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Google Pixel 3 Not Pink (64GB) $249.99 Delivered @ Mobileciti


Pretty close to the best price offered on this mobile I'd suggest. 100% Aussie stock. Apply code PINK-ARSE at checkout for the discount and free delivery (will be dispatched same or next business day). Offer ends 11:59pm AEST Friday (06/08/21), unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

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    Code BARNABY also works


  • $10 cheaper now. how low will it go?

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    Best code yet!

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      nothing beats ARSEBLOWER

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    Really good camera for 2 gen old phone better than iphone imo

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      A lot of what makes phone cameras good is the software and AI, not the actual camera

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        Yes, yet gcam-apk on other phones still not as good at least what I tried on sammy

        • It's not all just software and AI, the hardware does come into the equation too, and Samsung's known for having better hardware in terms of cameras.

          So that plus the Google Camera app should get you some pretty damn decent images, I would have thought.

      • Krect re GCam APKs- especially with Sony lenses on Xiaomis

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          Where do you download Krect re's builds from? Have not heard of this modder before.

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    PINK-EYE next

    • PINK-SOCK is more likely

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    Buyer beware of garbage LG POLED display.
    3 XL uses the far superior Samsung AMOLED.
    I purchased one of these when they were released and it had terrible screen discolouration (green blotches in black).

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      is that also why xl battery far better lasting despite just 400mAh bigger battery whilst powering larger screen ?

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        Yep, wasn't overly fond of the battery life either.

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      Don't know why the downvote. I have the pixel 3 (still using it) and my first one (replaced) had green discolouration on the edges of the screen on the first day of opening.
      You can obviously get it replaced but it is annoying…

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        Thank you :)

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      screen discolouration

      i thought that was for pixel 2

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      Yeah mine had uneven color across the screen. Hardware quality issues seem to be the norm with the pixel line.

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      Mine also faulty similar problem green blotches, such a hassle.

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  • Updates til Oct (2 months). But unlimited high res uploads for life. Original quality til Feb 2022.

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      My understanding is that you can transfer photos (taken by other phone/camera) to Pixel phone to take advantage of this. Is it correct?

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        Yes, can be from anywhere just has to be uploaded by the Pixel.

    • I don't get the update system. Mine is running Android 12 beta. Why launch that now if they will stop supporting it in 2 months?

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        It's not that they stop updates, it that they stop 'guaranteed' updates.
        Google made a comment that long term device support is difficult because they depend on updates from chip suppliers, hence why they are building their own silicon from the Pixel 6 onwards. Not only should performance improve (ie similar to M1 MBA), but full system support can be guaranteed much longer.

        • "Similar to M1"

          hah, no. Not even close. Google are still in the very early days of chip development. They are where Apple was in 2011 effectively picking various parts off the shelf and cobbling them together.

          It will be similar to existing flagship Android SOCs but with additional machine learning functionality to enable certain features on the device. The raw CPU performance will still be substantially behind Apple but the machine learning bits and image processing should be very impressive.

  • Damn I should've waited

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      Early access for $10 isn't bad

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    Does this have an sd card slot?

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    Is there a reason why people are still interested in the Pixel 3 which was released in 2018.

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      Price might have something to do with it.

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      BMW's of the phone world

      • In what way?

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          It's a high yield investment

      • Boomers May Want?

        • Boomer Make Way?

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      Its SoC (high end Snapdragon 845) in it is faster than the Pixel 5 (mid range Snapdragon 765) for one. Plus the camera is pretty much up to the same level as a Pixel 5 (and processes them quicker too)

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        Nope. I have this phone. Camera is totally different from Pixel 5 in terms of white balance and sharpness. Hardware is the same, I know. But pixel camera is all about software. Photos are a lot cooler than Pixel 2 or 5 which makes them unpleasant/not realistic imo. More noise as well.
        Pixel 3 is my least favourite pixel camera and I had almost every single pixel model. Maybe it's a faulty camera. I don't think so, because it's fine sometimes but not consistent at all. You may take 2 photos 2 minutes apart and they look different in terms of white balance, especially in a challenging area like snow.
        During the night I can see a clear difference in terms of noise compared to other pixels.
        Front camera is awesome though. Best of the pixel line.

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          definitely something wrong with yours. I had pixel 3 and now pixel 5. They have same sensor and produce similar pics. The good things about the pixel 5 are battery and screen

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        It's no 5G just bee gee

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      Personally I'm looking at a pixel for custom rom (grapheneos) compatibility

    • High quality Google photos for lyfe

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      Excellent camera, non-bloated os, soo cheap

    • Because it still works really well for most people and only costs $249.
      I've tried a bunch of different budget phones, but nothing beats the clean UI of Pixel and the camera, plus the consistent updates (might be a an issue with is as it's getting old, but I'd still choose this over anything else in the price bracket) .

