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Free 3 Month Subscription To The Sizzle For COVID-19 Vaccinated


Hello Ozbargain!

I'm giving away free 3 month subscriptions to my tech newsletter, The Sizzle, for anyone who uploads proof of their COVID-19 vaccination. Normally 3 months costs $15, but as an incentive/reward for those being proactive and getting vaccinated against COVID-19, it's free - no strings attached, no payment information needed, single-click unsubscribe at any time.

Plenty of Ozbargainers are subscribers (they may even comment on this post!), but what is The Sizzle???

  • A brief email newsletter sent every weekday.
  • Three no bullshit summaries of the last 24 hours in tech news.
  • The freshest Australian computer & electronics bargains.
  • $5 a month or $50 a year.
  • Free for COVID-19 vaccinated new subscribers! No ads, no tracking.
  • Over 1350 issues since October 2015, sent to over 770 paid subscribers.

This offer will continue until 80% of Australians are vaccinated! Feel free to shout out in the comments if you have any questions.

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The Sizzle
The Sizzle

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    • +113

      I feel for you if you find it necessary to forge medical documentation to get a free 3 month subscription to a tech newsletter.

      • +49


        • +6

          Haha, i thought it was for a free sizzler restauraunt membership

        • +4

          i thought it was at least edible >:(

        • Summer is a great time to be outdoors

    • +88

      I'm not that concerned about forgery. If someone is that keen to save $15 they'll forge a COVID vaccination certificate, they're welcome to get a free 3 month subscription to my newsletter.

      • +47

        I don't think you understand what lengths some Ozbargainers might go to for a bargain haha

        • +1

          Discounted gift cards, amiright?

      • +23

        Oh goodie, will this do? https://i.imgur.com/Odw6tpd.png

      • If I could only choose one, this newsletter or MorningBrew newsletter?

        • +1

          The Sizzle has news that's focused on Australia, and also some international stuff. But afaik MorningBrew is purely international?

          I use a few newsletters because of this, you get a nice broad list of articles you can read.

        • +2

          I'm biased - but MorningBrew and The Sizzle are very different. MorningBrew seems to be more startup/crypto/finance focused. Today's issue for example had totally different topics in it than today's issue of the Morning Brew. Also The Sizzle is heavily Australian - I'll write about the NBN, or what the Australian government is up to. Morning Brew won't.

      • -21

        I'm going to forge a vaccine doc, then get your newsletter and copy it and send it to everyone

        • +8

          Ahh yes, just goes to show what a quality person you are.

        • How ya gunna get my address? Suspect there'd be some copyright issue there - why am i even responding to this silliness?

      • Some of the most upvoted deals on this site are for a free $2.

  • +9

    How about people like me that are keen to get the shot but they can't yet???

    • +6

      tough titties…

      • +5

        Ma Sheila?

        • She's running Aged Care facilities in Switzerland, nowadays!

          • @Wally: Rofl! I hadn't even thought of her for at least a decade. But JV makes the mind…..go places.

      • +7

        I didn't know that was a side effect!

        • I thought it was bigger ones (Pfizer) hehehe :-) :-)

    • +71

      The offer is valid until 80% of the country is vaccinated. Plenty of time to get vaccinated and then claim your reward! :)

      • -72


        • +47

          Use your words big boy, this isn’t a farm

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