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Telstra Day: Samsung - Galaxy S21 128GB $624, 256GB $672 | S20 FE 5G $699.30 | A32 $336 (Account Req.)


Telstra Day – our monthly one-day sale event where we offer unreal deals on a great range of products – is back once again. Here’s what’s on offer this time around.

Edit: Full list of deals now in title/on Telstra Exchange, iPhone and iPad deals also live, wouldn't fit in the title!

Mod: Removed S21 Ultra 128GB $1293.60, 256GB $1360.80 Duplicate from title.

Mod: All Telstra Day Deal Posts

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    • +5

      Only $56 surcharge for hours of user testing on the toilet.

      • press F for no. 2

    • F

  • would it get out of stock?

  • Are these going to be 5G?

  • +35

    How many phones are you selling?

    I mean, for example, Scott Morrison promises vaccines for 25 million Australians, then in reality, yet there is only enough for 7 people.

    • +1

      Couple of weeks back was $400 off (ie ~30%) off iphones and while some were backordered, i don't recall anyone actually missing out.

      Crazy deal but it's legit, and not stock restricted etc.

      • Given that this deal is 50% it might increase demand.

        TBH 30% is not to be sneezed at but I think it should be expected rather than a great discount, especially in today's deals environment.

        • +3

          30% on iphone is as significant as 50% on samsung IMO :)

          Samsung sees big deals (albeit not 50%) pretty regularly, iphone really does not.

  • Is it available for all or Telstra customers only?

    • Sounds like the kind of information that might be contained in the link

      • +1

        New and existing customers can get in on the action. We've got more info in the link!

        • I already have a postpaid plan with Telstra. Do I need to subscribe to another plan to get the phone only?

  • Is this worth an upgrade from S20+?

    • +6

      Tbh I upgrade every year to the new Galaxy S, and this is the first one where I've thought I should have stayed with the S20+. Don't get me wrong - great phone. Everything about it is fantastic, but not a noticeable upgrade over the S20+

      • How does it compare to an s10?

        • @Laurenlauren definitely good upgrade over an S10

    • The FP reader actually working is worth it, but that's more of an indictment on the S20 FP reader (tech just wasn't ready)
      Also overheats a lot less (again more of a black mark on the S20)

    • No. S20+ might as well be same device as S21, wait for next gen.

      • Disagree. The S21 exynos processor is vastly superior to the previous model.

  • +2

    Fingers crossed for half price Galaxy fold 2

    • looks like OOS

    • +1

      You missed that deal from Samsung store for $1049 iirc.

      • I think about that every time I see a samsung deal ;(

  • Is this much of an improvement over a pixel 3xl? Would prefer not to spend over $1000 on a phone ,which I assume the new Google phone will be and don't know much about the current pixel 5

  • +11

    no microsd card, no headphone jack, no APTX on bluetooth and no snapdragon processor.

    that's a no from me dawg.

    Better buy is a Poco X3 from Aliexpress for ~$350AUD.

    • +6

      The lack of sd card and aptx were an outright killer for me. The lack of headphone jack pushed the corpse off the cliff.

      Even at this price I wouldn't touch it and I wouldn't mind an upgrade from my s7.

      • what does aptx bluetooth do?

        • +2

          basically just higher quality audio.

          • @undadog: Which, if you don't have a headphone jack, can be a mite important.

            • @the discombobulated panda: if you are listening to spotify on "normal" settings, aptx doesnt matter too much. But if you have Tidal on high quality streaming or FLAC equivalent files, its makes quite a difference.

              • +10

                @undadog: I am pretty sure the 3 people who have Tidal subscription will be using iPhones anyway

            • +1

              @the discombobulated panda: Depends on what headphones you're using…………. Sony's can use LDAC which should be higher quality, Samsung stuff benefits from using its own codec (SBC)

          • @undadog: isee thanks

          • +1

            @undadog: Only aptx hd. Aptx is worse than Samsung codec

    • I have a Poco X3, I think I'll upgrade to one of these. $670 is cheap.

      • I'm thinking of moving over to Poco.

        How's your experience been?

        • +1

          Great phone for the money. Can't fault it.

    • +4

      I'm with all of you no sd card no deal.

      • No CD-ROM drive no deal!

    • are these even comparable?

      I would have thought the S21 would blow the Poco X3 out of the water

      • Processor wise, yes it would. The S21 would be roughly twice as powerful.

    • +2

      The exynos 2100 is as good as the SD888. I hated the old exynos in my S9, but this thing is in beast mode. The days of exynos being the inferior joke chip are over.

      APTX is a gimmick. The BT sound quality on the S21 series is perfect. There are very, very few scenarios where APTX would actually have any benefit.

      I'll get downvoted to hell but whatever. We need to move on from headphone jacks and sd cards. I really struggle to see how 256gb isn't enough storage. I used to use sd cards in my phones all the time but in the last few years they've just sat the unused. If you really, really need hundreds of GB of offline movies use an OTG USB stick. Cloud storage for photos is cheap, and you would need to take an absolute truckload of photos to fill 256gb anyway. The only scenario I can think of that storage might be an issue is recording 4k video, and if you're doing a lot of that, surely you're using a dedicated device? Swapping SD cards in an out would be a massive hassle anyway. It'd be easier to dump stuff onto a USB stick with OTG.

      How often do you honestly use wired headphones? I carry an adapter with my headphones for the occasional times I do and it's completely fine. Surely most people are using wireless headphones 99% of the time these days?

