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Trump Covfefe Blend Coffee Beans 1kg $38 (Was $50) Delivered @ Coffee King


We are excited to announce this new blend.

COVFEFE consists of beans from three geographical locations in the world:


These beans are distributed at an equal 33% proportions in preparation for the roast.

Freshly roasted.

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    May I suggest that you might be a little late to the party for this marketing…. plus Murica!

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    Make coffee great again

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      Coffee is always been great. What are you talking about?! LOL

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        Covfefe is made by Trump. It must be…great😂

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          But it wouldn't even be on-brand if the beans in this were not 100% Java/Robusta.

          And if you've seen any of his 80s media, you might think he's well-used to stewed CONA most of his life. Maybe even imagine that he washes his burgers down with it, you could well be forgiven.

          But he reportedly dislikes coffee, which is about all the cred this brand can claim; Given he is on camera perhaps only once, rejecting a nice Cuban coffee as strong- the product byline may well a quote (if sourced in Cuba), and regardless, accurate!

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      Make coffee great again

      Don't you mean

      Make coffee grate again?

      • Under-rated comment

        I am late to the party. I blame undercaffeination.

    • 😄 this coffee is selling just for the name. What a great character Trump 👏

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    Coffee for the insurrectionists

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    COVFEFE consists of beans from three geographical locations in the world:

    These must be fake.

    Trump would only drink Mexican coffee…

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      you are fake beans lol

      • +33

        Fake brews.

    • +15

      these are ironically all shithole countries

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        Why the downvotes? Woosh, I think. Some people forget the T*mp quotes.

      • +25

        pathetically ridiculous post

        Like this?

        or this?

        or this??


        • -17

          Jv. You totally owned me with those sharp links!

          Only serves to support my suggestion that you post complete dribble but go on mate - be that one!

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            @Champ888: first rule of Ozbargain: never argue with jv

            • +9

              @ntt: I thought that was the 2nd rule. 1st rule is - Buy first, think later.

              • +3

                @WatchNerd: It is, but only because JV was nice enough to allow it; for now.

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              @ntt: Over 84,000 junk comments. 1st rule should be ignore jv… *selects hide all comments from jv.

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                @Fur Cue:

                Over 84,000 junk comments

                You sound jealous.

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                @Fur Cue:

                *selects hide all comments from jv.

                LOL. Either It doesn't work for you, or you lack any will power not to read them.

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            @Champ888: Champ, bow down to jv, a true veteren of this site deserves respect.

        • You have a real fan JV.

          • +3


            You have a real fan

            You mean a stalker…

            Probably a bad upbringing…

        • Don't worry JV I appreciate your posts, mate (even if champ888 doesn't). I look forward to them more than I look forward to trying this trump coffee.

          • +3

            @icarus255: Thanks, and don't fly too close to the sun…

    • And make them pay for it

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    Are you allowed to use peoples image and name like this? I thought you needed permission.

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      The product is clearly a parody and not an endorsement. It's highly unlikely Trump could mount a successful lawsuit to stop the sale of this product.

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        there was also trump toilet paper.
        this doesnt even rise to that level.

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    This has got to be the strangest time to go with that particularly dead meme.

    • +1

      Boomer made

    • It's perfect marketing though - it can play to both sides (Pro and Anti Trump). Pro Trump because they will lap anything Trump and Anti Trump for mocking his intelligence. Win-win IMO..

      • +2

        Back when the meme was alive; sure. Now? Nah.

    • +12

      Trump somehow winning in 2024 would be the thing that hastens the end of the American empire…. if his diet of maccas and diet coke lets him live that long.

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      Hail emperor Trump! Best they've had in generations.

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    Grab her by the stimulant

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    Just here for the comments! Do you have a Hilary coffee too?

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      So coffee stolen from Haitian plantations?

    • +1

      Nah, it’s locked up

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    Biden could use some of this stuff to wake up

    • +17

      Going to need something stronger I think

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        Biden was smart enough to backslap the French and somehow Australia largely got the blame.

        • +5

          May have something to do with France exporting over 10x more to the States than to Australia, and the US being the world's largest economy and France's biggest export destination outside Europe. They knew they couldn't win that game, so they blame Australia as to make a political statement largely within France.

          Biden could have been wheeled out of aged care for the AUKUS announcement and they wouldn't chastise him or the US.

