Sony X9000H 85" 4K Full Array LED Android TV (2020) $3488 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


What else to say? One of Ozbargainer's fav TV. This might be the last chance to get this TV below $3500. Harvey Norman and JB seem the only 2 retailers still have stock. If you cannot get one from JB, try to price match at HN.

It is 2020 model but the VRR and ALLM are on the way. This is a decent tv and the price is too good.

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    Review says build quality is better than the successor x90j. Very good price.

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      I was thinking to get an x90j since it has slightly better contrast and brightness. But there is no 85' in the 2021 line. At this price, x9000h is good enough.

      • Yeah, can't really tell difference side by side anyway. I was tossing this of 75" X95j for $3500 when HN got cashback promo. I ended up with X95j. I really wanted 85" tho. Haha

  • Very happy with this TV. I bought it last month using money from cashback on SocialGood and then bought it on TGG ebay for $4k and broke even on the cashback on the TV purchase. It ended up being a really good buy (using cashback for the purchase and then got $4k back in cashback).

    It's a great TV, though a bit hefty to lift by yourself to get it on the wall - lockdowns in Sydney meant no assistance to get it wall mounted - it's still possible if you are the only bipedal being in the house with opposable thumbs though.

    New firmware is out with VRR and ALLM but it's a bit dodgy still, waiting for the real update coming out later this year.

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      Wait, u got 4k cash back? 100% Cashback?

      • I timed it well. I bought the TV when SG coin was around 40USD and it's 50% cashback on ebay purchases, which means the coins I earnt that day are worth more at todays price ($1.02 a few moments ago on bitmart) than the cost of the TV.

        I sold a whole bunch at $1.75USD to fund the purchase of the TV; if I had held out a few more hours that night I could have got almost 2tvs worth of money, but that's crypto for you. I ha d a limit set for sell of $1.75usd, still good.

    • How did you manage that?

    • wtf is socialgood and htf do i get on board with this 100% cash back? lol

    • What? Explain

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        It's a cashback using a bespoke digital currency.

        50% cashback on eBay purchases up to $10kusd worth of coins per transaction at the moment.
        Previously was 100% on ebay purchases up to max of $500USD in coins.

        If you make your purchases when the SG coin is dropping (yesterday it was worth 50cUSD), your cashback could well be more than your spend at ebay. Today its at around $1usd a coin, so purchases made yesterday.

        You lose a bit selling the coins and cashing out; but enough to make it worth the effort.

      • its a crypto

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      You managed to lift an 85" TV onto the wall by yourself?! That's super impressive
      I'm 6 foot 2 and struggled to lift a 65" onto mine!

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        Honestly this is more impressive to me than the $4k cashback

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    on the way……………………

  • Pretty good price. I got the 75" from Amazon for $2,295

    • I got on board with that deal too. I'm experiencing a small issue with it and Sony have offered a replacement or refund. I'm wondering if I should get a refund and get this instead?

      • What's the issue you are having? It's a good price but I dunno if I could justify the extra $1,200 for the bigger size.

        • Appears to be an Android issue where controlling it via Alexa, the TV responds promptly to begin with but after watch it for a while, it does not respond to Alexa commands. Also if you turn the TV off via Alexa, it won't turn back on again using the remote. I've had to power it off at the wall to fix it.

    • Damn that’s pretty good, is that deal still going? Need a new tv for the series x

    • Got the 2.2 75 also
      Prob is now too small
      Great telly but X9500H is much better for movies
      On the look out for 83 oled or 85er
      Waiting for the 83 oled for under 6k. Hopefully not too far away

  • Such a good price… would get it if not for the fact I watch TV off-axis when cooking.

    And OLED for a similar size is more than double the price

    • Same here. Its pretty bad.
      Go for the x95h

      • The x95h has a better screen but less features in terms of HDMI 2.1 right?

      • Had a look at the reviews if of the X95H (X950H) and the viewing angles are better than X9000H but still only fair.

