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PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Fighter 8GB $589 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


Available from tonight on PCCG and other retailers, AMD's competitor to the RTX 3060. Haven't seen GPU prices like these for a while so not sure if there's a catch but they're all available now.

Other brands:

ASUS Radeon RX 6600 XT Dual OC 8GB - $699 + Free Delivery @ Centre Com / Also available at Kogan for $599 using Klarna (Offer ends 12th August 11:59pm)

PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Hellhound OC 8GB RDNA 2 - $699 + Delivery

MSI Radeon RX 6600 XT Mech 2X OC 8GB - $699 + Delivery

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          • @Anhus: I can wait, but when GPUs get cheaper I wouldn’t get drug money for my 1080 either lol

            • @Mungulz: I'd do it since you can't know for sure how the gpu market is gonna be like a year from now

            • @Mungulz: I’ve got a 1080 to and just going to wait untill the 3070 or even 3080 becomes more “affordable” waited this long I can keep on waiting

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    I'd snap it up if it were better for 1440p gaming. Great prices though.

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    1. $600 for a 1080ti level card is a bargain. Whata moment.
  • does klanra 25% (4th instalment) apply here?

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    • affordable
    • in stock
    • value for money at effectively MSRP
    • 8GB vram
    • DX12 Ultimate
    • great at 1080p Broadly equivalent to 5700XT / Radeon VII / 2070 Super / GTX 1080Ti
    • cool and efficient
    • HDMI 2.1


    • Pci-e 8x interface, which is likely ok on pci-e 4.0 for now but 3.0 performs a bit worse on average but potentially much worse from game to game
    • Performance drop off in memory intensive games can be staggering, for example the 3060Ti with the same 8 GB of VRAM can outperform it by a much larger margin when VRAM becomes the limitation because of, at least in part, significantly higher memory bandwidth
    • RT capable, but performance is abysmal
    • not great at mining if you care
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      You put not great at mining in the cons but I think you meant to put it in the pros.

      • Either I guess, some may want to try recoup costs of these inflated price GPU's by mining, but the info is there regardless.

        Because I'm actually reading that for the wattage it pulls, it's low key a good mining card, something like 30mh/s @ 45w iirc

        • +1

          Shhhhh we're trying to make people think it's not a good mining card.

        • It's unambiguously a pro, the only improvement would be if it violently exploded with a 10m or so lethal radius when mining was attempted.

          • @MagnamoniousRex: Now that I'm reading what league of efficient hash rate it can get I'm not sure my original statement even applies though.. in raw mh/s it's unimpressive, but in efficiency, it basically tops the chart.

  • should I buy this and sell my under performing 5700xt gigabyte?

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      Sidegrade at 1080p, a bit worse at 1440p, unless your 5700XT has issues, not really worth it.

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        Given he would likely get 1k for the 5700. It's prob worth it to pocket $400

        • If you look at it that way sure, also he could mine 400$ worth of ETH or something on it too I guess. Options.

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        Cheers, it's just my 5700xt gets ~10-30fps less than those from YouTube benchmarks with the exact same specs. Been bugging me for bout a year now

        • Edit: you said same specs, very odd, tried a fresh windows install? or at least a DDU (wipe all display drivers and start again)

          • @foxpants: Ryzen 3600 at 3.9 with 32 GB 3200MHZz Ram, 750 PSU.

            • @Aidzy: I was just editing when you replied :P

              Have you tried a fresh windows install? or at least a DDU (wipe all display drivers and start again)

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                @foxpants: tried it ages ago, didn't seem to change anything. Will try it later in the arvo, I'll keep you updated :)

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                  @Aidzy: Checked the temps to make sure its not throttling? Bad paste or woteva.

        • The 5700xt comes factory overvolted waay too high. Tune the card a bit and you'll get the promised performance.

          e.g. 1950mhz/1060mv was the magic number for me.

        • You can try overclocking to squeeze more performance out. It's not uncommon to get an extra 10 fps if you can push it a bit and there is pretty much no risk when it comes to overclocking GPUs since Pascal (bunch of protective measures). Micron GDDR6 for example can sometimes get an extra 400MHz and still be completely stable, while Samsung GDDR6 will be able to give you an extra 1000MHz of memory speed. Just make sure you benchmark to make sure the performance is increasing and not decreasing due to the clocks being pushed to the point where error correction jumps in and hurts framerates. Would also be worthwhile double-checking temperatures since that can affect core clocks.