      If a Poco works for you then great. But I wouldn't want to drop $350+ on something with essentially no warranty.

      Bring on the downvotes.

      • +1

        Further to this, the SD732 in the X3 is vastly inferior to the Exynos 2100 in the S21. Those other features would need to be mighty important to you to want a vastly inferior device.

  • +2

    also the price is for the phone outright yeah?

  • +1

    Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB is selling at $1090 at kogan, so this is a good deal

  • +1

    looking forward to your iphone 12 @ $900

  • +3

    Worth upgrading from S9+?

    • Same question here… not sure it is TBH

      • +1

        Me three (although I have an S9 - no plus). I want a better camera and better battery life. I really think lack of SD and 3.5mm will be a killer for me.

        • Same boat. I have ear buds, but when I'm in the mood for just music I hook up my headphones. Lack of SD seems like the biggest killer and what's swayed me for so long. Unlikely but really hope they bring it back next gen

    • I wouldn't go from a plus model back to a base model. S9+ to S21+, definitely, but I wouldn't recommend the base model. The phone itself would be a good upgrade, but the battery life would likely frustrate you.

  • +4

    Might be a silly question, but do you have to have a Telstra account for access to this deal?

    • +1

      was wondering the same thing

    • +1
    • To answer the above, "New and existing customers can shop the deals both via our online store and even in-store."

    • You don't need to have a sim plan with them, if that's what you mean. You'll set up an account (just a retail customer account, not a sim plan or anything, same as when you log in to Woolies or whatever) as part of the process.

      • Yes, thought so. Left Telstra for our home phone and internet about six months ago, but was just able to still log into the same Telstra account just then.

        • Same deal. Have an old login but no active service. Worked just fine for previous iphone deal.

      • I just tried making an account and it said I needed either a mobile /landline/ account number so this is pretty 'targeted'

        • +1

          It's not targeted, just go to a retailer and buy a sim

  • Sounds like an amazing deal at that price.

  • this deal is so good

    But I have S20FE with bigger battery at 4500mh and screen 6.5inch, compared to S21 at 4000mh and 6.2 inch

    S20FE has 4K resolution screen, S21 has up to 8K

    I don't see much else of a major difference

    • resolution screen? do you mean recording 4k/8k video?

      • oops video recording, not screen

    • I have a s20fe 5g and I'm still tempted to buy one for fun at this price. Can't say no to a good deal

    • Keep the S20 FE.

      I did the same "upgrade" to an S21 a few months ago, and I got a ton of software bugs in return. Stark difference to the relatively solid performance I had with the S20 FE.

      The S21 hardware is nice, but they skimped on software QA to meet the lower price target.

    • +2

      I would hold off. I got the S21 ultra and that would be worth of upgrade, but honestly, I do not think the base S21 is a phone you want to upgrade from S20FE.

  • +1

    Will officeworks price match these?

    • This requires Telstra account so probably not.

    • No they won't

  • Hmm, not sure I if I regret buying the Galaxy S20 FE 4G for $594 in July or not…

  • OP does Tesltra Day just have hardware deals, or will there be discounted mobile and/or internet deals as well?
    Looking to change NBN supplier this week

  • +2

    I did a side-by-side spec comparison between this and the POCO X3 Pro and I kind of feel like even at 50% off the POCO is a better deal.
    I never use the camera, but want a reliable, long-lasting phone.

    What you guys think? Is the S21 a big step-up from the X3 Pro?

    • +2

      Sometimes its not as simple as just comparing specs. I don't know about UI etc of POCO phones but I know for me, I realistically need a Samsung, Google or Apple phone because I choose to BYOD for work and work doesn't allow anything other than that. Before anyone asks, I don't work for a little company either. Its one of the big 4 Firms. If you don't have anything like that to worry about, then the POCO is probably fine

      • Thanks.
        Yeah I figured the specs sheet was just one part of the story, hence wanting some user feedback as well.

        I have no issues with the brand for work or anything, but good to know.

        • Yeah fair enough. I can't speak for POCO as have never used one and don't know about the UI etc, but Samsung's interface has come a long long way. I love it personally

      • Do you BYOD for phone calls?

    • +1

      Let's say you wanted decent camera/video for every day use/photos with family.

      Would you still get the x3 pro?

      • Yeah, as I mentioned camera not important at all for me.
        So am interested in everything outside of that as a comparison.

    • +1

      Camera and design on that thing is awful tho, right? Thats one big ugly phone.

  • +1

    Still have my note 10+. Used to upgrade yearly but no samsung phones have tempted me in years.

    Even the fold 3, via education store and trade in bonus brings it down to $1.6k.

    But the most expensive samsung phone has trash battery, and a camera system worse than the s21?


    • +1

      In the same camp note 10+ phone keeps trucking along battery life is starting to drop, I just ended up buying some fast wireless Samsung chargers this year to carry me thru till next year one at work and home quick and easy top ups.

      • Yeah same I'm on 12% now. Have one of those battery cases, does the job but the phone is a literal brick

    • Same boat, love my note 10+, let's see if there is new note next year.

  • So have to wait for it on Wednesday night

  • Is this the cheapest price for S21 so far? I came across this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622905, but obviously it has expired.

    • That is only with trade in not all phone can trade at the max value

  • which version is it xynos or snapdragon processor?

  • S21+ Ultra deals please!

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