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20% off Plex Pass Lifetime - A$127.99 @ Plex.tv


Save 20% on a Lifetime Plex Pass, use code PLEXLIKEAPRO. https://www.plex.tv/en-au/plex-pro-week/

The code dropped the price to $127.99 from $159.99. The code will expire at 11:59PM UTC (10PM AEST) on 17th September 2021.

Edit: Full thanks to u/Trick_Cellist_6731. Original deal found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/pn7hpp/plex_pro_week_...

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    • I dunno about nice… I went out of my way to get a QuickSync Intel chip 7th gen i5 for the purposes of hardware transcoding and I must say… after using the 2 week free trial, 4K transcodes stuttered so badly I'd much rather just put the $ towards a CPU that is quick enough to transcode without the hardware feature.

      And besides if you have a decent enough player you can direct play all the streams instead - I suppose it's the remote transcodes to your mobile or tablet when travelling that might benefit but if it can't transcode 4K using HW what's the point ?

  • For a sec, I thought it was Pixel Pro 20% off…

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      @cloudie9 OK

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      Time for Specsavers ?

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        Some good deals going on at the moment if you can manage to spot them.

  • Thanks

  • Having serious issues with plex atm

    "cannot claim server", reinstall wont fix it

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      Sounds like the problem is quite… Com-plex?

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          I’m sorry you were bullied at home only to turn into a bully yourself. We, the skinny nerds you bullied, forgive you. We have risen above it. We love you and wish you the best.

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          @fivespice - too salty in that spice

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        I've uninstalled, cleared all files, deleted registry keys, deleted app data in roaming folder. Yet I'm still getting same issues even with a clean reinstall, usally solves the problems on most programs. I suspect it has something to do with the new encryption system they have. Even flushed my DNS and no luck still.

        I'm very Per-plex-ed

        • try clearing cookies.

          specially for this https://app.plex.tv/desktop

          if that doesnt work, try creating a new user in windows to test if it's user settings

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          @fivespice here's another.

        • I recommend you reinstall windows


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        your profile picture made the joke 10 times funnier xD

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        ahhh, I see what you did there

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      try using the actual IP of your server to claim.

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        This! If you have it set up on a NAS, you will often need to open plex up from inside the NAS application for it to work.

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        Thanks for that, ok that helped me find a place to look. Have a ad blocking router, had to disable blocking and system was able to work. Router was blocking Plex to dial home, error on my part here.

        Other than that been running plex for years and been really solid.

    • I’m going back a little while now but I think I had a similar issue. Enable SSL in Plex settings and try again.

    • I had the same issue this week. I had to access the server directly (http://localhost:32400) and make my changes from there.

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    Thanks Noob

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    To answer the inevitable queries that pop up on these posts, this is a great investment if you run a plex server, however it is totally pointless if you don't. If you don't know what this is, you don't need it.

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      Or option c)

      c) Discounts on lifetime Plex Pass rarely come up, so you're going to jump on it, and THEN figure out what to do with it.

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        That would be the OZB way!

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        Well, rarely as in 3-6 times a year. I just subbed for 30% off a month ago, but that was a targeted offer I think.

    • I do run my own server. But please give me a refresher. I think if I remember right, it was good for stats and also changing remote encoding bandwidth or something along those lines? May be totally off the mark.

      EDIT: Nevermind. Just had to keep scrolling

      One more thing: the GPU encoding not worth it for me if I’m running Plex off a DS918+, right?

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        i run mine offf a ds918+ as well

        plex pass is totally useless

        i have 9 clients. the only one they try to rort you with is android and ios
        but you can just use google opinion reward credits to buy a single android license for 6 bux in perpetuity
        tv and pc connect for free

        ios can just use the browser version

        there literally is no value in paying $130

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          Hmm. I feel it’s worth it just for skip intro. But I had a lifetime from a few years ago when I would have said it was useless. Now things like PlexAmp and skip intro have made that investment worth it I guess. Also being able to setup multiple “home” users for my family and let them use PlexAmp off my large music library has been appreciated.

        • Yeah thought that may be the case. So basically just the stats which is ok I guess but can use tautulli. The apps. Download to decide and I think set the mbps of the streams so you can split your upload speed and not bog down other users. Not sure that’s worth $130 but I paid it anyway. Got so much out of it. Great program.

        • I use mine to stream live TV, which needs the Plex Pass…. so Plex is basically the main interface on all my TV's for live TV and media

        • Plexamp is worth the price alone, I love that app.