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      Hardly an upgrade but 5700 XT is very popular in the second hand market for miners as they're selling for ~$1000.

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      You could definitely get 900 after selling fees on ebay or just via fb marketplace/gumtree (I got 900 for mine like a day after listing), then snap up a 3060ti next time theyre on sale

      • thats good as! U recon I should sell soon or just wait for the 4000's series or GPU price decrease?

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          If you wait the 5700xt likely won't fetch as much since crypto, mining probably won't be profitable by then. I'd sell now since you know you can get solid "free" upgrade (especially if you game at 1080p, 3060ti will be sweet at that resolution for a while thanks to dlss and will still be good at 1440p for a couple years)

      • +2

        I'd definitely recommend using Gumtree over eBay if you can find a buyer. I sold my RX 5700 for 900 on eBay and only got $792 from them… instant regret.

    • I sold my 5700XT for $1085 about 6 weeks ago and picked up the last 6700XT deal that popped up here (not the pricing mistake the other day haha) for $1100. I'm happy with the $15 upgrade.

      Not sure if 5700XT's are still hitting that kind of money though.

  • I have an option to buy a 6600 XT now and then upgrade to a 4000 series next year or wait for a 3060 Ti at $950 and use that for 2-3 years. What do you guys reckon i should do?

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      Depending on your use case. If <~20% fps gain, RTX voice and DLSS isn't too big of a deal, I'd save the ~$350

      • I'm a 1080p gamer. Mainly play competitively in games like Warzone and Valorant so it should do me well, especially considering a 6600xt is so much cheaper currently. Thanks for the help.

        • At 1080p i would go for the 6600 XT unless you stream and need RTX Voice.

    • Honestly, I'd buy this now if you absolutely need a video card. If you have something like a 5600 XT or an RX 580, I'd hold off and just splurge next gen on launch. I have a 3060 Ti, while it's great and all with DLSS, if you want a real upgrade over a last generation mid range card, you're best to go 4000 series or RDNA3.

      • I'm looking at doing my first build and have an R5 5600x and B550 from yesterday's ebay deals arriving later today. I think I might just buy the 6600 XT honestly and upgrade to a 4000 series with new architecture next year. I mainly play competitive shooters like warzone at 1080p so it should suffice. Cheers for the advice!

        • Yeah it'll do fine. Good luck with your games and you have a beast of a first rig, I remember when I was growing up, I was playing CS:S (CS:GO's predecessor) on integrated Intel graphics on a CRT at like 800x600 res. Gaming has come a long way on PC.

          • @KARMAAA: Ahaha, I could imagine. I'm certainly privileged to be buying my first PC when GPU's are so much faster than when Source was released. Have a great night man!

      • sadly my RX580 just died……

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    Most of depth review you can get: https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/powercolor-radeon-rx-6...

    A page with benches…note 6600 XT's position in the second graph. https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/powercolor_radeon_rx_6...

    Budget determines your choice but the memory alone makes me avoid this series entirely.

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    So people are paying $100 more for around same performance as my softmodded 5700 (XT) 2 years later.. That's messed up.

    • Yep, it also has problems with PCI-E 3.0 too due to reduced lane count. But considering the pricing for all cards now, this is comparitively a good deal.

  • New build for 1080p gaming with 144hz monitor (keen for Battlefield 2042 mainly) should I get this or a 3070 for 1000-1100 when available? Is the performance increase worth the extra $5-600 odd? I'm contemplating getting this even though it's not really the card I want and then selling and upgrading in 12-24 months when prices are more reasonable perhaps


    • +1

      25% faster performance for $500-600? Not really. I'd put that $500-600 towards next generation. There is one caveat which is that BF 2042 will have DLSS and that might eek out another 20-40% performance depending on what level of DLSS you may use with the 3070. It's up to you really, but I'd probably go for next generation, saving the extra $500-600 towards that and buy this card, since the next generation is really 12 months away basically, it's rumored to come Q3 or Q4 next year from NVIDIA. This card should do fine at 1080p and 144hz in esports games, of course though I can't tell you what BF 2042 will perform like since it's not out yet.

      • Won't it have FSR alongside DLSS? The way I see it FSR is a lot easier for devs to implement, it also works on NVIDIA, and the only drawback is slightly worse image quality.

        • FSR is agnostic though, so you can use it with any card, NVIDIA or AMD. Also, DICE have only stated they are supporting DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex so far, nothing about FSR.