        Can't get the X95H in 85", you can get the X95J in 85" (very similar) but at $6k you may as well get the the LG 83" OLED @ $7.5k which is a better TV overall and much better viewing angle.

        TBH, I think I will regret any non OLED yet can't justify $7.5k on a 83" OLED (as I still have a perfectly working 65" Plasma).

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    Got the 75" x90j when good guys had it for 3200 and good guys real cash 300 plus cash rewards 150. ~2750 thanks OzB.

    Unreal tv doesn't reboot, it's pretty much been flawless. The only thing is the brightness playing HDR, it needs to be set to vivid mode.

    The main reason I got the x90j was for the processor and supported screen resolutions. The x9000h and below series processor gets hammered..maybe why it reboots randomly.
    I have a x8000h 43" which kind of chuggs on anything but 24fps 4k files..cough, i mean bluray discs. I've heard the same with the x9000h series

    @Morrij do you have an 85" arm span? If you wall mounted a 85" sony by yourself mega props to you buddy, I needed the better half for a 75" to put on a cabinet :-)

  • does anyone have this TV with a PS5, Apple TV and soundbar?

    I have the PS5 plugged into HDMI 4, Soundbar in HDMI3, and Apple TV in HDMI 2, however HDMI 2 enhanced doesnt have the dolby vision option. this option is only on HDMI 3&4. does having the Apple TV plugged into HDMI 2 affect the quality of dolby vision by any chance? I definitely get dolby vision in hdmi2, but just not sure if im sacrificing quality by doing so

    • I think you can try to fix the issue by getting an HDMI selector. There are some pretty decent ones under $100.

    • This TV has Apple TV/Airplay built-in.

  • Will this be getting VRR update?

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    mount it on your ceiling bedroom…

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      nothing like having a 40kg TV above my head to help me get to sleep

      • I used to freak out sleeping below rickety ceiling fans in dodgy guest-houses whilst backpacking through SE Asia, lol… Not sure which precarious setup is more liable to freak me out.

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      You have bedroom on your ceiling?

    • You need to try a VR headset

    • I can't I have a mirror there.

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        Was it your Basic Instinct to hang a mirror on the ceiling?

  • minimal stock

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      Once you have gone big, you can't go back. I have 75" tele and I sit 3.5 metre from it. It almost fills my peripheral view.

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      According to THX recommendation, 85" TV minimum viewing distance is 257cm and the maximum distance is 371cm. So there you go.

      • maximum distance is 371cm? lol

        What if you sit 4m back?

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          You wasted money

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          Lean forwards a smidgen.

        • Should have bought a 100 inch. lol

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      it's totally fine. I had a 130" projector once where the seats were 3.6m from it and it was freaking awesome.

  • Has anyone had much experience with the refurbished models on Sony eBay?

    75” for $2099 , the 85 will be too big I think


    • Apparently often just box damaged based on some previous comments on these threads. It might be luck of the draw. When I was hunting an 85" for the lounge room, couldn't find any refurbs at the time.

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      I purchased this TV as a refurb from Sony eBay a few months ago. It was definitely an ex-display or a re-pack that had been used previously.
      Don't mix up the refurb with the box-damaged units. I was hoping that it was just a way to discount old stock without upsetting people who paid full retail, but alas it was a true refurb complete with some dust and fingerprints.

      I sit about 3 metres from the TV, and it's definitely not too big.
      The only problem is when watching FTA TV with the crappy bitrate, you see all the digital noise. It's good when watching decent birate 1080p and amzing with 4k content.

  • nice

  • Can someone link me the 60/65" variant of this?

    Bit too big for my apartment.

