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Ozito Power X Change 18V Cordless 5 Piece Kit $229 @ Bunnings


18V 13mm drill driver & 18V impact driver
18V 165mm circular saw & 18V 115mm angle grinder
18V Detail Sander
1 x 4.0Ah Battery & 1 x 2.5Ah Battery included
1 x Compact Fast Charger included

Sort of price matching with Aldi deal.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    • No, it is being sold as a kit and they can't remove individual items from the box.

  • Got one for c&c. Cheers OP.

  • Saw this review that's worth noting:

    Edit: above mentioned already

  • Thanks OP - got one at Rocklea in Brisbane

  • I already have a brushless impact and drill as well as a corded circular saw but I couldn't stop myself.

    I also have the brushless hammer drill new in its box as well as another corded drill.

    I'll try to offload what I don't need.

    What I need is the multi tool and the jigsaw to complete my collection.

    • Yeh same I have brushless drill and impact

      Whats the value of the rest to get them separately or this deal better?

    • +1

      Christmas gifts for replies who need an occasional drill around the house!

      Gave my mum my spare drill and batteries which means she also got the whipper snipper to match

  • +1

    From the review on Bunnings site:

    Warranty can only be claimed on 1 item
    I spoke to the people in the Tools Section and they told me that if 1 of the item has an issue, they would need to replace it as a kit and not per individual item. This means that if another tool fails within 5 years, you can't claim warranty for it because it would appear in their system that you have already claimed warranty for the first tool that failed.

    Also, to claim warranty for 1 of these items you have to lug the entire 5 piece kit for replacement. At face value it seems like an amazing deal but if something fails within the warranty period then it will be a pain.

    • +8

      Garbage. Pity the fool that accepted that spiel from the tool store drone.

    • +3

      Bought a 5 piece kit 4 years ago. Recently the circular saw was getting sluggish. Took it back and they gave me a new one.
      Even if you did have to take the whole kit back, you'd be walking out with 5 brand new tools that to my thinking should come with another 5 year warranty. Seems like a small inconvenience.

    • +10

      Normally this is because the manufacturer wants the entire kit back. If we did have the product still in stock, we'd take all 5 tools back and give you a new set. Or if you only brought in the individual item we could give you a replacement and send the kit back with your faulty item in it.

      However for promotional items that are no longer on sale and we don't have stock of, it gets a bit tricky there. Normally either we'd just give you a refund/store credit, however it really does depend on who you speak to. It's a tricky situation for us to deal with and if we still had stock on hand we'd happily give it to you. Unfortunately this is just what happens with promotional items that come and go.

  • Damn I got the Dewalt 12v for $99…refund and switch?

    • +1

      I’d keep the humble bumble bee 12v as inside the house it’s lighter, just that bit smaller for under sinks or tightening draws. Unless your building serious stuff, 12v gear rocks

      • This, I just bought the dewalt drill also - I will keep both.

    • What do you need? I just want the drill and impact

      • Are you still looking for just those parts? I'm down to split those to you if so, looking to get the circular and the angle grinder (with batteries and charger) for myself.

    • I am interested in the sander and circular saw if anyone is keen to split :)

  • +1

    Anyone know the original price?

  • +1

    Gr9 4 diy jobs.
    5y warrenty on tools and 3y on battery.. is great.

  • +3

    Only downside is none of the tools in this kit are brushless. Prob not that big a deal for most of them apart from the angle grinder which is supposedly pretty gutless.

  • Tempting but got so much Ryobi stock over time. They should do a trade in deal - Trade in old gear for a new set and lock you into the system haha

  • Would the angle grinder on this kit work on PC cases? I'm looking to working on PC mods particularly rebuilding my G5

    • +1

      yes the grinder is really good…

    • the PC metal frame?

      • Yup, afaik its aluminum. I've seen modders use a dremel tool but seems to be too small to cut through the G5's aluminum case

        • +1

          Just be caution, there may be sparks if you cut it but would sparks damage pc components? Plus it won't be smooth after you cut it, you need to file it to ensure no sharp points. I suggest you need a metal handsaw but yes, it will take a long time.

  • +3

    Gosh dang this price, and including a 4Ah and 2.5 Ah battery… And a 5 year warranty!?!? Jeebus.
    Tbh if you only looking for tools for around the house, this is an amazing bloody deal.

    I paid $10 less for a brushless 18v 4Ah Makita single driver set.

  • +1

    Have have 5 Ozito Batteries that are all really good.

    But I also have 4 Ryobi batteries, 2 are stuffed :/ (one was an expensive 5Ah)

    Im staying away from ryobi from now on.

  • +2

    Is it just me, or does this also seem like an absolute steal?


    It’s 1/2 the price of all the items when bought separately

  • Wish they would make a set like this with all the brushless tools. Been considering jumping on the Ozito bandwago but would like to at least go brushless if I am going cheap on tools haha.