        • Oof, I would not tell my friends/family to just use the browser version on iOS. Just pay for the app otherwise, way better and friendlier to use.

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    yeah this is a good deal ive been waiting for it, but what does the paid actually give you ? i just wanted to do it so support them

    • GPU hardware encoding and free access to mobile apps, mostly.

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      Downloads and mobile sync is very, very nice. You can tell it you want 5 unwatched episodes and it will remove the episodes you see from your mobile and download the new episodes when you are on wifi. This alone made it worth for me.

    • I still don't quite get what this give you extra?

      I'm using the free version at home and have multiple pc's with Plex clients connecting to a main pc that has the Plex server installed.

      I've used GPU encoding when I'm not on a 4k TV but need to down scale 4k content.

      I know I can't use the app on my iPhone but last I checked I thought it was an in app purchase for $10.

      • I've used GPU encoding when I'm not on a 4k TV but need to down scale 4k content.

        This is not available without Plex Pass.

        At a glance, it offers:

        Sync movies/TV shows with your mobile devices
        Better dash controls (rather use Tautulli though)
        Set per stream bandwidth caps
        Hardware transcoding
        TV/DVR - watch/record
        Skip TV show intros
        HDR tone mapping when transcoding
        Trailers/extras for all users you share your library with

        • Do all the users you share your library with also get access to these features?

          • @dotMonkey: The users I share with get hardware transcoding because it's server sided, I think HDR transcoding is included with that. I believe they also get trailers/extras and mobile sync.

            I haven't actually sat down and used a shared user device for very long to check all the features out. I mostly just configure their menus, pinned the important categories down the side and left it.

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          Plexamp is great. It's like Spotify on your phone from your own music collection on your plex server.
          If you have a music collection it's awesome.
          It just figures out track orders by mood or style or similarity..
          You can only use it with a plex pass.

          • @kabammi: I keep forgetting that's a thing, I do have my local music library on there, but mostly use Foobar2000 for music playback.

          • @kabammi: why not just keep the music collection on your phone?

            I carry a 50 GB music collection on my phone.

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            @kabammi: Yup, I loaded up my music library - around 16,000 tracks onto my Plex Server - it was/is cool that I can access it from the iPhone will out and of course carplay it.

            But then my son signed up for Apple One, just for him was $19.95, but the whole family is 25.95 which gives the whole family unlimited access to the complete apple 75 million tracks music library - have mobiles on telstra - telstra doesn't charge data for apple music, actually thinking about deleting the plex music library to free up space.

        • Yes sorry, you are correct I'm not GPU encoding but hardware transcoding on the server.
          Am I correct then, if I just want to use Plex on my iPhone, I can just pay $10 and not worry about Plex Pass?
          It seems for what I need Plex Pass might be overkill.

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            @Cruisen: I believe so, yes. I grabbed the Plex app as part of the Plex Pass, so I'm not entirely sure.

    • exactly.

      long time plex user but never see any value in this

      gpu decoding is great but default action is direct stream , its useful if rarely audio is out of sync for whatever reason, set it to encode fixes it. so this i gotta pay $130 for?

      • I find most people who see it mostly use direct stream are streaming on local LAN. If all you do is local LAN streaming and the odd occasional remote stream, no benefit from h/w encoding and will probably see no value in plex pass. Where h/w encoding comes into its own is for those who have shared it with more than a few friends and family and have multiple remote streams (which are likely to be transcoded) - then the effect of h/w encoding taking load off the cpu will be noticeable.

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    Jellyfin is awesome.

    • +3

      Jellyfin is OK. I tried to move over to it before buying into Plex, but there were definitely cons to it. I suggest people try both.

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      Jellyfin is fine for some things, but being able to share login details with family so they can access whatever they want directly from their TV UI is worth it for me

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        I assume you mean that you share your library with family and not your actual login details?

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      Jellyfin is good, but after trialling both, I went with Plex. It's much easier for noob end users, among other benefits that worked for me and many of the cons weren't issues for me.

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        I went the other way and run JellyFin after trialing both. There may be capabilities of Plex that I'm missing out on, but pretty much all I use it for is accessing stuff on my NAS and the UI is so much easier on JellyFin. The big test for me is whether my kids can use it - they prefer JellyFin for that.

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          I have around 20 external users, so a very different use case I imagine.

