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Telstra $69/80GB for 12MO SIM Plan (+$400 Gift Card) @ JB Hi-Fi (Port-In, In Store)


These two deals are currently available in store only if anyone interested. Not displayed or advertised anywhere. Good lad served me and advised well.

I have just grabbed the $69/80GB deal with $400 gift card at JB Hi-Fi Forrest Chase in Perth and successfully applied a $10 per month credit discount for 12 months through the telstra chat :)

Update: the deal with $400GC is still on thanks to raiyani

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    what do u say to telstra chat..i forget the routine

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      Hi, i spoke to one of the in store telstra reps last week about switching over to Telstra BYO plan from *** pre-paid and was offered a $10 a month port in credit. Have decided to port in to Telstra today
      my number is ****

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      I just ported into Telstra and I was told that you can apply a $10/month port in credit for me.

      if they refuse
      It seems like you’re not that helpful, I’ll try another operator later. Thanks.

      Tried that with my new plan a few months ago and they went to check with their manager and came back and applied the credit for me

    • When I did it last year, the person in store applied the $10 off

      • Hi, Is it $10 one off or every month (ie: Bringing it down to $59)?

        • I got $10 off per month for either 6 or 12 months (don't remember now).

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      Hello, I signed up to a new contract yesterday for $99 a month. After having thought about it, I am concerned about being able to service the bill. Is it possible to drop down to a cheaper plan without penalty?

      Hi, thanks for messaging us, we know you waited long to get to us and we appreciate your patience. I can help you with your inquiry. I am able to apply a $20 good for 6 months. We cannot downgrade the plan as it will cancel the current contract and will generate the early termination fees. Please let me know if you want me to apply the discount.

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        Not sure why you were downvoted for this, so I'm giving you a tick of approval

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      Hi, I new to telstra.
      They say you give me $10 cheap?
      I love you long time.

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    also i assume being instote u cant do it during lockdown?

    • it's in store only yep

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    almost ad good as the recent $590 $59 deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/609587

    do u guts teckon thete will be dons hot iohone 13 desls coming up in a few werks?

    • +61

      That’s some mad typos

      • +2

        Have you had a tad too much to drink?

      • +5

        I understood it fine… Maybe I should drink less.

      • +5

        thought I was having a stroke

        • +13

          please keep your private plans private.

        • or a sticky keyboard with WFH 😏

        • I thought he had a stroke..

    • +3


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      Haha it's like you took a shot after typing every word

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      R U OK?

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    $10 off and $500 card please.

    • the 10 off is easy no matter what through telstra chat

      • Try for the $20 off… Only then, will you know if your Ozbargain kung-fu is strong!

        Took me a week of back and forth a while back, but a Telstra chat operator promised a $20 credit when I checked with them before I ported over, so I persisted and to their credit they followed through.

        Or is that to my credit… Well either way the credit is indeed on my telstra bill :-)

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    Uh how does one get into a store these days

    • +5

      Through the front door as usual

      • +4

        Can confirm this is the way to go. Tried the backdoor. Ended in shenanigans.

        • If one more person says shenanigans!

        • +6

          Tried to leave my home.

          Got fined.

      • +1

        Uh it's closed and I'm not allowed to go outside

  • OP - what version of the iPhone is this deal linked to?

    • no version, JB gift card for anything

    • @ Painfarah
      There is also another deal with $0 for the Iphone 12 128gb with the $99 plan for 24 months with 150gb.

  • Does Telstra have any free international calls for any plans

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      Last time when i checked, JB/Goodguys plan do not have any international calling and on top of that you CAN NOT add international calling pack.

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    not a deal as it could be $10 off and $500 card !

  • +1

    oh boy…… no deal for the ppl in Mel and Syd

    • +2

      That's alright. Delta will come for QLD soon enough. I hear we've got truckloads of it coming their way.

      • +5

        Qld planning to stay Co-Vid free, simply to pee off Glady and the Prime Minister for NSW.

        • +4

          Well mostly to not kill people, I guess Glady is a bit of a maniac being happy to let NSW people die.

        • +1


          And so it begins…. Let's just put it this way, a 4 year old doesn't come forward for covid testing for no reason. Especially in QLD where people literally fob off the notion of testing for covid. Because "nah mate, ain't no covid here"

          Must have either been a visit to ED, or she was with her parents.

    • Try calling in store. I heard they do it over phone too

  • I'm on a 1gb/month plan and I still manage to bank some data

    • +2

      Haven’t you found PornHub yet?

      • +4

        I have. Ask my home wifi router

        • +1

          wifi routers response was as follows, 'to my shame, my user has an affection for older, black women with big butts… So Im slowly killing him with as much radiation as my wifi allows! Luckily he had his second mRNA jab this week & that should speed things up considerably or reduce his chances of passing on these regressive genes!!'

      • +1

        OMG….. brb.

