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[Pre Order] 30% off Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (e.g. 40mm $279.30, 44mm $314.30) Delivered @ Samsung EPP/Education Stores


Greetings everyone, Samsung EPP stores have 30% off the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 for pre-order until 23rd of September 2021.

Watch Price
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (40mm) $ 279.30
Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth (44mm) $ 314.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (40mm) $ 349.30
Galaxy Watch4 LTE (44mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (42mm) $ 384.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth (46mm) $ 419.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (42mm) $ 454.30
Galaxy Watch4 Classic LTE (46mm) $ 489.30

Stack with the $50 signup code for purchases over $350 spend (credit to MikeMelbourneAus)

For anyone that doesn't currently have access to the EPP stores, you can also get access through a Westpac Bank Account / Credit Card Account by going to the Rewards and Offers page and pressing on the Samsung Offer.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • yes finally :)
    also on government site

    • I have a Samsung bank account but i do not have access to Samsung offers… this must be for credit card holders only.

    • Showing register interest.

    • what goverment site?

  • +2

    no traces of galaxy buds 2 pre order??

  • +3

    Nice touch on the button with that red.

    Looking to update from galaxy watch active 2

    Thanks op!

  • don't forget your $50 Samsung marketing emails
    can confirm works

    • How long does it take doe the coupon to appear?

    • how long after you sign up did you get that code?

      • +3

        It states commonly 24 to 48-hours, but you'll note from comments in other posts that those who sign-up often never receive the code, which is pretty unfair. Hopefully you can unsubscribe from their material if you wish.

        • Email them if you don't receive it and they'll send one through.

    • any tips on how to get that pop-up to appear?

      edit: had to disable ublock i think - now just waiting on the email

    • It will work if you're lucky enough to receive a code - it seems very hit and miss as to whether you'll get one. You'll definitely start receiving marketing emails, though…

    • $50 code is not working on the watch. i am getting this message " The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions" Its working on Watch 3 though.

      • Mine worked, I ordered literally 10 mins ago. This was on the Government store though, not Education, so maybe that's the difference?

        EDIT: There is an above 350 dollar spend limit too, so it's not every watch above that this works on.

        • Okay, it worked on the classic watch but not on the other watch.. even if you add 2 of them. I'm on ANZ portal.

          • @BlueDragon01: I bought this one in Green:

            Galaxy Watch4 LTE (44mm)

            So maybe it's different for the ANZ portal to the Govt one?

            • +1

              @sp3tsnaz: You are right, if the watch is less than $350 then it won't work, even if you add two of them.. It works on LTE version, i just tried it.

              • @BlueDragon01: I found it would not work for two green but would for two of the black 44mm bluetooth. Adding a 128GB DUO Plus allowed me to get a single green with an order total $351.76 pre discount.

          • @BlueDragon01: needs to be more than $350

    • Did your code actually work? I have two codes and neither are working. Did you do anything special to get it to work?

      • @mattycee can you pm one code if you are not using by any chance, I am trying to sign up for few weeks now, no luck getting the code. Live chat said they will forward to the relevant team but to no luck.

  • +1

    Classic 46mm LTE is 439.30 with the 50 off voucher

  • Sites crashed hahaha

    • +7

      It's a pre-order… Soo….

    • +3

      Yes, now running WearOS instead of Tizen

  • Which one would someone reccommend? Does higher price mean better all round in this scenario?

    • +5

      Not necessarily. Depends on your use and need i.e. LTE vs Bluetooth if you want to leave your phone home, and 40mm vs 44mm depending on wrist size.

      • +4

        Thanks you for the straight to the point response. I have a cold and can’t research quickly and efficiently, you’re the best!

  • +22

    For those with non-Samsung phones:

    "If you own an iPhone, this won’t work with it, and while it’s compatible with all modern Android phones, you’ll need to own a Samsung smartphone to access some features, such as blood pressure or ECG measurements."

    Source: https://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/samsung-galaxy-watch-4-...

    • Thats good to know.

    • +2

      Strange, that's not the case with GW3? I have a P30 pro and it all works fine

      • +1

        Yes I believe these restrictions are introduced with this watch iteration.

        • +9

          That is a terrible move, I can see them losing prospective watch customers rather than selling more phones.

          • +3

            @Spendmore: It's probably due to gear os and Samsung overlay not being as seamless as Tizen.
            I have the gw3 and wouldn't trade it for this. The design of the watch 3 is still nicer in my opinion over the gw4 and gwc4

        • I've seen hacks to enable support for ECG non Samsung phones, but that's it, they're hacks. Samsung has always locked them away in their ecosystem.