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      Why question that people would want this! not everyone is you! constantly chasing the newest thing! can't have anything that has a later model! etc etc … bought a heavily discounted Pixel 1 when the 3 came out and if the battery hadn't recently swollen and cracked the screen I'd still be using it, best phone I've ever had!
      As someone said BMW of the phone world, which I'd argue is a bad analysis as BMW's as many euro cars are a costly long term option, perhaps the Lexus of the phone world.
      If I had the $ I'd buy this and use it till it endo'd as I did with the first Pixel1, it was fast and extremely usable right till the end! am still considering buying it on credit as both the phones I have now (a Samsung A32 and an Oppo A52, the Oppo is the better phone though heavy but takes brilliant images after installing Googles API's etc) both are woeful compared to my Pixel1.

    • It's a generally excellent phone (other than battery) that does everything anyone could reasonably need pretty well for a ridiculously low price?

      And has probably the best camera/software combo ever released?

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    beware of it potentially getting bricked. My dad's got bricked last week.

    • I've left mine on Android 10 so I can still use it with Daydream. lol

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    64gb is the killer

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      Why? What is filling it that cannot be in the cloud?
      Yes, these days 128GB is a good amount, but I don't see how 64 is a deal-breaker if you like the rest.

      Biggest annoyance for me would be lack of an ultra-wide main camera. It just has the one lens.

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        Document storage, High-Quality Apps, certain Games, Emulation, a couple Movies/TV Shows, Most people's Music Collection, or just recording Video footage (1440p/60/High bitrate) will do it. Cloud storage and steaming is not a viable/reliable option for many different reasons and people.

        Not to mention, it might be physically 64GB but software side it's more like 55GB, then you add the Operating System and the Update Partition and you're left with 40GB-ish.

        You can stick a dongles, then attach a hard-drive to the phone if you like… clunkcy and not a true solution. Otherwise stick to using this smartphone more like a dumbphone, pay extra extra for more storage, or buy a phone that does give you a microSD slot.

        • get a good deal on a nas :)

          • @juki: I think upgrading to a higher storage is cheaper?

            • @Kangal: probably works better price per gb, more flexible and long term solution - i suppose there is the issue of safety if your house burnt down but a few years ago there was the case of naked celeb pics leaking from the apple service

              • +1

                @juki: Nah, they didn't leak.
                They used shared passwords/weak passwords, and that's how the "hackers" gained entry to their Apple accounts. The Apple Service itself was never compromised.

                There's also the question of latency, download speeds, and your data cap/pricing.

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              @Kangal: I think exercising a bit of self-discipline on what you store is even cheaper.

    • And android Pie 3 gen behind

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    Posting from earlier deal last week… I bought one and I'm in the process of it getting refunded.

    Hi bought one of these and am having to return it. It started glitching like crazy on day 3. At the begining would flash randomly when the screen was locked. Then it started flashing when the screen was in use. And then eventually the flashing took over until 3/4 of the screen was flashing green white light blinding me constantly. I couldnt even shut it down at one stage. I reset, upgraded, trouble shootted etc but gave up in the end. Must have gotten a lemon. Hopefully others did not have the same experience as me as I was thoroughly disappointed.

    • I have a Pixel 3 and went through 2 of them with this issue before getting one that was ok.

  • Battery life isn't great on this unit (Got it on the last offer). Worth getting just for the Google Photos now that I have all my devices syncing camera pics to it for uploading.

    • Even with a brand new battery it still sucks?

      • would have thought the battery was manufactured sometime back in 2017

      • Yeah.. Brand new out of the box last week. Probably about 4 hours screen time all up with medium usage or around a work day of mixed usage.

        Think I've been spoilt by newer phones like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with huge batteries and forgotten the days of 2017 that requires USB battery tethering whenever I go out.

        • Well that really sucks

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      That's probably because the battery was manufactured so long ago it's eligible to vote.

    • How long does the battery last for?

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        I've had my Pixel 3 for a couple of years and it gets maybe 4 hours of screen time

        • Thanks, definitely not fit for my purpose then.

    • How do you get your other phones syncing to the Pixel 3? Do these other phones include iPhones as well? I am interested in your arrangement.

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        I have all my Android phones dump their photos onto a NAS at home using an app called Foldersync. Every night, it will copy the difference (basically new photos) of the Camera folder into a common folder in the NAS. In the morning, the Pixel 3 will Foldersync the difference from the NAS folder back to itself into the Camera folder, which will be automatically uploaded to Google photos at regular intervals.

        Not sure iphones.. They are a bit restrictive to do anything (joking). But technically you can probably do it if you can find an equivalent to Foldersync to sync new photos to the NAS folder.

        • Beautiful. Thanks!

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          Thanks mate, after reading this comment, I did some digging into it. basically, any android rooted phone with magisk, can "fake" it as being the original Pixel Phone. I modified mine with a script in Magisk, rebooted my phone, Google photos now says "Backing up from this Pixel is free and unlimited" (you may need to cleared data from Google photos, but I didn't need to)

          Tested it on Samsung S20FE and Samsung s10 both running andoid 11.

          • @cheapass88: Good one, Thanks! Didn't know Magisk was working again. This is good enough reason to wipe phone and do this again.

            • @dsp26: what do you mean Magisk is working again? I've been using it for at least 4 years non stop on multiple devices

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    I still have my pixel 3 since it was launched by Optus, and I never had a better phone. I will probably go for the 6 now

  • Waiting for the regular Pixel 2 to be discontinued OP when is that going to happen???

  • do this model has unlimited google photos backup?