  • Does it mean 80Gb per month or for the whole 12 months

    • A month, look at their current online deals

    • Do you know what 'per month' means?

  • So is the $10 port (when speaking on online chat?) in bonus still a thing?

    • As in has anyone else had success?

      • +1

        Yes I applied mine today through the online chat. See comments at the top

  • +1

    Any tips for porting out (expired plan) and porting back in?

    • +1

      You need to be out for min 30days and then return to Telstra

      • +1

        Sign up as a new number/account. Go to Telstra and port your current number across to your new account and close out your old account.

        • How do you sign up for a new account? Do you do it through telstra?

  • Can you port from Boost to this?

    • +1

      Answer is a no, to my knowledge but its best to give them a call and double check

  • What's the ETC for the $99 / 24M option?

    Are they clawing back / changing out the approximate value of the GC?

    • Yes they do. Youll see it noted when you cancel. Checking now, it's listed in 2 lines.
      1. Early Termination Charge
      2. Repayment of Sign-up Bonus

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    Did this last year and my $10 discount is about to expire. Can I port out and back in to do this deal again?

  • I applied over the phone for a other plan vis jbhifi.

    This was done yesterday. When will this be approved or something??

  • +3

    Excited for a sec and realised it is for 24month to get the $1200 🤣

    • agree not really a deal for an extra $1200 for $ returned 300, when compared to the $99 12 month deal with $900 Giftcard

  • after gc = $49pm for 150gb plan, locked for 2yrs & stuck with a $1200gc unless you sell it for $1100 = 🙅‍♂️

    • Idk, $1200 with no expiry is quite handy. A TV, Computer, audio or home goods will need replacing between today and the day you die.

      Better yet, claim the portion of $99/m for work puts you well in front.

      • +2

        This is not about the gc or not. You are just paying $49/m for 150GB on Telstra with a 2yr lock.

        You can always spend $1200 in cash at JB if you find a similar/cheaper plan. Cash also has no expiry and you can use it at other stores too. And you can claim portion of the $1200 for work too which you can't do with a GC.

        • -1

          you claim the 99/m for work..you dont factor the GC….the portion you claim is based on your bill. The $1200 sign up bonus is as good as cash without being cash.

          $49/m for 150gb is a fantastic deal if LTE gives better speeds or you dont use enough data to warrant an internet service at home…i doubt youd find better over the 2 years…unless you can show me otherwise?

          LIke i didnm a portion of the $17.33/m for work related usage. I claimed a portion of the $59/m

          • @Bargains of Oz: These deals were $700, $800 & even $900 gc for 12m plan, now it’s a good deal for 24mths? at $600 per year equivalent, $200-$600 less? As for the claim for work that’s a small amount of people maybe the deal should be posted targeted to work paying for it

            • @RogueWolf: I agree but that's not the conversation mate. Not at all and you absolutely know that. We are not talking about the total on the GC. We are talking about a comparable plan on a $49/m cap and the response in regards to points made by @Wootwootwoot.

              …unless you just responded to the wrong comment (my original one) which i agree with. I didn't say it was a good deal, i just mentioned 1200GC was pretty handy as you said 'you are stuck with' but there are plenty of things to buy when needed.

        • Just FYI - JB Hifi gift cards don't expire.

  • +1

    I applied for the current deal over the phone. $69 plan and $300 gift card. The sim will take a month to get to you. Not sure why, Telstra couldn't tell me when I asked them. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this ordering via phone.

  • Can this plan have a smart watch added?

    EDIT: I'm on online chat, old mate reckons yes a smart watch can be added, they also reckon you only need to port out and can port back in even 24 hours later… they also reckon you can do the get a whole new line then swap your existing Telstra/Boost/whatever number across.

    EDIT: Also read the T&Cs, the $49/mo plan does NOT include 5G.

  • Anyone confirm this works in NSW? Was told by stores they won’t touch mobiles and when calling their mobile line they said that are not looking to provide sim online at the moment

  • BE WARNED: Had issues getting the $10/month credit after the June deals. Chat insisted it was applied after messaging them right after signup (convincing took a bit longer than in the past too), but it kept failing to appear on bills, and they kept saying they just couldn't do it and only JB can apply credits on JB contracts. Eventually managed to convince one to just give me a $120 credit to cover the 12 months worth but almost not worth the hassle of doing it next time.

    • Strange, did get mine today after chatting to one of the reps online. No issues. They only asked to confirm the discount that was offered stands for $10 per month not $10 off this month's bill. After a while they got back confirming the can offer $10 credit over 12 mc which I agreed to.

      Never mentioned I have signed up through JB hi-fi only ported in to Telstra today

  • +2

    I just got the $234 for 12 months $300 Telstra prepaid.
    With covid I think I can live with 250gb data for a year.

    • I just got the $234 for 12 months $300 Telstra prepaid.


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