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            @greennick: Definitely. My upload speed is crap, no way I'm being generous to anyone else with it! :)

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            @greennick: Ahoy, matey! ;)

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      I've been using both for about a fortnight. I was using plex pass on trial along with jellyfin which is free. I like both but the UI of jellyfin is way behind plex specially on android TV. Also I had to port forward on my router to access jellyfin server remotely which is not required for plex as far as I know.

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        On Android tv, you can use Kodi with the official jellyfin add-on. There you'll have a lot more freedom with the UI.

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          Yes I know, but still plex is much better out of the box. And I'm planning to share my library with my parents, so ease of use is necessary for me. They are so fussy even if they have to enter a difficult password they say "leave it, We can't do it". So hard to teach them.

          • +1

            @Family420au: This was a big thing for me going down the Plex route. Yes, it is less customisable. Yes, I had to buy Plex Pass (but really cheap at the 80 bucks or so it was). However, it just works well on so many devices, with incredibly easy set-up.

    • I'll check Jellyfin out but for the meantime Plex works nicely with my Android TV. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • If you like Kodi, be ware that with a bit of mucking about it can be set to run as an effective & reliable media server, sharing its libraries with other clients.


      • Why not XBMC

        • +1

          ??? I thought Kodi was formerly xbmc.

          But, I may be wrong. I often am.

          • @ArskinF: thatsthejoke.jpg

            Plex used to be XBMC too :)

      • I did the MySQL setup for a few years then finally switched to Emby and used the Emby for Kodi add-on to stay in the Kodi environment. Now I just use Emby for all my content and Kodi with Real Debrid for other things. About to try Plex again after many years because I'm keen to try Plex Watch Together.

        I wouldn't recommend the MySQL option to anyone, haven't for a long time.

        • Have you tried stremio for real-debrid?? For me it's easier and better.

          • @Family420au: I haven't tried RD with Stremio, I have tried Stremio though. I do like some of the Kodi customisations and add-ons available, but it can be a bit unwieldy though.

            • @bxpressiv: I am using torentio addon with stremio which allows you to add real debrid integration. Works just fine for me. And best thing is I have to set it up once and it is linked to my account. Now when I login on any device anywhere, I can use that.

    • But currently not available for Nvidia shield

  • Is the iptv fully legal in Australia ?

    • Yes. It’s the content that makes it illegal. Similar to BitTorrent in the sense that sharing torrents is perfectly legal as long as what you’re sharing, you have the right to do so.

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    try jellyfin for a free open source alternative.

  • +2

    Emby is pretty decent, believe very similar on price

    • is Plex better than Emby especially for playing 4K UHD movies?

      • I didn't really see a difference in playback for 4k content, between the two systems. I believe it really depends on your NAS.

      • I used Plex for years but have since moved over to Emby as it works much more fluidly for me. No real difference in 4K between the two on my end.

        • I was using (paying for Emby) for years and have now gone Plex.
          I've got an old QNAP NAS that stores my files. Just felt like I was fluffing around more with Emby to get it all setup, whereas Plex just works with my simple setup of TV Shows / Movies.
          Server is setup on my Shield and it pulls from the NAS. No dramas locally. Just works. (I'm over spending countless hours setting shit up).

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    Hi friends, a little trick to save some bucks. Try some promo code with one month trial. Activate the trial, then use this promo code for lifetime. They gave some money back for your remaining month of plex pass even it's trial. I've just got little more than $4 for my remaining plex pass which was expiring on first week on October. Hope this help somebody.

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      Made a new account to test: didn't have any credit.

      You can get lifetime for a little cheaper if you change the billing country.

      • Did you activated one month trial?

        • Yep.

          • @NoGiveJustTake: Strange, I had plex pass trial which was due to expire on 3rd of October. Today I upgraded to lifetime and got plex pass for $123.66 because I was given $4.33 discount for the remaining period of my trial…🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

      • What country do you recommend accessing from?

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          • @NoGiveJustTake: How much it cost via Argentina?

            • +1

              @Family420au: $94.

              Seems like it's checking credit card country against billing, and PayPal doesn't work for Argentina, so I'm sure someone can figure something out.

      • How do you change the billing country? When I try, it says the country does not match the Credit Card country.

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          Try Brazil PayPal.

          • @NoGiveJustTake: It errors out with Selected country (BR) does not match PayPal country (AU). It's a billing agreement so you can't just pay without an account either.

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