    Tempted by the brushless drill and drilver for $150.. but a set like this but brushless for a bit more would be awesome

    • I’d love that too. I own their brushless hammer drill and impact driver. Wouldn’t go back to brushed ever. My brushed Ozito hammer could get through my rendered brick but the brushless went through it like butter

  • +1

    Can someone confirm this review notes on the Bunnings page?

    “Warranty can only be claimed on 1 item
    I spoke to the people in the Tools Section and they told me that if 1 of the item has an issue, they would need to replace it as a kit and not per individual item. This means that if another tool fails within 5 years, you can't claim warranty for it because it would appear in their system that you have already claimed warranty for the first tool that failed.

    Also, to claim warranty for 1 of these items you have to lug the entire 5 piece kit for replacement. At face value it seems like an amazing deal but if something fails within the warranty period then it will be a pain.”

    • +9

      I can confirm you didn’t read any of the comments here.

    • +2

      Pretty sure that's breach of ACL… the 5 year covers all purchases in the bundle regardless if it was bundle. If a drill fails in year 1, you still have 4 years for the other items and replacement drill. Even if they explicitly say it..get it in writing and send it to ASIC, I'm sure Head Office would like a knock on the door with a big fine…

    • Since when can you only claim warranty once? If the replaced item fails again, you still have warranty.

      I don't know if it's staff getting the wrong info, or it getting mixed up along the way but that's just wrong.

      (Like once I returned something to Woolies that was faulty, and they were trying to tell me that there's been a change and faulty goods must now be returned with packaging. I tried to explain that's not what the ACL says, but that's what they'd been told by management. Still replaced it "this time" in the end, but not an argument should need to have.)

    • Read this comment on the previous page.

    • That feedback comment on the Bunnings site is misleading. It needs to be taken down.

      • Not sure if it's just my end, but looks like the feedback comment has been taken down now

        • You're right; it's gone. That's dodgy. Bunnings should have just replied to the review and clarified the situation.

  • +1

    I have the ozito system, makita, AEG, bosch, used to use the old dewalt 14v's and have extensively used the Ryobi.

    Ryobi battery system and tool sizes suck (the battery has an extra bit which goes into tool handles).

    If I could go back, I'd buy purely the ozito PXC system.
    Although there are some tools you really need with the other systems (big brands have a much more powerful drill (52nm? vs 150nm+), and a much smaller brushless impact driver for all day use).
    Ozito also seems to be missing a large reciprocating saw a DECENT whipper snipper.

    The thing that led me to ozito in the first place was the $20 LED torch (which i can't even find in stock anymore).
    Considering the other brands torch skin are $70, you could get the battery/charger+torch from ozito for roughly the same which opens the door to their system. I find the $20 ozito torch better than makitas!

    • All of Ryobi's garden tools are much better than Ozito IMO but definitely agree about the battery. They need to change the design instead of hanging on to the ancient one.

      • Yeh they messed up. Way too late now

    • The Ozito 4AH battery is on special at the moment too $50. The fast charger to go with it $30 so all together a great deal.

      • If you need both a battery and charger, this is a much better proposition

    • i got de ozito saw, pretty good. gets hot dough, especially wen hacking at three roots

      Dey gots a 2x18v whippa. Much power wow

  • +1

    What sort of workbench do you guys use with your tools?

    I'm a complete noob to all this so if possible I'd prefer a folding workbench I can use on occasions I need it?

    • +1

      I started with 2 folding saw horse and a solid piece of wood. But that was too low so I built table. Now it's a bit too high to do some tasks. so I'm alternating between the 2.

      • Install 4 actuators to drop and lift it. Pretty easy to do

    • +1

      A couple of saw horses will probably do you but this Ryobi has always seemed like a good bit of kit and gets good reviews

    • Same here absolute noob, but want to saw old fence palings and build some garden beds. Is it possible to use a couple of old chairs as sawhorses with the circular saw?

  • I bought the Ozito Brushless 18v skill only drill for $60 and also got the 2.5Ah battery pack for $39

    I ordered this kit for click and collect last night but just realised it's not brushless. Should I cancel and wait for brushless tools?

    • Yes

      • Cool will tell Bunnings to cancel the order

  • would anyone rate the Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit ?

    Have always wanted a line trimmer and this seems like a good idea since OPs deal comes w/ 2 batteries already.

    • +1

      I have had one for awhile now. The plastic blades break apart if they hit anything stronger than grass. I havent felt the need to buy anything more powerful but then again I only use it around edges.

      • Dang… I have some annoying bits that are growing right up next to the metal and wooden fences..

        • +1
          • @klonky: Reviews are not fantastic sigh

            • @Jimothy Wongingtons: It is quite powerful being 2x 18v and ideal for trimming around fences.

              I find the bump spool system hard to use, but maybe that's why it hasn't worn out for me yet. I have to manually feed the line when needed. The line doesn't break that easily anyway, so it isn't much of a problem.

              The trigger is a little awkward and it'll tire your grip on long sessions.

              I'm happy with it as it makes trimming long grass a breeze. It can be used as a scythe.