      • Since I'm waiting out for BF 2042 anyway, I'm going to HOLD a little longer and hope for a decent deal on a 3060Ti. If I can get one around the $700-800 mark I think that's worth it, especially with DLSS support which gives a considerable FPS boost. Also, with this card being released it may trigger slight price reductions on the 3060Ti.

        Appreciate your feedback and think for now, 3070 is not worth. 3060Ti is the winner, better game support and will have stronger resell value next year and then maybe upgrade to 4000 series

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      Honestly at this price in, this market, it's a good deal imo. 3070 is faster but even at msrp this has a better cost per frame

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      Waste of sand.

  • How does this compare to a 3060 ti for gaming @ 1440p?

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      • It has a much smaller 128 bit bandwidth because it was designed to only push 1080p first and foremost, I wouldn't expect it to last as long and it's so close to 3060ti RRP. It will drop back near to that sometime.
        No way I would pay $700 for some of these models.

        • Completely agree, but the future is a weird thing and some unforeseen event or massive greed could keep prices high, so who knows really. This is a very good deal for 1080p and it is 1440p capable, but not designed with 1440p in mind.

  • is this better than 5700xt

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      About the same.

  • +1

    Sold out almost everywhere apart from PC Case Gear lol

  • Just got one in time. Tx OP :)

  • I notice that the cards on Kogan sold out fast. A $100 discount would have made this a decent buy.

    • Yeah got one off Kogan. $541 delivered ($629+$11 delivery less Klarna $100). It's for my kid's new build. Didn't want to spend this much on a card, but blooming heck there's nothing reasonable out there. This is the cheapest card worth spending $$$'s on.

  • Hmmm tempting if I can sell my 5600xt for more and get this…. Lol

    • +1

      You could if you wanted to. Advertise for $700 on facebook marketplace/gumtree and you'll have plenty of offers come in above $600 I reckon.

      • Well too late got caught up with work….

  • Great price for now but it will surely go much lower along with the 6700 XT, 6800 XT and 6900 XT.

    • +1

      if people can wait until mid 2022 then price will come down heaps.. most Crypto will be moving to proof to stake by then (apart from BTC) and the bear market for the crypto market should have already kicked in months earlier…

      • Good times ahead for new top end system builders.

      • Bull Market is expected to tun into Early 2022, so id say your right on mid 2022

  • Would this be suitable to pair up with a i5-7600K?

    • Sure. Why not?

  • this card is trash ! 128bit memory interface … talk about gimped to the max

  • +2


    • People have been saying that for 3 months.

      • Still the best course though.

  • Is my 1070ti still better than this ?

    • -2

      This is faster then a 5700XT and a 5700XT is around 20% faster then your 1070ti so YES this is faster.. it also has raytracing along with a bunch of other new tech all at 160W TDP

      The PowerColor Radeon RX 6600 XT Fighter has a trash cheap heatsink on it..
      Hardware unboxed review on it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8ibHJC1nyw

      • +3

        That's a different brand, Biostar?

        Gamer's Nexus has a review on the Powercolour Fighter, which this listing is for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFHOZN5AV6E&

      • +1

        biostar is a very different brand from PowerColor.
        back to 5600/5700XT PowerColor supplied quality Radeon cards including single fan ITX models.

    • +1

      6600 XT is about 35-40% faster. It's closer to a 1080 Ti or 2070 Super on the Nvidia side.

  • $100 off using Klarna on kogan on some models so its 100% worth it if you have Klarna could probably even sell it and make $100 or so back lol

  • I mean if people are that desperate for this sub par 1080p card, should be less demand for the higher end cards as time goes on and more budget cards get released.

    • +1

      With crypto mining boom still happening that thinking doesn't really work anymore.

      At current prices these cards can make ~$3 a day profit and a lot of people see these as investments now.

      • Hardly worth the time and effort for $3 a day, not to mention CGT, electricity etc. Each to their own.

        • +1

          Clearly each to their own, as the market has spoken and it appears to have said "many, many people think it's worth $3 a day". Look at what happened to the GPU market with this latest mining craze.

          It's been this way for over a year too. That $3 a day is after electricity costs, and it looks to be going up in value too. CGT? Just mine to a wallet that has no connection to you and treat it as gold being buried in the yard - which the taxman has no control over.

          • @studentl0an: Yeah some valid points but I'm going to have to disagree here and am confident prices for cards will fall over time. Can't say when but it's already happening if you check the current trend across vendors.

            Way too many factors at play here with RTX 4000 next year, new budget card releases, mining restrictions (i.e. China), LHR, Hard Fork. I can't see prices being sustainable in the long run.

