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Sony X9500H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV 65" $1780.75, 75" $2800.55 + Delivery or C&C @ The Good Guys


Great prices for the Sony Full Array Local Dimming TVs, although not the latest model.

Sony 75" X9500H link.

Take another $50 off if you pay by LatitudePay. That should cover most delivery cost ($55).

Comparison with previous OB deals. TGG deal tonight looks like record low for both TVs (except for one recent 65" Sony deal that included free delivery).

Favourable Rtings review here.

Original Coupon Deal

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • Oh wtf this keep dropping, when to buy?

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      It's clearance stock so… now.

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      new version with new XR chip is out hence phasing the old model out i guess?

    • If someone thinks TV will hold its value every year, they must be dreaming. Every 3-6 months would have minor sales to adjust the price drop in stages before new models release, with about the same price.
      Don’t buy it if you don’t need it.

  • I have around $1300 gift card (which may only be redeem in store), I have latitude account too. Is it posible to paying $1300 in store then Latitude the rest?

    • yeah should be fine. I paid for iPhone with gift card + credit card.

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    Great price on the X9500H especially if youd don't need VRR.

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      Jb hifi assures me that VRR is coming in 2 days. I've been fighting them for a refund as this was supposed to come almost a year ago. So when it doesn't come i'll be getting back on to them. In saying that this tv is really great for that price. My frustration comes with the false advertising that i saw when i got this tv.

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        Not on the x9500h it's not (or ever)

      • @krammis76 The X9500H wasn't released with HDMI 2.1 Only the X9000h was .
        And the update for the X9000H has been seen in the Field so JB are technically correct.

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          The X9000h TV has had hdmi 2.1 4k120hz for ages now.

          VRR just arrived (you can install the Asia pacific firmware if you like manually). Update gives you 4 hdmi settings, standard, enhanced (4k120) and the new two VRR and 60hz dolby vision.

          VRR also disables local dimming and makes everything look like crap.

          Make sure you disable the audio sync rubbish if you use the Dolby vision for gaming as if you don’t the lag will be horrendous.

          Also the 4k 120hz is fake news. It drops the resolution down from 4k to achieve it. Google 120hz blur and x900h for a treat. I’m currently taking Sony to task for their bullshit on this front. Other owners feel free to join in,

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            @mackaxx: How are you taking them to task? What is your desired outcome?

          • @mackaxx: Also interested in knowing how you're doing this?

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    $575.00 delivery, I'm out!

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      What? That doesn't sound right. Unless you live in Ulluru?

      • On Uluṟu for it be the that price!!

      • Nope, Saphire Coast (Bega Valley LGA)

        • It's a tax on living in a bloody lovely part of the country. I say you got off lightly :p

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    Great prices. I paid $3800 for the 75". Okay, that was 10 months ago, but still.

    Anyone who owns a Sony TV, you need to disable the power saving feature (in Settings) that puts everything to sleep, causing your TV to freeze and lags.

    • Thank you! I’ve been wondering what’s going on with my tv!

    • do you have the issue with the LED light on the left side of the SONY logo coming on all the time and staying on. I've tried the trick of changing the date and time format 12 hour/24 hour, but as soon as it is turned off and turned on again it is back. I disabled LED in settings but it is still coming on. Doesn't flash just on all the time, orange colour. First world problem I know, but it is annoying.

      • orange light is google assistant I think - turn off and light goes off.

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          just checked, that isn't on, so it can't be that either lol.

  • No hdmi 2.1 either
    Not ideal for ps5 users

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      Pretty sure it does have hdmi 2.1

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        It doesn't. You're thinking of the X9000H.

        • There needs to be a gsmarena for TV's.

          Keeping track of all these features on different models and brands is a nightmare I honestly can't make a decision on a new TV without confirming it has everything I need.

          I guess I could just buy a mid range cheapo for the time being but then I'm just staring at regret haha lol once I do upgrade.

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    An extra $1000 for 10 inches rightyo

    • +25

      I'd pay that much for an extra 10 inches. :)

      • Lmfao oh god

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        I'd pay that much to reduce mine by 10 inch.

      • I’d pay that much for an extra ONE inch.

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      But that gets you 1/3rd larger screen size over a 65.