        • +9

          It is more than that. At a time when all countries around the world have to rebuild their economies from Covid he got us to pony up for billions of dollars, to pay for subs that will take 20 years to deliver, to deal with the “immediate threat” of China to other countries in the “Indo Pacific” area. This in the same month as we limped out of Afghanistan after wasting millions, if not billions, of dollars over there. We have got to be the world’s biggest patsies. First the French saw us coming and now the US.

          • +11

            @try2bhelpful: yep. australia is the world's global suckers.

            we (the royal we) were paying something like $145 bn for the french diesel subs that was slated for the 1st model being commissioned in 2028 (at best!)

            or now we're paying $80 bn for the 1st of the virginia or astute class being delivered in 2038!

            I mean the Chinese must be laughing in their jocks what with their DOZEN nuclear subs already in the water.

            How many will they have by 2038 I wonder?

            How much is the exit payment for France? $3 bn? ontop of the $3 bn already spent? Joke country. How much was spent on the NBN?

            • +2

              @tonyjzx: The advantage I have is I will be, nearly, 80 years old before these suckers hit the water. I think the Alzheimer’s will take the edge of my outrage. At least I don’t have kids that have to carry the burden of paying for this stupidity. By all means find a way to blunt the territorial ambitions of the Chinese Government but can we find an effective method. The guys have nukes. What happens if they say “get off my lawn, or else”. They might decide Australia is a good Hiroshima or Nagasaki style demonstration site. Will the Americans risk their own skin to retaliate?

              • @try2bhelpful: 2038

                who knows what that world will look like

                who knows how many govt. we're going to see in next 17 yrs

                i would imagine some govt, lets say labor has a change of heart in 10yrs time

                • +2

                  @tonyjzx: Absolutely. I suspect we will end up spending billions with no subs at the end of it. I’ve worked in a few, large, organisations, in my time, and this is a, real, problem. The outsource company puts together a good power point presentation, takes the boss out for a good lunch, then flatters them they are a genius for spotting how “crucial” this is. The new system is announced to great fanfare. Then the rot sets in, the holes appear and the project is, quietly, shelved to make way for the next “big thing”. I worked on a project that was named PFTN - Positioning for the Nineties. Those working on it soon dubbed it “Beyond 2000” (which was an ABC program on “future” technologies).

                  • @try2bhelpful: We already have spent billions on the deal we had with France that we renegged on. Still have to pay a deal breaking fee, and when the deal was like 90 billion dollars, the could easily be $10 billion.

          • @try2bhelpful: nice rant, but actually it was our own experts who reported the problems, and lead to Au approaching the UK about nuclear subs.
            UK uses US tech, so the yanks had to be involved. But it seems to have grown a lot bigger than just the subs.

            • +2

              @manic: None of this will deal with the “immediate” problem of the Chinese “expansionist” ideas. Not a “rant” just an analysis of the reality. The point is the idea of buying the Subs off, anyone, is a dumb idea. Why are we spending all this money on “war technology” that would be better spent on infrastructure? We haven’t seen much return on what we’ve spent for decades. We buy dodgy helicopters, dodgy subs, dodgy planes. We can’t seem to put together a, proper, proposal. Please provide me with an analysis on what we are proposing that will deal with the, immediate, problem of the Chinese? I’m not saying the French subs were good I just think the whole thing is a pointless exercise when you are dealing with a nuclear capable nation that has a stack of non nuke missiles as well. What are we, really, adding to this situation?

              • +1

                @try2bhelpful: ScoMo said 3 years ago we don't have to choose between US and China. After China got angery with AU because ScoMo keeps trading tic for tac. Now he realised he needs a lot more help dealing with a much bigger power.
                This sucker deal basically is he says to China: watch out, we have nuclear now! in 20+ years, Without a nuclear warhead.
                What he doesn't want to think is what if the US dump us the same as Afghanistan? Are we seriously fked? And by who?!

                • @Jamesx: ScoMo also said "This is not a Race" and Australia is right in front of the queue.
                  He should have a COVFEFE with Biden, might wake up both of them.

                • @Jamesx: How do you know we have no nuclear warheads? And if we don't, how long will this be the case? Maybe its already been decided ;-)

                  The people that gain from this decision (purportedly about military capabilities), are immediately:

                  • Some very powerful suppliers in the energy industry
                  • Some powerful miners who can sell locally at international price, like they do petroleum, coal and gas, etc.
                  • The lobby involved in building out nuclear waste dumps (we have to agree to the nuclear waste disposal regimes accepted by membership of the exclusive sub-club)
                  • The lobby who want to build nuclear power stations (and the gov- as Angus T has been working on this for some time)
                  • The lobby who want to develop nuclear waste re-processing facilities, and even build an enrichment facilities.