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    Hey guys,
    New to this community. I just wanted to comment on how trash this tv is. I know I sound salty but I bought this tv a year ago and where do I start.
    Connecting an audio system has quite a few glitch's while using it during game mode (HDMI 2.1). This TV dosn't have smooth gradation meaning you will see considerable banding on non 4k content. Brightness is also garbage. Vrr is set to be updated by the end of the year but some regions have already gotten the update and if active it disables Local dimming. Tv also has quite alot of blooming in low light.

    Fantastic colours

    • what is the alternative tv would u reckon for this price range?

    • Depends on what you want it for. If you game alot (specially on Ps5 or series x) I don't think there's any TV's around this price point worth the price of entry. Best TV for gaming at the moment is the Lg C1 but that is quite a bit more expensive.
      If you use your tv to watch content then I would go with the Hisense Q8. Bought it prior to the x900h. Although I returned it due to not being a native 120hz panel, the Tv is absolutely jaw dropping. From the colours to having minimal blooming to amazing brightness, just Amazing.

  • which tv cabinet is sturdy enough for the size and weight of this massive tv yet dont cost me arms and legs?

    I dont really trust the timber stub for nearly 3k tv.

    • If you don't already have a TV Cabinet, wall mount it.

  • +1

    Bought the 75" this time last year. Cannot fault the TV at all, it is amazing, works really well with the PS5, Switch and paired with a Sonos Arc and Sub is quite the home theatre experience.

    One regret, should've got the 85" - we have the space!

    One upgrade highly recommended, the stainless steel look, backlit remote to go with a premium TV. Shame Sony AU didn't think to include it as standard like they did in other markets, similar to this;

    There is an AU seller in the Whirlpool thread on this model.

  • If you have a PS5, you don't want to get this one.
    The new sony TVs with XR processor will have exclusive HDR features

    • What would you get for the PS5 at around this price point then?

      • X95J, pay a bit more

        • Extra 1500 for the 85" though

    • +1

      its being included on the x900h as well even though its not a XR Bravia

  • great price for a high spec 85 inch

  • 1 year of "Sony/JB Hi-Fi not putting up a fight warranty"? For $3.5k? What a world huh.

  • +3

    People saying its too big for the living room need to get a clue!!

    You can sit as close as 3 metres comfortably to watch 4K content on an 85 inch.. That is not much distance at all, most people's lounge rooms are more than this.

    People have this fear or false sense it is too big because you never had one that big. I see people buying 65 inch OLEDs and then sitting like 4+ metres away.. like why? You just wasted your money because at a certain distance you wouldn't even notice the picture quality being better than any other equivalent good LED.

    A TV size is fine as long as it fits in your peripheral vision and you are not moving your head to look in any direction of the screen. If you have at least 3 metres which you probably are, an 85 inch would be amazing. I know because I have one.

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      I have this unit and the only time its "too big" is from brightness and not size. Because its such a big panel it come pump some serious lumens (burn your retinas) and if im sitting closer and at night time with all lights off I need to dial down the brightness.

    • 100%. Would take this over. 65' OLED any day.

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      Yeah but just buy a 65" OLED and move your couch closer to it.
      Win, win.

      • +2

        The problem is people don't do this lol..

        I see so many pics from forum posts and facebook group posts of people saying just picked up my 55 or 65 inch OLED.. Loving it! Then the picture is of the TV from their couch at the opposite end of the room anywhere from 4-6 metres away.. Smh. They probably upgraded from a 50 to 65 or 55 to 65 and they have been so used to that distance they think its big enough because its bigger than their last. People are honestly so uneducated on this part of purchasing a TV.

        • Couldn't agree more…the panel has the same number of pixels, regardless of size lol.
          A mate of mine educated me into the ways of a smaller panel, moved closer - he has a $3000 PC & plays competitive FPS… on a 27" monitor! Could be moved further away if it were a bigger panel, but the smaller the panel, the sharper the image.
          Bragging rights on an 85" Sony seem to be worth the drop in picture quality from an OLED 65" though.

