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$421.45-$522.26 iPad 2, 3, 4, 5 Trade-in Value When Purchasing Selected Microsoft Surface Devices @ Microsoft via CEXchange


Eligible old iPads to trade-in;
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad 5

Eligible surface devices;

Surface Go 2 from $629
Surface Laptop Go - from $879
Surface Pro 7 - from $1149
Surface Pro X - from $1699
Surface Book 3 - from $2399
Surface Laptop 3 - from $1599
Credit to @gtrain

Trade-In Process:

  1. Purchase a surface device from above at the Microsoft Store
  2. Get an online valuation of your old device to trade in
  3. Upload surface purchase details
  4. Send your old device in
  5. Receive the valuation amount back into your bank account
  6. Receive your new surface device

iPads 2, 3, 4, and 5 give a high valuation compared to most other devices for some reason, I think it has to do with purchasing these specific surface devices because purchasing anything else drops the value significantly.

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    Are they able to screw buyers over after they purchase by saying the iPads are no longer worth that much? If so, can we simply cancel the order?

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      If you are really worried then make sure you don't open your Microsoft purchase until you've recieved your trade in value, pretty sure you can return online purchases to Microsoft for change of mind at least you used to be able to but I'd double check (others have said they returns further up in the comments so I think you'll be sweet)

  • I have 2 Ipad 3 sitting in a drawer… but there isn't any cheap options on microsoft stores as their out of stock. Does other stores work?

  • Why are the old iPads 2/3 have more trade in value than the new iPad Air?
    Doesn’t make sense.

    • +1

      Probably less soldered on parts and LCD panel is easy to remove.

      • The parts inside probably are reusable unlike new models

  • What do they mean by 'power adapter'? Does it include the cable as well?

  • +1

    Woot. Got an iPad 2 sitting in my drawer. Too slow to do anything but now is worth $421.

  • Does anyone know if you buy via corporate account promo still applies?

  • Just go on eBay it gum street and buy iPad 1 for $100 your get invoice sent to you from eBay use that.

    • +2

      The Microsoft Store invoice is for proof of purchase for the surface, not the ipad

  • I missed the special on Microsoft Surface Laptop Go $777 lastweek otherwise it will be good to do this.

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    Does it still qualify if you buy from the Microsoft store with a student discount?

  • Do I have to buy from Microsoft only? The good guys offers better price.

    • You have to buy from Microsoft store and upload a PDF of your receipt during the trade-in process.

      • Is Microsoft edu store included?

  • So, it seems I could get a Surface Laptop Go (i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) for $1099 less $421.45 for my iPad 2. That's $677.55 after trade in. Seems like a pretty decent deal. I've currently got an HP n228TX with i7-4500U, 8GM RAM a 464GB SSD…

    • 464GB SSD

      Was this custom made?

      • It was probably advertised as 500GB but that’s what the Windows Disk tool was just telling me what the capacity was.

    • +1

      Surface laptop Go (same specs) was $777 last week with HN/Jbhifi

    • You'll regret the 128gb HDD pretty quickly..

  • +2

    $64.35 for iPad air Gen 16GB WiFi

    Yeah, nice try MS.

  • +3

    Apple iPad 7th Gen 10.2" Wi-Fi Only (A2197)

    Appraise your device

    Condition: Working

    Storage: 32GB

    Power Adapter: Yes

    Your trade-in value is: $128.70

    iPad 2 gets $421.45. Must have some hideously rare element inside.

    • +5


    • Yeah my 10.5 iPad Pro with lte is only $250.. this is with pro motions display and 256gb..

  • Is Surface GO 2 worth buying? The only reason i am considering this is because I have an old ipad 2 sitting there.

    • same boat.. i have an ipad4 that i am trying to get rid of

    • +1

      same boat.
      but the base model is 4GB+64GB making it much less useful than the $849, 8GB 128GB.
      Probably using kids student account to activate an education account and get 10% off first. hope some deal could come up before this ends.

      • +3

        Even then…. its not even the M3 model which is equivalent to the ipad 2020 in speed, but costs double. Its $1200 here… For $800 thats really not worth it. I'd only consider getting it to refund it for the $450 for a useless old iPad, which isnt quite ethical.