                  And this will be accepted by creating whatever 'issue' or 'threat' it takes to funnel taxpayer funds in the direction of 'big radiation'

                  Of course, you can easily postulate that all this is because the people of Oz failed to ensure prior governments failed to setup solar-hydrogen fuel technologies, an electric car industry, or any industry at all really… yet we won't talk about causes, we'll barely be able to look past the lies, hype or symptoms generated

              • @try2bhelpful: What are you saying? We should just shut down the defense forces because nobody has attacked us in your lifetime?
                That defense is useless unless you can defeat the opponent in a full-out war?

                • +3

                  @manic: No I’m saying we need a more effective system that doesn’t cost billions of dollars. The reason Japan and Germany did so well, after WW2, was they were prevented from spending billions on war technology. Frankly “defence” is useless, against an all out war, if the opposition decides that is what they will do. However, even in a conventional sense, China gromps all over us. We have taken a pop gun to a howitzer party. We are expecting China to behave in a sensible fashion. If they are what the “axis of Caucasian” says they are then why would they play by conventional means if they feel threatened? This isn’t about “defence” we are intending to steam into the “Indo pacific” region with our “new toys”. This is like the Cuban missile crisis in reverse. I want something, that, actually works.

        • It was Australia's decision, wasn't it?

      • This forum is brutal

    • +1

      After a cup of this, Joe might be able to remember Morrison’s name. But, really, who wants to?

      • Genius move on Bidens part. Ultimate shade - can't be blamed for it because he can blame it on the 'dementia' hahaha.

    • It's coffee, not an adrenaline shot to the heart!

  • +9

    Any chance of unsolicited religious messages with orders?

    • Some American Evangelicals already almost worship Trump.

  • +2

    One would think Trump would only prefer coffee grown, roasted and brewed in the USA…or China (like his many other things)

    • +1

      hmmm interesting… i would have thought he'd want it the Putin special blend…

      • +1

        That's for when he's having a white coffee

  • +1

    This will be great for all the protestors out there today.

      • +9

        You want to, actually, provide some proof for your “facts”. I suggest it is in the same “proof” basket as Trump won the last election.

        • +3

          I would guess that Biden simply does not have the personality that is a global phenomena… so none of the protesters today would give a flying shit who Biden is…. in fact most protesters IN THE US dont care too much for Biden…. or they flat out hate him.

          • @tonyjzx: Remember, he is the most popular president in history, sure, he can't find 5 people to turn up to his rallies but when it comes to voting, they vote in droves, dead people, foreigners and all in big batches delivered and counted instantly at 3am when the voting centres are closed, that's how popular he is!

            • +1

              @lew380: You need to find better sites to get your information from.

              • @try2bhelpful: The media? Who lie about everything, deliberately, for the highhest bidder?

                • +1

                  @lew380: Maybe the, over, 20 court cases, in America, that found no significant voter fraud. Many of them in GOP States by judges appointed by the GOP. In fact the “highest bidder” media is, usually, right wing and was perpetuating the “voter fraud” nonsense.

                  • -1

                    @try2bhelpful: It's 21 cases, and trump won 14 of them, you probably wouldn't have seen this in the media, so I'll excuse your ignorance. The courts can't settle this, its why the cheating was so rife, they knew the courts would just muddle any details that came out.

                    • @lew380: https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/politics/elections/20...

                      “Out of the 62 lawsuits filed challenging the presidential election, 61 have failed, according to Elias”.


                      “After the 2020 United States presidential election, the campaign for incumbent President Donald Trump and others filed and lost at least 63 lawsuits[1] contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.[2] Among the judges who dismissed the lawsuits were some appointed by Trump himself.”


                      Not sure where you got your figures from.

                      • -1

                        @try2bhelpful: 80 something have been filed, most didn't make it too court as judges don't have to see cases where they could overthrow an election, so they choose not to even allow it. Your source cherry picks these cases, it ignores the cases that went ahead and where trump actually won most of those 14/21. Your viewing the media at its finest, fake news.

        • +2

          The comment might be ironic.

          • +2

            @bestywesty: Let’s go with that. I hope you are correct. The trouble is, now days, you can’t assume irony.