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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K 2021 Model $69 (RRP $99) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest price Amazon have offered on this since the $59 Amazon Prime day deal a couple months ago.

Don't forget cashback - Currently 7% at both CR and SB.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Niceee.

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    How does this compare to google Chromecast? If it the same kind of thing

    • I'm wondering the same. I hear the Chromecast struggles with 4K or disconnects from wifi often?

      Can you cast to this like you can the Chromecast TV? I'm assuming you can Chromecast to the new Google TV like you can older Chromecast?

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        I have 2 chromecast tv sticks, the wifi thing was fixed via a software update. Can't comment on the fire stick but the chromecast is awesome.

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        I've had the 4k stick for a few years now ever since it was first available on amazon.com and have never had issues with 4k content, except for the espn app which is simply a sh*t app in general. So unless this model has gone backwards, I'm sure it will handle 4k content fine.

  • Good replacement for aging Vodafone TV?

    • Absolutely. Very capable and super easy to sideload apps with.

    • Thinking of doing the same. Kodi on my Vodafone TV is godawfully slow.

      • Works fine for me, use it every night.

        • Is DTS passthrough still a problem?
          I'm weighing up this against a RPi4

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      I've got a VTV connected in the spare room, haven't used it in 18+ months, curious to know what is "aging" it?

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        The 18 months

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        <Nvidia Shield TV 2015 has entered the chat>

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      Nothing wrong with a Vodafone TV. Use mine daily without issue on all modern streaming services and DTV.

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    How does it compare to the Google TV?

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    Been using one of these on my older non-smart 50" LG TV with a Yamaha receiver. Figured I'd provide some feedback on my experience so far:

    • Set-up was super simple. You need an Amazon account, but outside of that, it was straightforward.
    • It needed to update upon first boot, but even with my average internet connection, it was fast enough. It doesn't have an ethernet port, so you'll either need WiFi or to buy the ethernet adapter.
    • Compared to my Android-based smart TV in my living room, this Fire TV stick is much more snappy and responsive. The overall experience is better because of that.
    • The included remote is alright. Pressing the power button on it will turn on the Firestick, TV and sound system all at once. I can also control the volume with it.
    • I've managed to install "S-Tube Plus", (I think it's called), which is like an ad-free youtube (much like Vanced for those familiar with that).

    Will probably buy another one at this price to use in my living room, as it's a great value device!

    • Thanks, I have one too but using the power button won't actually turn off the fire stick. Does it turn yours off?

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        Power button is to turn your tv off i think

        • Yes with CEC

      • I assumed it turned everything off as it boots up upon turning everything on. Kind of wish it went in to a standby mode as I find it takes a long time to get started compared to my smart TV's

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        Should be able to hold the Home button for 5 seconds on the Fire Stick remote to bring up a menu where you can put it to sleep. The select button will wake it back up when you're ready for it.

        The power and volume buttons are for whatever you choose to have it control during setup. I linked it to my soundbar for easier control during movie watching - one less remote to leave next to me.

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    This is a good price, but I think the Google TV is just much more flexible, especially with sideloading and the range of available apps. The Google TV also has a better UI, the Fire stick is a bit dated. The Fire tv remote feels much better in the hand though. If you are just going to use to this for streaming the main Australian apps both are solid choices and both fast enough.

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      You can download a custom launcher that google tv uses, pair it with launcher hijack so it sets it as default

    • can we sideloading the apps on firetv?

      • yeah i get mine from apkmirror. i use adblink on computer to install them to the firestick

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          thanks for replying.

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    Dumb question but what can I do with a fire stick that I can't already do with a smart TV?

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      It's usually that most smart TV are very slow to use.

    • I think you can sideload Youtube Vanced?

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      The main feature is you can toss it away and replace it relatively inexpensively when the set loses its smarts.

      Example 1) My smart Sony went dumb over a couple of years. Chromecast replaced the smarts.

      Example 2) My brother brought a house that came with 4 incredibly large smart sets (differing brands). None of the smarts worked. Instead of replacing the sets, he added Roku sticks.

      The Smart in TV is nothing more than a built-in obsolescence feature and a pathway for the manufacturer to spy on what you watch. .

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        So now the manufacturer of the fire stick can spy on you instead.

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    Can you put Kodi on this and stream movies?

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      Yeah it runs android so can run kodi, plex and any other android app

    • Kodi isn't the best anymore, Cinema HD is a much more user friendly alternative (so i hear from SWIM)

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    Bought this for $99 literally like 3 days ago. Any way I can get the difference back?

    • Yes, you can ask for price difference from seller or else return it and buy another.

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        Buying it again and returning other one. Worth it for an extra $30

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    Thanks heyPapito. I bought one! managed to get it for $49 using the app for extra $10 off.