            Just cause the market has spoken doesn't mean they're right though, people are still paying $1300 for new gaming consoles when frequent pre-orders are readily available, clearly a lot of ignorance.

            • @semaj94: When China re-banned crypto the value of BTC went from 52,000 AUD to the 62,000 AUD it is now.

              With the current political climate, I only see crypto going up in value as more and more people become aware of how fiat fiscal policies work and governments around the world spending more and more with no money coming in. There is a mainstream demand for cypto in the form of diversification of investments now.

              When new cards come out, if they are profitable to mine on they will be seen as more valuable to miners than gamers. As has been the case with all the new cards the last year and they will sell out fast. LHR cards are profitable to mine on, which is why they are all either OOS or extremely inflated to RRP.

              I used to think the hard fork at ETH 2.0 going from PoW to PoS would be the end of GPU mining, then I saw the prices for all the alt coins which will be GPU mine-able well into the future as profitable.

              I think people need to re calibrate what their expectations around GPU pricing and availability will be well into the future.

              Those frequent pre-orders of gaming consoles sell out very fast. You may call it ignorance, but a more apt description would be desperation.

              It's fine to have the level of hopium you do, I used to also, then I realised if you can't beat them why not research the augments for them - and then it became very apparent to me that the techscape has changed due to political climate and there's no going back from here.

              • @studentl0an: It's not really hopium though is it, if what I'm saying is already happening. Doesn't matter if pre-orders are selling fast, they're still frequently being made for pre-order.

                Same goes for GPU's, prices are slowly falling across vendors and availability for higher end cards are still there.

                There's going to be a breaking point, when regular supply flows in and demand trickles down slowly, other products being introduced that are catered towards gaming but not actually GPU's.

                We could go on and on and do I'm right and you're wrong game, feel free to stamp this or whatever. I don't mind admitting I'm wrong in the future.

                • @semaj94: Well it's not really happening, is it? What you're saying is all based on future predictions (that have conflicting information) rather than the current market for the last 18+ months, apart from the falling scalping price.

                  Prices aren't actually falling because they are still well above RRP and flying off the shelves faster than they are making them (as evident by all the GPU deals posted for more than a year now). Why not actually see how long it actually takes GPUs to get back to RRP before saying they are actually falling in price? To say that retailers are scalping for less now than yesterday is evidence of a falling price, when many sell for 2x the RRP, doesn't seem right to me.

                  The demand for GPU mining at this stage is the highest it's ever been. There are more GPU miners today than there was yesterday, which was more than the day before that ect.

                  That breaking point you speak of, it's a long way away with current market forces acting to push both the price of crypto up, and increase demand for GPUs to mine on. That's not even including all the new gamers everyday that ask mum and dad for a gaming PC for their birthday. There's just so much more demand than supply at the moment and the demand is only going up. So unless supply magically increases (which doesn't look to be the case with chip shortages and commodity price increases), then it's very possible for demand to keep going up faster than supply can make them.

                  • @studentl0an: Oh boy, I never mentioned RRP just the fact prices are falling across vendors. I never mentioned it would be a quick process either. You're literally putting words in my mouth.

                    I can just check PCCG and see the vast amount of RTX cards in stock there but that goes against your narrative right?
                    Why aren't miners buying them all up hmm?

                    • @semaj94: If your argument is that prices are falling but you're not going to address how inflated prices are compared to their RRP then maybe say that scalping prices are falling, not price? The sticker price isn't falling, vendors still sell for ~2x the cost.

                      They are buying the cheaper cards, hence why they are all out of stock. Have a look at PCCG RTX cards and arrange by price, do you notice how all the cheaper ones are our of stock? It's the extremely inflated ones that are still in stock. It's the same at Scorptec and Centrecom too. There's buying groups for miners who all get notified when the cheaper variants come in stock and they snap those up really fast, so why pay hundreds more if waited a few weeks will save you money (comparing the mining profits to the difference in price between expensive and cheap cards).

                      • @studentl0an: And I've got you there, just revisit my first comment here. Thanks mate.

                        • @semaj94: Sorry but if you think you have me there then it really is hopium, try not to OD as you will miss out on the fleeting buying opportunities such as this deal and end up without a decent GPU for a year+.

                          • @studentl0an: You really are that kind of guy aren't you haha. I had some level of respect for you earlier but throwing the OD and can't admit when you're wrong clearly shows how mature you are.