  • It's a shame it doesn't work on the x90j 65

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      Yes I did check that. However, Rtings shows that the X950H is better than X90J if you are into watching movies and shows.

      The Sony X90J and the Sony X950H have a lot in common, but they're also different in a few aspects. While both TVs use a VA panel, the X90J has a better contrast ratio to display deeper blacks. This is because the X950H has the 'X-Wide Angle' layer to improve its viewing angles but at the cost of a lower contrast ratio. The X950H has a better color gamut and gets a lot brighter, bright enough to deliver a true cinematic HDR experience. For gaming, the X90J is a better choice because it has HDMI 2.1 support and can display a 4k @ 120Hz signal. It's also advertised to have VRR support, although that isn't available yet.

      • The x90j will have full support for Dolby vision on ps5. Only tvs to support this are x90j, x95j, a80j and a90j.
        They will pretty much be the perfect ps5 tv

      • Which one would you choose ose to take full advantage of 4k 120hz pc gaming?

        Some example titles would be battlefield and call of duty series and other fps pc games.

        Trying to conjure up a list of 4k 120hz TV's that can fit this criteria.

        After having looked at a 4k 60hz screen for many years I'm ready to try the deeper end and upgrade for a lounge pc setup.

  • +1

    Decided to purchase, have been looking at this model for a while and the 2011 50 inch LG has stopped working and the 2007 42 inch Hitachi is getting a bit old. The fact it doesn’t have a digital tuner for FTA suggests it is a bit old.

    Purchased 2 x $500 vouchers through Suncorp to save another $50.

    Should be a fair upgrade.

    • Amazing picture quality. Have enjoyed it for a year now. No issues. Absolutely spanking price this!!

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    It's a beautiful TV

  • No delivery available for Tas? And not available for c&c either?

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    Have the 75"… killer telly. Bonkers price. Almost makes me want to buy another!

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    Wait for sales and get the x95j for a good price close to this if you want better contrast colors hdmi 2.1 thank me later same design as Master series oled and same spec except being LCD.

    • HN got $500 gc cash back and can negotiate to $4k. $3500 is not bad for 75" X95j.

      • was that from before? I don't see a promotion for $500 gc cash back.

        • Sorry, didn't realise it's over. Was extended to early October

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    great price.. but black friday and boxing day sales around the corner..

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      By then, probably all gone.. or not at your local store.

      • yes, there aren't many left in stock as it is clearance. At this price and with the 15% off as well it will fly out the door. I got it about 3 weeks ago on the last 10% off sale for $2065, there were none at Penrith and only 1 left at Blacktown at that time. I didn't want to wait too long in case they sold out (I had already done that with a mobile phone), wish I had waited now lol

  • Can't be delivered to 3186, can't be picked up either :(

  • Will Cashrewards (2.5% I believe) work on this deal too? Or alternatively buying TGG gift cards from Cashrewards (3% I believe)? Thanks

    • +1

      Tracked for me at 3.5% = $66.66

  • 1k+ for an extra 10" of screen really ?

    • Extra inches increase screen size exponentially. A 75" tv is 33% larger by area than a 65" TV.

  • I got the X9000H 75" (appreciate it is a slightly different model) with the PS5 and I just can't get the colour calibration to my satisfaction. It is OK for movies, sports and TV but on the PS5 games with UDR the colours are washed out to such a degree that it looks terrible. So much so that the PS5 is gathering dust.

    I am sure it is human error on my behalf, but I have tried everything (and have a CS degree and work in tech so I am not a complete novice!)

    I've just googled and it seems there are Reddit threads about it with recommendations.

    • Disable HDR?

      • I have done that on the TV and on the PS5 itself with similar frustrations. It is perhaps a cable issue, I feel an urge to troubleshoot this

  • I bought this TV via Sony Ebay last week looking at all the positive reviews and up votes. However, so so disappointed with the TV. Motion handling and picture quality is so bad when playing HD content even on Netflix. Tried various settings but to no good. Blurry picture, grain effect, pixelation etc. just to name a few. Now fighting to return the TV. :(

    Anyone in same boat?

    • I got one in the ebay sale too but haven't set it up yet. Really surprised to hear about the issues that you are seeing, I've read/ watched pretty much every review and discussion about This tv multiple times and motion and upscaling are unanimously always it's strongest point.