          • @Unsafe: As I type this, I'm at my computer on a 1440p 27" inch monitor and my eyes are 45cm from it. I completely agree. It just fits in my peripheral vision

            I have this 85 inch TV and my lounge is 3.6 metres from it so it's close but not too close to see pixels. I think the distance is kinda perfect for the size. I game on my TV on PS5 and play games like Modern Warfare, Battlefield etc. So I need to be able to see those enemies in the distance and not squint my eyes to see them or read text on the screen lol

            • +1

              @Justin9mm: I have a similar setup but with a PC on the 65" version of this/your tv approx 2.5m eye to screen. I've owned a 75" in the same location & a 1440 Ultrawide 34" on the desk. They're all good options, as is yours, but I think the next setup will need to be an 8K 85" or a 48" OLED on the desk, depending on how beefy my PC is at the time…but $3500 for 85" of 4K120Hz is very tempting.

              • @Unsafe: It is a good TV and Sony finally coming through with their promises of the firmware support for VRR etc. is welcome even though they have been dodgy about the way they handled it.

  • this seems to be the cheapest ever this model has been?!

    • +1

      It is and probably will be the lowest price ever, they are discontinued and stock is getting very low now.

      • Any disadvantage with it being discontinued?

        • No, this was 2020 model and Sony have the new 2021 models out so they don't make it anymore. It's still a supported TV from Sony, it's just that you can't buy it anymore once stock runs out and it's arguably one of the best LED for size and price.

  • Min viewing distance please? Will I burn holes in my retinas from this at about 220 cm?

    For our new HT room downstairs, was planning to get a ultra short throw projector but now have decided to get a TV instead.

    Btw this will be paired with Yamaha Rv6A receiver and Custom 3 way speakers from adelaidespeakers which are being made at present.

    • +1

      Edit: I have purchased this. Thanks OP! Our seating distance is 280 cm and that should be enough I suppose.
      So the dreams of ultra short throw projector are on hold for now and we will hopefully enjoy this.

      We have a 55 inch LG OLED in the living room and I hope this TV can come close in performance because that is an absolute rockstar!
      Looking forward to 85 inches!

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    PSA – this has eArc or ARC Audio Issue and Sony keeps messing up their firmware!

    I am still waiting for the latest firmware update as suddenly, I lost Atmos from Our Planet series on Netflix

  • +2

    Updated Oct 08, 2021: Updated the firmware to PKG6.1288.0155NAA and confirmed it now supports VRR.

  • Also can anyone please comment on this TV v/s the Hisense 85" U8G 4K ULED? Thank you.

  • Sorry for the amateur question but does this model have HDMI 2.1 ports? I'm not getting a straight answer from the sites I've looked at.

    • Yes this info is sketchy but I believe it will support HDMI 2.1 features such VRR and ALLM with the firmware upgrade.

    • +1

      The HDMI ports 3 and 4 are HDMI 2.1. Port 1 and 2 are 2.0. I think the eArc only works on HDMI3?

  • Under lockdown at the moment so can't go to the store to check it out in person.

    Keen for the size vs price but concerned about viewing angle .

    From my dining table, the location of the TV is 4.8m sideways and 2.3m forwards, so the angle is about 65 degrees (0 degrees is straight on).

    Currently have a plasma and viewing angle is not a problem, I know I should get a OLED but a 83" OLED is more than double the price which I can't justify.

  • Worth buying now or wait for black friday/cyber monday?!

    • +2

      Usually this close to BF/CM is a no brainer to just wait. BUT this is on clearance now as a run out model and TBH in all likelihood there won't be any stock left until then.

      • Thanks, I've picked one up from JB! Been looking casually for a 85" upgrade.
        edit: typo

        • +1

          You won’t regret 👍 enjoy the new telly mate!

  • Should i go with this or X950H (75 inch) @the good guys.

    No intention of playing games…

  • Managed to hold on to one but they are display stock. Is it worth to get the display stock? just asking as it might be sitting there from 2020.