    EDIT : OOPS bought the wrong one. had to cancel and buy the 4k one for $59.

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      Me too. $59 with $10 off using the app, thanks.

    • What was that code? I haven't used it yet, but can't think what it is now. Thanks

    • How to get $10 off on app? Is there a code?

  • I have 2 of these and the alexa button on the remote is a blessing for me. I hate typing on remote controllers.

  • Is kayo available on this one?

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      Not on the Amazon app but you can download the APK package using the downloaded app. Simple set up, just google it.

    • +2

      Yes tbe Kayo apk can be downloaded through the Downloader app and worked fine for me on this 4K one

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    If.you don't have a smart TV, get this and throw cinema hd, lock jaw, etc on it.

  • Can I pair this device with any of the new Dell monitors using WiFi?

    • You should be able to plug it into the HDMI slot in the Dell monitor. Power might be supplied separately.

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    Any point in getting this if I don't have a 4K TV?

    • shoyldn't be a problem, there are still lot of content to watch and enjoy for 1080p

      • Thanks, I already have a normal firestick and didn't know if the 4K one made the content look nicer on my current Plasma.

        • No stick with the normal firestick for now, you want really get much benefit.

          But Kudos to you repping the plasma still! Imagine the brightness is pretty iffy by now?

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    One of the best sub 100 dollar media players.

  • Does anybody have experience with this vs an Nvidia Shield? I'm mainly looking at one for Kodi. Cheers.

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    How would this compare to a MiBox S?

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      I replaced my original MiBox with one of these, this is snappier to use and doesn't have bugs like I had with the Mibox. Would recommend as an upgrade.

  • moving from a Chromecast Ultra which seems to lag on some videos I'm streaming - am I better off with a Chromecast TV or this?

  • Works very well as a cheaper alternative to the previous gen Shield. Just beware internal memory is limited and you will need an adapter to add external USBs

  • Got unopened google tv that I paid for $64.20, should I buy this one? hmmm I like Alexa better…

  • Just to confirm you can cast to firestick from mobile? Thanks.

  • bought the new non 4k variant recently (my tv isn't 4k and it was cheaper). the tv control buttons are quite good and pretty useful - now just a single remote to turn tv on and off, adjust volume and stream. only thing it is missing is the ability to select inputs, which requires you to use your tv's remote if you weren't on the input the fire tv is using when you turned your tv off. newer tv's than mine are probably smart enough to detect the active input anyway so may not actually be a thing for some or most people.

  • is the remote better than CCGWTV remote? i am so frustrated with chrome's remote.

    • Yeh it s#!ts me too. Well the FS remote has some transport controls on it so it's 100% better as far as I'm concerned.

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    Hi All,

    Can this stick download VPN apps in order to watch Netflix across different regions?
    Please let me know your experience on this.

    Thank you in advance.

    • +1

      Yes all the big names are in the Amazon app store.

  • Grabbed one, thanks!

  • I bought the original Firestick a while ago. I found the 8Gbs of storage is an issue.
    I downloaded some Amazon Jackbox games and wasn't able to play some of them as the stick filled up.

    For some reason my Hisense Smart TV doesn't have the Disney+ app, so I have used the Firestick to stream Disney + that way.

    • I'm reading you can add USB drive storage with an adaptor?

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    can someone teach me how to use VPN to watch overseas netflix? Im too boomer for this

    • You can pretty much "jailbreak" it to get any movie ever

    • Download the VPN app of your choosing from the Amazon app store and then pick the country from where you want your data to go via and you're done. Don't forget to deactivate when not needed.

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    How was that a referral or affiliate link? I am just trying to help people to get 2 x 4k Firesticks for $59 each as per the t/c's ending 30th September 2021

    • Where is the link for 2 x $59?

      • Code is FIRETV15
        Says "Bundle any 2 Fire TV sticks for an extra 15% off using this Amazon discount code"

        Not working for me though. "The promotional code you entered is not valid. "

        • If you look at the t/c's on the offer it says valid until 30/09/2021. Jump on live chat and explain to them that it wont allow to use the code and then they will advise you that they will refund the difference when your item is delivered. Make sure for them to leave notes on your account to make the refund process easier.

          • @Bargainaholic: Found the Amazon page now, first result when googled FIRETV15.
            Wonder if a partial refund after will mean losing cashback too..

  • Can this be connected to an ethernet cable like Vodafone TV?

  • Can I power this from the USB port on my TV? I've a lack of sockets near my tv. Cheers.

    • +1

      Sometimes TV USB can't deliver enough to power it.

    • +1

      I have mine connected to a USB port. It gave a warning about not enough power the first time I ran it and have not had a warning since.
      Runs fine, never had issues.

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