial by Ozbargain.

        • +7

          "Australia Post are sending their vans around"


          • @jonathan111: I know right?? Is that even a thing? Alsoz not even one Van but Vans in plural.

        • +1

          The tribe has spoken?

          • @htc: You have been evicted by the housemates.. take 30 seconds to say your goodbyes

    • +10

      Replying because I can't seem to edit. Got another follow up from Dave. Poor guy. Seems to be doing their best but have been seriously seriously let down by BAN.

      Yes, this has been a nightmare as we weren’t prepared for so many orders. We thought we’d get a few hundred but that turned into 1000’s very quickly. Just amazing what a 70% off sale will do, I’ve run 50% sales in the past and only got a few hundred orders. To be honest the delay was getting all the 100gm pouches printed and shipped fromVic to QLD. We had to start from scratch and would normally take 12 weeks to get printed pouches but we pulled some strings and got them in under 3 weeks. We only received the pouches on Monday evening. The product is currently running through our flow packers and being bagged up which will be completed by the end of the day. Tomorrow the product will be picked & packed by our team. Australia Post are sending their vans around tomorrow and Friday to pick up and despatch the goods. You’ll be receiving a despatch notification tomorrow or maybe later today.

      Thanks for your patience and taking for time to contact me. I’ve attached some images of our progress."


      • +1

        Seems an OK dude. Am already looking forward to 70%off business with Dr Proc in future..

      • Buy aussie now needs to fire who ever is looking after the customer service. All they really had to do was show an image on the progress and be transparent. That would had instilled lots of confident to the customers who think nothing is happening. So unfortunate, BAN is doing a crap job and needs to replace who ever is working there.

        The person working there if it were the owner, is a good example of a good startup business plan but amateurish skills in customer service and they ought to hire someone for PR/customer team ASAP. They seem even overwhelmed by this ordeal and afraid to reply on this thread now..

        • +1

          What are the chances BuyAussieNow is a one man show? Or just a handful of family or friends? It seems very likely.

  • +7

    Hi all,

    This business needs a reality check. Significant irony that a business positions themselves as supporting Aussies however all they are doing is taking advantage of Aussies.

    They have breached numerous consumer laws. I encourage you all to lodge a complaint with Fair Trading. Price baiting at its finest.

  • +4

    This business is so unbelievably shady. They sold a bunch of stuff they don't have the capability to deliver, then refuse all refunds and finally ignore/block all communication.

    Even their website contact page is full of fake contact details (just visit to see or see screenshot

    I'm now doing a chargeback with my bank - lack of delivery, dodgy contact details, refusal to refund, ignoring communications - do you really want to support this business?

    • More accurately they used a website template and haven't bothered to update the contact details from the template default.

  • +3

    My bank called me this morning.
    They said how unbelievable the practice seems to be. Asked what I wanted to do.

    I want my jerky. I want my money.

    I told my bank that I will wait a couple of more days seeings though maybe we are getting somewhere now.

    • +1

      I posted Dave's reply above. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

  • +1

    Anyone taken the punt to just order something from Doctor Proctor direct and see what shipping times look like…?

    • +1

      once bitten, twice shy

    • +1

      I would if it is free shipping.

  • we aren't the only ones waiting, look at the latest comments on this post -
    Someone waited for 6 weeks for a pair UGG boots, it was only sent out yesterday lmao.

    • Rep appears to be responding there as well, gone a bit quiet on here.

      • He had a few days ago a legitimate excuse to use Melb lockdown but didn't use it as I assume it does not effect the biz . Jerks must be essential for biz .
        I'm guessing Melb getting another 7 days should have no effect as well .

  • -1

    Trust me there will be missing ordersand chaos, if your one of those don't bother chasing it further and let the bank deal with it it's straight forward process, even bank is more trustable than these guys.

  • +1

    Just reading through the email BAN sent on the 21st of July.

    Your order is expected to arrive no later than August 5th. 

    Some orders have already been shipped and David is busy shipping orders every day from his warehouse in Northcote Victoria.

    Nobody here has received any jerky what so ever.
    How could David the tooth fairy be busy shipping out orders everyday when during that point in time they did not have any packaging available? Which is the excuse they are using now.

    The whole idea of posting a deal here and not having any stock on hand is bad practice.

    The pitch forks are already out and I'm sure some rope as well.

    • We have just received photos will all product made and packed, shipping notification coming tomorrow.

      • Are you sure your not the boy that cried wolf ?

      • +1

        @Buy Aussie Now , after several weeks delays you gave 2 delivery dates that were lies - then assured everyone all orders would be DELIVERED this week, not shipped …..delivered. And I don't believe all 3500+ orders will be shipped by COB FRI.

        You're a liar and crap at your job.

        Well done massively damaging your employers and the products makers brands as when either of you are googled for years this quagmire of your incompetence is going to pop up.

  • +1

    tomorrow is the last day.

    • Yep. If they couldn't handle processing these orders in the roughly a month they've had, maybe it will be easier for them to process thousands of refunds instead.

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