              • @skid: thanks mate, have you tired having it tilted on side to use as an edger? Would love to be able to use it to finish up edges as ive been doing it all by hand at the moment…

                • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Yes, I have used it as an edger. The trimmer is straight shaft, so a little awkward for edging. The handle in the mid-shaft is right angled, so you can hold it on the side. I found that lifting the guide allowed me to edge deeper. When edging, the trigger has to be squeezed sideways. The line breaks more while edging as it hits the soil. It works, but I'd rather buy a 2x18v edger if Ozito release one.

      • What? plastic blades? Never heard of plastic blade. Were you meant "trimmer line"?

        • They're talking about this one

          • @whitelie: Wow, that's weird looking. Look like a tooth floss out. This one is no - no and I am using Dewalt line trimmer with line.

            • @Dark Zeus: Yeah, I think they'd break at any sign of work. Got to be line unless you're just trimming the middle of a paddock

      • +3

        For what it is - esp for those who got it with battery and charger for $29 (@ www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575305), it is outstanding value.

        It is not trade quality and isn't going to wack weeds like a heavy petrol or Ego unit, but for those with small amounts of edging work and particularly anyone who struggles with the size or weight of a fully fledged line trimmer (like wives, mothers or yardwenches) it is a perfect compromise.

        To get around the issue of going through plastic blades, you can either get 50 off AliExpress for under $10, or better yet, look at this hack to convert it into a proper line trimmer with a slightly bigger cutting arc and next to no consumables.


    • +1

      yes i would, it works with the much more durable bosch red blades too (which i buy on amazon), it isnt as snug as the ozito ones (easily moddable) but outside of the first ten you get with the trimmer ive heard the quality of ozito blades drop. it can be annoying when going up against solid surfaces like wood or metal but if you learn how to use the metal piece that extends showing how far forward the blade goes and preventing you from making contact you should be fine. these blades tear through anything, grass, roots, thin branches and moving from a normal trimmer with wire, ive been much happier. my garden trimming times have been cut in half. the $99 trimmer, split blower and battery kit is a great deal imo.

    • i put a stainless ruler blade. Much powerful. watch yur toes

  • Great deal. I'd jump on it straight away even if you don't need it!
    Alas, I already bought the impact driver/drill combo from the last Ozito deal that came up and a Ryobi circular saw last week!

  • Ordered but don't need the drill or driver, if anyone wants them, PM me (Melb).

  • +1

    Cheap but I am staying away from AEG, Ozitos and Ryobi.

  • everyone is going mad for this price, but 2 weels ago I picked up an impact driver, DA polisher, angel grinder and Impact wrench for the princely sum of 99 bucks from Autobarn and it's compatible with the existing Aldi stuff which hopefully everyone knows by now is made in the same factory. If I didn't already have the drill that was an extra 20 bucks. that leaves me with $129 for anything else (although I already have batteries and chargers that I only paid $40 for from aldi clearances. I also picked up Hychika mini circular saw for 20, I've not tried it yet but I figured corded for that type of tool would be a much better proposition

    • Ozito PXC is Einhell, is PowerG from AB really from the same generic factory?
      I've got their compact shop blower and angle grinder waiting for pickup (I'll wait it out, in VIC) but not even I'm expecting much.

      • They are all TMK from the Positec factory

    • Can you confirm if the Hychika battery is interchangeable with the ALDI or PowerG tools?

      • it's corded

    • How does the warranty compare with the Autobarn ones?

      • It's 3 years, and you'd take it straight to Positec since you wouldn't want a refund. I expect they'd replace it. Ok it's not over the counter at Bunnings, but I've never had a tool fail on me, even my 10+ years old ozitos are fine (I did have an ozito battery fail once, but never a tool)

  • I would like Bunnings to offer 3 piece brushless kits.

    impact driver, 13mm hammer drill , 125mm angle grinder

  • grabbed one. nice find. thanks op

  • +1

    Impulse purchase for me. Don't know when I'll use the saw but I'm sure I'll find something to test on. Honestly, DIY kits like this is a steal unless you cheaping out to use this to do industrial type of work.

  • +3

    I wish I was manly enough to actually need this kind of stuff :(

  • how much is the normal price for all these?

    • +2

      I think it was $249.

  • +9

    Individual item prices
    18V 13mm drill driver 39.98
    18V impact driver 49
    18V 165mm circular saw 89.98
    18V 115mm angle grinder 59
    18V Detail Sander 39.9
    1 x 4.0Ah Battery 48
    1 x 2.5Ah Battery 35
    1 x Compact Fast Charger 34.98

    • wow that's a big save. Really don't need the drills but other items would come in handy around the house. I have only used Bosch power tools but it is tempting at that price.

  • I bought a set around April, but that set was two 4.0 mAh batteries, and the price was AU$199.
    The package show brushless. Are all tools brushless version or just some tools

  • Are the ozito lawn mower good too? I have just moved in my new place and currently looking for a new system

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