        • +1

          This is OzBargain. Check your ethics at the door, my friend.

          • @strangeloops66: The thing is I actually loved my SP3. The offerings here just don’t seem good. Someone else mentioned this has been around for a while, if this deal remains I might wait until the SP8 or maybe the go 3 is included and get something then.

            I thought the surface go laptop might be good but it’s not even FHD resolution.

  • +17

    I'm in the same boat with an old iPad, so was interested in base prices. In case others are too …

    Surface Go 2 - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/d/surface-go-2/8pt3s2vjmdr6?... - from $629
    Surface Laptop Go - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/d/surface-laptop-go/94fc0bdg... - from $879
    Surface Pro 7 - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/d/surface-pro-7/8n17j0m5zzqs... - from $1149
    Surface Pro X - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/d/surface-pro-x/8xtmb6c575md... - from $1699
    Surface Book 3 - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/d/surface-book-3/8xbw9g3z71f... - from $2399
    Surface Laptop 3 - https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/d/surface-laptop-3/8vfggh1r9... - from $1599

  • Oddly, there is no ability to trade in for the new Surface Laptop 4

  • Do we require the original packaging for trade-in, ie the retail box?

    • No. In the email: 'For packaging, please wrap each item individually in bubble wrap if possible, or in paper,' 'You can put your items in any box strong enough to safely contain the items.'

  • When does this trade-in offer finish?

    • +5

      Likely very soon, after they get spammed by Ozbargainers trading in a couple of hundred iPads and they realise they're losing thousands of dollars.

      It must be an error of some sort, considering they'll give me $64 for my perfect iPad Air.

  • $438.61 for my iPad 3 WiFi 4G?

    Surface Laptop Go almost the same size as my Surface Pro 7, may be that is a good option like a real laptop.

  • tempted have 2 ipad2 and a ipad3 sitting doing nothing.

    So a Go 3 at $629 for 64gig 4 gig.. be $200 for a new toy
    Even at $300 looks good.

    • +2

      Good luck running windows 11 with 4gb ram.

      • +1

        My thoughts too, plus the 64GB version uses eMMC whereas the 128 has an actual SSD which is significantly better from reading reviews.

        Only problem is that it more than doubles the cost of the device after trade-in from $175 to $425.

    • Surface Go 3 is not in the list?

      • says go?

        Yes 4gig not much.. Although only really want it for net browsing and watch something like Kayo
        $849 for a go 3.. be $400 diff.. then I think ipad gen 9 for $50 more

        • +1

          go 2, not go 3.

  • What should be the status of my order for it to be a valid proof of purchase? Mine is still in pending.

    • +1

      I had that trouble as well. Wait until a reasonable American time. It worked for me at night, maybe during the day in America the order database gets updated.

  • Has anyone done this with an iPad 2? It seems as someone noted above they can change the value on receipt. I wouldn’t imagine an iPad 2 being more than $50 trade in.

    • Done with a "working" iPad 2 +3G.
      Processed $421.45 on recipient.

      • Yes value printed on return label

  • +8

    Confusing and complicated cashback procedure. Pricing which doesn't make sense, older ipads worth more than newer ones??? This seems like a crap shoot, roll the dice and you "might" get your cashback. No thanks.

  • if you pre order a Surface Go 3 can you submit before it is sent?

    • Surface Go 3

      Not the list of device you can purchase

    • Not risking it…

      Check the response from them.

      • looks like all of them did get resolved after complaining

  • You can't run IOS on Surface, make sure of your move.

    • +2

      You can't run IOS on Surface

      My iPad 3 out of date anyway, can't run latest IOS anymore

    • There isn't even a native YouTube app for Ipad 2/3 now/

      • YouTube app for Ipad 2/3 now/

        Yes, old youtube app still works but popup ask you to install updates but it won't update

    • you almost can't run iOS on ipad 2/3/4 either

  • +1

    argh have a tiny dent at the corner of my iPad 3… hesitant on going for the deal now

  • My outside housing has a few dents but no cracks and dead pixels, all good? ipad 2

    • Would be quite rare to find a decade old device with a perfect housing

      • true, gonna pull the trigger

  • Need the original iPad receipt?