      I was going to hold off on opening mine up until getting it wall mounted but now I might get it set up today.

      • I had the same opinion reading all the reviews. Had someone arranged to wall mount it too, but then had to cancel hoping this can be returned. :(

        When you turn on, play wonder woman 1984 (HD) or MIB (4K) on Netflix, you'll know what I mean.

        • Is that more of an issue with Netflix? I don't have it but I've read that their 4k stream is very low bit rate and doesn't look good.

    • +1

      I have the same TV, there must be something you need to disable as we aren't having that issue. Either that or the TV is faulty, get them to change it asap if it isn't settings as they are running out of stock.

      • Do you mind sharing your settings when you have time? Just the basic you use should help to compare.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, nabbed the 65" for $1,785 delivered (VIC) using AAMI lucky club gift cards.

  • damn just got this a couple of weeks ago with the 10% off, so it was $2065. Didn't want to wait any longer as they were starting to run out of stock

  • I found out it has very dark corners. Can see on reviews.
    Some may not mind this to be fair, but best to know beforehand.

  • Would I be better off getting an OLED/nanocell (75") at the price range of the 75" ($2800)?

    • +2

      oled and nanocell are completely different technologies and vary significant in price. a 77inch oled will cost 6k

  • +1

    Just spent ages on the phone with GoodGuys. Ultimately if the tv is not in stock at your closest local store, then forget about being able to get delivery. Even though it will allow you to process delivery online and it says 'Delivery from Warehouse', I was told you would get a call saying your location is too far and would receive a refund for the tv.

    (Too far for me was a 40min drive. My local store is a 15min drive.)

    • You had me worried but my local store is now showing stock after being out of stock when I ordered last night.

  • Just purchased one for 1650$ at TGG Gepps X, SA

    • +1

      Wow, great price! How did you get them down that low, was it an ex demo unit?

      • Not all all. Brand new inbox. 1 week wait for them to deliver to their store though, but I’m pretty happy with this buy

        • Yep, that is almost certainly the best price for a brand new 65". I think that some people have got fqctory seconds at that price but there is always a risk with them.

          Great bargaining!

  • So after the H series of TVs from Sony are they no longer doing Android TV by running with Google TV?

    What I read is that you cannot install Apps from the Play Store, is this true? if it is, that totally sucks, imo!

    • Where did you read that? Got a source?

      • Hi mate,

        When surfing the JBHifi site I came across this on the Sony X90J 65" Bravia 2021.

        I came across one post that made a statement about Apps from poster repstar 22 days ago, although I also think these comments come from the sony site of posters reviews and opinions.

        Here is a link and here is what he said.

        Click on the reviews and also choose Load More and you will see it which says:

        repstar · 22 days ago
        Good TV
        Lots of features and apps. Beware it is actually a SMART TV. The term google TV you would think would allow you to download any apps from the google store, but this is not the case.

        IMO I certainly hope this is not true otherwise I certainly wont be buying a Google TV as I much prefer to be able to load and choose what apps from Play.

        Again, if anybody knows if Apps from Play Store can be added please do sound off :)

        • From my understanding google TV is the hardware add on (ie Chromecast) you can buy and plug into a TV and runs Android TV os. But soon Android TV will be rebranding to Google TV as well.

          I have an X9500g and the April 2021 update updated the interface to look like that of Google TV. Play store is still there with Android TV apps.

          Maybe they were referring to only being able to get Android TV apps from the store and not the full suite of mobile apps you get on the normal store, which has always been the case.

          • @Nos 4r2: Perhaps he/she never had a Google account or was not logged in to be able to install any apps. Its hard trying to interpret what others may mean without getting the full detailed version of it. Fingers crossed that it was a login issue as I cannot see google throwing many TV related perfectly usable apps out the window but who knows in this day and age!

            Just an update here is instructions from Google on Google TV and Apps.


            A bit relieving really :)

  • For those who want a 75" and can't get delivery or C&C from TGG in their area, Sony eBay has a couple of XR75X90J (Seconds^) for $2636 delivered.

  • are the feet on this adjustable?

    • +1

      You can fit them two ways. If you follow the link to GG website you can see in Pic1 and Pic2 the difference.