          • @TheContact: I have ECG working on Huawei, it just needed flashing to the watch as it wasn't approved for this region yet.

            • +1

              @Spendmore: You had to flash a modded app though? The same can be done with these ones now.

              • +1

                @TheContact: Ah ok I thought it was just a region bypass.
                It is pretty deceptive marketing by Samsung.

                • +1

                  @Spendmore: Yup. They want to have an ecosystem, they should just own that and be upfront and say with your connected Galaxy phone you can do whatever, rather than stuffing it in the notes at the end of the marketing materials.

        • Think u'll/i'll "miss" these features? got the ticwatch e3, and hardly ever bother with Sp02 stuff anyway.

          Maybe that BMI thing would be useful.

          I'm very tempted to get the watch 4 even though i'm on a pixel, as it's a much more compact watch vs the Ticwatch.

          I figure when goog/fitbit make theirs it will be awhile away, maybe they'll use the same chip or qualcomm's next chip, and the first gen i am assuming the hardware wont be as small as samsung's.

  • +1

    Can anyone tell me if this watch would support fall detection for an elderly person?

  • I only just bought the Galaxy Watch 3 LTE not too long ago… a little annoyed it won't be supported by new Wear OS platform. Really not sure I can justify the upgrade though… it still works well, just not as good UI.

    • +2

      that and the fact that the Tizen app store looks like the Symbian app store circa 2003

  • so… because I'm a noob at this… do you need an email address ending in .edu.au or is there a way around that?

    • Me too - my Gear s3 has served me for nearly 4 years, time for an upgrade. Very keen to figure out a way to grab this at this price!

    • Yes, needs to end in .edu.au

  • Still wearing my Galaxy Watch pre-ordered from this deal through the EPP from 2018 - wondering if this is worth the upgrade.

    • Same here.

    • +4

      Honestly, I would wait til next model after they iron out issues after the migration to WearOS. Battery life on this model is lacking, and still stuck on Bixby for the time being.

      • +13

        You lost me at Bixby

        • +2


      • +3

        seems like it was a model planned originally for Tizen then switched across. Think Ill wait for 5. The ol' galaxy watch is built like a corolla and just keeps working

      • yes, i will wait for watch 5 classic.

    • +1

      I also have the Galaxy Watch from 2018. I was very excited for watch4 to release, unfortunately all the reviews I have watched state battery life is a major issue.
      My 2018 watch still gives me 3 days run time but having to charge everyday on a slow charger is kind of a deal breaker for me.

    • same!

    • For me it isn't, battery life is a huge concern. I'm still getting ~5 days battery life from the original.

      I get that there are more sensors and more accurate sensors, but an advertised 3 days battery life is too short for me

    • I still have the SM-R800 Galaxy Watch. Still going strong. Not sure if there is enough of an upgrade in this and really no problems with my current one.

  • Do they check if I use my son's email for this?

    • No. They will send a confirmation email and then just log in.

  • -2

    can anyone with access in se surbubs assist me

  • +1

    Waiting for one with blood glucose monitor for my parents… might have to wait until Apple Watch 10

  • Would be nice if I could trade in my galaxy watch for the new one.

  • cannot see the item on education portal or my staff portal from woolworths. can anyone confirm

    • I can see on education portal, go to smart watches and they're down the bottom.

      • +1

        thanks mate

  • This or Garmin Fenix 6 Pro ?

    • +8

      Smart watch or fitness watch?

    • +4

      Apple and Oranges mate

  • +4

    50% off for Telstra employees on the EPP.

    • cant seem to find it, do you have a link or something?

      • If it is the same as the Optus EPP you need to complete a training course for the 50% off code

        • Which training course is it? Is it the Watch 4 - Introduction course?

          • +1

            @nosrad: Galaxy Watch4 - Introduction

            • +1

              @George Z: Have you got your voucher yet? I completed the module a week ago before the pre-order started. No voucher yet…

              • +1

                @nosrad: Update: Just got my voucher today.

                • @nosrad: where do I complete the course? can't find the link

                  • +1

                    @ozhunter101: Complete the Galaxy Watch4 - Introduction course on the Samsung+ app.

                    • @nosrad: ahh it's in the app, they don't seem to tell you that!

        • Got a 50% off voucher, but unable to log on to Optus EPP, due to not having an employee email address, any tips to getting one? (I work in a small regional store and no one has managed to get an employee email address). Cheers

    • Is that course up and available?

  • Considering getting one of these but I might switch over to iPhone in the next couple of years.

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