    • No, the new surface receipt.

  • Biggest hurdle is asking for iPad back from mother in law… hmmmm…

    • Uncle B?

  • +1

    Man, I sold off like 4 old iPads for something like $150 recently…..

  • $200 more for Surface Go 8GB 128GB over 4Gb 64GB 🙄

  • Your trade-in value is: $64.35

    For my fantastic condition iPad Air 1 wifi+4g model.

    No thanks.

    did further testing of the site, not all ipad products have this option "What device did you purchase from Microsoft Store?"
    so rebate won't be much otherwise.

    Ipad 2 wifi can get you a trade-in value is: $421.45 if you buy some surface product…

    EDIT 2:
    you can outright buy a ipad 2 on ebay for like 99$

    then maybe trade it in?

    • It's amazing how many people can't read a title (or the comments but that's a different matter).

      • i read it, but wanted to test for the values, and see the differences.

        • +1

          Not the first and won't be the last haha

  • now to try and remember how to get into my old ass ipad 3

  • wonder if its worth doing this just to resell the surface

    • wonder if its worth doing this just to resell the surface

      100% if you have iPad2, iPad3, iPad4 around with dusts.

      • which model do you think is best for resell? im torn between flipping it and actually keeping it.

  • How long it will take to get my Surface invoice to upload it? Worry it may take too long and the trade in ozbargained.

    • +1

      Just uploaded the pending invoice that got sent through immediately and it accepted it all, should just have to send iPad back now?

      • That's what I did, it shows pending receipt. Gonna ship back iPad once I receive my receipt and order is shipped

        • Do you need to create an account with msaustralia.cexchange.com first? Doesn't seem anywhere to create it.

          • @superforever: Gives you account creation after uploading the receipt/order

            • @lothus777: First I got this "Thank you for uploading your email notification from the Microsoft Store. However, the proof of purchase required for this promotion is a PDF of the “Order details” page from your Microsoft account. Please see the “Helpful tips” at right for instructions on how to generate this."

              Found out that I have to print the PDF from my MS account order history not the email and it will recognize it and allow me to continue to complete it.

              Printed the return label to "Grays Online"

              I used paypal, assume it will auto back to my paypal, if people paid by credit card how can they credit back to bank account?

        • My one shows delivery pending. But paid. I would upload it regardless. It could take a while for them to ship to you and process through. Models will run out the $1399 high end surface laptop go already OOS for two colours

          • @neonlight:

            $1399 high end surface laptop go already OOS for two colours

            4GB 64GB model OOS faster

            • @superforever: Not sure why though with that kind of specs you won't get much use out of it with mid config you could get few years

              • @neonlight: May be that one pay less? I bought the 8GB 128GB even I have Surface Pro 7, I just want a laptop, surface laptop 3 too expensive.

  • Just wondering if the packaging is prepaid shipping?

    • +1

      Prepaid shipping label but any packaging you have to pay for (because it's emailed, they don't mail you out a satchel)

      • +2

        they don't mail you out a satchel)

        Yeah, just use your own box, as a ozbargainer you shoud have a lot of boxes from ozbargain deals.

  • +1

    Got $454 for my 16gb ipad4 wifi.
    Uploaded receipt. Sending back on monday

    • +2

      Same happy with that. I think the best price is the Surface laptop go, mid config with 8GB ram 128GB SSD. extra $300 for the 256GB SSD is a rip off. Also retails for $100 less than MS store at other places.

      4GB ram is not good don't save that $200 with 64GB storage you will regret

  • +2

    Are the trade in prices legit?
    What are the chances that they will change the $454 trade in value to half of that?

    • +1

      I have the same doubt man. Sounds too good to be true

      • Smells fishy…

    • The trade value printed on the return label.

  • Anyone else having issues uploading the PDF receipt? It either says its in the wrong format or that it cannot parse the order in the PDF. I'm getting errors every time no matter which way I save the PDF. Also assume everyone elses orders are still in Pending status?

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